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"Explain what?"

"Explain what you did to my satchel."

"Your satchel?"

Shinichi started to glare at the theif.

"Yes, my satchel. It weighs about 50 pounds!"

Kaito's face of innocent surprise wasnotfooling him. He'd made that mistake last time.

"What do you have in it?"

"Just the usual."

"The usual?"

The detective frowned.

"There's my schoolbooks, my notebooks, my pencils, a couple of Holmes novels, a case book, a water bottle, my lunch, a Conan-Doyle biography, a spare phone, a portable charger, a geometry set, an MP3 player, umm, and I think there's probably a first aid kit as well. Not to mention an inflatable football, glasses, tranquiliser watch, and some other detective stuff."

KID stared at him for a moment before snorting in amusement.

"Shinichi, for most people that's certainly not 'just the usual'. I would have thought your bag weighed about 50 pounds anyway!"

"So you admit! You did do something to it!"

"When did I say that?"

The detective huffed in annoyance, and thought up the only solution to the problem of his boyfriend's inherant stubborness; he pouted.

"Now that's just unfair."

Kaito was blushing as he spoke, mumbling under his breath.

"Entirely unfair... No fun... To adorable... Knows it distracts me..."

Shinichi hid a smirk.

The Phantom Thief's restraint suddenly broke and he bounded over and placed a kiss on his detective's lips.

Shinichi smiled into the kiss, knowing that he'd won this game.

The magician eventually pulled away, and blushed again.

"So you did do something to my bag?"

Kaito looked around for an escape as he slowly backed away.


"Ummm... Bye?"

And there was a puff of (pink) smoke.

Shinichi stared in amusement before frowning.

Kaito still hadn't explained.

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