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"When are you going to tell him?"

"Soon." Kaito replied.

"You said that last time." Chikage reminded him. " How about 'today' instead?"

The Phantom Magician sighed.

He and Shinichi were, well, friends? Admittedly, they were both only friends through their alter egos.

He knew Shinichi was Conan, of course he knew. One look at some younger photos of the Eastern Detective was enough to tell him that.

But, as of yet, Shinichi remained unaware of the fact that KID was Kuroba.

Which meant in turn that they only met each other at heists, or occasionally KID broke into the Kudo's house while Shinichi was staying there.

All in all, they didn't really know each other that well.

Oh, Shinichi knew some stuff about him, sure.

For one, he knew about Kaito's unfortunate fish phobia, which lead to the traumatising aquarium heist.

He still had nightmares about it. All the fish, with there large, spinning eyes, and opened mouth, and weird way of seeing you like you were sometingedible.

He certainly did not want any more reminders of that.

Of course, he himself knew quite an amount about Shinichi.

He knew Shinichi's parents, friends, properties, quirks, and his fascinating skills of deduction.

But he still didn'tknowShinichi. And he never would.

Unless he came clean on his identity.

Would the shrunken detective turn him over? No. He doubted it.

Did he already know? Possibly, if he really payed attention. He wouldn't put it past Shinichi at all.

But he still didn't really think Shinichi knew. After all, a thief was still of secondary importance to a lunatic with a knife, or a rotting body in the ground.

Besides, it didn't matter if Shinichi knew.

Kaito would tell him anyway.

Mind made up, Kaito pulled out a phone and found the unused number.

Shinichi's number.

And as the infamous KID grin crept onto his face he began to plan a meeting.

Shinichi sat inside, waiting at a table.

And he, Kaitou KID himself, was loitering at the door to a cafe anxiously.

What was he nervous of? He'd asked himself that repeatedly over and over for the entire morning, and two days leading up to it.

He'd finally figured it out.

He was afraid of not being accepted, of being dismissed. Specifically by Shinichi.

Taking one huge gulp of air, Kaito opened the cafe door, the bell jingling with it.

He made his way over to the table, with Shinichi's blue eyes following him.

"Hello, Tantei-kun."

The detective didn't even look shocked. Instead, he smiled warmly.

"Hello, Kaitou KID. Or should I say...?"

The Eastern detective raised an eyebrow.

Kaito smiled, letting his anxiety fall away.

"Kuroba Kaito."

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