Tyrannicide and Tea

Author Note: My muses have finally reconciled their differences (i.e. the quality or lack thereof of their respective fandoms) and agreed to work together.

It was all Sonic could do to not fall to pieces in laughter.
"So you have absolutely no idea where Ixis Naugus is?" asked Hamlin deadly serious addressing the magic using human and the supersonic hedgehog sharing a picnic at the lake of rings.
Harry smiled placidly "None at all Councillor"
"You'd think you Ixis magic users would keep track of each other"
Harry got a stern look on his face "Councillor I would ask that you please don't stereotype me like that, it's very rude"
Harry was a real magic user, the less said about the Ixian school of "magic" if it could even be called that, the better as far as Harry was concerned.
Hamlin growled "No! What's rude is when the King goes missing and the two most likely suspects stand before me without a ounce of concern or remorse!"
"That's easy to explain" Harry stated ...then pointedly didn't say anything, nibbling on a cake.
Hamlin was visibly growing more disgruntled in the growing silence "and?"
Harry beamed brightly "We're celebrating!"
Hamlin didn't need to ask what and scowled disgustedly "With tea?"
Sonic sighed sadly lying back lazily on the picnic sheet "Clearly you've never been invited to the Rabbit's tea parties"
Harry nodded vigorously "The value of Tea is not to be underestimated and Vanilla does these wonderful cakes and her recreation of the 19th century Earl Grey blend is fabulous."
"It's a wonder why you've never been invited, Hamlin"
"Indeed" Harry demurred, expression savage grin hidden by his tea cup.
Hamlin waved his arms in a squeal of rage stormed off in a hissy fit.
Harry and Sonic watched him storm off silently before something caught their attention beneath the picnic hamper.
"That new pet of yours is thoroughly demented" Sonic commented as the one horned red eyed devil chao bashed against the cage Harry had created for it earlier.
Harry grinned around his tea "What can I say? His previous owners didn't housetrain him right, but I'm sure I can get our little precocious little Nougat to learn acceptable behaviour"
The Devil Chao and Sonic gazed at the wizard, one in hate the other in sheer wonder.
Sonic nodded stiffly an odd look on his face like restrained laughter "Under your care? A model citizen even."


Total deadpan silence…


Sonic face planted against the grass and let himself fall to pieces quietly laughing in the sunlight, oh he'd needed this, this would keep him grinning for months.
Harry just grinned delicately sipping his tea, Nougat pouted malevolently at nothing.

A ring rose from the water with a elegant sparkle in the distance.

"We are never telling Sally about this."

To clarify:
Timetravel to the far future: Because Unspeakables are messy unorganized slobs.
Former Head Auror Harry James Potter is the Freedom Fighters Magic Expert.
Do you have any idea how many pure-bloods Harry the half-blood had to "realpolitik" to become Head Auror?