Asami please come for me. Screams from me but he does not come.

I awake drenched in sweat on Asami's luxurious bed in the penthouse. Asami's not home right now because it's only 9pm and asami comes home at 1am. I'm scared but I don't want them to know they would think i'm a little wimp not deserving Ryuu's attention.

'Well screw them! It's not my problem.' I muse out loud.

4 more hours till our nightly activities.

My phone rings. Once. twice. Dios.

I answer the phone unaware of the new presence in the room "Que demonios quieres?" I snap loudly as I put the phone on speaker.

"lo siento señor, el jefe te está llamando." I pale a little at that.

" Estar justo ahí oh, y dile que digo… I'm back." I grin and snap the phone shut. I get off the bed and slide on some jeans and a crumpled shirt.

"And where would you be going kitten." Asami growling voice makes me yelp.

"NOWHERE!" I deny quickly and so helplessly lying.

"Really" Asami drawles and then "So not going to go to your friend." Wait what.

" Hold it, are you….JEALOUS" I burst out laughing but then stop and say, "No, I am not. I'm going to the w-" I stop realizing who i'm talking to and turn a little pale.

"W-. Well, where." Asami says looking at me with narrowed eyes.

"Shit you're not supposed to know that. Ryuu you can't know it's for your own safety. If he finds out we're both dead not you but me." I know i'm risking a lot but i lo- WAIT WHAT.

Another phone call but it's ryuu's. He goes away and takes the call and returns looking murderous.

"I got to go to a meeting, stay with the back soon." and leaves me standing there in relief.