Yavin 4

Jedi Academy: Droid repair room.

The droids are sitting there waiting to be repaired.

R2-D2 is repairing the droids until Roger came in with the oil drinks for the droids.

"Just be your self Roger." Roger mutter.

"Greetings fellow droids, I'm RO-GR, the last of the battle droids." Roger introduce as he grab the flare tool and put it down on top of the crate and give an cup of oil to the red protocol droid.

"Sure during the Clone Wars, my obviously including blasting, destroying, and marching, but now that i'm all better and become a good guy thanks to three wonderful kids, i'm all about sweet sand cookies, writing about my auto biography, and most importantly friendship." Roger share his story as he accidentally put the cup of oil next to the flare tool.

"And to prove it, I brought you all some thirty weight." Roger said.

"Excuse me, is this oil?" Red protocol droid ask.

"Yep, this stuff got me from the Battle of Saleucami." Roger answer.

"Oil is highly come from-" Red protocol droid was cut off when both cup of oil and flare tool exploded and flew Roger off the repair room.

"Oops my bad, you guys aren't-" Roger was cut off when he see's the droids recovering and glare at him.

"-mad?" Roger ask in nervous as Artoo and the droids charged at him.

"Yaaaaahhhh!" Roger screams and runs away and the droids chase after him.

The droids got him and beat him up.


After class, Mira and Dawn have enter the Cafeteria and get some lunch.

The two Jedi kids got there food on the tray and heads to the table and sit next to each other.

The kids see Roger look damaged and Mira go to the droid and help him.

"Roger, are you ok?" Mira ask.

"Yeah i'm fine, I was about to offer a friendship with other droids with me, and then I screwed up and beat me up, why making friends are so hard?" Roger ask after he answer and Mira help him up.

"Cheer up Roger, I'm sure you'll try again, come, sit with me and Dawn, We'll be friends with you." Mira said as she and roger head to the table.

Mira sit next to Dawn and Roger sit next Mira.


Dawn and Mira finished with there lunch and the two girls put the trays on top of the other trays.

"So, Dawn, your father was a Jedi?" Roger ask.

"Yes he is, his name is Kanan Jarrus, his real name is Caleb Dume." Dawn answer.

"Caleb Dume? isn't he Depa Billaba's padawan?" Roger ask.

"Yeah, why?" Dawn ask.

"Well I have a memory of him and his master, you kids wanna see?" Roger ask.

"Oh yes please!" the two Jedi girls answer with a excited face as Roger escort them to the training room.

Training room

The trio have enter the training room as Roger plug his memory core into the console and turns on the hologram.

Dawn was joyed when she see her father as a kid and her master fighting battle droids.

"Whoa, that lady over there is my daddy's master?" Dawn ask.

"Yep, Depa Billaba." Roger answer.

"Whoa, Daddy told me that Grandpa Kanan is the best Jedi in the Clone Wars." Mira stated.

"Indeed." Roger said as he see's young Kanan slash roger and ends the hologram.

"And that's where he cuts me to pieces." Roger stated as the Jedi girls giggled as they check the time.

"Oh man, we gotta go, we don't want to be late for class." Mira said.

"Ok have fun you two." Roger replied.

"We will, and Roger, thanks for showing me about my dad when we was my age." Dawn smile.

"Any time kiddo, and Mira, thanks for helping and fixing me up." Roger stated.

"Your welcome Roger." Mira smile as she and the old Battle droid became best friends as she and Dawn head to class.

The Starbird

Mira have enter the ship after Jedi school and give her father a hug.

"Hi sweetie, how's class?" Ezra ask.

"It's good daddy." Mira answer.

"That's good my little Starbird." Ezra said and they broke the hug as they heard Sabine's voice.

"Ezra, come quick!" Sabine shouted as Ezra come to his wife.

"What is it Sabine?" Ezra ask.

"Ezra...my water just broke." Sabine answer as her husband was shocked.

"Hang in there Sabine, we'll get you to the medical bay." Ezra said as he escort his wife out of the ship and head to the med bay as turn on his comm.

"Hera, do you read me?" Ezra ask.

"I read you Ezra." Hera answer.

"Sabine's water just broke, the baby is coming, tell our family and the others about this." Ezra stated.

"I'm on it Ezra, were on our way." Hera said.

"Thanks Hera, Ezra out." Ezra said as he end the comm and keeps escorting Sabine.

"Mira, come with me, your brother's coming." Ezra said.

"Really?!" Mira ask in shock.

"Yes, come on, you want to meet your brother." Ezra said.

"I'm coming daddy." Mira said as she follow her parents.


The Wren-Bridger family arrive at the med bay and Ezra place his wife on the med bed.

"Doc, the baby is coming." Ezra said.

"Alright, I'll get started." med droid said as Hera arrives.

"Hera, you made it." Ezra stated.

"Yes I am, and the others arrive." Hera said.

"Alright, I need you, and General Bridger to help me out, your daughter will wait outside with the others." Droid order.

"We'll be fine sweetie, just hang out with Dawn until were done." Ezra said.

"Ok daddy." Mira said as she exit the med bay and wait for her parents and Hera to finish.

"Ok, Ezra grab her hand, I'll grab her's." Hera order as her adopted son grab Sabine's hand and she grab her other hand.

"Ok, one, two, three, push!" Droid order as Sabine starting to push in pain.

Outside of Medbay

The others including: Kanan, Dawn, Zeb, Chopper, Rex, Mira, Luke, and Kallus are waiting for the child to arrive.

"Daddy, is everything ok in there?" Dawn ask.

"Yes, they're still working on for the child to arrive, once there done, your mother will let us know and we'll all go inside." Kanan answer.

"Ok daddy." Dawn stated.


Ezra and Hera keeping helping Sabine to give birth to a newborn son.

"Ok, one more Sabine, I can see it's head." Hera said.

"One, two, three, push!" Droid order as the Mandalorian push one more time and scream in pain as the new born son finally been born.

"Congratulations General Bridger." Droid said as he holds the baby boy and give it to Sabine.

Sabine holds him and looks at him.

"He so beautiful." Ezra smile.

"He sure is Ezra." Sabine smile as Hera exit the Medbay letting everyone know.

Outside of Medbay

Hera exits the medbay and letting everyone know.

"He's born, you guys can come in now." Hera said as she and the others enter the Medbay.


The others have enter and look at Ezra and Sabine's born son.

"He so beautiful, what's his name?" Kanan ask.

"I think he will be called: "Ephraim, just like Ezra's father." Sabine answer.

"He looks just like you Ezra." Zeb smile.

"He sure is, he has my nose, he has my eye colors, and he has Sabine's cheeks and chin." Ezra stated.

"And he has my ears and my hair color: brown, just like my family." Sabine replied.

The group smile as Ephraim opens his eyes and looks at his parents.

"Hi little one, meet your mommy and daddy." Sabine introduce herself and Ezra to there son.

Ephraim held his father's hand and Ezra smile.

"Kanan, wanna hold him?" Ezra ask.

"Sure." Kanan answer as Sabine passes Ephraim to him.

He holds his grandson and looks at him.

"He was strong in the force." Kanan said.

"Soon he will be a Jedi like me, you, and Mira." Ezra stated.

"Indeed, Dawn, you wanna hold him?" Kanan ask his daughter.

"Yes daddy." Dawn answer as his father passes baby boy to her, she holds him and looks at him.

"He's so tiny." Dawn smile.

"He sure is sweetie." Hera stated.

"Hera wanna hold him?" Ezra ask.

"Sure Ezra." Hera answer as her daughter passes the boy to her, she holds him and looks at him.

"He looks just like you Ezra." Hera stated.

"Hey that's what I said." Zeb replied.

"Zeb, wanna hold him?" Hera ask.

"Sure." he answer as Hera passes the baby to him.

He holds him as Kallus and Rex stand between him.

"Hey little guy." Zeb said as Ephraim giggles and held his hand.

"That's right Ephraim, meet your uncle's Zeb, Rex, and Kallus." Ezra introduce.

"Hey Mira, wanna hold her?" Sabine ask.

"Sure." Mira answer as Zeb passes the boy to her, Mira holds his little brother and looks at him.

"He looks cute, Hi Ephraim, i'm Mira, your big sister." Mira introduce herself to her little brother.

Ezra and Sabine chuckled.

Chopper beeps.

"Wanna look at him Chopper?" Mira ask.

Chopper beeps in answer as Mira shows his little brother to the droid.

"Meet your uncle Chopper, Ephraim." Hera smile.

Ephraim giggles as Mira passes the boy to her parents.

Ezra holds him and and pass him back to Sabine.

"Ezra, I sense your son is strong in the force, once he reaches the same age as your daughter, we will welcome him to the Jedi Academy." Luke said.

"I will remember that Luke." Ezra smile.

"See Ezra, I told you I won't die in child birth." Sabine stated as her husband smile.

"She's right Ezra, she's fine now." Kanan said as he place his hand on his adopted son's shoulder.

"I guess your right Kanan." Ezra said.

"I guess you finished training yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose, well done Ezra, you will be a Jedi Master someday." Luke smile.

"Thank you Luke." Ezra smile as the group keep looking at Ephraim.

The Starbird

The Wren-Bridger family and there after born son enter the Starbird.

"Good night you guys, and congrats on your new child." Hera said.

"Thank you Hera." Ezra said as the trio wave at the group.


Ezra, and Sabine enter there room along with there son.

"Good night Mommy and Daddy." Mira said.

"Good night Sweetie." the married couple said in unison as there daughter enter the room and get some sleep.

Ezra and Sabine lay in bed as the Jedi place Ephraim between them and fell asleep.

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