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Raven's Tale

Summary: Justin hadn't been aware that Heaven wasn't his first stop after death, along with several others. But with his Semblance, he detects a darkness, one he intends to combat - and that's Raven's Tale. But who, exactly, did he name this after, hmm?

Characters: OC, Yang X. L., Raven B., Weiss S.; Ruby R., Ozpin , Blake B., team JNPR, more OCs, basically everyone but better (wip order)

Genres: Drama, Angst; hurt/comfort, friends, romance, comedy

Rated: T; or M, depending on future content. Leaning for M.

Language: English : English; Vytalian (Original Language), Mistralian (OL, Japanese), Atlesian (OL, German), Vacoan (OL, French), Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog dialect, plus others), English (written in Gibberish).

Beta(s): N/A. May look for one later.

Crossover(s): RWBY; Soul AU, Measurements AU, Time AU, Earthen Languages of Remnant AU, The Gamer; Rings AU, Ability On/Off Button AU, Real Life

End Notes: This is my main Xiuhcoatl universe.

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Season #1: A Raven's Tale | Act #1: In Medias Res

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- =*Chapter #1: Justin*= -

- =*12:37 AN - Newsday, 2 Tesnum, 2305*= -

Birds tweeted as the bright light of the sun filtered down from the blue of the sky between the green sea of tree leaves, illuminating the grass and brushes of Remnant, filling in a peaceful atmosphere in what was called the Emerald Forest. Full brushes and the leaves of the trees shuddered in the wind as it passed, the trunks of trees too thick to be moved.

The camera seemed to favor a particular wooden tree trunk-

The trunk shattered and the bark broke off instantaneously as a red boot had slammed upon its surface, red embers the only residue in the form of a partial footprint into the tree. The growl of a Beowulf Grimm was close behind as those claws of its carved into the tree before leaping onto the next.

A guttural and low roar emanated from the creature in frustration as its prey eluded it with ease, only a second behind the man who gracefully leapt from tree to tree in an effort to shake off the bogey behind him. The man grunted in annoyance himself when the beast kept pace with its voracious appetite fleeing its mouth in the form of hungry drool.

"Aura Round!" his voice uttered. It was deep and commanding. However, this time it was quiet, as if trying to keep the words a secret, so they were forced into a sub-vocalization of the command. A black bolt appeared inside of his right hand as he cupped it, its seeming increase of power emitting a quiet hum and gave off some vibration to indicate the intensity of the thing. As he jumped from tree to tree, he spared a glance behind him before palm striking the air in the direction of the beast.

He missed. The black orb flew past the creature and exploded into some bushes beneath them. Luckily, the forest did not catch fire.

"Stubborn..." he muttered under his breath, a string of insults fleeing his mouth about as fast as he could think them, before spinning around and drawing the sword from his left hip.

The beast kept jumping between the trees, zig-zagging towards its prey in the form of a human who moved at its own speed if faster. The man spun around gracefully with his sword in hand, and the beast leapt into the direction of the upturned blade, cleaving the creature in two when the invisible foothold the man had disappeared from beneath him, leaving him relatively unharmed and only a little bloody. Some of its black blood spread over his form before he landed safely on the ground, which wasn't too far away, in a crouch before abruptly standing up straight.

He huffed quietly, having been a little annoyed. He swung his blade out to the side to rid of the creature's innards, cleaning the blade, and sheathed it at his side.

He approached where the Grimm had fallen, humming a useless tune to himself as he gathered some items that appeared to have fallen out of the beast, pocketing them on his person. They seemed to have disappeared in a mild, blue flash of light.

After that, he stood up and spun around to the direction of North after having looked up to the sky at random, dredging up some memories to relearn the direction towards his destination.

The man walked with heavy footfalls of large, red boots which ended in a piercing pattern at the crux of his knee, which bled into black greaves that he wore. He wore a black undershirt and a red midriff jacket that only had a right sleeve. His arms were covered in black gauntlets that ended with sharp fingers. He held a white shield that bounced with every step - it was long and thin, edged with gold, like the black garments were embroidered with the same color.

His hair was as black as his irises were brown, slicked back and covered with a large, ornate golden crown situated on his head. Looking to have suffered a fatal blow at the midsection of the tallest mantlepiece in the center, the crown was jagged - broken beyond repair. He decided he liked it that way.

He had tuned out the telltale sign that one was stepping on sticks and snapping them in half due to him being the one to step over him. After a few more of these piercers of silence, he found a lone boy in the middle of an empty area surrounded by bushes and trees. He approached, again unaware of the sounds he was making. As he came close enough to lay a hand on the blue haired Faunus, he swung around with his blade in his left hand and barely held it back from the red-armored's neck.

"Whoa, hey," the man with a literal blade at his throat said, a little intimidated, hands up in surrender. "Let's all calm down, eh?"

The blue-haired Faunus in front of him breathed a sigh of relief - either at the presence of another and/or the fact that he didn't just kill a student was a mystery to the black-haired man, he didn't know - and sheathed his own weapon at his right hip. The red-armored mirrored the sigh while letting his hands down, readying himself for conversation.

"Name's Justin Zabrowski," he introduced, reaching out to shake the hand of the boy in front of him, his clothing appearing to have been of a black duster that reached down to just above his grey boots, held together by two golden officer cords by stars on either side - the right breast stars before lower than the left ones - and the collar hung over like cliffhangers. Underneath the duster rest a blue officer top that belonged to the Valen military, complete with silver buttons and medals. The pants seemed to bag up until the knee, in which is then smoothed out along the calves and into the boots. He had two panther ears planted at the top of his unruly cyan hair.

"Corsa," the Faunus said warily, eyebrow raised as he accepted the hand. A lip upturned into the curve of a smirk as he added, "Seishin Corsa, Mizu Seishin Corsa, Ryuu Mizu Seishin Corsa."

Justin began to chuckle at the Faunus' sense of humor, who joined him in jubilee before the two of the sobered up and Justin had the ability to say, "Clever." He nodded at him curtly before veering the conversation off into a risky territory, but one to add bridges of trust between the two. "Military?" he asked.

The boy's face before him double took as the question was somewhat a slap for him, before he shook his head. He had been wearing military clothing after all - at least an old uniform. The boy shook his head. "No," Ryuu answered. "It was my father's - I just didn't take off his silvers from his time in the military."

Justin nodded, browsing over all of the medals which appeared to be combat related for certain operations that eluded him. He had been unaware of any kind of fighting between the current date and the Great War, but kept it to himself. The little ears on Ryuu's head flickered and Justin looked up.

"And you?" Ryuu asked, "You Vacoan?" he pointed at Ryuu's red clothing, and Justin looked at it for a moment before shaking his head in a firm negative.

"Not in their military," he answered and Ryuu nodded. "I did come from there, though," he admitted, shrugging, "I guess the theme just stuck with me." He readjusted his jacket and looked up again, relearning yet again the direction of North before shaking his head in a specific direction. "North's this way, Ryuu," he said helpfully, and the Faunus nodded before following with him quietly.

The two followed towards the preached direction of North in silence, having been getting used to the other's Aura. Ryuu's was...flowing, but non-existent in a way. It was there, as if his soul did exist, but there was always a telltale sign that it wasn't there physically, having been blocked or not there altogether. Justin chalked it up to Ryuu being Auraless, a type of Soul user that wasn't capable of calling on their Aura, but they had a form of Semblance called an Anti-Semblance. "His Anti-Semblance must have some sort of liquid connection," Justin deduced, "What with that feeling I get with his presence."

Ryuu's detection was different, however. He could feel an Aura and immediately knew he was a full Aura user, one that had half the Aura to protect and heal himself while simultaneously having half a Semblance to use unique to his fighting style, whatever it was. It felt protective - or maybe that was his Aura leaking? Most inexperienced Hunters - especially Hunters-in-training had a habit of letting small amounts of their Aura, Semblance feeling, or emotions out. It is an unnecessary but uncontrollable ability until they learn to better hold it in and reserve energy. Such is the reason for a young Hunter's strong appetite.

Deciding a new conversation to keep them out of the clutches of boredom was in order, Justin told him, "My weapon's name is Zumakalis - or at least the former wielder's name was," he said, before his lips upturned, "The original name of Bonesaber was a little dull."

Ryuu snorted in derision at either name, but the specific one wasn't in Justin's way of knowing. "Mine's Muramasas," he replied, a little pride at the name. "My Father picked it up in his younger days and presented it to me when I was six."

Justin whistled as he stepped through a brush, "Six?" he asked with incredulity lining his tone, "That's pretty damn young," he commented. It wasn't uncommon to earn or make a weapon at a young age, but six was half the common young age.

Ryuu breathed out a, "Yeah," before stepping in behind Justin again. There was that feeling of relief in being in his presence but also a twinge of sureness with his prowess in ability - whether it was the effect of a leaky Aura or a partner he could rely on and be relied on, it was beyond him. "And your shield?" he inquired, brow up to regard Justin's gaze when he looked back at him. "Looks pretty damn ornate for just having two colors on it - baby's got to have a name."

Justin's head tilted a little at that last bit but any protests to the implications went unchallenged as he nodded. "Name's Spinning Sacred Shield - or S3 for short," he replied, and the boy snorted again. Justin was a little affronted - he'd made them after all. "You'll see how it works," he promised.

Though whether or not it was going to be used on him was another story, so Ryuu changed the subject, looking about himself. "Did you go to an Initiate school?"

"No, not really," Justin replied, cutting through another brush and narrowly avoiding any unnecessary sound by slamming it into a tree. "Wandered through Middle-Sanas, though, and got some personal training from a Hunter."

Ryuu knew he was keeping a few things but kept the whole big question, You mean you went through the five top interracial terrorist groups on the planet? unsaid, and instead replied with "I see," before adding, "I didn't go to one myself - I was just hoping that if you did, you'd overlook that."

Justin breathed out what sounded like a mix of relief of both the unsaid question and the similarity, "Same," he confirmed the latter only.

A moment of silence was over the two before Ryuu looked up, curious. Justin did seem to have the whole directional sixth sense thing down. "You think we're close?" he asked.

"Not particularly," Justin answered absentmindedly, cutting through a bush after having unsheathed Zumakalis. "I could see a few stone structures while we were flying through the air," he continued, stamping out a small brush that Ryuu might catch on before walking further and cutting into another bush, "The Northernmost one from the cliffs we were launched from is this way - but not particularly the closest."

"So he took the Headmaster's words literally?" he wondered. "Makes a little sense...wouldn't want to go to the closest and find nothing there."

Suddenly, Justin stopped and stuck a hand out, silencing and halting Ryuu behind him. Ryuu put his hand on his sword instinctively as he searched around, ears flicking in response, hearing little movement that may belong to the normal forest critters or stalking Grimm.

"Grimm," Justin muttered so quietly Ryuu didn't think he would be able to hear it without his second pair of ears.

A thought occurred to Ryuu and he let it plague his thoughts briefly, looking behind at the man named Justin, who had his back to his own. He hadn't once commented on his species, but took full advantage of their advanced biological traits. "Strange...but welcome," he decided. The less racists he had to deal with - especially as one as close as Justin had to be, the better.

Suddenly, Justin began looking around more frantically, drawing more sound than he may have intended and Ryuu had to hear as hard as he could for any semblance of moveme-

"Something's in the tree-!"

All the tension died to reveal what appeared to be a small, sleek Grimm of black fur and a blue marked mask of white, shadowing even bluer eyes. "Blue?" thought Ryuu curiously, but guard ever raising as he attempted to attack the feline Grimm.

"Wait!" Justin ordered, and it took all of Ryuu's power to dispel the momentum of his swing into a nearby tree, focusing on Justin to get a bead as to why he was ordered to stay his hand with the wayward Grimm. Imagine his surprise when he found what appeared to be his (deranged, in his most recent opinion) partner petting the thing with long, languid strokes. "This is Diana," he answered, patting the side of its stomach affectionately and it purred in reply, "she's a tamed Nemean Grimm," he elaborated.

The feline looked to Ryuu and snorted, and if Ryuu thought it intelligent, he would've chalked that up to an insult of derision at him, and Justin chucked in response, so he believed that at least a little bit.

Suddenly, Ryuu registered the meaning behind the past few moments, and incredulously asked, "You tamed a Creature of Grimm?"

Justin looked up at him and shrugged, the feline dashing into the woods and he followed, forcing Ryuu to do the same and they continued on, not wasting time. "She was but a small cub when I foun-" he began, only for a black blur to rush through the trees and tackle him, growling all the while, and Ryuu had to stop himself from attacking his partner's pet yet again. "Not even a minute and I've almost killed it-her twice....

Justin chuckled while saying, "She hates it when I tell this story," he pet its ear, full of jubilee even though the creature practically hovered over his downed form. The creature whined in response. Justin gave Ryuu a pointed look. "She wasn't supposed to be here today, but she absolutely hates being alone for more than four days, so please keep this quiet," he lightly begged and Ryuu could only dumbly nod in reply.

-= *Outside the Ruined Temple* =-

- = *1:12 AN - Newsday, 2 Tesnum, 2305* = -

Justin and Ryuu, following Diana, raced through the forest at breakneck speeds, occasionally jumping over a bush or leaping on tree trunks to keep both speed and dodging ability from the things that followed closely behind. "There is a problem here," Ryuu realized, with keeping a Grimm as a pet, and that's the fact that every Grimm has a distinct smell, a smell very few Faunus can detect and only the Grimm can pick up with ease.

And there were many of Diana's untamed kind scuttling for them from behind.

"I cannot believe you would let that damn cat Grimm follow with us!" Ryuu shouted with disdain, leaping over another large fallen over trunk of tree before sprinting alongside Justin again. Justin himself had to veer away for a moment before resuming the conversation.

"She said that I could tell you her story as long as she could come along, and that's that, so leave it be!" he replied sternly.

Ryuu only sighed in response before they finally broke through the last treeline and Justin spun around, shouting at Ryuu, "Get to the Temple, I'll deal with Diana's cousins!"

There was a little humor in his voice that Ryuu couldn't help but let a drawn out laugh to, and he did as told, making a beeline down the flat prairies towards the ruined temple before him. It was semicircular on the floor, but even less circumference in the pillars that raised in the back of it, pedestals before them. Each pedestal had one relic on it - either white or black - and as he approached, the more and more they suspiciously looked like chess pieces.

Inside the temple already were what looked like other Initiates and the six of them loitered around, awaiting others - possibly other friends to rendezvous with there and head to the other end of the valley forest.

Ryuu came to a halt in front of a pair, one of which was a raven-haired Faunus that seemed to be hiding her heritage (he kept quiet for her sake) and amber eyes, and a blonde with lilac eyes.

"What's up, Tiger?" the blonde asked playfully and not hatefully, but the wording could've been done better to get on Ryuu's good side - of which she was not at at this point. But, instead of glaring at her like the other Faunus had already been doing, he rolled his eyes and corrected her.

"I'm a Panther, actually."

"That's like a pot calling the kettle black."

Ryuu ignored the comment and strolled passed her, reaching up to one of the pedestals and quickly swiping a black bishop. With the color palette he and his partner had brought into this school, he doubted the guy would appreciate any bright colors - especially because of his origins.

The Vacoans pretty much hated the Atlesians (whose national color was White) to the point of all out war - "If it wasn't for the Vytalian Treaty, but I digress."

Stepping away from the pedestal, he accidentally knocked into another Initiate, who huffed out in surprise but quickly apologized, and Ryuu looked to the interloper.

"It's fine, man," Ryuu waved him off, "name's Ryuu, by the way," he greeted, free hand up as he pocketed the Relic on his person.

"Russell," the boy replied, and Ryuu couldn't help but look atop his head. It was a fair trade, however, because Russell had looked up as well.

Russell didn't particularly have a full head of hair on his head, as it was all finely pointed into a mohawk of interesting bright colors, while Ryuu's head of cyan housed two triangular Panther ears. Russell apologized again and Ryuu waved him off and said it was alright.

"Did you bleach your hair?" Russell asked. The question was innocent enough, and if by the expression he was using, he also had to guess that the boy had been attempting the same but failing. Unfortunately, he was to turn down the boy with a solid no. "Aww, man," he sighed.

"Sorry," Ryuu apologized, and Russell expressed his neutrality but the disdain in his voice was the same. "See ya around..." Russell came out of his stupor and nodded, returning to his partner. He walked towards the entrance only to be in the presence of the third pair.

In front of him seemed to be an almost full body of knightly armor from nearly three hundred years ago if it wasn't for the unique plating and the flag painted and faded upon the shield. The boy introduced himself as Crimson Utah. He had a full head of black, slicked hair. On a belt across his waist laid several cartridges of Dust most likely for the elder rifle stowed away on his person.

Crimson's partner was a small thing, more than a head shorter than him, even. Her name was Rogue Argan, and she wore, in contrast to Crimson, less armor. It was made of black colored leather which was v-shaped to show off cleavage, and form fitting over the rest of her body. A bow was stowed over her back much like her partner's rifle, there was an entire quiver of arrows, and two daggers sheathed at each hip. She wore high heeled boots and her brown hair cascaded down her sides. The two of them had chosen the same type of Relic.

Soon, however, the tranquil hush of voices of seven teenagers were silenced for a moment as Crimson asked, "Where's your teammate, Ryuu?" It was loud enough for the others to hear.

The aforementioned tranquility was broken by the explosion of screaming from the forest as three other teenagers rushed through the treeline, a pack of Nemeans and Ursa following close behind, Justin - "Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear," Justin thought after having heard the conversation in the distance - in the lead.



The seven teenagers watched in morbid fascination as the girl now known as Nora - as all had described her similarly, "A bottle of bursting with pink jubilee." - hopped on top of one of the smaller Ursa, grabbed it by what little spikes that jutted out of its back, and began to steer the Ursa towards the group, laughing all of the while. The boy behind her of which was only seen to be wearing green with the distance the others were at, held on for dear life on one its paws, which flailed.

"You don't see that every day," Justin muttered to himself, before spinning around mid stride and using the ground to slow himself down, threw an arm out and shouted, "Ice Make: Snow Flank!"

A large arc of white emanated into existence in the middle of the air, a sudden chill causing all of the furs on all of the mammal-type Grimm around to stand up on end, and the arc flew into the oncoming group, ever growing for but a moment. Most were frozen and others were sliced in two. Any remaining forces simply slammed into the wall of frozen Grimm of which shattered, before beginning to crawl over their fallen brethren.

The green clad boy on the paw managed to right himself behind Nora, whom of which leaned back into his chest and up into his face, "Havin' fun there, pardner?" she asked playfully, and said partner could not help but let his anger dissipate at the look of her face.

"Please don't do this again," he begged, pleading for her not to get killed - his own life be damned. "Not like I can muster the courage to say that to her face," he added regretfully.

"No promises!" his little jubilee replied, and he sighed in response, lifting up her weapon, Magnhild, from her back and aiming behind him while it was still in grenade launcher mode, firing into the Ursa pack behind him.

Back with Justin, whose first thought was, "Interesting dynamic," he spun back around and sprinted directly towards Ryuu before grounding to a halt, sheathing Zumakalis and removing S3 from his back on his left forearm, ready for bear. He noted the others beside him and introduced himself. "Justin."

"Crimson," the man replied.

"Rogue," the little one replied.

"Ryuu, did you get the relic?" Justin asked, looking towards from with his face behind the head of his shield, his peripherals watching carefully for any quicker Nemean Grimm.

Ryuu nodded, "Yes," he answered, "Black Rook."

"The Relics were chess pieces?" Justin asked, almost annoyed by the prospect as he turned back to regard the oncoming Grimm. Ryuu hadn't answered that rhetorical question because blondie shouted from behind.

"What do we do?!"

"No point in fighting!" Crimson replied. "Let's get this Nora chick her Relic and get the hell out!"

"What about my sister?!" the blonde asked angrily, almost ready to attack Crimson instead, and the one it was directed at stuttered without answer.

Justin harshly replied, turning back to the blonde, "If your sister can't handle this little test, she doesn't deserve to be at Beacon!"

"Don't say that about my sister!"

"Then trust her, dumbass!"

Any retort was halted as Nora and her partner came into view, the Ursa ignoring anyone else at it continued to wobbily attempt to remove its occupants, only to fail as the girl held on with all the fun in the world, singing proudly, "I'm Queen of the Cas-tle! I'm Queen of the Cas-tle!" over and over again.

The blonde, knocked out of anger at Justin, sighed before picking up a White Rook and tossed it up. The green one from behind thanked her and said, "Name's Ren. Please excuse my partner."

"Yang," she replied. "And don't worry, she seems fun~"

Ren gave a little smile at that - one he'd learn to regret later as it was in front of Yang of all people - "Yeah," he replied, "she really is."

Nora was far into her own little dreamland to have heard that, anyway - and if she did hear that, all the more power to his cowering little self. At least to saying it to her face.

"Time to move!" Justin shouted, beginning to wildly throw his shield while still on his arm to slam into the Nemean Grimm, Diana having already disappeared to God knows where. Ryuu was still wrapping his head around that. Justin himself had begun retreating, walking backward, towards the direction of North, Ryuu, Crimson, and Rogue following close behind. Justin noticed each of their attacks and quickly put a plan together. "Crimson and Rogue! At my back and provide cover fire! Ryuu, with me!"

The four began a retreat as Justin unsheathed Zumakalis and entered close quarters combat alongside Ryuu, Rogue's bow removed and firing, and Crimson spraying rounds into the left flank which had begun to fill with Grimm.

Yang, the black haired Faunus, Nora and Ren followed suit, Russell and his partner close behind.

Then, all of a sudden, multiple things happened simultaneously.

A boy and a girl both fell from the sky before crash landing into the ground before them, destroying most of the Grimm in the process.

A red haired, well armored girl ran out of the forest and into the clearing with a large Spider Grimm on her tail, which attacked her but utterly failed to land a hit.

And a white haired girl continued holding onto the claw of a Nevermore in the sky.

Yeah, things were crazy.

-= *End of Chapter #1: Justin* =-

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Dictionary and Credits:

AN/IM, Tesnum, Newsday: These are apart of my time AU. AN means "At Night," and refers to PM. Tesnum refers to September. Newsday refers to Tuesday.

Zumakalis/S3, Muramasas: Zumakalis and Sacred Shield originate from the game Diablo 3. Muramasas is a play on of Muramasa Sengo, Bleach's filler character Muramasa, and Akame ga Kill's Murasame.

Mizu, Seishin: Mizu, Seishin, and Ryuu are all Japanese for Water, Spirit, and Dragon, respectively.

Nemean: This type of Grimm refers to the Greek mythological creature.

Aura Round, Ice Make: Snow Flank: AR refers to The Gamer's ability "Mana Round". IM:SF is a copy of Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster's signature ability though with a noncanon attack name/ability.

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