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Raven's Tale

Summary: Justin hadn't been aware that Heaven wasn't his first stop after death on Earth, along with several others. But with his Semblance, he detects a darkness, one he intends to combat with Raven's Tale. But who, exactly, did he name this after, hmm?

Character(s): [OC, Weiss S., Blake B.] Raven B.; Ruby R., Yang X. L. Ozpin, team JNPR, more OCs, basically everyone but better (wip order)

Genre(s): Drama, Angst; Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Romance, Comedy

Rating: T; soon to be M, due to future content.

Language(s): English : English; Vytalian (Original Language, written in English), Mistralian (OL, Japanese), Atlesian (OL, German), Vacoan (OL, French), Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog dialect, plus others), English (written in Gibberish).

Beta(s): Allison "The Flirty Myrmidon" Fullhelm (G+ handle), and Adam the Black Mage (G+ handle). May look for more.

Crossover(s): RWBY: Soul AU, Measurements AU, Time AU, Original Languages of Remnant (written in Earthen ones) AU. The Gamer; Rings AU, Ability On/Off Button AU. | Real Life

End Notes: Summary, Character(s), Beta(s), Author's comments section, and PCS, have all been updated. Added quotation marks to Chapter name.

-= *Other Information* =-

Season #1: A Raven's Tale | Act #1: In Medias Res

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PCS: Two days after finishing RWBY's bunk beds, Justin Zabrowski awakes for the day of his outing with teams RWBY and JNPR, leading to an interesting conversation with his client and his fellow teammate, Crimson. With Ozpin watching their every move, until, y'know, Ryuu destroyed the damn camera, how will team Xiuhcoatl fare with their secrets known and documented? What does Ozpin plan to do? And just who is Allison? (One of my betas...the answer is one of my betas)

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-= *Chapter #4: "With a Yang!" * =-

-= *East Wing of 1st Cycle Building, Top Floor* =-

-= *11:54 IM (EST) - Vytiday, 5 Tesnum, 2305* =-

It was here that Justin finally exited his room after a good meal and a quiet session of Scroll using with his teammates. Rogue still reddened at the sight of Ryuu both in embarrassment and anger that he failed to meet her new demands about decency, but then he bluntly spoke about her breasts in a counterattack, something akin to: "Then censor your breasts-oh, wait, this isn't HV".

It was a fun little wrestle session to watch.

Now better dressed for the occasion, the four of them met three others in the hallway: Ruby, Blake and Jaune. They approached, meeting them upfront.

"Hey, guys," Justin greeted.

"Hey!" Ruby squeaked with a smile. Blake and Jaune nodded mutely. "My team'll be ready in a bit! Sorry for the wait!" Justin waved her off and Blake stepped forward.

"My partner wanted her hair perfect for the occasion and is currently interrogating Weiss about her perfect hair." The word was spat and only Justin and Ryuu caught on it. Rogue had an inkling but she was in the back with crossed arms, pouting and blushing still from the earlier embarrassment.

"Anyways," Jaune stepped in, garnering everyone's attention. "Nora insisted Ren had to wear something more fashionable than jeans and a t-shirt, and Pyrrha hates mornings."

"I can't imagine," Justin replied, a little chuckle to join Jaune's.

"Also," Jaune continued, as if remembering something, "what's the schedule look like?" he asked. "I want my team mentally ready."

"Ah, yeah," Justin snapped, quickly removing a folded sheet of paper from his pocket and opening it. "Today, we're..."

-= *Eastvale Division, Vale* =-

-= *1:23 AN (EST) - Vytiday, 6 Tesnum, 2305* =-

The twelve students exited the shuttle bus that landed on the ports designated. They quickly vacated the square tarmac of grey concrete down the thin steps that only allowed a single file line down to the airport. After going through the building and out onto the street, the group burst through the doors, Nora first.

"Woohooooo~" she shouted brightly, happily breaking out of the building with a smile on her face.

Yang sighed in relief, "I thought we were going to be stuffed in there for ages." She rubbed her stomach, open for the world to see in her crop top jacket, underneath an orange crop top. "The burgers at Chiro's were great, though," she smiled a little at the memory of the delicious meal.

"You would like to be stuffed anywhere, masochist," Justin teased, and Yang's face turned red. "And you'd still like it." She approached him quickly and he backed away, dodging a half-assed fist flowing his way, attempting to attack him. He noticed that the girl's eyes turned a healthy shade of red alongside her cheeks, all the more connecting her to her mother. Justin couldn't help but drop his smile at that thought, the fact that her mother believed him strong enough to protect her daughter while she was away.

The woman wasn't wrong, it was just the trust between them he was contemplating. It was a little bit strange to have gained the trust of a woman such as Raven - all paranoia and checking every corner, intent on rooting out all forms of suspicion for the absolute truth behind everything. "Perhaps, that is why she is a voyeur-"

His thoughts were cut off when one of her fists connected with his right jowl, and he struggled to fight against the strength behind it as he recovered, throwing himself into a stance and dodging more seriously from her. He wanted the feeling of amusement so he could show that he was fighting a grin, but couldn't help but return to the tracks on Raven. A screen appeared before him that he briefly glanced at.

Endurance (LVL: 324 / cap 30) levelled up by 1!

You are unable to allocate the level until removal of limiter.

You have 13 levels in reserve!

Remove Ring of Limiting (Strength)

Yes? | No?

He mentally hit No, leaving the rings that were set on his ten fingers. Having the powers of the Gamer was beneficial, yes, but he found little to no reason to abuse it and went through the arduous everyday tasks everyone else did. He did use the system to appear as if an innate learner, but rarely used its systems to build or cook or even speak with people - using all of the raw talent easily gained. He unconsciously rubbed the one on his left ring finger, as it wasn't a limiter.


Yang attempted to add the fires of her Aura into the mix when the collar of her jacket was abruptly dragged back by an irate Heiress, who had had enough of the blonde brawler's actions. "That's enough, Xiao Long," she said sternly, gaining the red gaze of the addressed's eyes. Weiss only appeared to have been unfazed, if the information on Justin's Observe said anything.

Alright, yes, he refrained from abusing the abilities like his crafting and cooking systems to make instant items and food, but his paranoia made him want to look at what a person was feeling - emotionally. He refrained from looking at background information he did not deserve to look at. The temptation was great before, but after two cycles of using his Semblance, he was able to become desensitized to the temptation and became completely able to ignore it.

Attempting to dismantle the situation as it was, Jaune stepped in, not exactly ready to alleviate blows but to incite any kind of logic as he could. "How about we just go on ahead and move on to our plan for today?" he asked with a little trepidation lining his voice, low confidence seeping through the appearance of his stance. It appeared normal at first glance, but with a closer look, it was obvious that the boy had been attempting a stance that would allow him the fastest way to flee - the opposite direction of Yang.

At the mention of the plan, Yang did lose her ire, despite the one who made both it and her temper raise, since the plan mentioned going to the mall.

Justin smiled and Yang had to wilt in frustration as he had been winning, amused by her loss of anger towards him and her quick elation from his own plan made by him. She narrowed her eyes briefly with a finger towards him, a warning spilling forth, "You got lucky today."

"At this point, the only thing that genuinely scares me is related to you."

Yang laughed at him, thinking he meant Ruby.

He didn't.

-= *Bear's Mall* =-

-= *3:27 AN (EST) - Vytiday, 6 Tesnum, 2305* =-

Part of Justin was a little angry at himself for including two hours worth of time in the mall just because he believed the girls would be absolutely insatiable when it came to buying clothes. However, he was pleasantly surprised that they had completely limited Yang when she lost a little game he hadn't been paying attention to. He stood alone with Yang as the others tried on clothes (barring Crimson, Ryuu, Jaune, and Ren who had been their personal dress up dolls briefly) in order to make the girl feel a little better. The place was called Bear's Mall for a reason.

"I understand Nora forcing me into this thing," began Yang, pulling on the costume, "but literally everyone on my team as well?!"

"Oh, relax, Yang," Justin tried, the attempt failing as her eyes narrowed even further than the slits they already were, turning into that angry red from her formerly lilac eyes, "everyone agreed that you would attempt to make pranks just for your sole amusement," he explained. The girl sighed, eyes still narrow in annoyance and body hunched over in complete defeat. The girl looked like some sort of panda but the white was replaced with red.

"I know I prank people often," started Yang, eyes still swirling back into its vibrant lilac, which had dulled over the experience, "but I can't believe I have to be humiliated like this to prevent it." A passerby saw her, giggled, and placed a few coins in the bucket before her. Yang balled her fists up and attempted to follow, but Justin put a hand on her shoulder, halting her.

"Let it go," Justin said, internally chuckling, but externally giving the girl a neutral look when she looked back, her eyes slightly purple but returning to the lilac.

"Why have you been caring for me so much recently?" she asked abruptly, drawing a confused look out of him - though he knew what she meant. He tilted his head in question and she sighed sharply before turning to him fully, wearied look fading as her eyes became glued to his, brows furrowed in curiosity. "You have been following me around more than the others and have been, carrying my stuff for me - which has been nice, even though it's strange that they disappear when you're not holding them - and even going so far as glaring at boys who come my way," that last part surprised him. He'd done that? "Are you interested?" she then asked abruptly, causing his arm on her shoulder to briefly spasm before pulling it back, both startled by the question and thinking on how to answer.

The look of surprise was probably something she noticed because her face lowered. "Not a prank?" he asked, formerly believing it so.

Confused. Rejected. Emotionally compromised. Dejection. Sadne-

He cut off the list with a glare of the [X] button at the top right of the screen before replacing his hand on her shoulder, forcefully turning her face back to him.

Confused. Hope. Assuranc-

He shut off the function labelled Feelings List he normally used to make sure he didn't fuck up something, which had actually begun to irritate him as of late.

"It's not that I'm uninterested in you," he loopholed, hoping to reassure the girl - and it was working if her eyes said anything, shine returning to her once dull lilac, "I'm just concerned about you - a friend," he elaborated.

It was at this time that his Internal Thought Detector decided to turn on.

"Did I just get friendzoned?" she asked herself, the voice ringing in his head painfully.

He shook his head and shut it off quickly, hoping against all logical things that the daughter of the woman he had had relations with did not have the hots for him.

"I see," she voiced aloud, turning away from him. "Thanks," she said, hoping he hadn't seen her eyes of complete and utter destruction of hope.

"I found this nice place," he started, garnering little of her attention as she had mulled over his recent answers, watching the others laugh and even the infamous Ice Queen cracking a smile at the look of Blake in a strange yellow dress, "it's got the perfect view of dawn and dusk, you can see all of the sky, day and night - barring clouds, of course," he rattled, a step closer to her.

"What the fuck am I doing?" his logical side flared up, slowly watching as Yang looked down, more thoughtful of his words than the dresses the others were wearing. At least, his thought detector thought so, something he mentally shut off again.

"You are keeping Raven from killing you," his other side replied. He always had little conversations with himself to help along the little complicated thought processes. Also, he had a sneaking suspicion that he was going crazy.

"And why are you telling me this?" Yang asked, head slightly tilted his way as she saw Blake fetching a red dress for Weiss to wear in juxtapose to her own. She probably planned to throw herself and Ruby into colors like white and black to complement teammate colors. There was a smidgen of-

Hope. Trepidation. Confu-

"I was wondering if you'd like to go," he babbled, rolling back and forth between the toes and heels of his feet, throwing the screen away to the side. It would continually update and refrain from opening more screens, luckily. "Next Vytiday, that is." He saw the damned screen in his peripherals and that damned death circle loading the next set of emotions. Damn his Semblance!

"I'm acting like a goddamned high schooler again," he chastised himself. "I am mentally twenty nine and somehow physically seventeen. None of this makes sense," he sorely attempted to dissuade himself from this. He spent only three cycles on this planet - which is equivalent to three years on Earth - but he still felt like a teenager. Even then, after a decade of not being a teenager, he still felt like a teenager. None of this makes sense.

"Just us?" she asked, voice high in hope. "Just the one time?" she asked lower, voice layered in possible defeat.

"Just us," he confirmed the first, "and maybe," he answered the second. She wasn't too keen on the uncertain answer, but was willing to accept it with a grain of salt and nodded. "If only to sort out your feelings."

She turned on him to roughly shake him down for an answer behind that but was interrupted when the two other males of his team approached, covered in shopping bags. "Weiss has got to pay for all of this," Ryuu struggled, setting it down next to Yang with a grunt of effort. "Please convince her, Yang," he begged, but Yang turned to Justin.

"I think you can convince her yourself," Justin said to her, and Yang nodded, turning away. "If not, I can always boost said convincing with my presence and support." Yang attempted to hide a smile.

"I hope she wrestles enough with herself to reduce romantic relations with me," he thought to himself, staring at the back of her costume as she was turning away, making conversation with Ryuu and Crimson. "I don't want her pissed with me for the whole leading her on bullshit," he sighed internally. "I can't say I'm not attracted, I just don't want to die to Raven for both breaking her heart and attempting a relationship, and also be attempting relationships with both mother and daughter." He nodded to himself. Yup. That was his story and reasoning. Then, he had a look at the feelings detector and facepalmed.

Reassured. In love. Hope. Anticipation. Anxiety. Curiosity. Arous-

He sighed aloud before entering the conversation, which had been about crumpets at the nearby Chiro's. He followed them after shooting some texts to Weiss about their location and her handling the money.

"Right...she's rich..." he thought.

"That might even be useful," he continued.

Yang's voice chimed in his head, juggling him out of his thoughts. "I actually can't wait until next Vytiday."

"Goddammit, Yang."

-= *R3D B34R Club* =-

-= *4:47 AN (EST) - Vytiday, 6 Tesnum, 2305* =-

They spent the better half of an hour at that Chiro's as everyone slowly gathered inside, eating lunch in the form of crumpets and any actual lunch food they could get their hands on. Weiss had happily paid for the outfits, slowly changing any hostile attitude she had. Rogue herself grumbled in needing the heiress and the snow haired girl actually became a little smug. A small fight ensued before Justin brought them back on track. He maneuvered them to the airport to let Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Jaune, and Pyrrha drop off the desired supplies back at Beacon and await their arrival. The remaining students spent the next half hour navigating the streets until they came upon the desired location: A club.

The seven students easily entered with their status as Hunters-in-training, as being that allowed them access even in their young age, already considered adults. Although this was a simple celebratory outing for their success in Initiation, Justin couldn't help but think of the horrible ulterior motives as Yang, the head of the pack, entered first, swiftly surrounded by red shades and thick pistols of safeless weaponry.

"Define friend for me, Yang," Justin grunted out through tightened teeth as he approached behind her, close to her right ear.

"Which type?" she answered back slyly, smiling at him with a lean back and a troubled look to the right, as she had continued to wear the costume.

"The one about to end in zoned if you don't tell me what the hell is going on," he harshly replied, her eyes going wide in-

Fear. Hurt.

-but nodded all the while, "Alright, geez," she said as though fine, but his thought detector-

"Fuck, I'm so goddamn dumb, almost got myself friendzoned twice at this rate."

"I'm hoping it ends like that without battered feelings," he replied but never sent.

-"the owner of the club is Junior," she continued aloud, said man appearing before them. Tall and muscular, the man stood in a tux.

"Blondie," he said with-


"Goddamn, have to turn that off somehow," Justin thought angrily to himself.

Hei 'Junior' Xiong

Level: 35

Title: "Bear"

Gang: Ursae

Gang Rank: Leader

Despite the nickname, the man stood several dits taller than Justin, but the man didn't check for the sake of his own time.

She then pointed to the tall junior of a man with narrowed eyes, "And he still owes me a drink," she said, shoving passed the men and grabbing his collar and dragging him away.

"Best source of information," Justin commented aloud, leaning forward and into a hip where his hand rested, free hand indicating Junior, "no wala..."

"What?" Ryuu asked, confused by the phrase.

"'It's gone'," Justin answered dejectedly, before turning his eyes on what appeared to be twins, one in white and one in red. Their heads displayed paltry information - specifically their levels - and they were Miltiades and Melanie.

Justin dragged Ryuu away from them before he could begin embarrassing himself.

With that, Justin sighed, hoping that whatever was going on in Mistral was more annoying than dealing with the former Liberador, two teammates, an overeager charge, and a quiet boy in charge of a crazy woman. And Rogue.


"Oops," he sweatdropped. "Said those last thoughts aloud..."

-= *Unknown Location, Mistral* =-

-= *11:57 AN (MAT) - Vytiday, 6 Tesnum, 2305* =-

Qrow Branwen sighed, slicking his hair back and taking a swig of alcohol at the same time, approaching a clearing in the dead blue forest. His feet broke the leaves of Fall and snapped the twigs, any remaining appearance of the gravel road grinding beneath him as he walked forward.

He hated making sounds, but flying for three straight weeks without rest over an ocean just to save money and keep in the dark about his location? Worth it. Especially if he darkened communication status to get this information.

He finally stopped just short of a rock at the center of the clearing, occupied by a single individual.

A woman, wearing black leather armor, a golden sword at her back - "A replica," he noted, before seeing its edge, "though just as deadly as the real one." - and blue hair that flew as the wind picked up. She was hunched over, black blood at her fingertips as she rubbed them off and saw him at the corner of her eyes, startled and rushing to rub the blood off her hands and flinging the body part of a Grimm away. A Beowulf, if he guessed right by the shape of the arm.

Her eyes were an unhealthy shade of yellow, pupils slitted to resemble the eye of a dragon, before she shut her eyes quickly and shook her head, before opening them again, revealing her normal cyan orbs to the world, lips divested of blood but just as black because of her lipstick

The woman leapt down to the man's level, bent at the knees as she slowly rose, hand on the mask she had swiftly replaced on her face, but he knew her face. There were listeners, one she was willing to give information out to.

"One of the Hydria Twins," he noted aloud, "to which do I owe the pleasure?"

"Allison," she purred, voice thick in the clearing and almost echoing like a serpent's, causing his eyebrows to slightly narrow as he pocketed his flask. "Branwen," she nodded in greeting.

"You wanted to exchange information?" he inquired, tilting his head and his body following to the side.

She nodded. "I want the location of my children," she revealed, "in exchange, you will learn the location of a particular type of Hunter, one in the midst of dear old Ozzy."

"We haven't found them yet," he answered and she clicked her tongue.

"I don't give information for Lien," she confessed. "You'll have to be more convincing."

"I'm not into bandit milfs anymore," he huffed, and the woman opened her mouth to retort in offense before he cut her off, "your nephew, however, is in Vale City."

The woman's reddened gaze softened before she sighed, "Not as useful," she admitted, "at least in the way I intended." She huffed in annoyance and clicked her tongue before looking away. "Your Hunter is one hunting for Maidens. She's in Vale." She flicked a Scroll out and tapped it to his when he finally pulled it out.

"Not gonna get an STD, am I?" he attempted and the woman narrowed her eyes when he shoved it back into his pants. "It's just that you never come back home and I can't help but be curious about your health, since you spend all your time in the wild since we last met, Ally."

She looked to the side, and his smile rose when her cheeks reddened. "That was four cycles ago, Q..." she said quietly, "We were over the moment you broke the first rule."

"'No kissing' is literally the worst rule I've ever heard."

She narrowed her eyes, ground her teeth, and growled. "Shut up, Qrow."

"You love it."

-= *End of Chapter #4: "With a Yang!"* =-

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Dictionary, Credits, and People:

EST, MAT: East Vale Timezone. Middle-Anima Timezone.

Allison Hydria spouse name classified: Children classified. Husband classified. Nephew's name is Ryuu Corsa. Sister to Amoura Hydria spouse name classified.

- Original Creator: Allison "The Flirty Myrmidon" Fullhelm and Adam the Black Mage.

Chiro's: The name of a fast food restaurant whose owner is an Earthener, hoping to bring their world's tastes to Remnant.


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