Big Lug

Ellie's POV.

"If we run out of fuel this far away from civilization, we could drift between the stars for all eternity." Antauri informed us, looking over how much fuel the Super Robot had left, as we flew across the cosmos, still in hunt of the Skeleton King Worm.

"All eternity? That's a trillion billion years longer than I was planning on spending with you guys." Sparx joked with a shrug.

"There's no need to sound so grim, Antauri." I spoke up, "I'm pretty sure there's a pit stop somewhere close-by."

"I got it." Chiro smiled, "We can mine some fuel on this planet."

Chiro showed an image of a large, rock-like planet on our screens.

"We'll never make it." Gibson shook his head, "If Otto is correct..." "We're out of fuel already!" Otto finished in a panic.

"Wait a minute. We're receiving an incoming message." Nova spoke up.

The viewing screen opened to reveal something large, "Got a lug... Have you seen it?" Chiro, the Hyperforce and I looked at each other in confusion, "Everyone likes to see... The Lug."

"Tell him we haven't seen any 'Lug'." Chiro told Nova.

"I can't." Nova answered, "It's a pre-recorded message."

I folded my arms, "Great. It's an advertisement."

"This way to... The Lug." The message ended with a group of the same mechas pointing to the right.

Chiro shrugged, "I guess we better go meet this 'Lug'." Then asked, "What is a lug exactly?"

Everyone shrugged.

"There's nothing about a lug in any of our databases." Gibson answered.

"We might be under attack!" Nova alarmed, "Sensors show a large craft-"

"There it is!" Otto shouted, pointing to the viewing screen.

We turned to the viewing screen and saw a large craft heading toward us.

"Get us out of here!" Chiro instructed.

"It's too late!" Sparx answered, "Brace for impact!"

The spacecraft flew straight toward us. Chiro turned to me, "Ellie! Duck!"

I nodded and waited for the spacecraft to come closer. I moved my head to the side, the Super Robot copied me. The space craft, which was actually no bigger than a bus, passed us easily.

Sparx and Chiro watched in bafflement, as the spacecraft flew past us and flew to a strange station.

"The enemy ship appears to be landing." Nova informed, "An intergalactic truck stop?"

Antauri folded his arms and smiled, "We have found a place to refuel."

"And there's a store!" Otto exclaimed, waving his arms, "We can buy a bunch of snacks!"

"Am I dreaming?" Sparx wondered, "Or is this everything I've always wanted?"

Chiro nodded, "Me too. Let's check it out?"

With that, the Super Robot landed on an empty spot of the truck stop. Chiro and the Monkeys exit the Super Robot and made their way to the store.

"I'll stay behind and refuel the Super Robot." I called.

With that, the Monkeys and Chiro entered the store, leaving me to refuel the Super Robot. While refueling the Super Robot, two cockroach-like creatures came by and checked out the Super Robot.

"Nice ride..." One growled.

"Nice..." The other growled, looking up at the Robot.

I narrowed my eyes at the creatures. They turned to me and the first roared, "Give us your ride!"

"You go monkey-jump in space now! Understand?" The second one roared.

I folded my arms and glared, "I'm sorry. The Super Robot is not for sale." I summoned one of my Ghost Claws in warning, "Do you understand?"

The creatures stepped back in fright, then left me and the Super Robot alone. I withdrew my claw and narrowed my eyes. Something told me I haven't seen the last of those roaches...

After a few minutes, the Super Robot was refueled and we were ready to go. I smiled and closed the cap, "There you go, Super Robot. Ready for the Skeleton King Worm."

Thank you, LGHT-00. But, I believe there is something else going on at this truck stop.

I raised a brow in confusion, then I felt an aura burst and I looked at a black truck. The truck grew appendages, like a large cockroach-like creature, like the ones from before.

It jumped into the air and landed behind me, but it crawled off, instead of attacking me. I folded my arms in confusion, but the Monkeys returned from the store, carrying what looked like a pinball machine. Sun Riders themed, by the color scheme.

I joined the Monkeys, into the Command Center, where they placed the pinball machine near the viewing screen.

Antauri activated his communicators to Chiro, "Chiro, where are you?"

"I'll be there in a minute." Chiro answered, "I just have to... Uh... Take care of something."

"Quickly. Sparx made a rather large purchase at the store." Antauri told him, then closed his communications.

"SPRX-77! The ultimate dominator! Yeah!" Sparx cheered, inflating his ego, "Your game, Antauri. If you dare."

I waved my hand, "You guys have fun. I'll be in my quarters if you need me."

With that, I left the Command Center and entered my quarters. I climbed on to my bed, crossed my legs and closed my eyes, taking deep breaths. Within the darkness of my mind, I found myself floating in space. I looked behind myself and saw a large, blue and green planet. It was rich with life and its aura was glowing happily. Until a shadow cast over the planet and I heard screams of horror and fear. I looked above and saw the Skeleton King Worm, hovering over the planet.

I drew my claws, ready to attack, but I found myself that I couldn't move.

"Ellie? Ellie, wake up." I heard a familiar voice call my name.

Everything went dark, and I opened my eyes, to find myself back in my quarters. The sound of knocking reached my ears, "Ellie, wake up."

I rubbed my head and walked over to the door. The door opened to reveal the Hyperforce.

"Oh, hey, guys. What's wrong?" I asked.

"We're going to the store, to see if they've seen Chiro." Sparx answered, "We'd like you to come with us."

I nodded and joined the Hyperforce out of the Super Robot and into the store, to talk to the store clerk.

"I told you, no warranty on the pinball machine." The store clerk told us.

"We're not here to complain about the pinball machine." Antauri answered.

"We're looking for our friend." Otto answered.

I nodded, "He's about a few inches taller than me. Black hair with blue eyes. Wore an orange scarf."

"Some tourists told us he got in a big fight with your Lug." Nova explained.

"Last time I saw him, he went in there." The store clerk gestured to a red curtain beside the register.

The Monkeys walked into the curtain. I narrowed my eyes at the store clerk with suspicion, before following the Monkeys. We followed a crooked hallway to a larger room.

"He was very concerned about the state of this Lug creature." Antauri explained about his conversation with Chiro, before communications went dead.

"Perhaps we can reconstruct where he went from here." Gibson suggested.

Suddenly a large, blue creature turned to us and smiled. Sparx turned and pointed, "Yes. There's the Lug."

The creature jogged in place, roaring with a large smile on its face. It felt like it was happy and relieved to see us. The creature had large blue eyes. Wore an orange scarf around its neck, torn orange gloves and torn boots. Alongside a large box over its face.

"It appears to be trying to communicate with us." Gibson noticed.

The creature pointed to itself and made gurgling noises. This only confused the Monkeys. It took a step closer to us, but got shocked back an electric fence, created by four generators in a square formation around the creature.

"You poor thing!" I gasped, "Are you alright?"

The Lug looked at me and smiled, pointing to itself again.

"How could Chiro have a fight with the Lug?" Nova asked, "It's locked up in this energy cell."

"We should check outside again." Otto suggested.

"Wait..." Antauri spoke up, his eyes not leaving the Lug, "This creature... There... There's something about him of the Power Primate..."

I narrowed my eyes at the creature, "You're right, Antauri. I sense it too. It feels like the Power Primate is... Crying..."

Antauri's eyes widen, "It knows where Chiro is!"

Sparx walked toward the creature, "Where is he? What have you done with Chiro!?"

Antauri shook his head, "I don't understand, but... Chiro is inside of him!"

I shook my head, "I don't think so, Antauri. Something's... Off."

"Do you think... Maybe... It ate Chiro?" Otto asked.

I shook my head, "No! Something else is going on." I narrowed my eyes at the creature. The creature looked at me. A light green flame engulfed his body and I could hear Chiro's voice in my head...

Ellie! Can you hear me? It's me! Chiro!

"We're gonna find out!" Nova spoke up, using her fists to disable to energy generators. Then she turned to the creature, "Where's Chiro?!"

The creature cried, pointing to itself again. I folded my arms at the creature.

"I think he's saying he ate him!" Otto frowned, "Gross! I'm gonna make him spit Chiro out!"

"Otto, no!" I called.

But Otto ignored me and leaped to kick the creature in the shoulder. The creature whacked Otto into the ground, then grabbed me.

"Ellie!" Nova cried in worry.

The creature looked at me and gurgled gibberish at me. My eyes met his. I summoned my one of my Ghost Claws and entered my Ghost Mode, "Phantom Shade!"

I phased through the creature's head and landed on the ground, returning to normal. I opened my eyes and clutched my head, as memories and feelings rushed through me like a shower of ice cold water.

"Ellie! You okay?" Gibson asked me.

I closed my eyes, trying to slow down the memories and search through the feelings. The Monkeys leaped toward the creature and attacked it. In my mind, I was about to find a certain memory and feeling that explained everything.

The Lug IS Chiro!

"Lady Tomahawk!" Nova pounded her fists into the ground releasing an energy attack, knocking the creature into a wall.

"Careful now." Antauri told the Monkeys, "We want to take him alive."

"Nether Shield!" I summoned one my Ghost Claws and raised it in between the Monkeys and Chiro, creating a large shield and black and green energy around Chiro, in the shape of a large raven. The Monkeys and Chiro took a step back from the shield. The Monkeys turned to me.

"Ellie? What do you think you're doing?" Sparx asked me.

"Stopping you from making a big mistake." I answered, getting back to my feet and walked toward Chiro, "This creature didn't eat Chiro. It is Chiro."

Chiro smiled and clapped his hands.

"How can you be so sure?" Nova asked me.

"Remember what Gibson said about my phasing abilities allow me to meld minds with the one I phase through?" I asked. Chiro and Antauri nodded, "Well, I took a chance and meld minds with this creature."

"And?" Gibson asked.

"I found a memory and feeling that made sense to me." I smiled at Chiro, "The day we met Jinmay. Remember, Chiro?"

Chiro smiled at me, then his eyes turned sad. The Monkeys' eyes widen and turned to Chiro. I lowered the shield.

"What happened to you, Chiro?" Nova asked.

Chiro shrugged his shoulders, then looked around. Then he pointed to something resting on the boxes on his left. I looked and saw what looked like a modified, double-barreled, laser gun. I took the gun and saw the settings were put of a frowning red face. I switched it to the happy blue face and aimed it at Chiro.

"Hold your breath, Chiro." I warned him. Chiro stood still and closed his eyes.

I pulled the trigger and fired a laser blast at Chiro. Direct hit. His body was enveloped by a white light and started shrinking. The light vanished and Chiro was back to normal. Chiro sighed in relief, got back to his feet and threw his arms around me.

"Thank you, Ellie! Thank you." He thanked me, "I knew you would figure it out."

I smiled, "You can't fool an empath." Whoa... Deja-vu...

Chiro let go of me and turned to the Monkeys, "Now we've gotta go stop those Cravian Brothers."

With that, the Monkeys and I followed Chiro to the back of the store, where three men were packing a truck. One of the men was the store clerk.

They noticed us coming and Chiro shouted, "Don't let them get away!"

The men boarded the truck and drove off. Chiro, the Hyperforce and I came to a stop. Antauri and I looked at each other and nodded. We held hands, summoned our Ghost Claws with our free hands and used our combined psychokinesis to grab the truck. The truck tried to fight back, but Antauri and my combined power of psychokinesis was too strong.

*Later, back in the Super Robot...*

"Thanks for all your help, Hyperforce." Chiro's friend thanked, "Business is way up, since we got our new lugs." A spotlight hit Chiro's friend, as he grabbed a microphone and gestured to a large curtain, "Here they are." The curtain fell and revealed the Cravian Brothers joined together with three boxes, "Three lugs are definitely better than one."

With that, the communications went back to stand-by.

"We would like to apologize to you, Chiro." Antauri told Chiro, "You were trying to right an injustice." He turned to the others, who looked ashamed with themselves, "And your Monkey Team was too busy playing a silly game to help."

But there was no reply. The Monkeys and I turned to our leader, "Chiro?"

Of course, Chiro was playing with the Sun Rider's pinball machine, "Yeah... Just a minute... I'm busy."

He tiled the pinball machine and the Monkeys gave him a collective smile. Chiro chuckled and scratched the back of his head.

I folded my arms and smiled. I'm glad that everyone and everything was alright...