The Mutation Situation.

Eleanor's POV.

What a beautiful night to party till dawn. Oh, hello veiwers. What have you guys been up to? You've caught the Turtles and I at a good time. It's been a month, since we defeated the Kraang and save the world. And, we're still partying like it just happened yesterday.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I'm happy about the celebration. My worries about the Kraang and Shredder's abscense of action have been growing steadily worse, and it's preventing me from reaching my fun side. But, I'm not gonna be a buzz-kill.

The boys and I took our celebration to the rooftops of New York City. Mikey brought his skateboard along with him.

"We are awesome!" Donnie cheered, as he jumped from the windows.

Leo, Raph, Mikey and I joined him. And we started talking about how we took down the Kraang.

"And then I took my sai and shortened that Kraangdroid's skull." Raph said, as he drew one of his sai. Then, he stabbed it into an air conditioning unit, "Wham! So cool!"

Donnie nodded, "Sure, Raph. But, Ellie used her uncanny scientific knowledge to bring down an interdimensional portal." Then he put me in a gentle headlock, "Equally as awesome!"

I smiled and blushed, "Donnie, please! You're embarrassing me."

"What about Master Splinter?" Leo asked, as he jumped over the parasols of the stores, "Wish I could've seen him take out the Shredder."

Mikey grinded on a city bench and came to a hault, "And let's not forget Cottage Cheese Demon. If we didn't stuff him in that microwave, The earth would be drowned in living cheese!"

Mikey's older brothers and I looked at him with raised eyebrows. 22 times this month, he spoke about this 'Cottage Cheese Demon'. Said it was a living demon made of cottage cheese, as its name. But, we've never seen it. Well, that killed the fun.

"For the 22nd time, Mikey. There was no Cottage Cheese Demon, ever!" Raph shouted.

"Did you see him?" Mikey asked with folded arms and looking away.

"No!" Raph answered.

"Then how do you know, huh?" Mikey asked. He gave us a look.

"What? I- That doesn't even make-" Raph started, but he sighed and forced a smile, "Sure, man. Cheese demon. Whatever you say."

"We are awesome!" Leo cheered, returning the celebration spirit.

The boys and I agreed and cheered. Before anyone could spot us on the streets, we continued our rooftop celebration back on the rooftops.

"Month long Kraang/Shredder Mega-Defeat Celebration rules!" Mikey shouted.

"So are we gonna stop by April's?" Donnie asked.

Leo, Raph, Mikey and I came to a sudden hault and looked at Donnie.

"We are 1. 3 blocks and six- No, no- Seven meters away from her apartment." He summarized.

"Yeah. That's not weird or anything, Donnie." Raph commented.

I shook my head and spoke up, "Donnie has a point, guys. April's been awfully quiet, as of late. Something feels wrong."

With that, we all agreed to pay a visit to April's apartment. Donnie knocked on the glass of her bedroom window and called, "Handsome-gram for April O'Neil!"

Raph face-palmed and asked, "Did you really just say that?"

April opened the window and saw us. "Guys!" She looked around and forced a smile, "Um, great to see you!" She stopped the boys from entering her room, "Yeah, uh, you mind staying on the fire escape?"

I raised an eyebrow, as Leo spoke up, "Seems like you've been avoiding us lately, April."

"It's not my fault. Dad's alien abduction nightmares are getting worse. He's so freaked out, he won't let me out at night." April explained with a sad look.

I nodded in understanding, "Figured as much." Then I looked at the shadows of April's room and called, "Kirby, you can come out. It's just us."

Kirby stepped out of the shadows and sighed, "I'm sorry, April. It's just- What if the Kraang are still out there? Waiting? Lurking?" Then he encouraged with determination in his eyes, "I'll do anything to protect you."

"Dad. I can take care of myself now." April told her father, then she gestured to me and the boys, "And-and I'll be with the guys! I couldn't be more safe!"

Kirby gave April a look of uncertainty, then looked at us with a similar look.

Mikey assured with a smile, "Trust us, Mr. O'Neil. Shredder and those little squishy brain-freaks are long gone."

I looked away with uncertainty myself. I recalled on a few words Uncle Splinter told me; 'The word 'nin' means patience and perseverence.'

If Shredder truly used to be a ninja master, then he'll be waiting to the right moment to strike back. With the Kraang just a foot behind him.

*Meanwhile, at the Cathedral...*

Samantha's POV.

It's been quiet. A good moment to arrange a counterattack on the Turtles and the Lizard. The Kraang and Father have been spent the month recovering from what happened. During that time, Karai and I had been training.

Right now, Father had called my younger sister and I to accompany him in a meeting with one of the Kraang.

Karai activated the Kraangdroid head, to project a communication image.

"Greetings, one who is called 'Shredder'." The Kraang greeted, without opening its mouth.

"Do you have my shipment?" Father asked.

"The shipment, that is secret, will soon be transported to the one called 'Shredder'." Kraang answered.

"And how will you deal with any complications?" Father asked.

The image zoomed out, "Kraang complicates the complication with..." The Kraang crawled away and was replaced by a big, ape-like foot, "Greater complications."

And the communication was finished. All we have to do is wait for the secret shipment, that those brain-squids promise.

*Later that night, in the Lair...*

Eleanor POV.

After a few hours of hanging out on the rooftops, the boys and I decided to take the celebration back to the Lair.

Mikey, Leo and Raph were doing their own thing. Uncle Splinter was in the Dojo, meditating. April was invited to join us. And Donnie and I were in the Lab, running some tests on Timothy's condition. Right now, Donnie had a heart monitor placed over Timothy's organs.

"And now, let's test our bottled friend's organs." Donnie said, as he switched on the monitor.

The monitor activated with a few sparks, and we could hear Timothy's heartbeat.

I smiled, "Seem to be working as normal."

Suddenly, the Kraang Communication Orb came flying toward us. Donnie had to retract his head into his shell, a bit. I kicked the orb away from Timothy, it deflected off Metalhead's head, and flew out of the Lab. Donnie and I dropped what we were doing, and exit the Lab.

"Ha, you're out, Leo!" Raph laughed, pointing to Leo.

"It doesn't count on a bounce." Leo argued.

"What are you guys doing?" Donnie and I asked.

"Playing dodge ball, fools." Mikey answered in a simple tone. The orb hit him in the stomach, and he fell to his knees in pain.

"With the Kraang Communication Orb?!" Donnie exclaimed.

The orb flew toward Donnie and I, but I caught it before it hit anyone. "Guys, this is a very, very valuable piece of Kraang Tech!" I explained.

Donnie nodded in agreement and added, "You guys can't just-"

Raph cut him off, "Eh, don't get your shellundies in a tangle, you two. The Kraang are toast!"

Mikey nodded and rubbing our shoulders, which I'm NOT very comfortable with, "Yeah, lighten up, dudes. This is a party!"

Mikey started cheering and screaming like a rock star, then Uncle Splinter entered the room.

"My sons, I know you are still joyously reveling in the defeat of our enemies. But a great question remains." Uncle Splinter explained to his sons.

Mikey sat on the couch and guessed, "What if cupcakes could talk?"

I shook my head and corrected, "Are our enemies truly defeated?"

Uncle Splinter looked at me and nodded, "Indeed, Eleanor." He looked at his sons, "The Shredder is a crafty and patient foe who bides his time."

"But Sensei, you said Shredder lost whatever sense of honor he had left. We'd never see him again." Leo pointed out.

"Yeah. And if he shows up, we got it all taken care of." Raph assured, drawing his sais.

The boys stood up and walked past Splinter, about to leave the Lair, until Uncle Splinter shouted, "止まる! (Tomaru/Stop!)"

The boys stopped in their tracks and looked at their sensei.

"You four have become lazy, overconfident. You shirk your training. This party ends. Now!" Uncle Splinter told them in a stern tone.

The boys stood still and bowed, as Splinter made his way to the Dojo.

He stopped and looked at me, "Eleanor, a moment in the Dojo, please?"

I nodded, "はい, 伯父さん(Hai, Oji-san/Yes, Uncle)."

I gave Donnie the Kraang Communication Orb and followed Splinter into the Dojo. He stopped at the great tree and turned to me.

"I have noticed your progress in training. You have advanced further than your cousins." He told me with a smile, then added, "And yet, you choose not to rest, eat or sleep. Is something troubling you, my child?"

I looked away and rubbed my upper arms in discomfort. I knew this question was gonna come one day. I guess I have to come clean with my uncle and you guys. It's not really my worries of Shredder or the Kraang that have been distracting me. It's something deeper than that.

I sighed and looked at my uncle, "It's the nightmares, 伯父さん. Ever since defeating the Kraang, they continue to torture me like a plague. They grow worse as the days progress." I shook my head, "I just can't seem to shake them."

Uncle Splinter gave me a concerned look, "What are your nightmares about?"

Before I could answer, Leo entered the doorway and spoke up, "Ellie, we need you in the Lab. The Kraang are back."

I looked at Uncle Splinter. He gave me a nod. I followed Leo to the Lab. Donnie was on his computer, trying to crack something. Mikey and Raph were near Timothy and Metalhead. Mikey was tapping on Timothy's tank. I looked at the orb and noticed it was working again.

Once I entered the Lab, April looked at me, "Ellie, thank goodness. We need to crack these Kraang files. Donnie's been having trouble trying already."

I cracked my knuckles with a smile, "You hired the right lizard."

Donnie stepped away from the computer. I sat on the chair and began typing codes and translating the data files.

"The encryption's tough to crack, but it seems like the Kraang are transporting some kind of cargo." I explained. I typed in more codes, and the files showed images of a Kraang Stealth Ship. "Using a Stealth Ship." I finished.

"We've gotta find out what that cargo is." Leo told us.

"So how do we track a ship that turns completely invisible?" Raph asked.

"We cover it in honey so it attracts bees. Then, we follow the bees." Mikey answered, earning a look from Metalhead and the rest of us.

"We track it with this." Donnie said, showing us a new device he created. It looked a some kind of sonar detector, "It's aligned to the radar dishes we placed throughout the city. It'll create a triangulating pulse-"

Raph cut Donnie off, "English, Professor Brain-ioff."

In a slow tone, I translated, "It will detect the Kraang Stealth Ship's flight signature."

Donnie looked at April, "April, can you stake out a rooftop, and feed us the ship's coordinates?" He gave her the detector.

"Me?" April asked, then explained, "I don't know anything about radar!"

"What about your dad?" Leo asked.

"My dad? He barely lets me out of the house anymore. He's never gonna go for this." April answered with a sad look.

"Please, April! Your dad's a scientist. We really need his help!" Donnie pleaded, with his hands together in prayer.

"I'll- I'll see what I can do." April answered.

With that, April left. She looked back with a sad look. Her aura turned the pale green again. She was worried about something. Probably about her father and his state of mind. I don't blame her.

"The bigger question is, how do we stop that ship?" Raph spoke up, "We'll need something fast to catch it."

Donnie answered with a smile.

*A little later, outside the Lair...*

The boys and I grabbed our ninja gear, Turtle Flyers and helmets and walked out of the Lair, to see Donnie's newest form of transportation. A rollercoaster rocket with five seats.

"I call it the T-Rocket!" Donnie introduced.

"You want us to fly in that? Where are we going, Jupiter?" Raph asked.

"Jupiter! But that place is infested with space yeast!" Mikey exclaimed.

"Time's up, team. We'd better move." Leo told us.

Donnie, Mikey, Raph and I entered the T-Rocket, as Leo called April on his T-Phone.

"April, you guys in position?" He asked.

He nodded, then hung up the phone. He entered the T-Rocket and sat in between Raph and Donnie.

Donnie started up the rocket and shouted, "Coordinates locked! This is it."

"If we explode, I swear I'll slap the green off you." Raph shouted to Donnie.

Leo braced himself and instructed, "Launch!"

Donnie pressed the launch button, and the rocket shot threw the subway like a bullet. The T-Rocket flew in great speed, the boys and I could barely move. The rocket shot out of the subway, into the streets, then into the air. Once far enough in the air, the rocket ran out of fuel, and the boys and I ejected from our seats.

We activated our Turtle Flyers and flew forward. I gotta say, that was fun. What a rush!

"Booyakasha-" Mikey shouted, until he hit something invisible.

Leo, Donnie, Raph and I followed and hit the same thing. "I think we found the ship." Leo said.

"Ow." I muttered.

We recovered from our little impact, removed our Turtle Flyers and helmets, and entered the Kraang Stealth Ship. There were only three Kraang inside, but I couldn't take the risk. While the boys stood heroicly, I took a defensive stance.

"It is the ones, who call themselves, the Turtles and the Lizard." A Kraang shouted.

"Kraang! We must alert Kraang!" Another alerted.

"Huh! Three little floating blobs of brains, that's it?" Raph asked with a cocky smile.

I heard something open behind us. I looked and saw something that meant trouble, "Guys?"

"We could take these guys in our sleep." Leo replied.

"Guys!" I repeated, stepping back from the door.

"We could take these guys in our sleep, and with our eyes closed." Mikey added.

"Guys!" I shouted. Suddenly, a low moaning sound caught the boys' attention.

The boys turned, drew out their weapons and prepared for what was about to walk out of the shadows. Inside the room, was a 9 foot tall, blue fured, ape-like creature.

"Aw, sewer apples." Mikey muttered.

"Uh, where's its head?" Raph asked, as the creature walked out of the room.

It pushed me and the boys out of the way, as it walked into the center of the ship.

A Kraang flew above the creature, just where the head should be, "Biotroid, engage."

The kraang inserted its cruiser into the creature's neck, and the creature was complete. Terrific...

"Okay, maybe we were a little cocky." Donnie admitted with a sigh.

Then the creature, The Biotroid, started attacking us. The boys and I tried our best to hold our own against the Biotroid, but it was too strong. Mikey tried to attack it from behind, but the Biotroid was unfazed and threw Mikey into the nearest wall.

The Biotroid tried attacking Mikey again, but Mikey rolled out of the way, and one of the Biotroid's saws opened another room. The room revealed to have a full shipment of canisters of Mutagen. Oh no.

"The shipment! It's Mutag-" I tried to alert the boys, but the Biotroid kicked me over the control panel.

The Biotroid picked Raph and Leo up by their feet, and started spinning at a fast rate. Donnie tried to find the right time to attack, but was thrown away. And Mikey followed. I tried to time my attack, but I got thrown into a wall as well.

"This thing's too tough!" Donnie told us.

Mikey got back on his feet and smiled, "Oh, I got this!"

Mikey ran toward the control panel and kicked one of the Kraang into the ceiling. Like a pinball, the Kraang flew around the ship. It hit the control panel, opening a hatch in the center of the floor, then flew toward the Biotroid.

The Biotroid hit the Kraang, and stopped spinning. The Kraang returned to the control panel. And the Biotroid threw Leo and Raph near the shipment of Mutagen.

The impact caused the Mutagen to fall out of the room and roll their way around the room, toward the open hatch. Donnie and I tried to stop the Mutagen, but the canisters fell out of the hatch and rained all around the city. "No!"

All that Mutagen, and it's our fault. Anger and frustration burned in my blood and my heart. Who else could bad things happen to?!

"All that Mutagen." Raph gasped, then he looked at Donnie and Mikey, "You two are the biggest screw-ups ever!"

I glared at Raph, "Hey, don't put the blame on someone else!"

"Well, you could've grabbed one single canister!" Donnie shouted at me.

"What did I just say, Donatello!?" I asked him in a shout.

"Um, guys! You wanna focus?" Leo called, trying to fend off the Biotroid.

With that, we turned our attention to the Biotroid. The other two Kraang were occupied with fixing the control panel, "Kraang, the console that is broken must be made unbroken!"

Donnie was able to corner the Biotroid to a corner. He tried hitting it in several areas. He hit it just above its butt, and the casing fell off to reveal a pair of laser-cannons. Uh-oh.

"Butt cannons? It has butt cannons?" Donnie exclaimed.

"Biotroid, engage!" The Kraang, on top of the Biotroid, repeated.

And the laser-cannons started firing at us. The boys and I tried our best to dodge the laser-fire, and attack the droid. Raph was able to get close, but the Biotroid saw him coming. It threw him toward the hatch and stepped on his shell, attempting to squish him.

"Little help!" Raph called.

I looked and shouted at the Biotroid, "Get off him, you 気汚い猿(Ki kitanai saru/damn dirty ape)!"

(A/N: I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. ^_^)

I released a telekinetic blast toward the Biotroid, and the bio-mechanical creature flew toward the wall behind it. I helped Raph back on his feet, and continued to the fight. Unfortunately, the Kraang Stealth Ship was flying all around the place, due to the two Kraang trying to fix the control panel.

Donnie noticed and called to Mikey, "Mikey, drop those Kraang!"

Mikey smiled, "Done and done! Throwing star time!"

He threw two shuriken stars and they hit both of the Kraangs' cruisers. The cruisers started malfunctioning and the Kraang flew out of control, screaming, "Kraang!"

Donnie whacked the Kraang away, and inserted his staff into the console. He had control of the steering, and tried to keep the ship away from any of the buildings ahead.

He was taking a couple of sharp turns, "Left! Okay." And the turns were causing Leo, Raph, Mikey, the Biotroid and I to crash into walls.

Angry and annoyed, I jumped on to the console. "How about we set a new course?" I suggest to Donnie, then shouted, "Like the moon!"

I kicked Donnie's staff toward him and out the control panel. The ship sharply turned vertical, and flew up into the sky.

Donnie looked at me and noted, "Remind me to never get on your bad side." I nodded in agreement.

With that, we joined the boys to team-up on the Biotriod. It was successful. Mikey pulled the Kraang out of its cruiser, and Leo was the one to deliver the final blow. The Biotroid shorted out and collapsed.

Leo looked at the window and called, "We gotta go!"

The boys and I jumped out of the ship, as the ship continued to fly toward the moon. We used our grappling hook to safely swing ourselves back on the rooftops.

As we landed, we saw April was cornered by a bat-like Mutant. She wasn't harming him, and he wasn't harming her. I looked at the Mutant's aura. It was amber and had a father-like feel to it. There's only one person I know that has an aura like that... Oh, April's gonna kill us...

The Mutant saw us and roared. Taking it as an attack, Raph shouted, "Let's move!"

His brothers followed and attempted to attack the Mutant. I cried, "Guys, no!"

"No! Don't hurt him!" April shouted.

Her cry caught the boys' attention. The Mutant flew past them and grabbed April by her arms. Then, he flew off, downtown, with her.

"April!" Donnie cried, as the Mutant flew off.

"Can this night get any worse?" Raph asked, as I joined them.

I placed a sympathetic hand over Donnie's shoulder, as Leo spoke up, "Guys. I think that Mutant was Mr. O'Neil."

Leo was looking down at a broken canister of Mutagen. Yep, April's gonna kill us for this.

"How could you tell?" Mikey asked.

"You see many giant, red-bearded, middle-aged bats lately?" Leo asked in rhetorical tone.

"We gotta go after her!" Donnie told us.

"But what about all that Mutagen?" Raph asked, "We got canisters spread all over the city!"

"It's gonna have to wait, Raph." I told him, "April's father comes first."

With that said, the boys and I returned to the Lair, to think of a plan to help April and Kirby. Of course, Donnie had to go back, to collect what's left of the broken canister.

*Later, back in the Lair...*

The boys and I are sitting in the Lounge, trying to think of a way to capture Kirby. Unfortunately, Leo, Raph and Mikey can't think of anything. I couldn't think straight, because of wild and paranoid thoughts were giving me a headache. And Donnie was stressing himself out with worry for April.

"I can't think, I can't think! I'm seriously stressing here!" Donnie shouted, as he paced back and forth. His aura was flaring out of control.

I walked over to him and grabbed his hands, "Easy Donnie. Deep breaths and think calm thoughts. Breathe with me."

I began taking deep breathes, and Donnie followed. His aura started calming down. Look at me. I'm starting to sound like a Hippie Mutant. Hehehe.

Then Mikey spoke up, "You think he's a vampire? Ya think he'll drink her blood and turn her into the undead?"

And, just by that thought, Donnie started stressing out again. His aura blazed out of control, and he was squeezing my hands so tightly, they were nearly turning blue.

I looked over to Mikey, "You're not helping, Michelangelo!"

Mikey only smiled in humor, but I gave him a sharp glare. That was NOT funny. Mikey quickly shut up and I returned to Donnie and tried the breathing exercises again. Donnie was able to calm down, and loosen his grip, after seven deep breaths.

Uncle Splinter walked past us, and Leo looked over to him, "Sensei, say we're... Um... Trying to catch a stray pet. Like a cat."

Uncle Splinter looked at Leo in fear, "A cat?"

Leo recollected his words, "Or maybe a-a parrot? Um, what's the best strategy?"

Splinter sighed in relief and answered, "Food, of course. Any animal can be lured by food." Then he raised an eyebrow, "So, what is this truly about?"

"Uh, trying to-" Leo was about to answer, but Raph covered his mouth.

"Nothing, Sensei. Just talking about parrots, like we usually do." Raph answered.

Uncle Splinter gave his eldest sons a look, then returned to whatever he was doing.

Raph removed his hand from Leo's mouth and Leo gasped, "Food! It's so simple, it's brilliant!" Then he looked at Donnie and I, "What do bats eat?"

"Rodents and other small invertebrates." Donnie answered, letting go of my hands.

I nodded in agreement, then added with a smile, "Oh, and bugs. The bigger the better."

"So where are we gonna find a huge bug? Dress up some sorry sucker in a giant fly costume?" Mikey asked.

Leo, Donnie, Raph and I smiled. Thanks for volunteering, Mikey.

*A little later...*

It took a bit of time, but the boys and I were able to dress Mikey up, to make him look like as close to a fly as we could.

Mikey looked at his new costume, "I kinda feel like bait."

"Oh, don't think of yourself as bait, Mikey. This is your new superhero costume." Raph assured with a smile, "You could call yourself, um-"

Mikey cut Raph off, "Turflytle! Tur-fly-tle." Then he cheered with a smile, "Oh, yeah, I love it! Too awesome. What are my powers?"

"Um, you can... Hang from a rope." Leo answered.

"And release super-sonic waves from your antennae." I added, pointing at the top of my head.

Mikey looked at his costume again, and smiled, "This is sweet!"

*Later, in the streets of New York...*

With our Turtle Flyers, Donnie, Leo, Raph and I flew across the streets, looking for Kirby and April. Donnie and I were keeping a lookout for the bat Mutant. Donnie with his telescope, me with my empathy. Mikey was in his costume, hanging from a rope just below Raph. I think he was liking his new look too much.

"Turflytle is on the patrol, buzz, buzz. His bug eyes spy every crime, buzz, buzz." Mikey said, in character.

"Will you stop saying 'buzz, buzz' after every sentence?" Raph asked.

"I could do that, buzz, buzz. But I probably won't, buzz, buzz." Mikey answered.

Raph got annoyed and tried to whack Mikey over the head, by flying over to a billboard.

Mikey was able to avoid it, as he shouted, "Whoa, dude! Be kind to insects, buzz buzz!"

Leo flew over to Donnie, "Donnie, any sign of Kirby?"

"Nothing yet." Donnie answered. He lowered his telescope and looked over to me, "Ellie?"

"Barely." I answered. I looked over to Raph, "Raph, shake Mikey around a bit more. He needs to mimic a fly's flight pattern."

Raph chuckled, "No problem."

Raph started flying around the top of the buildings. Mikey followed after him, acting like a fly. Not bad. I felt an aura present, as Donnie looked through his telescope again.

Donnie gasped and alerted, "Kirby at 4 o'clock!"

The rest of us looked and saw Kirby flying straight toward us. He charged toward Donnie knocked him higher into the sky.

"Donnie!" I called out of worry.

"I'm okay!" Donnie replied.

Leo looked where Kirby was flying toward and alerted, "He's heading straight for Mikey." He told Raph, "Pull up, pull up!"

Raph heard Leo and started pulling Mikey up. Kirby barely missed Mikey. Kirby flew straight, then started turning around for a second attack.

"He's coming around again!" Donnie alerted Raph.

Raph noticed and decided to fly low. Just a few feet over the rooftops. Mikey followed, due to still hanging from the rope. Kirby chased after Mikey and Raph.

Mikey drew one of his nun-chucks, "Time for Turflytle to take out his arch nemesis, Wing-nut!" He attacked Kirby, as he got too close. Raph flew at a higher altitude.

"You are not giving Mr. O'Neil a monster name!" Donnie told Mikey, as he followed close behind.

I flew above Kirby and looked at Leo. Leo looked at me and gave me a salute. I nodded, ejected from my Turtle Flyer, and landed on Kirby's back. So lucky I'm lighter than I look.

"Kirby! Listen to me. We don't wanna hurt you! We wanna help!" I shouted to Kirby, as I tried to calm him down.

Kirby was flapping and kicking around, trying to get me off his back. I climbed to a proper position to ride, and I placed my hand over the pulsing Mutagen vein on his head.

"It's okay, Kirby. It's me, Ellie." I told him.

Kirby seemed to have calmed down for a second, then he roared and started trying to get me off his back again. I got hold of Kirby's ears, so I wouldn't fall.

"Guys, stick to the plan!" Leo shouted.

"There's a plan?" Mikey, Raph and I asked in unison.

"The warehouse! We trap him in the warehouse!" Leo answered.

Kirby flew over the rooftops with sharp turns and twists. Then, he came to a complete stop. The force caused me to loose my grip and threw me into the air. I was flying toward Donnie.

"Donnie, heads up!" I called, as I fell toward him.

I fell into Donnie, before he could react. We flew out of control and were about to crash into a wall. Luckily, Donnie ejected from his Turtle Flyer and we fell on the nearest rooftop.

Donnie was able to get back on his feet, but he was still dazed by the landing. I could see the walls spinning around me.

"I am not going on that ride again..." I muttered in my daze, as I got back to my feet.

The sound of April's voice snapped us back, "Donnie! Ellie! Up here! I'm over here!"

Donnie and I turned and saw April on a ledge just above us.

"April, hold on!" Donnie told April, as he threw his grappling hook toward the ledge.

April was able to zipline her way down and she gave Donnie a relieved hug. Donnie couldn't help but blush and smile. I folded my arms and smiled back. The moment was interrupted by the sound of smashing glass.

April, Donnie and I made our way to the warehouse, and entered via the garage doors. Kirby was inside a large cage.

I gasped, as I saw the cage, "Kirby!"

April ran to Kirby, as Donnie closed the door behind him. Then he and I re-grouped with Leo, Raph and Mikey.

"Yo, we did it, Don! We caught the Kirby Bat! Ha!" Mikey cheered with a smile.

Donnie gave Mikey an elbow in the stomach, "Mikey!"

"Dad!" April cried, as Kirby tried to find a way out of the cage.

Kirby looked at April and gave her a sad look. He still remembers who his daughter is.

"Dad." April sobbed, reaching to touch Kirby's forehead.

My heart sank at the sight. The relationship between a father and a daughter is a very strong bond.

April looked at the boys and I, "What are we gonna do with him? I mean, keep him caged forever? Feed him a steady diet of mice and flies?"

"Actually, bats love moths and spiders too, so-" Donnie spoke up, trying to lighten the mood, but the look on April's face told him otherwise, "Sorry."

April sighed, "This is all my fault. If I hadn't lied to Dad-"

I placed an assuring hand on her shoulder, "Don't blame yourself, April."

"Yeah. It was our fault. We spilled the Mutagen. We'll fix it." Mikey admitted. Uh-oh.

"What? You guys- You guys spilled the Mutagen?" April asked, her aura growing red with anger.

"Listen. It wasn't entirely our fault." I tried to reason, with the other boys trying to tell Mikey to be quiet.

But, Mikey opened his mouth again, "Yeah. We accidentally unleashed all that Mutagen all over the city. But don't worry. We'll get it back."

"You... You!" April shouted, glaring at the rest of us.

"April, I promise you it was an accident. We didn't know you were still out there." I tried to explain, as I placed her hands in mine, "We're so, so, so sorry."

Her aura blazed in anger, as she slapped me across the face with her tessen, "Don't touch me!" Even Kirby roared at us.

I backed up next to Leo, rubbing my cheek. Leo placed his hands over my shoulders.

"I swear by Darwin's beard, we'll cure him." Donnie tried to assure April.

"You mutated my father!" April shouted.

Kirby reacted to April's anger and managed to break out of the cage. April noticed and cried, "What? No!"

Kirby took flight and swooped down to attack. The boys, April and I dodged the attack, and Kirby turned his attention to April. Before Kirby to attack, or grab April, Donnie whacked him away with his staff. With that, Kirby flew out of the warehouse.

"Dad!" April called, as Kirby flew into the sky.

April's aura blazed with anger toward the boys and myself. We couldn't explain ourselves, let alone assure her that everything will be back to normal. Donnie tried to reach out, to assure April.

But April stopped him, "Don't! Don't touch me! You keep away from me! I never wanna see your faces, ever again!" With that said, April ran out of the warehouse, without looking back.

"April!" Donnie called, but she was already gone.

"Let her go, man. Give her some space." Raph told Donnie.

Donnie sulked as he watched April run with a heavy heart. I rubbed my cheek, and balled my free hand into a fist. I understand that she was upset about her father, but she didn't have to lash out at me and my cousins. We even assured her we'll fix everything. She doesn't want to see our faces anymore? Fine. During school, she won't have to.

*Later, at the Cathedral...*

Samantha's POV.

Father, Karai and I have waited the whole night for the shipment, the Kraang promised. Still no arrival of the shipment. So, Father contacted the Kraang again.

"Where is my Mutagen, creature?" Father asked.

"The complications became overly complicated. The ones known as, The Turtles and the Lizard, stopped the shipment. Kraang will make amends." The Kraang answered.

With that, the Kraang cut off the communication.

"These creatures are useless." Father told Karai and I, "It is time to expand my army, on my own."

I smiled. Create our own army of Mutants? Now, this will be fun.

*Meanwhile, back at the Lair...*

Eleanor's POV.

The boys and I returned to the Lair, and told Uncle Splinter what happened with the Kraang, the Mutagen, April's father and April.

"This is all very grave news. Very grave, indeed." Uncle Splinter said, stoking his beard in thought.

"I can't believe this is happening. Poor April." Donnie sighed, still upset from April's words. I gave him a hand of sympathy over his shoulder.

"Do not dwell on the past. You must find every last canister of Mutagen. You must search every street. Every park and playground. Every building and rooftop. Before we have even more Mutants on our hands." Uncle Splinter told us.

The boys and I nodded in agreement. And so, our hunt for the canisters of Mutagen began.