The Invasion Part 2.

Eleanor's POV.

Okay, let me back up a bit. The Kraang have finally decided to Earth. It turns out that April's friend, Irma, was a Kraang spy known as Kraang Sub-Prime, and attacked us in our home. The boys, April and I got seperated and Donnie got hurt.

Now, Donnie, April, Mikey and I are hiding in April's Apartment. Casey and Raph are in the city, trying to regroup with us. I don't know where Leo and Uncle Splinter were, but I hope they're okay.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Leo kissed me, before we seperated, so he could lure the Kraang away? Yeah, that happened. I still can't belive he did that. That he actually LIKES me. Anyway, I think you guys are up to date.

Right now, April, Donnie and Mikey were watching the news, while I was comforting Kirby, who was curled up into a ball and rocking back and forth of the couch.

"Invasion!" The news reporter exclaimed, "That's right, folks. The aliens are back! Robots are emerging from portals! UFOs are everywhere! A giant alien brain is stomping through the east village!"

"Yeah, I'd say we're basically doomed." Donnie spoke up.

"This is all my fault." April sighed, "If I hadn't brought Irma to the Lair-"

"You can't blame yourself, April." Donnie assured, placing a hand over her shoulder.

Mikey nodded and put his arm over her shoulder, "Yeah, we can do that for you."

Donnie hit him over the head, as I spoke up, "You're not helping, Mikey."

Then April spoke up in a determined tone, "I'm gonna fix this. I'm gonna find your brothers and Casey."

Kirby looked at his daughter, "You can't go out there, April! You have to stay with me." Then hid his face into his arms, "I'm scared."

I put my hand over his shoulder. Damn this collar. This would be much easier if my empathy wasn't inhibited.

Mikey's T-Phone rang. He answered and smiled, "Whoa! Raph just sent me a text." Then he read, "'On our way, being chased by Kraang Prime. Frowny face.'" Then he shrugged, "Oh, guess they'll be a few minutes late."

The text got my attention, "Kraang Prime's in the city?" Mikey nodded. My gut turned, "Oh no..."

April looked at me, "What do you mean by 'oh no'?"

I rubbed my arms in discomfort, "I've been having nightmares about this invasion since last year."

"And you didn't tell us?" Donnie exclaimed.

"What was I supposed to say? The Kraang have a 'Plan B'?" I asked, "My dreams are not 100% accurate, Donnie. Just glimpses and images."

*Meanwhile, in the City...*

Samantha's POV.

Leonardo did amazing with avoiding the Foot Bots' arrows aimed at him. And he still had plenty of stamina left. That rat, Yoshi, taught these Mutants very well. He must have taught them since they were very young.

Leonardo looked at Father and shouted, "Stop hiding behind your Foot Bots! Face me, Shredder!"

"You are beneath me, Turtle." Father answered.

Upon Father's words, my head surged with pain again. I closed my eyes and more images flashed behind my eyelids. A happy family. I was training with the rabbit Rounin. Then fire. Fighting. My father's face, but I was fighting him. A little girl crying and reaching out to her family.

I opened my eyes to the sound of fighting and wood breaking. I looked and saw that Leonardo was in the center of the construction site and surrounded by the Foot Bots.

"You should let me finish him, Master." TigerClaw suggested.

Father shook his head, "Not yet. I want to see him suffer."

I looked at Father, then at my hands. My heart started aching. I closed my eyes one las time. Then something finally clicked. The photo in the lizard's locket. There was a reason why I was in the first picture and not the second.

The man with the woman and baby was not Oroku Saki. It was Hamato Yoshi. That means the woman was Tang Shen and the baby was Miwa. The lizard was telling the truth.

I opened my eyes and the pain in my head was gone. Realization hit me like lightning. I remember everything now. I gasped and looked at my hands.

Imouto. Mother. Father. Miyamoto-Sensei.

"What have I done?!"

*Meanwhile, in the Sewers...*

Hamato Yoshi/Master Splinter's POV.

I searched through the sewers in hopes to find my family, as well as avoid detection from the Kraang. Inside a dark tunnel, I found scraps of deactivated Kraangdroids. Taken down by sharp blades. Maybe katanas.

Sticking through a head of a droid, I found a small knife. A tanto. I retrieved the knife and examined it. I recognised it quickly, "Leonardo."

Then I sensed something approaching from behind me.

"It is the rodent known as 'Splinter'." A voice alerted, as I turned to see a group of the Kraangdroids. Then the center one ordered, "Exterminate. Exterminate."

The droids fired their weapons at me. I used the environment to avoid the bright pink laserfire. I tried to escape the tunnel, but another droid blocked my path.

Then, the Kraang were taken by surprise by a familiar Alligator Mutant. Leatherhead.

"Kraang!" Leatherhead roared, as he took out another droid with his jaws.

He took out the last one with his tail, however he kept punching it to the ground.

"That is enough! Enough!" I shouted.

Leatherhead looked at me and the membrane covering his eyes lowered. He let go of the droid and the Kraang scurried off.

"Leatherhead, my thanks." I bowed my head to Michelangelo and Eleanor's friend.

He bowed his head back, "Great Splinter." Then he asked, "Where are your sons? Where is Eleanor?"

"Lost in this madness." I answered in a worried tone, then asked, "Will you help me find them?"

Leatherhead nodded, "Anything for my friends."

"Then let us hurry!" I told him, running down the tunnel. He followed quickly behind me.

*Meanwhile, Back in the City...*

Samantha's POV.

Leonardo was able to take out the Foot Bots with only one of his blades. However he was running out of breath and stamina. A Foot Bot got luckly and tripped him down the site and into the pool of water.

Leonardo climbed out of the water and caught his breath. Shredder, Xever, TigerClaw, Bradford and I stood over Leo. He got back to his feet at and was ready for Round 3. He's resiliant. Good.

"Now you may finish him." Shredder told us.

TigerClaw, Xever, Bradford and I charged toward Leo. All three attacked him and kept him down. However, I drew my kama, extended it into a kusarigama and attacked Xever and Bradford. I used my kusarigama to throw Xever out of the construction site and shoulder-tackled Bradford into the dirt.

"What is this?" Shredder exclaimed, as he watched my actions.

I walked over to Leo and extended my hand to him. Leo looked at me with a raised brow, "Sam?"

I smiled and nodded. Leo smiled and took my hand. I helped the blue-masked Turtle, my cousin, back to his feet.

"Asami, what are you doing?" TigerClaw asked me. 'Asami'? I went by that name? Really?

I narrowed my eyes, "My name is not Oroku Asami." Leo and I double-kicked TigerClaw into the wall of the upper floor of the site. "It's Hamato Samantha."

I looked at Leo and smiled. He smiled back. I'm glad my family was okay after all these years. Even if we are all Mutants now. I'd rather be a fox than a monster.

Then Leo's smile faded and he shouted, "Sam, look out!"

I turned and felt something sharp and metallic pierce all the way through my chest. I leaned over the arm of the man responsible; Shredder. Everything felt cold. I couldn't breathe. My vision was growing dark. I couldn't feel myself moving. I dropped Imouto's locket and it bounced near Leo's feet.

"Weak. Just like your mother." Shredder whispered into my ear, until he threw me over the fence.

The last thing I saw before my vision went completely black, was Shredder striking Leo down with a single blow.

Hamato Yoshi/Master Splinter's POV.

I exit the Sewers to an abandoned construction site. Foot Bots surrounded the area, but they were deactivated by sharp blades. Inside one of the robots, I found a familiar katana. Leonardo's katana. But, this entire place felt cold. Not winter cold, but numbing cold.

"They wait for him in the girl's home." I heard TigerClaw's voice inform.

Then Saki's voice instructed, "Bait them out and destroy them."

Before I could move, I felt something falling toward me. I looked and noticed it was a familiar white fox Mutant. It landed near me.

I rolled the Mutant over and recognised its face, "Samantha?"

I noticed two red growing stains on her shirt. Where her heart and lung should be. I put my fingers over her neck. There was a pulse. Saki must have missed her vitals by a small centimeter.

I heard footsteps and saw Saki leaving the site.

I stood up and glared at my former brother, "Where is my son?"

"I take him like I took your child so many years ago." He answered, then started laughing.

My heart burned in anger. First my love, Tang Shen. Then Miyamoto Usagi. Then my dear Leiko. Samantha and now Leonardo. This has gone far enough!

Saki and I charged toward each other and locked into battle.

*Meanwhile, In April's Apartment...*

Eleanor's POV.

Well, here we go again. Kirby has just fainted under too much fear to handle. Not sure if the others feel it, but the atmosphere around me has grown cold. I've felt this change before. Miyamoto-Sensei and Mother. Someone's got badly hurt, and it's someone very close to me.

Anywho, Donnie splashed water over Kirby's face. Kirby stirred awake and sat up.

"I just had the worst dream. The Kraang were trying to invade." He told us.

"Don't worry, Mr. O'Neil." Mikey assured, "Reality is way worse than your nightmare."

Kirby panicked again with a whimper.

I tapped Mikey over his head, "Mikey, for once, don't speak your mind."

Then Raph and Casey arrived unscathed. "We gotta move. Kraang Prime is stomping this way." Raph informed us.

"Raph!" Mikey exclaimed in relief and threw his arm around his older brother.

Raph smiled and patted Mikey's shell, "Aw, I missed you too, little brother."

"Casey!" April exclaimed in relief, throwing her arms around Casey, "Oh, I was scared I'd lost you forever."

Casey smiled, "No worries, Red. Your man is here."

Donnie looked away in slight disgust, then spoke up, "Uh, not to break this up, but Leo is still out there!"

"What?" Raph exclaimed.

"Long story, bro." Mikey spoke up, "Basically-"

Suddenly, Leo came crashing through the window. But he didn't jump through. He was thrown. He landed on to the coffee table, snapping it in half.

He was covered in deep scratches, bruises, gashes, and even he shell was damaged. Like he got into a fight with the Kyuubi no Kitsune and lost. My heart screamed in pain and despair at Leo's condition.

(A/N: Like Westley's scream in Princess Bride, when he was in the machine set to 50.

The sound of ultimate suffering.)

"Leo!" I cried, running to the injured Turtle and rested his head in my arms.

"Leo!" April cried.

I put my head over his chest. I could still hear his heartbeat steady and a steady breathing, "He's still breathing."

Mikey looked at Leo's shell and exclaimed, "Dude, his shell is cracked!"

Then a familiar voice shouted, "Come out, Turtles! We know you're in there!"

I narrowed my eyes in anger, "TigerClaw..." That means Shredder did this to Leo.

Foot Bots entered, via the broken window. Casey tackled the two first bots, but they kept coming in.

"This way!" April told us. But a Foot Bot blocked the exit.

Donnie threw his staff at the head of the robot and the bot shut down. I picked Leo up over my back, "Easy, Leo." And followed the others to the exit of the building.

We opened the main door and Donnie took out the Foot Bots that were guarding the door. Bradford jumped in front of us and roared.

"This is for my brother!" Mikey shouted April's apartment, as he threw the couch from the fire escape and onto Bradford. Ouch.

TigerClaw fired his pistol at us. Donnie threw two smoke bombs into his face. That should give us some time.

"Hurry, this way!" Kirby told us, as he ran ahead of us.

He lead down the street, to a parked psychedelic-colored hippie van.

"What the heck is that?" Raph asked.

"It's my old party wagon from back in my hipster days." Kirby answered, then smiled with a peace sign, "Groovy."

I smiled, then something struck me. I shouted, "Kirby!"

However Mutagen fell on top of him. And he transformed into a Kraang-Human zombie Mutant. Kirby looked at us and aimed to attack us. I looked behind and Kraang Prime was smirking at us.

"Not again!" April shouted in dismay.

Casey grabbed her shoulder and we made our way into the van, "April, move!"

Raph was last and closed the door, "Floor it, Jones!"

Casey got the keys from under the driver's visor and started the van. Kirby jumped in front of the van and Casey sped down the street. Kirby flew off and Kraang Prime chased after us. We were able to give her the slip by driving into an alley.

"I'll get you all!" It shouted after us.

*Meanwhile, in the Construction Site...*

Hamato Yoshi/Master Splinter's POV.

Saki and I have been fighting for some time. Saki has the upper hand at the moment. All I could do was block his attacks.

Saki started taunting me, "You grow tired. Your skills have become weak. Just like your younger sister. Yet I am stronger than ever. Fueled by anger, by rage!"

I dodged his attack and forced him back. The force of my attack threw him a few feet in front of a crane.

"Rage is a fuel that burns quickly." I told him.

Saki looked at me, "Always the wise one. I can see where Eleanor gets her personality from." Then he threw three kunai at me.

I dodged the kunai, but Saki attacked me and threw me into the crane. The crane's chain gave out and pipes fell on top of me. I couldn't get back to my feet.

Saki grabbed me by my beard and forced me to look at him, with his third blade betweem my eyes, "What wisdom do you have now?"

I said nothing, but glared at my former brother. He prepared the final blow, until Leatherhead appeared and attacked Saki with his jaws. He threw Saki into the air and threw him into a framework.

Leatherhead turned his attention to me and tried to get me out of the pile of pipes, "My friend, are you hurt?"

I looked behind him and shouted, "Look out!"

Saki jumped on top of Leatherhead's head and lured him away from me. Leatherhead tried to fight back, but he was too slow and Saki was able to out-maneuver him with ease and take him down with his blades.

With a final kick, Saki launched Leatherhead into the bottom of the construction site. The wood gave out under Leatherhead's weight and he fell into the water.

My anger reached its peak and I broke free from the pipes, throwing into the air. I charged toward Saki and tackled him deeper into the site, leading him into the Sewers.

*Meanwhile, Elsewhere...*

Eleanor's POV.

Casey drove the van into a deserted garage parking lot, "This looks like a safe spot."

Raph opened the door and jumped out, "Come on. We gotta find Splinter!"

"No way! What about Leo?" Mikey asked as Donnie climbed out.

"We shouldn't move him." Donnie told us.

Raph looked at me, "Ellie, you're coming with us."

I shook my head, "I'm not leaving Leo alone!"

Donnie put his hand over my shoulder, "We need you, Elle."

"It's okay, Allie. He can stay with me." Casey assured me, "I'm going back to search for my family."

April nodded, "Okay, but we meet back at this spot."

Casey nodded with a smile, "You got it, Red."

I climbed out of the van and April closed the doors, "Be careful, Hockey Puck."

With that, Casey reversed into the street and drove off. April, Donnie, Raph, Mikey and I made out way to the Sewers, back to the Lair.

The Lair was a real wreck. That Kraang Sub-Prime really did a number on this place.

The first place we looked was the Dojo.

"Sensei, you in here?" Raph shouted.

"伯父さん(Oji-san/Uncle)?" I called, "Can you hear me?"

April used her psychic abilities, but she shook her head, "He's not here. I don't sense him."

I thought for a second. Since Leo is not here or capable of giving instructions, it's my turn.

I looked at the boys, "We gotta move. Everyone gather one meaningful thing you want to take with you. First we find Splinter, and then we get out of town."

Everyone nodded and seperated to different room. Donnie and I walked into the Lab and started packing what we needed. I grabbed my DreamPads and pencils, while Donnie packed his beakers and medical supplies.

I looked at Timothy and put my hand over the frozen glass, "We'll be back, Tim."

"And if we don't make it, you should defrost in about 70 years or so." Donnie added, putting a hand over my shoulder.

"Hopefully the world is a better place by then." I finished.

I put my shoulder-bag over my shoulder and we made toward the door. However, as soon as I took my first step, I felt something surge through me. I froze and blinked. Donnie's image was replaced by Shredder. I was fighting him, but I know I'm not moving.

It's like with my dreams and during our time in Dimension X. What's happening to me?

Donatello's POV.

I was about to reach the door, until I heard Ellie gasp. I turned and noticed that's she was frozen on the spot. The sclera of her eyes were black again, but her irises were still amber-brown. Like she was seeing through another's eyes again. Like during our time in Dimension X, I don't think Ellie noticed this, but her eyes were like Leatherhead's eyes.

"Ellie? What's wrong?" I asked her.

Ellie reached out into the air. I put my hands into hers, to assure I was still with her. I lead her outside the Lab.

The others gatherd and noticed Elle's condition. I kept my hands in her grip.

"What is it? What do you see?" April asked.

"I... I see Shredder. I'm fighting him, but he's winning." She answered. Her brows furrowed, "I'm very angry at him. He hurt Leatherhead. Harmed Leonardo." Then her expression turned sad and tears welled up in her eyes, "He almost killed Samantha..."

My brothers and I looked at each other. Ellie was starting to sound like Master Splinter. And I mean more than usual.

Ellie looked around, "I know where I am. I'm in the Sewers."

She blinked and gasped, her eyes returned to normal. Then she ran out of the Lair. April, Raph, Mikey and I stared in confusion, but quickly followed after her. Ellie was quietly leading the way again. We followed Ellie through the sewer tunnels to a large water transfer system.

We heard Shredder's voice, "Now I will tear you to pieces!"

Then Master Splinter appeared. Ellie was seeing through his eyes. Just like in Dimension X!

"Sensei!" Mikey shouted, as we approached black iron bars, blocking us from helping Master Splinter.

"伯父さん!" Ellie called, hands around the bars.

Eleanor's POV.

"Go! Leave this place!" Uncle Splinter told us, as he dodged Shredder's attacks.

"Fitting that your sons and niece are here to see you fall." Shredder taunted with a smirk in his tone. He swung his arms, Splinter ducked, but Shredder kneed him.

"You can do it, Master Splinter!" April supported.

"Splinter, take him down! Take him down!" Raph shouted.

Shredder threw blinding powder into Uncle Splinter's eyes. Splinter closed his eyes and listened. He shifted his foot. Shredder jumped into the air to finish Splinter off. But Splinter fired back with an advanced technique, which created a powerful force of wind that blew Shredder through the farthest wall.

Splinter opened his eyes, which were fine.

Once everything calmed down, Uncle Splinter turned to us, "Now, quickly, we must find a way to get out of here."

My smile faded, as I heard movement from the wall. Shredder was back on his feet and sneaking up to Uncle Splinter.

"伯父さん, look out!" I shouted.

Before Uncle Splinter could react, Shredder struck him down. Splinter looked at the madman and Shredder knocked him out-cold. My heart ached.

"Sensei!" Mikey cried.

April shook her head, "No, no, no!"

Shredder picked Splinter by his kimono and turned the valve on the water system. Oh no...

"Don't do it!" Donnie shouted.

But Shredder wasn't listening and walked over to the whirlpool.

"Splinter!" Raph shouted.

"伯父さん!" I called.

Then Shredder threw Uncle Splinter into the water. "No!"

"Master Splinter!" April shouted, as Uncle Splinter was sucked into the whirlpool and into the water system.

My heart screamed in agony and it burned into a blazing inferno. First Tang Shen. Then Miwa. Miyamoto-Sensei. Mother. Samantha. Leo. And now my uncle!

I growled, "You!" Shredder looked at me, "You monster! You evil, evil monster!" I screamed, as hot tears welled in my eyes and my emotions created a destructive twister within me.

My mind went blank.

Michelangelo's POV.

Shredder walked off, with his hand over his arm. Ellie was still shouting at him and trying to pry the bars free. Like everything she held deep inside have finally exploded. Her eyes were starting to glow cyan.

"That's enough, Elle." I tried to calm my cousin down, "Enough!"

Elle turned to me and started acting feral. I quickly threw my arms around her. Ellie stopped the feral behavior and gasped.

Eleanor's POV.

My senses returned to me as I felt Mikey threw his arms around me. What the heck happened to me?

"It's okay, cous. Sensei's a Master ninja. He's gonna be just fine." Mikey assured me.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around my cousin. The tears fell down my face. My heart ached and screamed. I felt the same way I did when I lost my mother and the night of the fire.

Alone. Lost. Hurt. Scared. Small. Helpless. And cold.

"It's gonna be all right." Mikey assured me.

Donnie reached his hand to April, "April."

April dried her eyes and looked at the Techno-Turtle with determination and anger, "We're not running, Donnie. We're gonna put an end to this."

*Later that Night, In the City...*

April, the boys and I entered the city inside Donnie Turtle Mech. The robot was a bit slow and blocky-feeling, but it was able from point A to point B.

On our way to the Cathedral, we encountered a group of Kraangdroids.

Mikey smiled and shouted, "Oh, yeah! Turtle Mech power!"

But the droids fired their blasters at us.

Donnie looked over to April, "April, pull that lever to your left."

April did so, and Donnie followed, "Hit the pedal!"

The Turtle Mech raised it's right foot and stomped onto a portion of the group of droids.

Mikey smiled and cheered, "Dude, this is the coolest thing ever! All my Super Robo Mecha fantasies come true!"

He pushed a lever and the Mech opened its mouth. A large blast of flames attacked the Kraang. The Kraang left their robotic husks in fear of the flames. Only one left standing. Raph picked up the nearest dumpster and dropped it on top of the droid.

With that, we continued our path to the Cathedral.

After a few minutes of walking through the streets and taking out any Kraang force that stood in our way, we arrived at the Cathedral.

"There it is Shredder's lair!" Mikey alerted, then shouted, "Let's get him!"

Before the Mech could move, a hot Kraang-pink laser shot in front of us. A warning shot. We turned the Mech and saw the shooter was Kraang Prime.

April gulped, "Um, guys. I think we're in trouble."

"We won't stand a chance in this thing!" Raph shouted.

"We can do this!" Mikey encouraged, "Super Robo Mecha Force fought way bigger enemies."

I nodded and pushed a lever, "Booyakasha!"

The Turtle Mech threw a barrel of explosive chemicals at Kraang Prime. It exploded in its face.

Kraang Prime took a step back, roared in pain, then looked at us, "Lowly insects! Do you think Kraang can be stopped?" The Mech stepped back, as Kraang Prime moved toward us, "It was Kraang who found your planet millions of years ago. It was Kraang who used Mutagen on the monkeys, turning them into lowly humans." Then it towered over us, "And it is Kraang who now transforms your world!"

"And it will be Kraang who gets kicked in the shin." Mikey shouted, as he pushed a lever and made the Mech kick Kraang in the shin.

However, it had no effect, so we ran. Kraang Prime started firing lasers from its antennea.

"Grappling hooks!" Donnie shouted.

The Mech fired its grappling hook and landed on the rooftops. The Mech ran from Kraang Prime, but Kraang Prime kept firing its laser at us. On the third attempt, the force of the explosion threw the Mech on to the streets again.

My body felt sore from the impact and the landing. Ow...

"Is everyone okay?" April asked, as the power started up again.

"Sort of." Raph answered.

"Not really." Mikey replied.

"I'm gonna feel that in the morning." I muttered.

"Barely functioning." Donnie answered.

Then Kraang Prime appeared again. April pulled a lever and the Turtle Mech stood up. However it was taking its time.

"Donnie! Donnie! Get this thing moving, Donnie!" Raph shouted in a rush.

However, Kraang Prime picked the Mech up and looked at it dead in the face, "Kraang has had enough games."

I quickly reacted and pulled the lever in front of me. The Turtle Mech blasted fire at Kraang Prime's face. Kraang Prime screamed in pain and dropped us.

"Dude, weapons are down!" Mikey informed us.

Working together, we made the Mech stand back up.

"We got one last trick left, but it might fry the Mech." Donnie spoke up.

"I don't think we have a choice." April told him.

Donnie looked at me, "Ellie!"

I nodded and turned a lever, "Readying electro-harpoon!"

The Mech lifted its left arm and fired a cable at the nearest telephone pole.

"First, we tap into the city's power grid." Donnie explained, as powerful electrical currents coursed through the Mech.

"Then we-" "Fire!" Mikey shouted, cutting Donnie off.

The Turtle Mech fired another cable at Kraang Prime.

"Goodbye, Turtles!" Kraang Prime told us, as the cable connect to its chin.

I pressed a button and the electrical currents attacked Kraang Prime. Kraang Prime screamed in pain, while the rest of us screamed from the effects of the attack.

The telephone pole exploded and the whole city went into complete black-out. The other end exploded and knocked the Mech on to its shell. Kraang Prime collapsed.

The entire Mech was starting to overheat.

"Gotta shut down the system!" Donnie yelped, as the Turtle Mech shut down.

The smoke cleared. April and the boys cheered as we saw Kraang Prime was down and out for the count, "Yes!" "That's what I'm talking about!" "We did it! Kraang Prime is toast!"

I narrowed my eyes at the unconscious alien leader and I saw movement. Kraang Prime climbed out of its robot husk and roared.

The cheering came to a halt and Mikey squeaked, "Um, not really."

Kraang Prime charged toward us.

"Donnie, make this thing move!" Raph shouted.

Donnie tried, but to no avail, "I can't. It's fried!" Then he shouted, "Abandon ship! Abandon ship!"

All of us climbed out of the Mech and ran into an alley, as Kraang Prime jumped on to the Mech. Kraang Prime turned its attention to us and had us cornered. My mind and heart started to burn again. This feeling has been building up since I snapped back into my senses.

"You will all suffer!" Kraang Prime told us.

I couldn't hold the burning feeling in any longer. My scales felt like they were on fire. My vision started to turn red. I looked at Kraang Prime and shouted.


I fired powerful waves of the cyan, black and purple energy at Kraang Prime. Kraang Prime screamed in pain and fell back.

I fell to my knees as the burning feeling faded. Kraang Prime looked at me and growled, "You! You're one of them!"

Suddenly, there was the sound of a car horn. Followed by a familiar shout, "This is so metal!"

Then a van jumped over a ramp and charged into Kraang Prime, knocking it over a few feet. The van stopped in front of us. It was Casey, "You guys need a lift?"

April, the boys and I quickly entered the van and Casey drove us away from Kraang Prime. We drove down the streets, to the main highways. Everything was in ruins. Everyone mutated into Kraang-Zombies.

Donnie pulled a blanket over Leo. My heart ached seeing Leo in this condition.

"I'm sorry, Leo." Donnie spoke up, as his aura turned a sad blue.

Wait, I can see Donnie's aura. I can see everyone's aura. I checked my neck and it was bare. The collar must've fell off at some point during this entire event.

Donnie broke my train of thought, "You were right. If we'd just left the city when you said, the Kraang would never have found the Lair and started the invasion. None of this would have happened."

"Don't beat yourself up, Donnie." I spoke up, "Some things are just beyond our control."

Donnie looked at me and gave me a small smile.

"I have a place we can go upstate." April informed us, "My old family home. We used to go there every summer. We can stay as long as we want. No one's around for miles."

Casey lifted his mask and smiled, "Upstate, eh? Sounds good to Casey Jones."

"Were you able to find Little Angel and Uncle Arnold?" I asked him.

Casey shook his head, "No sign of 'em. They probably got 'Kraang-itized'."

April gave him a sympathetic hug. I hugged my legs close to my chest and rested my head over my arms. My tail stayed close to Leo's head. Donnie hugged me close to him, so my head rested on his shoulder. And Mikey hugged close to Raph.

"What's gonna happen now, Raph?" Mikey asked.

"For the first time in my life, I have no idea, little brother." Raph answered.

Mikey gave out a sad sigh, "I miss Master Splinter."

"We all do, Mikey." I answered, "We all do..."