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Ferdie the Great

Chapter One

In Which Rose Indulges in a Betrayal of the Highest Order

Rose peered hesitantly into the gloom of the TARDIS, her fuzzy little bundle tucked up close to her chest. She winced as the door clicked shut behind her, the small noise unreasonably loud in the quiet hum of the console room.

She should have been back with their lunch thirty minutes ago, she knew. But she had been… sidetracked. A part of her was expecting to find the Doctor standing there, lurking animatedly inside the doors waiting for her. She was more than relieved to find this wasn't the case. Maybe he'd gotten bored and wandered off to the library or something. Wherever he was, as long as it wasn't in the immediate vicinity, everything would be fine.

She hadn't meant to bring the little guy home, but the poor thing had looked so pitiful laying there, all tucked up against the side of the dumpster. And in the rain no less! Rose couldn't have left him behind if she'd tried.

Now all she had to do was smuggle her new friend down a few corridors to her room and she'd be in the clear. Creeping around the faint glow of the time rotor and dripping water all over the place, she was halfway to the nearest doorway when the TARDIS chimed at her warningly.

Startled, she was turning back to ask what was wrong when she heard it; footsteps. A low whistle and an urgent flicker of the lights had her bolting for the door. If she could just make it to her room…

She was on the threshold, ready to fly down the corridor, but his voice caught her, gluing her to the spot.

"There you are Rose! I was just getting ready to go out and look for you myself." The Doctor strode confidently into the room, duster thrown over his shoulder. Squinting into the dim lighting, he wandered over to the console and flipped on the lights. "Ah, that's better. Why didn't she turn the lights on for you? Old girl usually does that every time somebody walks in..."

The Doctor trailed off as he glanced over, finally looking at Rose properly. He took in her innocent expression, her too wide eyes. The way she had something hidden from him, clutched behind her back. He frowned briefly before his face smoothed out into something open and friendly.

"Everything alright?" he asked, casually fiddling with a switch.

His tone was light, but Rose knew that look.

Her brilliant plan to hide the little guy was over before it had even started. There was no way she was walking out of this room without the Doctor knowing. Licking her lips, she straightened her back and looked him in the eye as calmly as possible. There wasn't going to be any dignity to be had here. Only begging. Might as well start out strong.

Deny, deny, deny.

"Yeah, everything's fine. Got stuck in the weather, you know how it is. Had to take a bit of a detour."

"Oh, yes well. I'd expect so. Bit rough out there, what with weather like this. Did you get our chips?" He oh so subtly took a step away from the console. A step toward her.

"Nah, I tried but the rain just ruined 'em. Soaked right through the bag, it did. No chips." Rose meandered slowly off to the side, leaving the relative safety of the doorway. It wasn't like she could leave. She'd have to turn her back, and than he'd see.

"Now that's just too bad. If I'd have known it was going to be this dreary, I'd have gone with you, maybe even brought along an umbrella. We could've eaten out." His tone remained light as he turned, following her with his eyes. Folding his arms, he leaned a hip against the railing and raised an eyebrow at her, feet crossed. "But what happened to your scarf? Could've sworn you'd had one on when you left."

"It, uh, got all wet. In the rain. Just like the chips, heh. I've got it right here." She shook her arm a little, gesturing behind her. "Didn't want it to drip all over the floor." Laying it on a bit thick there Tyler, she thought. He's not stupid. You're clothes are sopping wet.

"Alright, but what have you really got there?"

"Nothin. Just my scarf." She might have batted her eyelashes a little here.


Straightening up with a sigh, he crossed the room on sure feet, coming to a stop right in her personal space. She hurriedly tried back up and almost tripped on the jump seat. There was nowhere left to go without squishing her cargo. She was caught.

"Yes Doctor?" Her voice sweet as pie. Innocence. She was innocence personified.

"Tell me you don't have what I think you have back there."

"What do you think I have back there?" She was shamelessly stalling now.

"Well, my console room smells like a rather curious combination of wet human and wet feline... and it's getting worse by the minute. So I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say you have a cat with you." Sometimes she really hated the whole 'Superior Biology' thing. Can he really smell all that?

"Oh come off it!" She protested. "Why would I have a cat? I know you don't like them, I would never bring one on board." Yes, that was good. That sounded strong. Stand your ground Rose!

"So you don't have a cat with you?"

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she looked him dead in the eyes. "No Doctor, I do not have a cat with me."

He held her gaze rather seriously for a moment before his expression melted into a smile. "Fair enough, but than why do you smell li-"

The pitiful little sneeze that rang out from behind her couldn't have possibly been more damning if she'd planned the whole thing.


"By Rassilon, you do! You do have a cat!" The Doctor threw his hands up and turned to pace the length of the grating, voice rising in pitch with every word. "And you even tried to lie about it. Really! To me." Rose's jaw worked for a moment as she tried to find the right words. This was a very delicate situation here. She had to tread carefully if she was going to win him over.

"Oh come off it! We both know your answer would have been a no from the start." Bringing her fuzzy little bundle around to hold in front of her, she gave him her biggest eyes as she nuzzled into the back of a little furry head. "Besides isn't he just precious?"

Swaddled in Rose's multicolored scarf, a tiny, deep orange head peeked out of the top of the bundle of fabric. His appearance was punctuated by large, triangular ears far too big for the little one's face. Poor thing couldn't have been any more than a month old. Tired green eyes squinted up into the light of the TARDIS, slowly taking it all in. When they came to rest on the Doctor, the kitten let loose a questioning mew.

The Doctor shrank back like it had personally offended him.

"Nope. No, no, no. Definitely not. It can't stay here." The Doctor pointed an accusing finger at her. "You know how I feel about cats Rose!"

"But what about the kittens we met on the motorway? A couple months ago when we almost lost Martha. You liked them well enough!"

Yes, but those were Brannigan's children Rose. Not your average, ordinary, run of the mill house cats. His children. I couldn't very well recoil from being introduced to somebody's kids!"

Sighing, Rose came to stand just before the Doctor, intimately on the edge of his space. Hoisting the little guy up, she ignored the Doctor's lip curl and forged on. "But just look at him. Really look. Doesn't he make the cutest little purrito you've ever seen?"

"No he really do-" The Doctor blinked, momentarily drawn out of his tirade. "Per what?"

"Purrito." Rose said. "You know, cause he's a cat and he's all wrapped up like a burrito." She held the kitten the slightest bit higher, putting him right in the center of the Doctor's vision. Pulling out all the stops, she gave him her biggest eyes and wobbled her lip a little. This is it. Now or never.

"Can we keep him? I didn't plan on bringing a kitten home, honest, but he was so sad." she said. "I don't think he was a stray, cause he was all alone. No mum. So somebody must have abandoned him there. By a dumpster." Rose felt some real tears coming on at the thought.

"It was raining, and he was soaked... an- and I couldn't just leave him." She snuggled the little guy to her chest an poured every last ounce of pleading into her words. "Doctor please." Come on... come on...

The Doctor stared at her for a long moment, gaze shifting between her and the cat as his face went through a series of increasingly concerning expressions. Finally, with great reluctance, he agreed. "Fine. You can keep him. But. He's your responsibility. I don't want to find scratch marks all over my coral."

Rose couldn't contain the shout of joy she released as she jumped up to kiss him excitedly on the lips. Shooting him a tongue-touched smile, she took off down the hall before he could even think about changing his mind, talking animatedly to the kitten the whole while.

Strolling into her room, Rose was delighted to find a plush cat bed filled to the brim with supplies already waiting for her. Bless.

"Thanks girl." Patting the doorway affectionately, Rose came over and deposited her bundle onto the bed. The kitten squirmed for a moment before managing to wiggle his way out of the scarf. Stumbling up onto shaky legs, he began to teeter around, exploring his new surroundings.

Rose observed all this with a sudden feeling of anxiety. She hadn't really thought past getting the kitten by the Doctor. "I... I don't really know anything about cats..." She held a finger out and the little guy sniffed it hesitantly before giving it a nibble. "How am I supposed to take care of a kitten?" She mumbled.

A melodious chime drifted softly through the room, and Rose instantly felt comforted. "I'm glad at least you're on my side." she addressed the walls. "And I really appreciate the warning back there. I doubt that would have gone so easily if he'd caught me right out."

Rose began to riffle through the supplies, laying it all out on the bed to better see what the TARDIS had dug up for her. Kitten formula and a baby bottle, kitten chow, a pair of adorable green feeding dishes with pink fish swimming along the sides, various little toys with colorful bells and feathers, a litter box, and even a TARDIS blue collar. Oh yeah, she was definitely set.

Smiling to herself, Rose leaned back against the headboard and simply watched the little ball of fluff totter across her covers. His fur was still the slightest bit damp from all the rain, but the scarf had taken the brunt of it. He'd be nice and dry again soon enough. Meandering his way over to the base of the bed, Rose grinned as he began to actively gnaw on the wooden frame. Tiny rumbles shook him as he really started to get into it.

Laughing, she crawled forward and scratched his back, making him rumble even more. "Funny little guy aren't you."

Turning, she sat cross-legged and set about filling the bottle with some formula. Scooping him up, Rose held it out to him. He fussed a little at first but settled down real quick when he realized she was trying to feed him. If she thought the rumbling was funny before, that was nothing compared to the noises he was making now. "Geez you're hungry." Giggles overtook her as he tried to inhale his bottle. "Better than the bed frame huh?"

The TARDIS hummed, catching her attention. "Sorry, what?"

An image of the medical bay formed in her mind and she nodded. "You're right, should make sure he's got his shots. Don't want you catching something do we?" She tickled his belly and he kicked at her like a kangaroo. "Do you think the Doctor would help with that?" she spoke to the air again.

A much lower hum this time.

"Nah you're right, best not bother him with it right now. He's probably grumpy enough."

The kitten, done feeding for now, snuggled down in Rose's lap and let loose one of the widest yawns she'd ever seen. Rose didn't think her smile could have gotten any bigger, yet here she was, beaming down at him. I'll have to start taking some pictures for Mum, she's gonna love him...

The real question though, she thought, smoothing his fur back, is what to call you...

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