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Irene smirked at the glaring men as she handed the two geniuses their clothing after releasing them from their restraints.

"Dinner will be here in an hour, we went ahead and ordered enough for the two of you as well if you want to stick around." She moved to the exit before hesitating and looking back. "A friendly warning: all those dangerously insane and homicidal patients of John's adore him, about as much as the two of you do, so I'd hold my tongue and not do anything to upset their 'Dr John' if I were you. You are dangerously outnumbered, after all." Jim and Sherlock share a look as she finally left them to get dressed.

In the look is a mutual thought: Things were definetly not going to be boring while they were here.


Though happy to see his lover and his best friend, John was still not willing to forgive the two idiot geniuses; and he knew if he gave them a chance they'd have his forgivness in a heartbeat, so he chose to ignore, to the best of his abilities- which were quite good- the two men that had chosen to remain instead of leaving as he'd suggested and who were now poking about his office as he finished up some paperwork.

He tuned them out as they complained about the lack of security in the High-Secuity Wing as they followed him down to the front gate to pick up dinner- pizza this time.

He refused to be impressed with their deductions about the catering crew- apparently they were Riddler's men this time, and under orders to protect him if they saw him in danger of any kind.

On the way back to the Common Room it was harder to tune them out as they pointed out all the perfect ambush points and blind spots in security, what little there was of it, that could be taken advantage of- Sebastian took notes the whole way up.

It wasn't until they reached the Common Room that he could no longer ignore them, and it wasn't because of anything they themselves did.

Joker had been talking with Ivy and Harley, explaining some of the chemistry equations in Sherlock's notes that the botonist hadn't understood, when the group of four entered and he went quiet. Joker's focus immediatly honed in on the curly haired detective among them and people got out of his way as he strode towards him.

"I know you from somewhere." Joker stated as he stopped a hair's breadth away from the younger man.

Sherlock, for his part, leaned back and looked the other man over for a minute before going paler than normal and turning slightly green. Joker's eyes lit up in recognition then.

"You're the younger brother that doesn't know how to knock!" Joker yelled in excitement as he pointed at Sherlock. He then got a dazed look in his eyes as his face went slack and he swayed in place. "We were celebrating with library sex because he said yes..." His eyes went wide. "He said yes!" Joker then turned to John with a desperate look. "I need your phone!" John handed the phone over and the whole room watched as the Clown Prince of Crime made his way back towards the cells, and some privacy, as he dialed out.

Joker was almost through the doors when the other party finally picked up.

"My-My! Sweetie! Darling! My precious fiancee! Can you ever forgive me?!"

The Common Room was dead silent for several long minutes while everyone digested the fact that the Joker had a fiancee, or at least had one before he became the Joker.

John clearing his throat pulled everyone out of their shock.

"Alright, these pizzas are not going to eat themselves. So if everyone would be so kind as to finish clearing the table?" People began moving again and soon a space was made for the food and everyone began dishing up. John then turned his attention to Jim and a still green looking and dazed Sherlock.

"Tonight is not a night for any sort of talk, so if you could take him back to wherever it is you are staying and see to it that he sleeps off whatever Mycroft related trauma it is that he's reliving I'd appreciate it." Jim look mutanous for a moment before sighing and nodding his agreement. John rewarded him with a warm smile. "Thank you." Jim smiled back, content that their relationship was already on the mend, as he began to guide a dazed Sherlock from the building.

Soon it was only the inmates and the three members of staff set to 'guard' them in the Common Room, quiet conversations about Joker's fiancee popping up all over as everyone ate.

Eventually Joker returned to the Common Room, looking resigned, and retuned John's phone. No one said anything as the Clown grabbed a whole box for himself before heading back to his cell, they didn't really know what to make of this new less-manic Joker.


Joker couldn't stop staring at the tall, curly haired man that had walked in with John. There was something so... familiar about him.

Going up to the man, telling him that he knew him from somewhere, Joker hoped to jog a memory loose. As the man turned green Joker got more than the single memory he had been hoping for as everything came back to him.

"You're the younger brother that doesn't know how to knock!" Everything came flooding back.

His saint of a mother and his drunkard of a father. The gang whose harassment of them finally drove her to leave them and his retaliation on them for it.

His path of destruction across twenty states and nine countries- the authorities didn't know even half the things he'd gotten up to during his rebellious teen years.

His playing with the alphabet agencies until they got boring and tried to kill him. Calling MI6 and convincing them it was their idea to recruit him.

Raining hell down on Britain's enemies as an official agent.

Training James because he was bored and saw a potential for pandemonium in him.

Savoring the look of fear in M's eyes whenever she had to discipline him, them both knowing he was only there on his own whim and for his own amusement but was too useful to be dismissed.

Being transfered to Mycroft's office as no one else wanted to try and handle him anymore.

Being offered the chance to spread his brand of chaos further than ever before and not be chastised for his methods.

Realizing he had made a friend in his handler.

Realizing that he had fallen in love...

Proposing... "We were celebrating with library sex because he said yes..."

He remembered that Gotham was to be his last mission before the wedding, the wedding between he and My... because My said yes! "He said yes!"

Caught up in the whirlwind of emotions stirred up by his returned memories, Joker knew only one thing for certain: he had to call My, had to make things right. Thankfully John easily handed over his phone without asking any questions and it was soon ringing.

A drawled hello was like music to Joker's ears.

"My-My! Sweetie! Darling! My precious fiancee! Can you ever forgive me?!" Silence answered him for several beats and he began to worry that the answer would be 'no'.

"You've finally remembered then." The bland tone made the Clown wince, he knew the other well enough to know that that tone meant he was hurt and trying to hide it.

"Yes, I remember everything now. Every last detail that wasn't in that file you sent over. My... you know I wouldn't have abandoned you like that if I'd been given a choice, right?" A regret filled tension sprang up between them.

"What I knew and what I had felt are two entirely different things. It is why I have always maintain that caring is not an advantage, it causes lapses in judgment and reasoning. It is why I believed you had left me in a rather spectacular way instead of realizing that you were in need of help."

Silence descended between them then, both men reminiscing over their lost years and what might have been. It was Joker who broke the silence.

"You've moved on and met someone new. Someone who is more stable and less likely to break your heart, even on accident." Mycroft let out a breath then and gave a quiet chuckle.

"And you still know me better than anyone else has ever done." Joker grinned at that, knowing it to be a truth that went both ways.

"Are they good to you?" He couldn't help but ask, needing to be sure his My- whom he had only just remembered and was now losing- was happy.

"He works well with and gets along with Sherlock and doesn't ask questions about my work... I am content with him."

"Good. Good... I want you to be happy..." Joker licked his lips, looking for something, anything, else he could say. "Now that I remember what I always seemed to be holding onto maybe I can move on myself."

"Your Batman, I suppose?" Joker laughed at My's dry and unimpressed tone, knowing just what the other man's opinion would be of the Dark Knight of Gotham.

"He reminds me of you in certain ways. It might be why I could never bring myself to kill him."

They fell silent once more, both realizing that this was the final end to a relationship that had died the moment Joker had fallen into that vat of chemicals.

"You were my first love, My."

"I know."


"Goodbye, Mycroft Holmes."

"Goodbye, Joker."


Jim propped Sherlock up in the kitchen as he got the taller man a glass of water to help settle his stomache- Sherlock had thrown up twice on the way back to the Penthouse, both times complaining about how he had deleted that memory and why hadn't it stayed deleted- as well as dissolving something in it to force him to sleep like John wanted the man to do.

Trying to get the boffin to focus to drink, Jim was soon pierced by a set of wild blue eyes that were seeing into the past rather than the present.

"I just wanted a book... Why would they do that in the library? I just wanted a book!" Rolling his eyes, he wasn't about to explain to the asexual man the joys of sex in public settings, Jim forced the other man to drink the spiked water before stepping back to start making himself some tea and dinner.

"What I find disturbing is that your brother was engaged to the man who became the Joker. I never would have thought he had such a wild side to him." A thump answered his statement as the Consulting Detective passed out, a combination of the drugs he'd been slipped on an empty stomache and mental overload, and Jim smirked. If that was Sherlock's reaction he wondered what their listener's reaction would be.


Bruce sat dazed in his cave for he knew not how long before Alfred came to usher him up to bed.

The Joker- The JOKER!- had been engaged? And to a man?

He really needed to find out who the two in the Penthouse were. Find out who the one's brother was.

He needed to know just who had been able to catch and keep the Joker's attention, even if it had been before he had been the Joker.

He needed to know... for reasons. Yes, for reasons.

It had nothing to do with the sudden spike of jealousy he had felt. Nothing at all.

In fact he hadn't felt jealous at all... and he would keep telling himself that until he believed it.


AN.2: For anyone interested, Jim left Sherlock passed out on the kitchen floor all night. Mostly for his own amusement but also because he was disappointed that John wasn't there to guilt him into helping the man to bed. :-)