Fake Relationship doctorroseprompts

Doctor Iain Prydon held his breath in anticipation. "Miss Tyler, they're expecting me to bring someone to this event," he said distastefully.

"So why not ask Clara? Surely she needs to attend as well, being the head of her department," Rose Tyler replied, a vivacious twinkle in her eye.

"It's not work related, actually. Please?" His voice was low, his eyes not leaving hers. Taken aback by the intensity, Rose nodded.

"Yeah, okay." She cleared her throat, and smiled. "So what's this mystery event?"

"An old friend is hosting a Christmas party," Iain grimaced slightly. "Invitation specifically ordered me to bring a plus one."

"Ordered?" Rose raised an eyebrow.

"I used to be part of the military." Iain looked down, frown deepening.

"What is it?" Rose reached for Iain's hand, her eyes searching his.

"I'd thought I'd been a bit obvious in trying to ask you as my plus one," Iain muttered. Rose stroked his thumb, then drew back.

"Looks like we won't need much practice," Rose laughed, nodding at their clasped hands. Iain's heart skipped.

"So you shall accompany me?"

"Yeah, okay." Rose beamed, her smile lighting up the room. "You want to meet somewhere, then?"

"I could pick you up," Iain offered, before his head caught up with his mouth, "that is, if you don't mind."

"No, that'd be lovely, ta. Means I won't need to take the train anywhere," Rose's smile grew, if that was possible, her tongue peeking through.

"Right, well. Alistair's probably expecting us to arrive at eight, and it's over in two hours, so it shouldn't be too much trouble."

"And you decided to wait until the last minute to ask. What if I'd had plans? I could have had a hot date lined up with Adam," Rose's smile changed to a feral grin. "Where is this party, then?"

"Priory Mews, down in Denham," Iain hoped that this wouldn't change her mind. "Why don't we do dinner first?"

"Are you asking me on a date, Iain Prydon?" Rose's grin widened.

"For all intents and purposes of the evening, I suppose I am, Miss Rose Tyler." Rose felt a shiver run down her back when he said her name like that. "There's only one, ah, slight problem." Rose said nothing, only eyeing Iain with interest. "I've gone and told the lot of them that I've had a steady girlfriend the past three years."

"Oh, Iain, surely you don't expect me to pretend to be your girlfriend for one silly party!" Rose bit her lip. Not Iain Prydon, of all people.

"Just for one night, Miss Tyler." Oh, but he was lying to himself if he ever said that he wouldn't object to not faking a relationship with her, certainly for longer than one lousy Christmas party. Rose appeared to be looking him over, clearly debating whether to accept his ludicrous proposal.

"Why not," she said finally. "It might be fun. At the very least, I get to attend a party. You said it started at eight?"

"Yes," Iain ignored the tingling sensation that ran up his spine, "we could go over certain, ah, things that you ought to know. As my girlfriend of three years, of course."

"Right. Well, I live Peckham, train comes 'bout every forty," Rose became lost in thought.

"It'd take well over an hour to get from Peckham to Denham, Miss Tyler," Iain interrupted, aghast, "especially when I said that I'd pick you up. We can use the time to ensure that our littleā€¦ guile works out."

"If I'm to be your girlfriend of three years, Doctor Prydon, then you'll have to start calling me Rose, at least in public," Rose grinned again, and Iain forced himself to focus on their conversation and not the way her tongue was poking between her front teeth.

"Only if you call me Iain, Rose Tyler." Iain Prydon had never been so forward in his life. Blunt, by all means, but never forward, especially with one so beautiful and captivating as Rose Tyler.

"Okay, Iain," Rose breathed. "If we're to have been datin' for the last three years, then we'll have to know a lot about each other. I'll see you later," she smiled, her tongue touching out once more. Iain thought that it was quite possibly the most endearing thing he had ever seen.

"I look forward to it." Iain watched as she walked down the corridor to the stairwell. "I'll see you at quarter to six?" He called after her disappearing figure.

Rose came back over to where Iain was still standing. "Quarter to six, sharp. 12 Hanover Park, it's a couple of flats over a law centre. There's a side entrance to get into the flats. Don't be late." It amazed Iain how easily she smiled. He half-raised his hand in farewell as she once more disappeared down the stairwell.