Alistair was smirking ever so slightly, though Iain knew that Rose was probably the only person who couldn't tell. "As you know, Rose Tyler and I have been dating since the fifth of March twenty-thirteen. And as most of you know, we've been engaged for the past three years. Tonight, we have decided that our New Year's resolution will be to set a date for the wedding before our fifth anniversary," Iain announced suddenly.

"Really?" Rose's smile was feral, dangerously attractive.

"That's typically what engaged couples are aiming for, darling," Iain snarked. "Waiting around to spend the rest of their lives together."

"It's about time you set a date," Alistair visibly barely refrained from rolling his eyes. "Not that you've done it yet, anyway."

After Iain's friends had come up to the 'happy couple' and congratulated them, he once more drew Rose aside. "I don't believe that I mentioned how grateful I am to your aid in this scheme of mine," he whispered, lips brushing against her ear. Rose felt a shiver run down her spine at the contact.

Smiling, she replied that it had been a pleasure. "After this is all over, we might be the ones disappointed that we're not getting married," she breathed, as Iain kissed her collarbone.

Rose didn't… She couldn't… Iain's thoughts were a jumble.

"Rose," he breathed her name.

"Iain," she responded in kind. But inside her head, her mind was racing. Had she truly just admitted that she didn't want to end this 'charade' (was it still a charade if she was falling in love with him?)? His arms were tentatively wrapping around her waist.

"Would you do me the honour of going to dinner with me Friday night?" Iain's blue eyes were expressing a multitude of emotions – hope, wonder, fear.

"Iain Prydon, I would love to go to dinner with you." Rose was positively radiant. She was beaming the most gorgeous smile that Iain had ever seen. He kissed her.

She melted into it, her lips soft, breath hot. Her hands twisted into his hair, pulling him closer. This kiss was passionate, slower but just as sensual as their first. He ran his tongue against her lips, she parted them, exhaling slowly.

Six months later, the wedding date postponed indefinitely, Iain Prydon and Rose Tyler moved in together. They'd had more than several dinners together since that fateful party, and the truth had outed itself to Iain's friends. Not that it truly mattered, as they had unofficially decided to remain engaged. They'd bought a flat together and completely refurnished it, down to repainting the front door. They went down to the chippy at least once a week, explored London together, and took daytrips across the country. But the one thing that had never changed was that they were always taking the other's hand. Now, however, they were both utterly in love and didn't care if the entire world knew.