Hi everyone! So I hope that you're all enjoying Remnant of Flames so far!

But I'm sure that some of you are curious about how Gallia is doing with one of its heroes gone.

Well then allow your friend Blazblade to give you a taste about how far our favorite country in Europa has gotten in terms of military. Let's just say that with a few OCs I made, Gallia is way stronger and more advanced than they were back before the Imperial invasion. So much like my list for GDI weapons, this will be split into multiple parts (albeit not as long as that list thankfully).

Now, some of Gallia's weapons will have similar calibers to weapons from during and post WW2. This is considering that we don't have any definitive stats on VC weapons (at least how we see weapons such rate of fire, caliber, etc.

Some weapons that both they and the other nations that both me and Johnnieboy11 have made for our stories will be ones from real life up to 1950 (with a few exceptions for certain cases and with later stories having a few more years of real life weapons to draw upon). Now some things will be adjusted with drawing some weapons and gear from other franchises to improve them.

Also (and this goes without saying), some weapons will be of my own design based off of real life weapons or fusions of some weapons that both me and Johnnie came up with in our free time. So for anyone that's a WW2 buff will be able to picture it easily given enough time.

Other such weapons will of course come from the VC verse. These will weapons that will have appeared in VC1, 2, 3, and (when it finally comes out) 4. I really have several ideas for them when time comes to go back to Gallia.

So here's how the list will look:

1. Infantry Weapons

2, Artillery

3. Vehicles

4. Planes

5. Ships

6. Military Branches

Also quick note, some of the weapons that the Gallians will use are from their allies (which means planes that both saw service in war and or prototypes that were being designed at the times)

Alright then, now on the list itself. Enjoy!

(Side note: I'm planning on a VC/Gate crossover in the future so these weapons on the list will appear there as well.)

M1911 Colt pistol

Caliber: 45 ACP

Magazine: 8 rounds

Used by all branches and classes

Variant: M1911 automatic pistol: selective fire version with foregrip and uses 20 to 32 round magazines

Bio: The main pistol of the Gallian military, the Colt 45 has proven to be a reliable, strong firearm. First made in 1920 by the Gallian Colt company (started by a foreigner named Brendan Colt who had washed up on shore with no memory of his homeland. He did however, manage to get a factory started due to funding from the Siegfried family and by the time of the Imperial invasion, he had several factories working in Western Gallia) the M1911 started to find itself in the hands of both Regular and Militia troops. While some Noble members of the Gallian military scoffed at the pistol due to its marker being a foreigner, after seeing it in action during firing tests, most critics soon began to see the effectiveness of the sidearm. Its biggest advantage is its high stopping power, being able to bring down targets with a couple or few shots at most to bring down enemy soldiers. It can be equipped with a suppressor for covert actions by both special forces and secret agents. It would be reveled later that Colt was actually from a nation that hadn't been known to Europa and wider world until 1937, when the League of Seven Nations would meet the United Republic of Amargo.

Browning Hi-Power

Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum

Magazine: 13 or 15 rounds

Used by all branches and classes (mainly for police, secret agents, and as another option for Gallian troops)

Bio: When Gallia and her allies had made contact with Amargo, they had received several new weapon designs from the newly found country. Several of the weapons came from one major gun designer for the Amargoan military, John M. Browning. Among his designs was a pistol that used the 9mm ammo that some of the League nations such as Wallachia and Britannia. While lacking the stopping power of the M1911, its magazine capacity could allow for more rounds to sent down range. Its low recoil and ease of disassembly is well liked among special forces, usually being equipped with a suppressor and was seemingly more quieter then the M1911. Its also being used among the police as an alternative weapon for dealing with any criminals and is a favorite among civilians.

Viper pistol

Caliber: 50 cal

Magazine: 6 rounds

Variants: Light Viper: Re-chambered to 9mm with 6 to 10 round magazines with a lighter frame

Used by special forces, snipers, Shocktroopers, Lancers, and Maulers

Bio: A byproduct of the First Europan War, the Viper has been soldiering on for more then two decades. Its powerful round can take down most soldiers including armored melee units and it has also been used by big game hunters to take down large animals such as bears and elephants during hunts. It recoil is immense however, meaning that firing the gun one-handed is very difficult unless the shooter has gotten used to the kickback and has both a steady and strong grip on the large weapon. Due to this, it is normally equipped with a stock to allow for better aiming and control of the gun's kickback. The Viper is normally used by Lancers and Maulers as a carbine with both the stock and a longer barrel.

Mags M20 SMG

Caliber: 45 ACP

Magazine 20 to 30 rounds

Rate of Fire: 500-600 rounds per minute

Used by Shocktroopers, Combat engineers, Special Forces, and Secret Service agents

Variants: M20R: Royal version that can accept 40 round stick magazines or 50 round drums

M20X: Has a folding stock and shorter barrel

Bio: Following the end of the Imperial invasion, Gallian commanders realized that they needed to keep their weapons up to date and upgraded in order to better their soldiers chances in a firefight. The Mags M20 is the latest in terms of the Mags line of SMGs, using a water cooled barrel to keep the weapon from overheating and its improved rifling allows for better accuracy. It uses both the old 20 round magazines and the newer 30 round magazines to allow for soldiers to carry more ammo into battle. It uses some lighter materials then the earlier versions, making the gun lighter and somewhat more reliable as well as the sturdier construction. The M20 can be armed with the usual miniature flamethrower that all Shocktroopers can use, along with a Gallian reverse-engineered under barreled 40mm Grenade launcher from Amargo to take out targets beyond the flamethrowers range. The military police also utilizes the M20 with a 22mm grenade launcher which is used for less collateral damage.

T-MAG M10 Assault Rifle

Caliber: 7.92x33mm Themier

Magazine: 30 to 35 rounds

Rate of Fire: 600 rounds per minute

Variants: T-MAG LMG: Light Machine Gun variant with longer and heavier barrel. Takes 100 round Belt or 100-150 round double drum magazines and increased rate of fire to 700-750 rounds per minute. Special Forces (SF) and Royal (R) variants have two barrels, doubling the rate of fire. (Based on the M20)

T-MAG DMR: Longer barreled version for both snipers and marksmen in the squads, semi-auto fire only.

T-MAGC: Carbine version with shortened barrel and metal flexible buttstock based on the MP 40 for close quarters combat

T-MAGR: Royal version that takes 50 round drums along with the regular magazines

Used by Shocktroopers, gunners (LMG versions), snipers, and Special forces

Bio: The latest variant of Gallia's first mass produced assault rifle, the T-MAG was one of the greatest weapons that the late Themier had made prior to his death. The M1 first saw service in the late summer of 1935, during the ceasefire between both sides. Squad 7 was the first unit armed with this weapon and the Shocktroopers had many praises for the new weapon in combat it mid to short range engagements. The weapon's appearance on the battlefield in ever growing numbers caused the Imperials to speed up production of their own assault rifles along with their other small arms to keep up with the re-surging Gallia and the other members of the Seven Nation League who had fully committed to the war. After the armistice following the death of Maximilian, newly elected Secretary of War Field Marshall William Siegfried ordered a complete overhaul and upgrade to the Gallian Armed Forces as a whole. This included producing new weapons such as the T-MAG in both new variants and in more numbers. The M10 is a lighter weight version of the weapon with a pistol handgrip under the barrel and the ability to attach either the standard flamethrower used by Shocktroopers or the new 40mm Grenade Launcher for better fire support. It can also be equipped with the new reflex gun sight for better accuracy along with the M40 4x or M45 1.5x scope for marksmen.


Caliber: 45 ACP

Magazine 20 to 30 rounds

Rate of Fire: 450-550 rounds per minute

Used by Shocktroopers, Military Police, and Special Forces

Variants: MAJ-M1XS: Integrated suppressor

MAJ-M1XC: Carbine variant with a shorter barrel

Bio: Based on the First version of the MAJ line of weapons, the MAJ-M1X was selected for improvements which would make it easier to produce, lighter, and more controllable. It replaced the wooden buttstock with a fold-able metal one based on the Svean M45 SMG. Its more controllable rate of fire allowed for less shot dispersion when fired on full auto, with soldiers noting it was very accurate in bursts. It can be equipped with a suppressor for more stealth, which was on par with the one for the M3/M3A1 Grease Gun. The MAJ-M1XS is used more by Special forces, while the XC variant is used by tankers and paratroopers.


Caliber: 7.92x33 Themier

Magazine: 100 round drum, 30 or 40 round magazine

Rate of fire: 600-750 rpm

Used by Shocktroopers, Gunners, and Heavy Gunners and used as a vehicle machine gun

Variants: M10HB (heavy barrel): Used as a vehicle MG with a belt feed

Bio: Used as the mainstay light machine for shocktroopers Gallian Army, the MAJ-M10 is latest version of the weapon. After the Imperial invasion, several gunsmiths began to make improvements to the weapon to allow for increased magazines and a heavier barrel. In 1936, after several tests, the M10 was chosen to be the main LMG and was put into production. It was equipped with an adjustable bipod that was lightweight (Axel chose this to make the weapon as light as possible for Shocktroopers), and uses a reflex sight as an attachment as well as a flamethrower or grenade launcher when used by Shocktroopers. Its is the lightest LMG in Gallia and easy to handle when on the offensive, making the go to for assault units and close quarters fighting.

Squall A LMG

Caliber: 7.92x33mm or 7.92x57mm

Magazine: 30 or 40 round magazine

Rate of fire: 650 rpm

Used by Gunners, Shocktroopers, and Special forces

Variants: Squall K: Belt fed variant and acts more of a GPMG due to heavier barrel, also sees use as a vehicle MG and light AA gun

Squall TD: Uses a quick change barrel and has selective fire from semi automatic to full automatic.

Bio: The Squall A was first deployed with the Nameless during the Imperial invasion of 1935. It's been seen as Gallia's equal to Britannia's Bren LMG for a support role while being faster firing and lighter (it can be fired from the shoulder), meaning that it is used by some shocktroopers and is used as the main LMG for Gunners. It serves as an alternative option to the MAJ-M10 if needed and is among the weapons that Gallia has given its smaller allies such as Hussaria. It also is a mainstay of resistance groups supplied by the Gallians and attacking the Empire. It also has a variant that uses a pistol grip for paratroopers and special forces for better control when firing form the shoulder standing up.

Hurricane GPMG

Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian

Magazine: 100-200 round belt, 50 round drum, or 100 round double drum

Rate of fire: 650-750 rpm

Used by Gunners, Heavy Gunners, Power Armor, and as a vehicle MG

Variants: Hurricane AD: Longer and heavier barreled variant made for use with vehicles

Mini-Hurricane LMG: Variant made for special forces with lighter components and can fire 7.92x33mm Themier round that weighs around 18 lbs with a commando foregrip for use with Airborne and Special Forces soldiers

Hurricane Mk 2: Uses a new roller delayed blowback system with increased rate of fire to 1,200-1,350 rpm

Hurricane Mk 3: Uses the newer 7.62x51mm round

Bio: First used during the Imperial invasion, the Hurricane GPMG first saw use with the Nameless during the middle months of the invasion and some Special Forces in the final months of the war. It developed a reputation of being reliable and hard hitting, and when the Gallian National Arsenal began to produce the weapon on mass, the best units of the Regulars and the Militia began to use it. While the Squall and MAJ M10 LMGs maybe lighter, the Hurricane is more advanced and more durable, plus is more for long continuous fire to support or suppress enemy forces. It became equipped with the same bipod as the MAJ-M10 and was made lighter due to using improved weapon manufacturing processes. It is mainly used for when soldiers need heavier firepower to suppress the enemy or in longer range combat then the 7.92x33mm round can allow and is made for use as a vehicle MG. It's mainly used by Elite Gunners.

Gallian M1910 Maxim MG

Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian

Magazine: 100-200 round belt

Rate of fire: 600 rpm

Variants: M1910/18 Lighter weight version with air-cooled barrel

Used as a vehicle MG and for emplacements

Bio: The first modern machine gun used by Gallia, the Maxim was first used during EW1 and saw use during the Gallian-Imperial War. While starting to be replaced by more modern MGs, the Maxim still is used on half-tracks, light vehicles, and used in defensive emplacements and as AA weapons. It's ability for long, sustained firepower allows for effective suppressing fire and due to its reliability can be counted on in firefights when needed. It largely serves as a second line weapon for the Army and Militia, but is still used by the Marine Corps, Town Watch (which have gotten a surplus of the weapon for better defense), military police, and as a weapon for Allied countries. It has gotten an upgrade with a variant based off of the Moskovan Maxim with a wheel carriage that soldiers can pull with them to what position they are needed in.

Themier T-MAG 50 cal. HMG

Caliber: 50 cal.

Magazine: 200 round belt

Rate of Fire: 600 rpm

Variants: AN/T-MAG: Aircraft version with rate of fire of 750-800 rpm

M1 Devastator: Version made for power armor soldiers with a buttstock, pistol grip, and side grip for firing from the hip

Bio: The main HMG of the Gallian Military, the 50 cal. T-MAG HMG is used on all military vehicles in Gallia. It's high stopping power, long range, and reliability is well known in Gallia due to the exploits of the Edelweiss which used this MG. Following the end of the war, the T-MAG was put into production in order to increase the output of fire from Gallian units alongside other heavy weapons and new firearms. When tested against Amargo's famed M2 Browning HMG, it was found to nearly match the M2 in most categories and use similar ammunition (this meant that the Gallians could licence build the M2 due to it having some better attributes then the T-MAG). It is used for aircraft in the Royal Gallian Air Force, tanks for the Gallian Army and Militia, and is used on attack boats, torpedo boats, and other small attack craft in the Gallian Navy.

Gallian S-20 Rifle

Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian

Magazine: 10 round magazine (20 round with certain models)

Used by Scouts, Engineers, Snipers (uses S variant), Marksmen (uses S variant), Shocktroopers (uses ABR variant)

Variants: S-20S: Sniper variant with either 2.5x and 4x scope

S-20ABR: Automatic Battle Rifle variant with 20 round magazine and rate of fire up 600 rpm.

S-20R: Royal version that can take 20 round magazines

S-20C: Carbine version with shorter barrel but maintains its impressive accuracy and can be equipped with a scope

S-20N: Nachtjaeger version, has carbine barrel modified for using 22mm grenades or suppressors, spike bayonet and rails for attachments (including scopes based on the rails used on the M5A2)

Bio: The mainstay rifle of the Post-Invasion Gallian Military and replacing the Gallian M4, the S-20 is considered to be among the most accurate battle rifles in modern day. Its famous accuracy is what allowed the rifle to be considered for a role with snipers, with the S variant passing the standards that it needed effectively. This gives snipers another option other then the bolt action rifles they've used before and it shows when they have to engage multiple targets in quick succession (although not as accurate as sniper rifle, so it fills more of a DMR role). The S-20ABR was made to give Scouts an automatic weapon to increase their potency in combat and it also gives Shocktroopers a longer range weapon that's lighter then the LMGs they use. The gunstock (much like the right of Gallia's firearms that largely used wood) was made of wood from the trees from Kloden which are known for being solid and strong materials.

Gallian A-1 Battle Rifle

Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian

Magazine: 20 round magazine (100 round belt for LMG variant)

Rate of fire: 700 rpm

Used by Shocktroopers, Gunners (LMG variant), Paratroopers (main user), Special Forces

Variants: A-1 LMG: Longer barrel version with increased rate of fire to 900 rpm

A-1B: Bullpup variant with the magazine being in the usual position.

Bio: During the Gallian-Imperial War, Gallian officers noticed that the Imperials had used specialized equipment for the Paratroopers which would allow them to jump from planes with them and were light weight but hard hitting. Since Gallian Paratroopers were mainly used in infantry combat due to the destruction of most of Gallia's transport planes early in the war, the need for specialized weapons for them wasn't vital at the time. Following the entrance of the League into the war and the transport fleets, this caused Gallian officers to try and create weapons that could used by Paratroopers when they jump from planes. This caused the National Armory to begin production of a new weapon that would give Paratroopers a weapon that could deal heavy damage while still being portable like a rifle. The resulting weapon was able fire the full power 7.92mm round while using a special recoil mechanism which reduces the recoil greatly allowing the weapon to be fired at full-auto. The frame of the weapon was also used to make an LMG for use by Paratroopers along with the new variants of weapons that had flexible stocks to be worn on Paratroopers. (Think FG 42 but with Gallian colors and the A-1 LMG is based on a US variant called the T-44 LMG)

Gallian M-2 Rifle

Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian-S (battle rifle) or 7.92x33 Themier (assault rifle)

Magazine: 20 round (battle rifle) or 30-35 round standard or 50 round drum (assault rifle)

Used by Elite Shocktroopers, Paratroopers, Special Forces

Variants: M-2 Battle Rifle: chambered to 7.92x57mm

M-2 Assault Rifle: chambered to 7.92x33mm Themier

M-2S: Marksmen variant with a 4x to 6x scope and heavy barrel and semi-auto fire.

M-2X: Integrated suppressor variant

Bio: An experimental bullpup rifle that was with the help of Britannian engineers from the Black Knights that made the EM-2 rifle. This came about after some Gallian officers saw how Britannian commandos used the bullpup design and how it could be useful in close quarters. With it's shorter overall length and the muzzle break of the A-1 rifle l, it was more easy to handle in full automatic when using either caliber.

Rowen M-1 Battle Rifle

Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian-S

Magazine: 10 to 20 rounds

Used by Scouts, Engineers, and Special Forces

Variants: Rowen X: Special Forces version with an integrated suppressor and shorter barrel.

Rowen S: Longer barreled version for better accuracy (can use scopes)

Bio: The first Gallian rifle to use the more powerful Gallian S rounds, the Rowen was first used by elite Gallian units during the Imperial invasion. The S-10 version uses some lessons taken by Gallian engineers when looking over the later models of Imperial rifles and includes the strengthened barrel and improved recoil system. This allows for the rifle to have better accuracy (though the S series rifles are still superior in that regard) and lessen spread. The Rowen comes equipped with either the standard Gallian rifle grenade launcher or the M200 grenade launcher. It can also use 22mm grenades via a spigot-type launcher.

Gallian M-10 Carbine

Caliber: 7.92x33 Themier

Magazine: 20 round magazine (30 round magazine for A2 variant)

Used by Scouts, Engineers (main users), Military police and regular police, and Special Forces

Variants: M-10A1: Fold-able stock version for Paratroopers

M-10A2: Full Auto version of the R-10, can use 30 round magazine and rate of fire is 750 rounds per minute.

M-10X: Special Forces version with an integrated suppressor and folding buttstock

M-10X2: Selective fire version of M-10X.

Bio: Based on the Gallian M4, the M-10 Carbine was made to arm second line units and arm both groups of the police. The R-10 is a lightweight, low recoil firearm that was preferred for Urban combat and CQC situations. While some in the Gallian government were skeptical about the new weapon, seeing Vinland troops during war games and when Amargo had finally made contact with the League, they had seen during the new war games the effectiveness of their own equal M1 Carbine. This sealed practically all skepticism and both the R-10A1 and its full auto variant the A2 (based off of the M1 and M2 designations of the M1 Carbine) were soon to be put to full on mass production. This not only gave the Engineers and their newest class the Combat Engineers a lighter weapon, but also gave the Military and regular police units a way to deal with any heavily armed attackers or terrorists.


Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian and Gallian-S

Magazine: 10 round magazine

Used by Snipers, Marksmen

GSR-40R: Royal version

Bio: Known as the rifle that the Azure Wolf used to deal with against the Darcsen Hunters, the GSR-40 is the latest and hardest hitting version of the line of weapons baring the name. Following the end of the war, with Gallia mourning the loss of one of its youngest and most influential heroes, Field Marshall William Siegfried had decided that in his honor, Gallian snipers (especially those that were Darcsen) would use the very same weapon that young hybrid used in his last battle. Eventually in 1936, the GSR-40 was planned to be the mainstay sniper rifle of the Gallian Military and replace the GSR-30 for the role in the years to come. It also had a cleaning rod and maintenance kit stored in the butt-stock for easy maintenance. It uses not only the regular Gallian 7.92mm round, but an upgraded bullet that had improved range and stopping power (think the bullet that hit Alicia when Faldio shot her).


Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian and Gallian-S

Magazine: 10 round magazine

Used by Snipers, Marksmen

Variants: Brondel-M10X Auto-sniper: Version of the M10 with a 30 round magazine that can fire either semi-auto or 3 round burst

Brondel-M20: Improved Brondel with stronger barrel and can use a flash suppressor. Used by the Gallian Marine Corps and Special Forces

Brondel-M20X Auto-sniper: Uses a 30 round magazine that can fire either semi-auto or 3 round burst

Bio: Made to compliment the GSR-40, the Brondel-M10 boasts increased hitting power for its size. The Brondel uses a stronger bolt action and barrel in order to use more powerful rounds at a cost of slightly more weight then the GSR-40. It uses improved scopes which allows it to serve effectively at long ranges by most snipers and marksmen. While it would be used by most branches of the Gallian military, the Marine Corps wanted to give the weapon a bigger punch then normal to use against more heavily armored targets such as Heavy gunners and Maulers. Thus, they requested the upgraded M20 variant of the rifle, which is among the best in terms of sheer power and an auto-sniper version. The Marines and Special Forces troops were the first to use the M20 and the M20X rifles, with the Regulars and Militia are planned to have the rifle in the future with select units being the first to have them.

Brondel M120X sniper rifle

Caliber: 7.92x57mm Gallian and Gallian-S (Themier 50 cal. for XAT version)

Magazine: 10 rounds

Used by Snipers, Marksmen, Special Forces

Variants: M120XAT: Anti-Tank version of the rifle using 50 caliber rounds with 5 round magazines

M120X2 Auto-sniper: Version of the M120 with a 30 round magazine that can fire either semi-auto or 3 round burst

Bio: The heaviest and strongest bolt-action rifle of Gallia, the M120X line is for marksmen and snipers that want to put down the heaviest infantry. It has the highest muzzle velocity and best armor penetration. It also has an improved buffer system and muzzle break ( being based on the ATX series) to help decrease the recoil, allowing for less time being taken to require the user's targets. The XAT version has proven effective in long range sniping duel with Darcsen Hunters during Anti Hunter operations in Eastern Gallia and has proven to be a favorite for the Nachtjaegers.

ATX-5 Anti-Tank Rifle

Caliber: 20x138mm

Magazine: 5 or 7 round magazine

Variants: ATX-5A: Battle rifle variant for power armor troopers with 10 round magazine

Used by snipers and Marksmen in both the Army and Marine Corps

Bio: A sniper's best tool against vehicles, the ATX-5 is the latest of Gallia's line of anti-tank rifles. Realizing that the Imperials were able to send more tanks at them then they could destroy prior to the entry of the other League members into the war, Gallian officers figured that larger numbers of anti-tank rifles with special teams of snipers armed with this weapon could do damage to enemy armor formations. After seeing how effective the ATX-1 and ATX-3 were against Imperial light vehicles and against the weak points on enemy tanks, the ATX-5 has become a staple of Post-Invasion Gallian Arms. The ATX-5 uses either a 4x, 6x, or 8x powered scope and uses both a large muzzle break and a improved buffer system in order to drop the recoil from the round. While the thickness of armor for all but light tanks have rendered them less then effective (forcing anti-tank rifle armed soldiers to go for weak points on certain tanks), some in the Gallian Military still see use for the weapon as anti-material rifle due to refinements to make it viable against smaller targets, including infantry.

Gautt Anti-Tank Rifle

Caliber: 50 cal.

Magazine: 5 to 10 rounds

Variants: Gautt S: version designed with a metal shroud to increase the gun's accuracy and better disperse heat

Gautt G: Version armed changed to 7.92x94mm rounds for mainly anti infantry

Bio: Designed to be a more accurate and lighter anti tank rifle then the ATX-5 AT Rifle, the Gautt was originally used by more the more elite units of the Gallian Military. The rifle was more streamlined then the ATX, making it a few pounds lighter and less bulky. The smaller 50 cal rifle allowed for soldiers equipped with them to carry more ammo then the ATX-5. Using a new double charged 50 caliber round, the Gautt can reach distances over a mile away.

Laancar SH-10 Mortar-Lance

Caliber: 120mm

Used by Lancers and Lancer Elites

Bio: Due to the effectiveness of the SH-1 Mortar-Lance in combat during the Imperial invasion, the Gallian National Armory began to turn out newer models of Laancar's newest weapon. It includes a newer rocket engine that improves the range of the weapon either in direct fire or indirect fire along with a attachment for a 1.5 scope when longer range fire is needed (though weapons such as the bazooka and recoilless rifles still out-range them to a good degree). It can pierce up to 120mm of armor with HEAT rounds, use new "bunker-buster" rounds for heavily defended positions, and (due to their effectiveness at Marbarry) it was decided to make a smoke round for Lancers to use to help create smokescreens for their fellow tactic used by those with mortar-lances is volley or salvo fire in order to saturate their targets with HE rounds to lessen enemy fire for offensive attacks.

Themier M10 Lance

Caliber: 121mm

Used by Lancers and Lancer Elites

Bio: Used as the main AT-lance of the Gallian military post-Invasion, the Themier M10 has developed a reputation among its users. Due to the improved aerodynamics of the warheads and improved rocket engines, the M10 has much longer reach then any other AT-lance made in Europa with better accuracy then its previous models. It can pierce up to 180mm of armor with its improved HEAT rounds, and uses both the new "bunker-buster" and smoke rounds. Another one of Themier's designs, it proved itself when the original model allowed for more accurate shots during the invasion at further ranges then the Laancar series of Lances. Due to its effectiveness against Imperial tanks, it quickly made Gallian Lancers a terror to Imperial armored units once they were massed produced.

M1936 Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle

Caliber: 84mm

Used by Lancers, Elite Lancers, Power Armor soldiers, and Special Forces

Variants: M1936A1: Enlarged version of 106mm for use by power armor units

Bio: The newest AT weapon in Gallia's Arsenal, the Carl Gustav is both versatile and powerful. It has much longer range then lances and is earlier to lug around then the rather long lances. It can be fired from either over the shoulder by mobile troops or via a tripod for stationary units. Built by Svea Rike's famous Bofors AB Arms company, the Carl Gustav was made in order to counter the development of tanks in Europa. It is not only used by Gallia and Svea Rike, but also is seeing use by the Black Knights, Nippon, and Wallachia to replace some of their AT lances for better range and in some cases penetration power. It is able to pierce 150mm of armor with a new HEAT round being developed that is able to pierce 200mm of armor. It's lightweight also allows for use in special forces units for missions where mobility is key. It also can use a canister shell for close combat, turning the weapon into a large shotgun that can blast its way through attacking enemy units.

M20 Super Bazooka

Caliber: 88.9mm

Used by Lancers, Elite Lancers and power armor troopers

M20G: Increased to 105mm for use by power armor troopers or for use by infantry with a tripod

Bio: A high power anti-tank weapon from Amargo, the M20 is an upgraded variant of the M1/M9 bazooka used during the Amargo Civil War. After seeing tests of their weapons in front of Europan officers, several officers from Gallia, Wallachia, Hussaria, and Hellas were among those that wanted to both purchase and license-build the weapon. It has among the highest penetration power compared to other anti-tank weapons, able to pierce through 11 inches or 280mm of armor. It hasn't been produced in enough numbers compared to other AT weapons due to the fact that Amargo hadn't been discovered that long ago. Much like the Carl Gustav, the Super Bazooka is preferred for use by Lancers due to its range.

M1 Dragon Lance

Caliber: 60mm (can use 90mm warheads)

Used by Lancers, Elite Lancers, Special Forces

Bio: Based off of the Fire Lance used by the young Darcsen Kai, the Dragon Lance is the lightest and (in some cases) hardest hitting AT weapon used by Gallia. It looks similar to Themier AT lances, except it has both a pistol grip for users to wield and is overall shorter in length. To compensate for this, the warhead uses a much stronger rocket motor to propel it forward at further ranges to other lances. It's baseline penetration is 160mm with its standard projectile and up to 200mm with a modified HEAT round, and can use the same new rounds as the other AT lances. Due its compact size and lightweight, it allows for soldiers to carry more warheads then the other lances, making it perfect for special forces and marines. More warheads are currently in development, among them a more powerful HEAT round along with new type of warhead called a HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) round. (Looks much like a lance version of an RPG)

M1 Grenade Launcher

Caliber: 60mm

Used by Grenadiers (as a lightweight replacement for the GM 01 mortar)

Variants: M1A: re-calibered to 40mm to use rifle grenade ammunition

Bio: Based on the Italican weapon that had been captured by Wallchian forces during border skirmishes, this weapon had caught on with Gallian forces due to the fact it can take out armored vehicles along with being effective against fortifications and entrenched infantry. It is a breech loading weapon, as the soldier has to unlock the barrel from the body as it can be moved down and have a fresh munition loaded into the barrel before putting it back into its original place, ready to fire yet again. This weapon is is a new favorite for the Grenadiers as it allows them to move more quickly and give them the option of carrying a heavier firearm for protection. Much like other Gallian weapons such as the mortars, it can also fire smoke grenades to cover advancing forces which makes the weapon more versatile in combat. (Based on the Italian Lanciabombe 60mm grenade launcher)

Cyclone HMG

Caliber: 7.92x57mm

Rate of Fire: 800 rpm (standard version)

Magazine: 150 to 250 round belt or 100 to 150 round drum

Used by Gunners, Heavy Gunners, and Gunner Elites

Variants: Cyclone I: 3 barreled variant for use by Heavy gunners and Power armor troops with a rate of fire of 1,800-2,000 rpm (battery powered) or 700-950 rpm (hand crank)

Cyclone S: 6 barreled variant that fires up to 3,000 rounds a minute (battery powered) to 900 (hand crank), undergoing testing phase

Cyclone TD: variant with bipod for prone and stationary fire with rate of fire 800-950 rpm (hand crank) to 2,000 to 2,500 rpm (battery powered)

Bio: The main heavy MG used by the gunner class in Gallia, the Cyclone HMG was first deployed during the Imperial invasion and used by special troops such as the Nameless. Going from one water-cooled barrel weapon to a multi-barreled Gatling style weapon, the Cyclone is able to lay down suppression fire or to saturate any enemy targets with a rain of lead . It's triple barrel version was first used during the border skirmishes from the Empire's Darcsen Hunters, targeting Darcsen villages along Gallia's eastern border. Several times in those firefights, the Cyclone's firepower had turned the tide of combat when the gunners were deployed effectively. The weapon can also use a tripod for stationary fire from defensive structures if needed to help lay down more fire to engage any enemy units in front of the positions. It is also planned in the coming years to be used as an AA gun for tanks and armored vehicles for both anti-air and anti-infantry. Due to the weight that would come about due to strapping a battery on on the backs of regular soldiers (some tests have been made for it working in the case of Power Armor soldiers), regular Gunners and heavy Gunners have hand cranked versions of the Gatling variants and currently one handed variants are being made for use for Gallia's attempt to create Gatling soldiers much like the Calamity Ravens, with the strongest soldiers being eligible.

M36 50 cal. Gatling Gun

Caliber: 50 cal.

Rate of Fire: 1,800 rpm

Magazine: 300 round belt

Bio: After meeting with the United Republic of Amargo, Europa and the rest of the world were witness to the arrival of power armor in the form the T-45d. Seeing how effective the weapon system could be in future combat, William Siegfried met with some high-ranking officers from Amargo to see if they could license-build the armor for use by special units of the military and to create their own power armor shock units. While Gallia is creating the machinery to produce the armor and their engineers learning how to produce them, Amargo had sent a small shipment of the armor to Gallia for them to test. In conjunction with the need to produce the armor, the National Armory had began production of weapons that power armor equipped soldiers could use when they're in service. One such weapon is the M36 Gatling gun, which is a 50 cal version of the Cyclone I to be used for firing from emplacements or used from Gallian APCs and tanks in the far future. Engineers soon went to work on lightening the weapon for ease of transportation and began to make special ammo backpacks to allow for more continuous fire (packs are currently being field tested).

Gallian Breda M37 Shotgun

Caliber: 12, 16, or 20 gauge


Magazine: 7 shell tubular magazine

Used by Shocktroopers, Engineers, Commandos, Special Forces, and both Police forces.

Variants: M37A1: Larger variant for use by power armor troopers (caliber is 6 gauge)

M37A2: Paratrooper version with foldable stock similar to M1A1 Carbine

Bio: The Breda M37 shotgun was made due to experiences in urban combat during the invasion. The need for more close combat weapons became apparent following battles such as Anthold and Fouzen, where the Imperials still had an edge prior to the release of new weapons for Gallian troops later in the war. The M37 can load from and empty out shells from the bottom of the gun, allowing for both left and right handed shooters. It's a durable, reliable firearm that soldiers can on during the close combat firefights and when during house to house battles.

Gallian M37 Flamethrower

Used by Combat engineers, Power Armor units, and Special Forces

Variants: M37A1: twin barreled version for use by power armor soldiers

Bio: Following the clash at Naggiar and the retaking of Ghirlandio, some officers in the Gallian Militia believed that a more powerful flamethrower would be needed then the small ones used by shocktroopers. Engineers also clamored for the new weapon as well in order to further expand on their combat roles and make them more effective in battle. The M37 flamethrower has an effective range of 25m and a maximum range of 45m, well within the range they would generally be used in combat situations, and they had a burn time of 10 seconds. Nicknamed "Siegfried's Blowtorch" (due to William Siegfried's nickname of the "White Dragon"), the M37 proved itself during clashes with the Darcsen Hunters, quickly becoming a feared weapon whenever deployed against them during firefights. This caused the creation of a new branch of engineers called Combat Engineers, whose role was more offensive and made them work more in tandem with Shocktroopers and scouts in the thick of the action.

M1 Multipurpose Assault Weapon (MAW) Var

Caliber: 50 caliber BMG for HMG, 37mm for anti-tank gun, 20mm for anti-tank rifle,

Magazine: 200 round belt for 50 caliber rounds and single shot for grenade launcher, anti tank gun, and anti-tank rifle

Full-Auto for HMG, semi-auto for grenade launcher and other weapons

Bio: Based on the famous weapon used by Imca of the Nameless, the M1 MAW Var was produced to provide an all-in-one weapon system for power armor troopers. While the original was able to fire 7.92mm rounds, the M1 is able to fire 50 BMG rounds due to the increased strength of soldiers using power armor allowing them to carry hundreds of 50 BMG rounds without difficulty. Other then that, the weapon functions the very same as the smaller original version with the anti tank gun to take out heavier targets and the large blade for close combat. First models rolled off the assembly line in January 1937 with the weapon being seen in use with the Darcsen power armor trooper unit, the Ironsides. Currently, it is being tested with special burst rounds made by both Riley Miller and Wendy Cheslock.

M2 Assault Cannon

Caliber: 37mm

Magazine: single shot

Bio: While the Var was a very effective weapon system for power armor units, it was talked about to produce the anti-tank version of the weapon on its own. It was done as a way for Power Armor soldiers to blast enemy infantry and armored vehicles and used for attacking enemy defenses. This was brought about do to the heavily armored and armed juggernaut soldiers in Imperial service. Not only that, but with increasing concerns about the mysterious substance that transformed Maximilian into a monster, it was decided that heavier weapons would be needed to tackle this threat. Experiments are being run to make a magazine fed variant possible.


Caliber: 81mm

Used by Grenadiers

Bio: Drawing upon experience from Gallian Volunteers who served on the Federation Front during Operation Northern Cross and the assault on Schwarzgrad, the GM-M1 is the first mobile mortar system used by one soldier. Gallian commanders saw the usefulness of Grenadiers compared to crew-served mortars. Based off of the captured Imperial VB mortar line, the GM-M1 is more versatile then their Federation and Imperial counterparts with the use multiple different warheads. Alongside standard and lightweight HE shells (lightweight means that it has less explosive power, but greater range), it uses white phosphorous rounds, napalm rounds, newly developed canister rounds, and smoke rounds which can help give cover to Gallian soldiers on either the offense and defense. Well trained Grenadiers can get up to 12 shells downrange per minute and is seen as the most accurate mortar in Europa.

License built weapons or donated by friendly nations

M1918 BAR (modified to have a pistol grip for better control and a quick change barrel)

M1919A4/A6 (Used by Gunners and power armor troopers)

M2 Browning

Thompson M1A1 SMG

M3/M3A1 Grease gun

Sten Mk V SMG (for special forces)

Sterling SMG (for special forces)

Welrod pistol (for Special forces)

PTRS-41 (original version and PTRS-G, Gallian variant chambered in to 50 BMG and uses a lighter bipod and 7 round magazine)

M1941 Johnson LMG (Used by paratroopers and National Guard)

M5A2 Folsom Carbine (Used by Special Forces and Elite Shocktroopers)

Winchester M1897 shotgun

Ithaca 37 shotgun

Rossmore M236 shotgun

M1 Garand

M1/M1A1/M2/M3 Carbine

Weapons undergoing testing for use by Gallian Military from the new gun company FN

FN FAL Battle Rifle (7.62x51mm version)

FN FAL assault rifle (7.92x33mm version)

FN 1949 Semi-auto rifle

FN MAG General Purpose Machine Gun

Okay, I think that's everything I can think of for infantry weapons. As with the GDI list, I'll let you guys know if I add any more to the list.

Next chapter will be on Artillery.

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