Cut about 3 years after the episode Goodbye Earth where we see a much bigger Singletown. Sam, Danny, & Chris are now leading ordinary lives again & Cathy & Mr. Smith are back to their home on Rhapsodia. While the three still talk to one another it has been a while since they have seen their Rhapsodian friend since Earth was considered safe & secure from those who would try to invade it. That is until one fateful day which changes their lives once more.
(Open to see Sam, Danny, and Chris are at Singletown high school, preparing to go home as Sam lets out a sigh)
Danny: Yeah I know how you feel Sam. (See Sam holding a picture of Her, Chris, Danny, & Cathy in front of the clubhouse.) Yep, those were the days.
Sam: Yeah.. I miss the times where we were busting aliens.
(flashback to various times throughout the original show in where the four are busting aliens)
Chris: Anyone else realize we were called the Monster Buster Club when we were busting aliens, or is that just me?
Sam: No.. We were called that because-
(suddenly a comet like shape falls out of the sky)
All: What the!?
(They head outside to see the comet strike near their part of the town.)
Sam: It's heading over there! Let's go!
(They ran to Cathy's old house, then the comet landed near the clubhouse.)
Chris: You don't think it's what I think it is do you guys?
Sam: I don't know but I hope it is-
(The comet shaped object turned out to be a Rhapsodian spaceship! A door opens to see the silhouette of a tall multi-limbed creature. The creature then transforms into the shape of a familiar figure.)
Cathy: Hey guys!
All: Cathy!?
(Cathy runs to them and gave them a giant hug with her stretchy arms.)
Sam: What are you doing here?
Danny: We thought that you & your grandfather were back on Rhapsodia.
Cathy: Well we were.. Until Proskar had escaped from prison & was said to have been sighted here last!
Chris: Proskar, who's he?
Danny: Chris.. He's the big gamer who once tried to game us.
Sam: Lay off of him a little Daniel. It's been a while since we have been in the club so some things have been long forgotten about.
Danny: Oh right.
Cathy: And guess who's back? Us!
(Mr. Smith walks out of the ship)
Mr. Smith: Yep! It turns out Singletown wasn't as protected as the commander had thought. So it looks like we're here to stay for now. Commander said that he even upgraded the clubhouse.
(Pan over to the clubhouse itself which now has become run down & near ready to collapse due to years of neglect.)
Sam: But how exactly?
Danny: The place looks exactly how it was the first time you got here.
Mr. Smith: You'll soon see.
(Mr. Smith then goes over to upgrade it, as it turned into a giant clubhouse with new designs. A giant tree rapidly grows within the foundation, turning the clubhouse into a super, secret, tree house. All of them stand back in a gaping awe. Even the Smiths themselves.)
Cathy: Holy gincy! I knew the clubhouse would be cool but this took me by complete surprise!
Mr. Smith: Well the commander did want to make sure it was kept a secret, even from us, on how it would look like. We also have a camouflage system installed to it. (Mr. Smith hands the three their V-Coms with the Logo having a different design on it.) Your suits have been upgraded too.
All: Woah.
Cathy: We here by re-welcome Samantha O' Hara, Christopher Lang, & Daniel Jackson as members of the Monster Buster Club.
Sam: Man, does it feel good to be back-
(They then felt a rumble again. The ships lifts back up & off to Rhapsodia.)
Mr. Smith: I'm honestly glad to have returned here. You know Earth is kind of like a second home for me & Cathy.
Sam: Yeah.
Chris: Wait where's Casanova Vine?
(Casanova Vine comes out from behind Mr. Smith in a pot with mechanical legs attached to it.)
Sam: Wow! They upgraded her too?
Mr. Smith: Well... sort of.
Sam: Hi Casanova! (Casanova Vine makes a noise as a sign of welcome) Now let's get to business everyone. We got an alien to bust.
Chris: So what does this Proskar guy look like again?
Danny: You ever watched Star Wars before?
Chris: Somewhat.
Danny: Well he kind of looks C-3PO just a more clown like & more dangerous.
(Sam looked at the MBC Computer, then suddenly it begins to speak.)
?: Greetings, Samantha, Daniel, Christopher, Catherine, Hugo. Welcome back.
Chris: Did the computer just talk?!
Danny: You're full name is Catherine?
Computer: I am M. . I am but a program of every system on this world.
Mr. Smith: It's a pleasure to have returned to such a beautiful planet.
MBComputer: It is a pleasure to be of service.. (beeps) Alien Detected.
Mr. Smith: Location?
MBComputer: 2276 Ginger Dr.
Sam: That's where the park is!
Danny: But what would Proskar be doing over there?
Sam: Hmm... Wait.. Remember the Soccer Game the school's talking about?
Danny: So what you're saying Proskar might involved in it?
Sam: Danny.. Soccer game... Of course he's gonna show up.. Let's go.. MBC, Power up!
(Sam turned into her Buster form to discover a change in design)
All: Woah!
Cathy: Yeah there has been a lot of things that happened just within the span of 3-4 earth years.
Danny & Chris: MBC, Power up!
Cathy: MBC, Power up!
Mr. Smith: Good.. Now go..
(The kids run to the park, as Mr. Smith and Casanova went to their house to spruce up some things. We then cut to the park where they survey from a fair distance.)
Sam: I'm not seeing him around here. Any sign of Proskar on your side?
Danny: Nothing.
Sam: Chris?
Chris: Na-da.
Sam: Cathy?
(Cathy is looking at a cute boy playing soccer & is blushing with her legs intertwined in a corkscrew like fashion) ...
Cathy: Nothing around here.
Sam: Cathy focus. You & Mr. Smith came back for a reason, remember?
Cathy: Oh right sorry. Still nothing though. (Cathy looks around) Wait.. (she spots a small sinkhole) That sinkhole over there.. (looks over to the others) Guys, we need to evacuate from here.
(The ground beneath them starts to shake)
Sam: Cathy's right. That's no ordinary sinkhole!
Danny: I got this.
(Danny fiddles around with some of the suit's controls. He then blasts into the air all the while in a state of shock.)
Chris (facepalm): Really?
Sam: (sigh) just like old times.
(Pan over to a giant scoreboard coming out of the sinkhole & take to the air with a shady figure standing on top of it.)
?: Hello Monster Buster Club!
Sam: Proskar!
Chris: Geesh! Danny was right. He does look like clown like version of C-3PO.
Proskar: He said that I looked like who now?
Danny (As he's still blasting around in the air all the while Proskar is watching him fly about out of control): It's a long story!
Proskar: I'm not even going to ask about him. Though with that said, I see the team has gotten back together.. Boring!
Cathy: That's not the issue. Explain why you are here to begin with!
Proskar: Oh dear Catherine. Do you really need an explanation?
(Danny crash lands face first in the grass)
Danny: OOMPH! He's got a point you know. It is Proskar we're talking to.
Proskar: I'm here to do what I do the best. Play games. (snaps fingers, then giant, robotic, soccer drones appeared)
Soccer Drones, get them!
(The drones begin to run straight for them)
Cathy (looking over to Sam): You know what to do.
Sam: Got it..
Proskar: Uh uh uh.
(Proskar turns the drones' level to 100% Hard & one of them kicks Sam back a few yards)
Sam: Ghgh!
Danny: Sam are you okay?
Sam: Yeah I'm fine.
Cathy: Figures he would do that.
Danny: Do these suits have some new features which could prove useful? (Danny presses a button before a Drone smashes him, but Danny is left unharmed due to a barrier being produced.) Okay then, force-fields. That's definitely a plus.
(The Drone keeps trying to smashing Danny but to no avail & instead brings destruction only onto itself & turns to rubble. Sam see another Drone zooming to her)
Sam: Okay we know that the suit provides a force field what else can these new suits do? (Sam begins to fly up just before the Drone catches her) The ability of flight via Jet-pack? Awesome!
Cathy: Um I don't really think that's a jet-pack.
Sam: What makes you say that Cathy?
(Sam starts to lose control of her movement. While we see Proskar moving his hand in an almost identical way to Sam.)
Chris: Proskar is controlling her suit!
Sam: Woah oh oh ah!
Proskar: This is a great game, now for the real strategy..
(Proskar pressed a button, as Sam started to fall.)
Sam: Ahhhh!
(She fell, as a black scene covered her view. We then return to the clubhouse as we see Sam on a resting bed all the while moaning in pain)
Cathy: Is she going to be okay?
Mr. Smith: I hope so..
Danny: We really got weak in that fight..
Mr. Smith: And why is that?
Chris: Because back at our days, we used to be powerful.. But now.. we're weak..

Mr. Smith: MBC.. You are not weak.. You are not strong.. But when you're together.. There is nothing that can defeat you.. And even if you haven't been MBC for few years back then, but.. You have each other.. Not just weapons or gadgets..

Danny: I didn't get any of that at all.

Cathy: What my grandpa means is that you guys need to have a bit more faith & confidence in yourselves. Sure it's been a while since you've done this but so long as we're together we can overcome whatever is thrown at us.

(Sam starts waking up)
Sam: What happened?
Danny: Proskar caused you to go out of control & had you get knocked out.
MBComputer: Warning: Proskar detected.
Danny: Location?
MBComputer: Your school.
Chris: Let's go.
All: MBC! Power up!
(Cut over to see Proskar in the sports supply room juggling some tennis balls while whistling some circus music).
Proskar: About time you got here.
Sam: It's game over, Proskar!
Proskar: Not necessarily Samantha. The true game has only just begun. (see the tennis balls he was juggling begin to float in the air.) Let's play ball!
(He threw the tennis balls, as the gang dodges them. The tennis balls come back to Proskar & he sends them back at the MBC.)
Chris: We can't deal with Proskar if we cant even reach him.
(Sam looks over at some tennis rackets.)
Sam: Perhaps if we fought back in his style.
(She then along with Danny, & Chris grab Tennis rackets & start deflecting the tennis balls back at Proskar)
Proskar: I see you are catching on, Monster Busters. Though I must say for busting aliens the Monster portion in your name does seem a bit pointless because of that.
All: We know!
(Some tennis balls start heading towards Cathy who then picks up two rackets)
Cathy: Take this!
(She then hits the balls back while spinning like a top. Causing one of the tennis balls to hit Proskar on the forehead & breaking a device he was wearing that control the sports equipment as well as the MBC's suits.)
My head! Grr! You'll pay for that!
Sam: Maybe we will. But not today. (Proskar is then captured with the use of a Vac Vader. We then see Proskar trapped in a small jail vessel & banging on the glass.) Alien captured!
Danny: We did it!
(Cut back to the Clubhouse where Proskar is being sent to the galactic armada.)
Chris: So does that mean Cathy & Mr. Smith will have to go, now knowing that we got the threat of our town?
Cathy: Well not really. This may come as a surprise to you guys but recently my grandpa got ranked up to commander status.
Mr. Smith: With that I decided to have the Monster Buster Club foundation expand out to multiple planets & Earth was one of the first planets we decided to have that be set up. Although this would mean we will be receiving some more threats more often so we will need to have the team expand too.
Danny: Expand?
Mr. Smith: Indubitably!
Sam: You mean that we'll get more recruits?
Mr. Smith: Well we haven't really managed to have any come to use yet but we did manage to recruit an old friend of ours, Speedy.
Cathy: However it's going to be a while before he gets here.
Danny: Did you say Speedy?
Chris: He's gonna be on our team?
Mr. Smith: Yep.
Sam: That's amazing! This is gonna be the best time of our lives.. And there's nothing that can stop us.. (hugs her friends) There is nothing we cannot do... We are MBC, and we fight aliens and kick their butts!
All: Yeah!
(Meanwhile on a faraway galaxy... A small alien vessel arrives near Earth but is then shot down by a much bigger ship, as a cackle was heard..)
(Cut to the Marathon Logo)