(Open to the MBC At the cafe filling in Franky on what happened.)
Franky: Wait, you and The Cresua have a truce now?
Danny: Well we aren't entirely sure. This one isn't the one you know.
Terra: Well whatever it is let's hope you can resolve the issue with your friend. (A baby is heard in the background crying) Oh dear. Till's woken up again.
All: Till?
Alex: (Looking at Terra's gut) It's been born.
(See Agar carrying a hybrid infant)
Agar: It's okay Till. Daddy's got you.
(Till starts to fall back to sleep while Agar rocks her gently in his arms)
Sam, Cathy, Paige, Franky & Mimi: Aww...
Juan: T-that's my-
(Juan almost fell down)
Till: (cooing in her sleep)
Terra: I bet that you're all probably wondering when this happened.
Speedy: Where babies come from?
Alex: I think she means the birthing process, Speed.
Speedy: Ohh..
Agar: She's about 2 days old.
Juan: Two days!? Shouldn't she be hospitalized!?
Terra: I thought that as well but it's the only way we can keep people from knowing I technically gave birth to an alien.
Agar: So I called Mr. Smith.. to help us.
Terra: He said that Till has a strong power source.. And she just doesn't feel pain..
(Till continuing cooing)
Agar: (holds Till) Shh.. Daddy's here.. Meet your cousin, Juan.
(Till looks at Juan and smiled)
Juan: Hi.
Till: Ju... Juan..
Juan: (gasp) She said my name...
Agar: Heh.. I've been teaching Till how to speak.. Starting with Dada.. Mostly she calls me Da
Alex: Incredible! And at such a young age.
Till: (claps her hands)
(Then suddenly, when she claps, everything floats)
Terra: She's been quite the handful.
Agar: It's her powers.. Every Time she claps, everything floats.. If she's mad she roars, she roars very very loud..
Alex: What happens if she's sad?
Agar: We don't know it yet.
Terra: And let's not figure that out so soon.
Agar: Heh.
Till: (coos)
(Terra's watch beeped.)
Terra: Oh dear.. It's Linda.. She needs us to help her with decorating the house.. But Till..
Juan: I'll babysit her.
Sam: If you want I could help Juan.
Juan: That's okay, I got this..
Terra: Are you sure about this?
Juan: How hard could it be?
Terra: That's the same question you asked when I bought you Gilly the Fish. He's now in the sewers.
(Juan frowns)
Alex: Juan I really think at least someone should help you with keeping an eye on her. Remember what Mehie & Loky said?
Juan: Oh them.. Okay.. (Then later, Terra and Agar leave) Okay, Till. (holds her) Wanna have a snack?
Till: S...nack.
Juan: You know. Food. The stuff that you eat. (opens the fridge, seeing a note) "Be sure to feed her with Apple-sliced Fly Oats.. From Agar" What even are those? (Juan grabbed a container and opened it. He then covered his nose when he smell the food.)
Till: Yum!
Juan: (with a clothes pin on his nose) Okay how many of these are you suppose to have? (He looks at the note again,) huh.. it doesn't say. I suppose I should set a couple of them out for you to eat & if you're hungry still you can have more.
(He fed Till some.)
Till: More! (Rocking back & forth)
(Juan sets a couple more down for her. Till finishes them off instantly)
Juan: Jeepers! You eat fast. Ok, that's enough..
Till: More!
Juan: Sorry Till. I can't give you anymore. Perhaps later I would assume your parents would want these to last.
Till: Okay. (looks downward all mopey)
Juan: (reads another note) "Make sure she's away from any plugs and other dangerous objects.. If she dies, I'll get mad. Fr: Agar"
Alex: Juan is everything alright?
Juan: Everything is fine! I got this..
(Till looks at the knives)
Till: Ooo
Juan: Sorry Till those belong to your dad.
Till: look?
(Till clapped her hands, making the knives float)
Alex: Oh boy.
(Till giggled)
Sam: Is everything okay in he- (She sees Till making the knives float) Juan you may want to get her away from there.
Juan: Yup.. Okay Till-
(Till make the knives flew to the wall & nearly get Alex in the neck)
Alex: Geez, she has some aim!
(Till giggled.)
Juan: Hey Till you want to go for a walk?
Till: Walk?
Juan: You know.. When your two feet move
(Till looks down at her legs)
Till: Ooh.
Juan: But you can't still walk yet..
Till: Aww.
Sam: But Juan, what if someone sees her? (Till transforms into a human disguise) That would work..
(Then Juan grabbed a stroller and went for a walk with Till..)
(Meanwhile at the park)
Juan: And those right there are called trees. They produce air, provide shelter from rain, & are used to build homes like yours.
Till: Ooo..
Wendy: Aww! What a cute baby!
Juan: Oh hey Wendy. This is my cousin Till.
Till: Hi.
Wendy: She's so pretty! How old is she?
Juan: Two
Wendy: Two what?
Juan: Two.. Years
Wendy: Hmm.. She's kind of small for that age isn't she?
Alex: She's born with a growth disorder.
Wendy: Oh.. Wait, when I know about your secret alien foundation.. I wondered if she's an alien..
Juan: Actually.. (whispers) She is..
Wendy: Really? Then how is she related to you?
Alex: She's Juan's Aunt's daughter.
Wendy: Oh hi Alex I didn't see you there.
Alex: ... hey?
Wendy: So, like, who's her father?
Till: Wendy..
Wendy: She said my name!
Alex: She can't form full sentences yet.
Wendy: She's so cute.
Mark: Who's cute?
Wendy: Um. Nothing.
Mark: Hey what's in the stroller?
Juan: My cousin.
(Mark looks into the Stroller)
Mark: Heh nice one. There's nothing in the stroller.
Juan: What are you talking abou- Holy Snits she's gone!
Alex: But how? She was strapped in & everything.
(Till then appears on top of the tree branch looking at a bird)
Juan: Hey! get down from there!
(Till begins to fall but uses her ability to make things float on herself to lower herself down safely.)
Mark: Huh?
(Wendy blocks his view to avoid him from seeing a floating Till. Juan grabbed Till)
Juan: Never do that again!
Till: Sorry.
Mark: What's going on?
Sam: Don't you have your fanbase to visit or something, Mark?
Mark: Now that you brought it up I do. In fact I was about to head off to there when I saw you losers & Wendy. And goodbye. (Mark walks away)
Till: (looks to her right) D-da!
Juan: Heh.. (looks and saw Raga) That's not Da..
Alex: Keep a close eye on Till. Raga still might be under Loky & Mehie's control.
Juan: Right!
Till: Raga..
Wendy: So I'm guessing that thing there is her father.
Sam: Actually that's the father's twin brother.
Wendy: Oh.. Should we run?
Sam: Yup.. (holds Till) Alex, you and Juan attack Raga!
Alex: Got it!
Alex and Juan: MBC, power up!
(See Raga trying to pick up on Till's scent)
Juan: Uncle Raga.
Alex: I don't think it's Raga anymore.. look at his eyes. (Raga growled. His eyes are black as darkness) Mehie & Loky are still controlling him. No doubt about it.
Raga: Run!
(Raga slashes at them as they run away from him)
Till: Raga?
Wendy: So where are we taking her?
Sam: Juan's aunt should be over at his house. She should be safe there.
(Then a red-colored monster appeared.)
Wendy: Ah!
Till: (Clapped her hands)
(The monster is lifted up & pelted back down every time she claps)
Wendy: That's one freaky baby.
Sam: Wait a minute.. Mirage? (The monster growled.) What happened to you?
(See the bug falling off of him as Mirage reverts back to normal)
Mirage: Where am I?
Sam: Mirage! What happened?
Mirage: I don't know. I just remember that I was at your HQ with Odorster then Mehie & Loky showed up. Anything else that happened after that just comes up blank. (Mirage looks down at the ground where he sees the bug that was dispatched onto him lays crushed)
Alex: Ahhh!
(See Juan & Alex running away from Raga)
Mirage: (backs away from the bug in fear) I think this will help you to figure out what wrong with that big guy.
(Sam picked it up and put it to a plastic bag. Then the gang ran, as they ran to Linda's house.)
Linda: Thanks for helping me with this Terra. Are you sure Juan & Co are capable of handling your baby daughter?
Terra: I'm sure they'll be fine.
Juan: Ahh!
Leapy: Hey that sounds like Juan!
(Juan and the gang entered the house, locking the door.)
Kat: Dad?! (looks at Mirage)
Juan: Lock the doors now! He's out there!
Cathy: Who's out there?
Till: (laughs) Raga..
Agar: Oh no. The Dark twins must've sent him down here to retrieve Till.
Danny: (locks the doors)
(Alex locks the windows)
Wendy: Why would someone want an innocent baby like her anyway?
Terra: She may be part human but she also carries some of Agar's DNA.
Sam: (scans on the bug) Hmm.. (reading the files)
Juan: Well what does it say?
Sam: It says that this bug is a Dark Parasite & it contains primal poison. And whoever has possession over the bug's queen is able to command them at will.
Mirage: Raga, Odorster & I aren't the only ones which were implanted with one of those.
Alex: Who else?
Mirage: There are plenty outlaws in the galaxy.
Danny: Can you list off some names?
Mirage: Hmm.. Let's see. Proskar, Bunny King, The Hypnaghoul, Herptilius, Mafuse, the Octovores & Veedy from what I remember.
Danny: Wait.. Those are the baddies that we captured.
Mirage: They're just the bottom of the barrel. (looks at the dissected Dark Parasite) Renzat's dad, The Dark Lord has basically produced an entire army of aliens pretty much zombified by those darn things.
Danny: The Dark Lord? Renzat's dad?
?: Indeed.
(Renzat comes down the stairs slowly. Alex turns around to Renzat growling at him furiously)
Renzat: Eek! Please don't hurt me! I'm on your side this time.
Alex: How do we know we can trust you!?
Renzat: I know everything about my dad! (sigh) The Dark Lord is the king of the Dark side. He rules all cosmos with a black fist of pain, hurt, and monsters.. I wasn't like this.. But.. I used to be a black prince, until he cursed me once I met Raga... We were on Xeronica at the time. My father implanted me with one of those bugs transforming me into a monster. Raga did all that he could to try & get me back under control but I just went on a primal rampage. (We see a primitive Renzat head over to a Vermal hut) Renzat tried to get through to me. But that bug was interfering with my sense of sound. Raga tried to rescue me.. But.. My father.. He cursed his heart & ordered him to tell me to kill.
(See a Baby Alex & Sonara asleep as their parents meet their fate)
Alex: So that fight we had in MBPHQ was just acted!?
Renzat: Not entirely. Once when you defeated me there you managed to knock out the bug my father planted into me all those years ago.
(Flashback to when Alex fighting off Renzat at the MBPHQ)
Flashback Alex: This is for killing my parents!
(He let's out so much electricity while Renzat's tail is in his mouth that it nearly stops Renzat's heart & cuts off power to half of the vicinity)
Flashback Renzat: Ahhh! (faints)
(Zoom in on Renzat as bug pops out of Renzat's back & burns up in a nearby flame.)
(Then another flashback to when Loky and Mehie came to Raga's ship.)
Renzat: And I acted as my bad self in order to hold up the display of me being under the control of that parasite in order to then help save Raga from my dad. But then they reemerged.
Sam: Loky and Mehie.
Renzat: They & my father are the ones behind everything! (cries)
Alex: I.. I.. Don't know what there is to say about you.
Till: Forgive?
(Alex looks at Till)
Alex: (sigh) I guess I may as well. I'm sorry for hurting you, Renzat.
Renzat: Call me Prince Stars. Renzat is just the codename I went under once I became infested with that bug.
(Alex smiles. Then the door started to break)
Cathy: Did you manage to find a way to reverse the effects yet, Sam?
Sam: Actually, yes. Raga needs to drink some starlight potions.
All: Starlight potions?
Alex: How are we going to get those?
Renzat: My dad has those.. On Deep Space.
Juan: Wait.. But to get them we need to go to his location.
Loky: Well now you can!
(See Raga busted down the door & grab Till)
Terra: Till!
Agar: Raga you give me back my daughter!
Till: Raga..
(Raga started to turn back, but the darkness overtook him. He jumps to a ship)
Renzat: We need to go after them! If my dad gets a bug onto that little girl she'll become a living breathing doomsday device!
(Juan snuck into the ship)
Terra: Juan? Juan!
(The ship flew, with Juan in it. We then see the words, "To Be Continued" show up as the Marathon Logo appears.)