Previously on Monster Buster Club - Protector's of Earth:
oh dear. Till's woken up again.
Alex: (Looking at Terra's gut) It's been born.
Juan: I'll babysit her.
Sam: If you want I could help Juan.
Alex: Juan I really think at least someone should help you with keeping an eye on her. Remember what Mehie & Loky said?
Juan: Oh them.. Okay..
Alex: Geez, she has some aim!
(Till giggled.)
Wendy: Aww! What a cute baby!
Juan: Oh hey Wendy. This is my cousin Till.
Where am I?
Sam: Mirage! What happened?
Mirage: I don't know.
Wendy: Why would someone want an innocent baby like her anyway?
Terra: She may be part human but she also carries some of Agar's DNA.
Renzat: They & my father are the ones behind everything! (cries)
(Juan snuck into the ship)
Terra: Juan? Juan!

(Open to Juan on board Loky & Mehie's ship.)
Juan: Okay I just need to make sure I can get a hold of some of that starlight potion stuff so I can help to release everyone out of Dark Lord's control.
(Juan's V-Com starts to turn on)
Sam: Juan come in. Are you there?
Juan: Shh!
Sam: (gasp) Guys he's on the ship!
Agar: Is he out of his mind!? He'll be caught for sure!
Juan: I had no choice! It's my responsibility to make sure I get Till back safely.
Renzat: Juan, you have no idea what you're going up against! You wont make it out alive solo.
Juan: Well then it's best that you guys come after me then. I'm not just going to sit around & let my cousin become a mindless, primitive, killing machine.
Loky: Did you hear something?
Mehie: I don't know. Maybe we should make a pit stop at a nearby planet to make sure that the engine is working.
Juan: I gotta go (Ends the call)
(back on Earth)
Alex: You promise us that you know where we will be going.
Renzat: Yes I assure you I am. (Looks at Agar while getting into an MBC pod) Let's get your daughter & nephew back.
(The ship take off with Alex, Sam, Danny, Cathy, Chris, Kat, Mirage, Agar, Renzat, Paige, Speedy, Mimi & Mr. Smith all inside)
Terra: Be careful, Agar!
(See Terra, Sonara, Leapy & Wendy waving them off. Cut back to Loky & Mehie's ship landing in Deep Space.)
Loky: Thrusters seem to be okay.
Mehie: Must've just been some space turbulence.
(Loky looks at Raga)
Loky: Check on the hybrid kid.
Raga: Yes sir.
Till: (looks at Raga) Ra..Ga..
Juan: Till.
Till: (gasp) Cos-
Juan: Shh..
(Till stays silent and looks at Raga. He puts her hand on Raga's cheek)
Raga: Hey get your hand away from there! (She grabs something out of Raga's cheek to low & beholding it to be the parasite as Raga reverts back to normal.) What the?
Till: Ooo. (tickles Raga's neck)
Raga: hehe. Hey there little fella. So I guess I'm your Uncle.
Juan: She freed Raga?
Till: (giggles) Uncy Raga!
(The bug starts to run off unbeknown to them as it goes to warn the dark twins.)
(Meanwhile with the MBC)
Kat: (Whimpering)
Mirage: Don't worry. I'll make sure that they don't get more than 3 feet close to you.
Kat: I'm just worried about Juan.
Sam: Wow. Ever since that bug was taken out of you you've had one heck of a change of heart, Mirage.
Mirage: Because I want to pay back to those freaky twins for hurting my daughter's boyfriend's uncle! He is my boss after all.
Renzat: We should be approaching Deep Space in just a few minutes.
Mimi: (Hears growling) Anyone else hear something?
Mirage: It sounds like it's coming from in the storage room.
(They opened the door, then suddenly, a purple monster appears.)
Speedy: N-no.. it couldn't be.
(The purple monster runs circles around Speedy)
Danny: What did they do to Veedy!?
Speedy: Veedy, stop! This isn't you!
Mirage: He wont be able to hear you now. His mind is lost in darkness thanks to that Moon Parasite.
(The mutated Veedy snarls at them)
Alex: How did he even get on board?
Speedy: Loky & Mehie must've expected us to go after them so they had him sneak on board while we made that pit stop.
(Veedy attacked.)
(Meanwhile on Deep Space.)
Loky: (picks up the bug) Huh.. Till removed the bug.
Mehie: Master told us she had the ability to do that.
Raga: (looks at Loky and Mehie) (whispers to Himself) Oh no.. I need to get out.
Juan: I can help.
Raga: Act like I caught you.
Mehie: RAGA!
(Raga carries Juan and went out.)
Juan: (pretends to be knocked out.)
Loky: Well that's odd. Looks like we weren't the only ones who had one of our own stowaway. I guess we could try to have use for him. Where's the infant?
(Raga holds Till, who is asleep)
Mehie: Good. Now follow us (holds the bug over Juan's face) or else!
(Raga followed Mehie and Loky. We see the group make it over to Dark Lord's room)
Dark Lord: You did well Raga. But who is the boy?
Raga: My nephew, sire.
Dark Lord: Put him the corner with the others if you please.
(Raga grabbed Juan and went to the corner. Look over to see the other aliens under the bug's control)
Raga: You mean this corner?
Dark Lord: Yes, indeed. That one.
Raga: But he won't stand a chance!
Dark Lord: Are you defying me? You heart cursed Son of Yin?
Raga: No, but he's my nephew..
(Juan opened his left eye slowly and looked at Raga)
Juan: And I definitely defy you!
(Juan grabs out his blaster)
Dark Lord: What?! He's alive?!
Till: Juan..
Juan: Don't worry Till we'll get you back to my aunt.
(Mehie looks over at the aliens controlled by Moon Parasites)
Mehie: Get them!
(The aliens attacked, as Raga pulled out his blaster and shoots at them)
(Back with the MBC)
Speedy: Veedy come on! Fight it!
(Veedy growls)
(He opens up his jaws & crunches a bunch of crates to pieces. Speedy looked at the floor and saw a paintbrush and color pencils.)
Speedy: Maybe this will help jog his memory.
Franky: Speedy don't. You'll hurt yourself!
Speedy: I don't care! He's still my brother. (Speedy gets closer to Veedy) Veedy.. Remember these?
(Veedy looks at the paintbrush. Veedy stopped attacking and walked closer)
Veedy: My.. my.. my paintbrush?
Speedy: Yeah that's right.
(Veedy's eyes started to return to normal. Veedy remembered the times he used to paint)
Speedy: You used to make some of the best art around.
Veedy: I.. Am. (Veedy smiled, reverts back to normal and hugged Speedy) I never thought I'd be happy to see you of all people.
Speedy: It's gonna be okay. Where did he implant that bug?
Veedy: On my tail..
(Looks at Veedy's tail which looks like as if it is covered up)
Speedy: How long has your tail been like that?
Veedy: For quite a while. I've had the sudden urge to cover up my tail with stuff.
Mirage: It's part of the bug's instincts. They usually have the host cover up the portion where they enter into them with stuff they find lying about.
Speedy: Let me take the bug out.
Renzat: It isn't that easy. You need to have it be exposed first.
Sam: And how do we do that?
Renzat: This might hurt for a little Veedy, but it's for your own good.
(Renzat grabs a vase of flowers & pours the water out onto Veedy's tail)
Veedy: (Clenching his teeth in pain.) Ow!
(The bug starts to show itself. Speedy grabbed the bug and smashes it)
Cathy: Wait I thought that only Starlight Potions would get rid of them.
Renzat: They do. But Water is one of the vital ingredients for making it. And they absolutely hate water!
Speedy: Kind of like Mafuse?
Renzat: Exactly.
Cathy: Oh...
Paige: Guys, we're here
(They approach a Death Star esc shaped Ship.)
Franky: Well someone had inspiration.
Danny: Eerie.
Chris: Preparing the land. Brace yourselves!
(They landed on the port, where they see lights inside. Then they heard a familiar voice.)
Juan: (attacking the aliens) Take that!
Agar: (Seeing Raga) Juan get away from him!
Raga: Hey Agar.
Agar: I swear Raga, if you harmed my daughter in any way at all!
Juan: He's not bad anymore!
Raga: Till got rid of the Moon Parasite.
(Till appeared behind Raga)
Renzat: Raga!
Raga: Renzat! Hey bud! (the two hug it out like old friends) I miss you, buddy!
Juan: Veedy?
Speedy: Don't worry. He's on our side.
Veedy: Long story..
Juan: Explanations later.
Dark Lord: Well well well. What do we have here?
(Everyone looked at the Dark Lord)
Sam: Oh my goodness!
Dark Lord: Stars. I haven't seen you in ages!
Renzat: Hello... Father!
Alex: So it is true.
Renzat: Where is she?
(See Till in a tube on top of the Dark Parasite Queen)
Agar, Raga & Juan: Till!?
Dark Lord: She wont be Till anymore.
(Till transforms into a monster part Human part Temnios part Moon Parasite)
Juan: Till! No!
Alex: She fused-
Cathy: With the Parasite Queen!
Dark Lord: The perfect creation!
Till: (Roars demonically)
Dark Lord: Now my little abomination, attack them!
Agar: Till no!
(Till attacks but turns on the ship)
Dark Lord: What!? You listen to me now! And I order you to attack them! (Till opens her mouth a fires off a huge blast at Dark Lord.)Gah!
(Till rampages on)
Agar: Till, stop!
Dark Lord: Get her my slaves. (The Infested aliens turn on Dark Lord) What's going on? Why are they listening to me?
Renzat: Don't you see now, Dad? You implanted the Queen inside of Till. They will only listen to her.
Juan: Is that good or bad?
Renzat: Trust me that is very much bad! With a capital "B"
Raga: Till!
(Till looks at him)
Mehie: That's it Till. Finish them off! You were born for this!
Alex: I should've known you two would be behind this! What are you two doing to her!?
Loky: You're that stupid? It's obvious that we are controlling the queen!
(Dark Lord looks at his two second in commands in disgust)
Dark Lord: You dirty little double-crossers!
Mehie: Oh you knew that we would turn on your kingdom, you Sewer rat!
Alex: So you don't follow Dark Lord?
Loky: We don't follow anyone.
Juan: We got to find a way to reverse this.
Dark Lord: The Starlight Potions. They're in the farthest room in this ship.
Juan: (looks at the bug and to his blaster) I have an idea.
Dark Lord: Let's not hesitate.
Mehie: Oh no you don't!
(Mehie & Loky command Dark Till to send the queen's slaves after them)
Mirage: Split up!
(The group split up into two groups to divert the slaved aliens. An infested Proskar, Herptilius & Odorster follow Agar, Sam, Cathy, Chris, Danny, Speedy, Paige, Mirage & Mimi while an infested Jenny Octovore, & Brock Octovore chase after Raga, Renzat, Alex, Juan, Dark Lord, Veedy, & Franky)
Alex: Get back you! (Blasts at a slaved alien)
(They make it to the room with the potions)
(Till approaches)
Juan: Fire!
(The Potion splashes onto the mob & frees the aliens knocking them out at that... all except for Till.)
Kat: She's still infected!
Juan: How!? It was suppose to heal everyone!
Mehie: Till has been implanted with the Queen.
Loky: Therefore she's immune.
(Till get's ready to fire another dark blast)
Juan: (Looks at Speedy) Wait how did Veedy get freed?
Speedy: I helped him remember who he was.
(Juan feels something in his pocket. It turns out to be the box of Apple-Sliced Fly Oats)
Juan: Stand back. I know what to do!
Mehie & Loky: Fire at the boy!
(Juan gets his shield out & blocks the blast as he gets closer to them)
Juan: (Juan holds out the box) Till remember these? I fed these to you.
(Till starts to remember)
Mehie: The weapon is not taking him out!
Loky: I have a grim solution to this!
(Juan pulls out his Vac Vader just as Loky gives Till one final order. He then proceeds to bust Loky & Mehie.)
Juan: Alright now that leaves one li-DYAUH!
(See that the Dark Parasite Queen has Till stab Juan through the back)
All: NO!
(Juan falls forward motionless)
Agar: Juan.
(Everyone gathers around him when..)
Renzat: The Parasite queen. She's separating from Till!
(See Till & the Parasite Queen separate)
Dark Lord: (Gets the Starlight Potion) Take this. (He pours the liquid on the queen's back causing it to disintegrate.)
(Till goes over to Juan's body.)
Till: Play? (She tries to get him to move but nothing happens. Till looks at Agar who is mourning.) Juan.. Play?
Agar: I'm afraid Juan isn't with us anymore. While enslaved you killed him.
Till: (Gasp) (She looks back at Juan as she sees the stab wound. She then starts tearing up) Juan... Juan.. (She cries over her cousin's dead body)
Alex: Hey guys! Look the wound is disappearing!
(See that Till's tears are making Juan's stab wound shrink.)
Raga: Her tears are healing him.
Juan: (starts to wake up) H-huh? Till..
Till: Juan okay..
Juan: Yes Till. Juan okay.
(The two hug)
Dark Lord: Now I must go protect my kingdom.. (He looks at Renzat) I'm sorry I caused all of this to happen. I should've listened to you. 500 Xeronican Years ago.
Renzat: That's okay, dad.
(Dark Lord removes the curse on Renzat, turning him back to his Prince self)
Prince Stars: Come on. We got a kingdom to restore.
Dark Lord: Good-bye, all.
Prince Stars: Raga, Alex.
Alex & Raga: yeah?
Prince Stars: Thank you. For everything.
Raga: I wont forget you.
(Prince Stars and Dark Lord vanished)
Alex: See-ya Prince Stars.
(Then the MBP came)
Kat: Juan thank goodness you're okay.
Juan: Well I guess we know what happens when Till gets sad now.
(Till looks at both of them)
Till: Kiss?
(Juan blushes)
Juan: Well I-
(Kat kisses him)
Mirage (tearing up & looks over at Raga): They grow up so fast. Don't they boss?
Raga: Yup..
(The MBP grabbed the bad aliens.)
MBP soldier: Wait, where's the dark twins? (Juan gives them his blaster) There's nothing in this.
Juan: What!? But I caught them.
Alex: They must've found out a way out.
(Juan looked at space)
Juan: We'll where ever they're at we'll be ready for them.
(Cut to the Marathon Logo)