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If Yuki was being quite honest with herself, Yuno seriously creeped her out. He was the kind of person her mother had always told her to avoid when she was younger, except now, when for some reason, her mother was encouraging her to have sex with him. And Yuno wanted it too.

But this was the thing that neither of them seemed to understand: she didn't want to give herself to him, not at all. She didn't even really like him. The only reason that Yuki was still hanging around Yuno was because she needed some way to protect herself when so many other people were still trying to kill her (and maybe, deep down, she also thought she might be able to pull him out of whatever hole he was digging himself into).

Yuki thought that her mother at least would be able to see through Yuno's disguise as the nicest boy in town, perfect to bring home to your parents, an absolute gentleman. She thought that after everything that went down with Yuki's father, her mother would be able to clearly see what kind of insanity Yuno was.

Evidently, she was very, very wrong.

Whatever. She could deal with a few unwanted kisses here and there, and if she absolutely needed to, she could go farther. At this point, she just wanted to stay alive, not to become the next Deus or something, but just to live. Yuki couldn't let it end so soon, not when she actually had friends now. People she actually wanted to spend time around, not like the others at school who made her life horrible. She didn't care if she had to call Yuno her boyfriend to keep him from killing them all out of jealousy (and she knew he would actually do it- would have already done it if she hadn't stopped him the first time).

How had her life gotten to this point? Sometimes, she thought everything was just some kind of fever dream. Or maybe she was stuck in a coma or something, and this was something her mind came up with in order to cope with the reality, or-

No. Yuki had to stay focused, and do what she needed to in order to stay alive and win the game, and if she had to go have sex with Yuno to keep him on her side, then she would.

Whatever it took.

(And if she was being honest with herself, she wasn't quite convinced that if he didn't get what he wanted, Yuno would take her anyway and kill her too. With the way his mind was twisted, how could she know that he wasn't convincing himself that she wanted it too?)

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