OTP Prompt: Person A is a god or godlike figure. Person B is their creation.

a/n: angsty, but i'm kind of proud. unbeta'd.

She had only wanted to bring them all back to life. She didn't know it was going to be like this; that it would be so lonely, so dark, so...boring.

Yuki'd been there for a hundred years now, stuck in the void with only Muru Muru for company. As much as she enjoyed talking to Muru Muru, hearing her complain about how bored she was after reading the same manga for the hundredth time was getting kind of annoying. She thought about creating another world from time to time, but the thought of a world without him by her side was enough to send her into a depressive fit that lasted fifty years.

Akise Aru. The one person who had always been on her side during the entire game, who'd tried to tell her the truth about Yuno, who'd loved her the whole time. And now he was gone.

(One time, Muru Muru had asked why she didn't simply create him again. Yuki only responded with "It wouldn't be the same.)

What good was it, to try and recreate him, when there was no way she could copy his perfection? What good was it when there was no way that she could ever get Akise, her Akise back? There was simply no point in even trying, not when she had no chance and knew it.

There was another option, that she'd thought of during the days when her longing for him grew to be too much. If she truly wanted, she could jump to the third world again, take its Akise, and bring him to be with her.

(She could make him hers, force him to love her-)

Yuki knew it was insanity, that she couldn't just kidnap him from his home world, that Deus still needed him. But she wanted it, wanted him so badly, that she was almost willing to do it.


She knew she couldn't do it. It probably helped that Muru Muru reminded her every day, in between begging her to create another world.

She couldn't do anything, anymore, because she was nothing without him.

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