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At three in the morning, Shinoa Hiiragi was not expecting to be jolted awake and out of bed by her phone. Drowsily, she reached for it from the floor and, not looking to see who was calling, answered it with a slurred, "'hllo?"

"SHINOA, oh my god, you have to help me," Yuu promptly screamed in her ear. "I fucked up. I done goofed. Help."

Shinoa took a deep breath. She really loved her best friend, but it was way too early to deal with this crap. Facepalming lightly, she sighed and said, "Stop screaming. What happened?"

"Okay, okay, it all started when I ran into Mika like, three days ago," said Yuu. "You remember me talking about Mika, right?"

"No, not at all," said Shinoa. "Who's he? Oh, right, just the one guy you've never stopped talking about the whole time we've known each other. Yes, I know who Mika is."

"Shinoa, now is not the time for jokes!" said Yuu. "I'm actually about to panic here."

"Yeah, yeah," said Shinoa. "Anyway, go on."

"So we ran into each other, right? And we started talking, and catching up, 'cause you know we haven't seen each other in like, eight freaking years, and oh my god Shinoa he's gotten so hot it's incredible, he's so tall and muscly but not like, a complete meathead or something, and his eyes have gotten even more blue I swear to god-"

"Yuu, focus," said Shinoa, cutting her off before she could go on a rant about her favorite Mika fantasies. "So then what happened?"

"Right! We talked for hours, man, and at the end he was like, 'hey, can I have your number? I really don't want to fall out of contact again' so I gave it to him. And we've been texting like, constantly for the last three days," said Yuu.

"Oh wait, is he the person I've been teasing you about?" asked Shinoa. "Because every time you get a text from him, you get the goofiest look on your face and it's hilarious."

"Shinoa!" said Yuu, sounding annoyed.

"Yuu and Mika, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g-"

"Shinoa, seriously! This is important! Though, it is kind of related to that…" Yuu said the last part so quietly Shinoa almost didn't hear her.

Now feeling completely awake, Shinoa said, "So what's the problem here? It can't be anything too bad."

"We were texting tonight and I kind of...may have...given him a booty call?" said Yuu, sounding unsure.

"You what," said Shinoa.

"It was a joke, I swear!" said Yuu, now just sounding frantic. "But he answered seriously, and I sent him my address, and he said he was coming over, and I think we're going to have sex, Shinoa!"

"Wait, do you not want to have sex with him?" asked Shinoa, more than a little confused.

"No, no, I do!" said Yuu. "It's just...I want more than that too. I don't want this to just be a one-night thing."

"Why not just tell him that?" said Shinoa.

"But what if I ruin everything?" said Yuu. "I don't want to end our friendship right as we're starting out again."

"Yuu, you're having sex with him. It's going to be awkward if this talk doesn't happen anyway," said Shinoa, deadpan.

"Ugh, I hate to say it, but you're right," said Yuu. She breathed in sharply as a loud knock echoed through her apartment. "Alright, that's probably him. I have to go. Thanks for listening."

"No prob, fam," said Shinoa, yawning. "Go get 'im, tiger! Be seductive! Get some!"

Yuu snorted and said, "Sure. Thanks again," and hung up. Shinoa stared at her phone for a second, before finally getting up and crawling back on her bed. Smiling, she rolled over, and her last thoughts before she fell asleep again were I'm glad Yuu's finally getting some, and I can't wait for my date with Mitsu tomorrow so I can tell her all about this.

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