a/n: now here's a pairing i've never written before. unbeta'd.

After a long day of traveling, Yuu was ready to pass out right where she was standing. Luckily, Guren was there to keep her from falling over.

"Come on, Yuu, you can't sleep here," he said, sounding peeved. "We've still got to get to our hotel. You can make it until then."

The two were on a business trip (or rather, Guren was on the business trip and Yuu had simply tagged along) in London, entirely too far from home, in Yuu's opinion. She just didn't want to be that far away from Guren for three full weeks, so she'd packed up her pencils and sketchbook and brought her work along so she could follow him halfway across the world. She didn't realize just how far the journey was going to be, however, and was exhausted by the time the plane finally landed in the airport.

"But Gureeenn, I'm tired," she whined. "Are you sure I can't just sleep on you? You make a great pillow, you know."

He snorted softly. "I know, but you have to at least make it to the hotel. Then we can sleep as long as we want, because I still have tomorrow off."

Yuu wasn't listening, instead just nodding off where she stood leaning on the suitcases. Guren sighed and hailed a taxi, knowing that he was going to follow her into the land of sleep any minute. Somehow, he managed to get all of their things in the trunk and not forget anything, then shoved Yuu in and finally sat down beside her.

As he gave the driver the hotel's name, he could feel Yuu's head coming to rest on his shoulder and her pressing into his side all the way. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer.

"Love you," she mumbled as she snuggled closer.

"Love you too," he said, and dropped a kiss on her forehead, before she fell asleep completely and he looked out over the city, thinking how lucky he was to have her by his side.

i have this great headcanon that guren is actually the sappiest bf if he actually likes you. hope you liked it! hmu on tumblr at purple-dragon, requests are always open!