The Secret of Life, by Dickfart

"Timmy! Libby-luh Timmuh."

"Y-you gggot that ri-you got that riaaat-you-you got that ruh-ruh-you got that ri-you've got a point there, Tim Tim."

"mmrph mur mmmu mumumugb mrrr," said Kenny.

The three boys shared a laugh. When a bolder rolled down the mountain and crushed Kenny to death, Jimmy and Timmy shared a laugh as the Shitty Pa Town rats came and dragged the bloodied corpse away poignantly in the sunset. These three boys were the soul keepers of the true meaning of life. And now one of them was dead.


"Ab-s-sofuckinlutely!" said Jimmy.

And they never spoke of this again. Not even to... Squidward's house.

The End