a/n: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ age gap, anyone? (unbeta'd.)

Yuu never quite knew how to answer questions about her boyfriend. On one hand, she wanted to scream about how much she loved him, about how happy he made her and how she wanted to stay with him forever. On the other, she didn't want anyone to know about their relationship, so she could keep everything just between them.

Crowley, of course, thought this was hilarious. "Come on, love," he'd say. "What does it matter, who all knows about us? I know you get weird questions. So do I, but who cares? As long as I've got you, I'll be fine."

"Yeah, you're right," she'd say, and that would be the end of that. Who cared that much about their relationship anyway?

Apparently Crowley's friends did.

"So, Yuu," Ferid said. "How is everything with Crowley? I want to know everything."

"Me too," said Krul. "All the details. Leave nothing out."

Ferid and Krul were Crowley's best friends, and if she was being quite honest, Yuu thought they both were complete creeps. Ferid was tall, lean, and acted like a greasy businessman. She was also pretty sure he had this strange obsession with her, because every time they saw each other he would practically drape himself on her, and he'd talk to her with this really weird tone, like he was implying something just by saying her name. No, she did not like Ferid.

Krul was short, sarcastic, and pink-haired, and Yuu didn't really understand how exactly that worked considering the fact that she was the CEO of a rather large company. (Pink hair didn't seem all that...professional.) Still, she had almost liked Krul until she'd shown her dark side by quite literally kicking a stray puppy as they walked down the street. Yuu had been horrified, and when she glanced at Crowley, she felt gratified to see that his eyes were just as wide as hers. No, Krul was influential, but practically demonic, and Yuu didn't like her either.

Yuu's friends were also into asking awkward questions. Every time they were all together, they'd all gather around her in a circle, throwing out things like, "how's he been treating you?" and "you're not his secret sex slave right?" and "you fought for the hundredth time yesterday. Shouldn't you break up with him?" It got very tiring after a while, but she knew they were doing it mostly out of concern. And maybe a little bit of perverse curiosity.

Their biggest concern, though, was the age gap. Crowley was a full ten years older than Yuu, and for some reason, her friends thought this was the worst thing on the planet. In fact, the first question she'd gotten after she'd announced their relationship was "you're not his sugar baby, are you?"

It was embarrassing and she hated it, but she knew that it was worth it to be with Crowley. He was the sweetest boyfriend she'd ever had- always paying her compliments, and taking her out on dates, and always, always, being a gentleman. Yuu, in return, tried her best to keep her temper in check, to not get jealous when practically everything on two legs flirted with him, and tried to support him as much as she could.

Their relationship wasn't perfect- they fought over even the smallest things, but Yuu kept in mind what her mother had told her long ago: to never go to bed without resolving an argument. The best thing about this whole relationship, Yuu thought, was how they both valued communication so much. She knew that they wouldn't break up over silly misunderstandings.

As she looked at Crowley, asleep beside her with one arm around her waist and his mouth wide open with a bit of drool coming out one side, she knew she was in the one place she knew she always wanted to be in, for the rest of her life.

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