a/n: idk if this counts as a pairing. it's more of yuu being weirded out and kureto being his usual eyebrow-y self. (maybe. if this too isn't horribly ooc.) unbeta'd.

It all came to a head when he caught her snooping around the experiments after dark.

She hadn't heard him coming up behind her, only felt his hand gripping her shoulder before she was abruptly turned around and marched out of the room that she was pretty sure contained Kimizuki's sister. Yuu struggled against her captor, but he simply kneed her in the back and brought up a hand to cover her mouth, pressing it shut. She flailed, trying to turn around so she could punch him or something, so he pulled her over his shoulder like she was a sack of potatoes, leaving her to beat ineffectively at his back.

"Let me go, jerk!" Yuu yelled, hoping that someone, anyone, would hear her and come to help.

"Shouting won't do you any good," said her captor. "We're all alone here. I sent everyone home early because I knew you were going to sneak around here tonight."

She recognized that voice and groaned in sheer revulsion- there was only one person with a voice that smarmy and stalkerish knowledge of everyone in the army: Kureto Hiiragi. It was just her luck that last week, both she and Guren had insulted him in front of others; that must've been what made him keep an eye on her (even more so than usual). She hadn't truly meant to insult him, but there was just something about him that made her want to make him angry (it was probably the eyebrows).

Yuu decided to stop struggling. There was no use in it; he wasn't going to let her go, not then, and maybe she'd get the chance to escape once they got outside.

Yuu did not, in fact, get the chance to escape once they got outside.

Kureto had walked out to an alley beside the building they were in, because there seemed to be shady-looking alleys everywhere nowadays, and set her down hard. She shrank down closer to the wall as he came closer, too close, and rested one hand on the wall, blocking her way out.

"Mind telling me what exactly you think you were doing right in there?" It wasn't a question.

"I was just…" she couldn't get the words out. He was too close, too imposing. Yuu couldn't focus with him right there.

"You just what?" he said, almost growling. "You need to learn to stay out of things that don't concern you. Someday, it could get you into bigger trouble. There are people here who are...much less forgiving than I am."

Yuu forced herself to calm down and not fight back like she so desperately wanted to. Instead, she thought, what would Mika do? What would he tell me to do?

Probably play along so I don't die right here. That's what he always did in Sanguinem, so that's what I should do here.

Swallowing, she said shakily, "Yes. You're right. I won't come here again."

Kureto moved back from the wall, allowing her to slip out. "Good," he said. "Now go." She turned and ran, and as he watched her go, he thought about what he'd seen- the flash of rage in her eyes before she'd pushed it down, her nervousness at how close he was yet her unwillingness to back down. She was, quite possibly, the most interesting thing he'd seen in a very long time. He'd have to keep an eye on her.

Perhaps, he could mould her into something great.

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