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Chapter %: Four back


When Barry woke up he was still laying against Bruce. "Huh? What happened?" He was confused to see J'onn in the room as well.

"You were having an episode after learning Wally is here," Bruce told him. Quickly thanking J'onn whom then left to go continue dealing with Wally a few rooms down.

"I no have an episode," Barry pouted childishly.

"Yes, but don't worry. J'onn and myself were able to help you out," Bruce told Barry, amused by how childish Barry is. "Don't worry, we won't let Wally see you like that."

"He'd hate me..." Barry looked down. The League had to care for him now. He was pathetic. No one outside the League had any love for him.

"We can help him, we are a family and are willing to help him see you like the rest of us do." He said, "He just a child thinking he know better than everyone else it just a phrase."

"But you all see me as your child," Barry pointed out.

"You can be Wally's big brother," Batman suggested. "Hal is willing to help you." He wish the green lantern would not make things difficult, trying to kill Iris in the open like that was insane. He should have done it somewhere private.

"I guess that could be nice," Barry admitted. "Would he enjoy that?"

"How could he not, he will always have someone to be close and someone willing to hug him," Batman tempted the broken speedster.

"I love hugging people," Barry giggled, then looked sad. "Are you sure Iris is dead? It doesn't feel real."

"I can get you the death certificate later if you want," Bruce offered. He could easily fake the documents and have them say she die when and how he wanted it to be done.

"I just... I don't want her to be dead!" Barry objected.

"I am sorry, but maybe you can find someone better, someone who cares about you like you deserve," Batman said. Not a proper relationship, but he'd let his child play pretend if he wanted. Under supervision of course.

"Like who?" Barry questioned.

"I don't know, but there are plenty of heroes and maybe one of the future heroes might be willing to help you if being the child of every League is not enough," Bruce mused.

"Help me?" Barry wondered what the future held for him.

"Make you comfortable," Bruce said. While he didn't plan on making a race of immortals... but if he could get it to work maybe have a few new members get the benefits of immortality should they prove themselves loyal enough to the founders.

Barry laid his head on Bruce's lap. "I want to fall in love again one day."

"I am sure you can, you're the most lovable hero there is," Bruce chuckled. Batman himself stopped caring about romance after the accident with Catwoman.

Barry grinned at that.

The smiled made Bruce happy, and he rewarded Barry by ruffling his hair. "There will be plenty of superheros that would love to be with you."

"Aww," Barry blushed.

"Your cute, in shape, and a hero with good sense of humor who wouldn't want you?" Bruce would have to ensure that whoever it was had no wrong intentions with his child.

"Iris said I was too child like," Barry said sadly.

Bruce rolled his eyes at that. "She was a drunk, who cares what she thinks."

"You say I'm a child," Barry added.

"So that doesn't mean me and the League don't love you, and I don't think people should care," As far as Bruce was concerned, Barry was perfect this way. Why would he ever want to change or dirty his innocent personality?

"Are you sure?" Barry wanted to grow up mentally and get married again and have a life. Would they let him?

"I am sure we'll find someone," Bruce assured him gently. They just had to be careful maybe find someone broken like Barry, or someone who would be willing to play pretend for Barry and act as a babysitter when the League was busy.

"I'll let you decide," Barry told him, knowing Bruce would find someone who would never hurt him like Iris had.

That would make controlling the situation even easier, so Bruce was glad Barry was handing control of this to him. As he always should. "That's what I like to hear. Who knows, maybe we can get Wally to one day see you as a father figure," He said as he keep on petting Barry head. Not that Barry would actually be in charge of Wally, no, it could be part of the pretend play though if Barry wanted it.

"I don't think I'd make a very good parent," Barry admitted, loving the affection. A moment of clarity telling him that he should probably never be in charge of another living being aside from maybe a dog.

"We can make you a big brother to Wally, I'm sure he would like that," Bruce replied, he wanted to keep him here and having two speedsters was a good thing.

"Ok," Barry agreed immediately.

"I am sure Hal will help," Bruce said, thinking about how he felt Hal was being too rebellious for his own good as well. The Green Lantern was in need of a reminder of his place in the League.

"Hal is the best big brother ever!" Barry declared happily.

Bruce chuckled at that. "And I am sure you can learn from him," He told the speedster.

Barry grinned and nodded. "Can I do a mission soon?"

That was never good, Bruce hated letting Barry on missions. "Maybe, we need to stay in contact with our allies so we know the rebels didn't do anything to them."

"I'm worried they'll hurt Kent," Barry fretted. "To get the helmet."

It would be hard for the rebels to get inside the tower of fate, but Bruce knew it was possible. "We won't allowed that." They might have to be patient to get Fate on their side.

"I didn't know he was so old now," Barry remarked.

"We had it in the league files," Most of the heroes and villains were on a list so a Leaguer could plan how to fight a villain and know a little about other heroes. All heroes would put a little in it to their desire.

"Oh... sorry Bruce," Barry looked down. "I forget that thing exists."

Bruce held Barry a little tighter to offer comfort. "It's okay we don't use it that often," He told the speedster, wanting him to only ever feel happy.

"What does it say about me?" Barry inquired curiously.

"That you have super speed, been through a rough patch and that you are the uncle to Wally," Bruce said calmly, keeping it simple or at least that what Barry or anyone below general read if they opened Barry's file.

Barry smiled happily at that. "Don't forget to add in adorable."

The speedsters behavior made Bruce smile for real. "I will Barry," He said, happy to have the speedster as part of the League.

Barry hugged him. "Thanks Bruce. You're the best!"

"I might let you write down Wally's profile," Bruce offered. That could keep the speedster happy for a while, and it was harmless fun. He knew that Barry needed something to do to keep from misbehaving and getting hurt.

"I can do that," Barry smiled. But then he started thinking about what all to say and he thought about how Wally is Iris' nephew. Thinking about Iris made him cry.

Bruce picked him up and hugged him. "There there you have to be brave for Wally, he can't see you crying," he said, wanting to help him out, that bitch was not worth Barry's tears.

Barry tried to stop crying. But it hurt so bad. This didn't feel real.

Bruce just kept hugging him tight. "There there I can get Black Canary to talk with him until you feel better." She did get a master in psychologically to help Barry through the process of recovery, and knew she could help keep Wally the way he needed to be.

"Yes please Bruce," Barry nodded. "Can I go to her funeral?"

"I will see what will be done," Bruce was annoyed by this. It not like she had many friends but Bruce could do something if it would make Barry happy. Anything to keep Barry happy.



With Wally.
The second time Wally woke up he was alone. The room they put him in was rather plain. A guest room for sure. Boring was another word Barry could use. Not that it mattered. How could he care about that when his Aunt is dead? But he didn't want to stay here. He wanted to go for a walk, so he walked to the door wanting someone anyone to talk to except Hal, Wally didn't like him. Maybe he could find his uncle and the two of them could just be together?

So he made his way to his uncles room. They weren't far from one another so the walk was fairly short.

He barely got a chance to knock and Barry opened the door and hugged him tightly.

Wally hugged back. "I missed you."

"Same," Barry told him, and then dragged him to the living room. "Let's watch some TV!" He didn't want to talk about Iris.

Wally didn't know if Barry knew of her death and didn't want to tell him. But that was when something caught his eye. "Hey uncle Barry what that on your neck."

And why did Wally feel like he's asked Barry that exact question before?

Barry smiled proudly. "It's my Justice League tattoo," he pulled his shirt to show the whole thing. "It's my proof of membership and loyalty."

"When did you get that?" This was getting uncomfortable, Dick once offered to buy him one but he didn't like needles. Though Wally supposed that never really happened, since that memory was of when Wally was an adult but he apparently never became an adult and... this was so confusing.

"Hmm about two and a half years ago," Barry smiled at him.

Wally took some time to look at it and noticed that it was a elongated Heptagon with the letter J and an L, it had a regal feel. "Didn't that hurt?" He asked.

"No. Bruce had me sedated first," Barry assured him.

"He drugged you?" Wally felt sick to his stomach.

"Exactly. So I didn't even know it happened," Barry was happy for that.

This infuriated Wally. "And you're not upset about that?"

"Why would I be? I felt so special and loved," Barry insisted.

"You were still drugged and branded against your will!" Wally explained. What was wrong with his uncle that he would ever thing that was ok.

Barry hugged his nephew tightly. "Not so loud. We're not allowed to say 'branded'. Bruce doesn't like that word."

"Call it what you want, it still happened to you against your will," Wally tried to make Barry understand that what happened was wrong.

"We all had to get one," Barry told his nephew.

"I'm sorry for them," Wally felt it was sick.

"Hal got his first," Barry said absentmindedly.

This frustrated Wally. "If Hal jumped off a cliff would you?" Wait why did he say that.

"Yes. Because Hal would catch me," Barry laughed.

"This whole thing is just so wrong," Wally told him. This whole place was with it's sterile colours, and creepy photos.

"I'm sure you'll like it after you get yours," Barry promised him.

"What? There's no way I am getting one of those!" Wally exclaimed.

"You have to if you want to stay," Barry told him. Not seeing a problem.

Everything about this was getting more eerily familiar. "I need to think on this." He didn't want to do it.

"Don't bother. It's not worth fighting. I'm sorry. I need to go," Barry took off. He hoped Wally would drop it and not ask anymore questions about the tattoo. Especially to Hal. Since he didn't know how his friend will react.

But that's exactly who Wally wanted to ask.

Even if the Green lantern was the last person Wally wanted to see, he figured Hal would know the most about the damned tattoo. And if he didn't Wally could unleash some of his frustration by yelling at Hal.

With that in mind, Wally made his way through the halls of the Watchtower in search of Hal. Eventually he found Hal in the training room. Training with a fighting robot. He was practicing his hand to hand without his ring. Presumably in order to learn to defend himself even if his ring was made useless for any reason.

His speed and strength actually impressed Wally, Hal was better than he remembered, maybe he should try to train more too.

Hal saw him. "Hey!" He tried to be friendly since Bruce made it clear he was getting annoyed with him causing problems by fighting with Wally. "Can I help you?"

Wally approached him, unsure how he'll react. "I want to talk to you about the tattoo Barry has."

"What about it?" Hal narrowed his eyes.

"Why did you put it on him?" Wally questioned.

"I didn't," Hal said honestly. "That was Bruce. Why do you ask?"

"I want to know why," Wally asked him. Not liking it at all.

"Do you really?" Hal walked over to him.

"Yes, Barry doesn't need to be branded," Wally hated it so much.

Hal looked around the room, then whispered in Wally's ear. "Do you know the phrase 'power play'?"

"Yes," Wally gulped.

"Well. Bruce likes doing those -a lot," Hal pulled his shirt to show his tattoo, which was placed over his heart.

The sight of it disturbed Wally greatly. "I'm sorry," He said, "I'm not going to let him do that to me."

Hal fixed his shirt, and as he did Wally noticed odd burns on one part of the tattoo. "Take it from me. Don't fight back."

"Wait the tattoo burn you?" Wally asked, the tattoo on Barry's neck didn't have that.

"Ah. No," Hal looked away. "Bruce did the tattoo to me without permission. Actually, he brought up the idea and I refused. Thought it was wrong of him to decide what goes on my body. Later that evening he brought me a mocha and said he wanted to apologize. Damn I was so freaking stupid. I took a couple sips and everything went dark. I woke up and I was marked. Bruce warned me to never question him again -but well you know how I was back then."

"So how did you wind up burned?" Wally pressed, disturbed by the story. How could Bruce just go around drugging and branding his friends like that?

The Green Lantern paused for a moment. "I tried to have the tattoo removed," Hal admitted. "But as it turns out he didn't use ink. He used this alien substance that I had gathered for him some time ago. I never thought he'd use it on me..."

Wally felt even sicker. "What?" How far did he go?

"The burn is from the removal machine. They turned it up to max to try and remove it," Hal finished. "Bruce was pissed when he found out I tried to remove it," Hal shook his head, trying to block out the horrible memories.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," Wally hadn't expected to hear this when he left to talk to Hal.

"It's alright. I got what I deserved," Hal sighed.

As this was happening Wally was getting a memory of something but as soon as it appear it disappear.

Hal surprised him by hugging him. "Good talk," he flew off.

Wally awkwardly hugged him back, but tried to remember what he just remembered and then just as quickly forgot.

After this Hal excused himself, saying he needed to do some thinking. Leaving Wally alone and even more confused than he was when he first got there.

What was happening here? Why did he feel like he's forgotten so much?

Maybe he can learn something... from the beta team.


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