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Chapter 2: Something Is Wrong

They brought Wally to the med bay and Batman took some blood to run tests on him. It was a quick and easy task considering the boy was still fast asleep.

Barry didn't want to leave Wally alone, not for a second, so he stayed there the whole time. He even missed lunch. As time went by eventually Green Lantern came by to check on him, and he brought burgers. And a coloring book to help pass the time.

"Thanks for the food," Barry thanked his friend, as the other sat down in a chair. "Wally looks so peaceful right now..."

Hal looked at Wally too, but he didn't seem happy.

"What's wrong?" Barry asked his best friend.

"It's nothing," Hal told him. "Don't think about it."

Barry blinked in response, expression blank.

Hal smiled at that.

After a moment Barry went back to quietly eating his burger and watching Wally sleep. As he did this Wally started to stir and mumble in his sleep. He sounded afraid.

Barry panicked, quickly wrapping his arms around his nephew and attempting to comfort him. "It's ok, it's ok," he said in a soothing voice.

Eventually Wally's body relaxed and he returned to his peaceful state.

Barry put Wally down and sat back. He ate in silence for a few long minutes then...

Barry looked at the Green Lantern. "This is real, right? I love Wally and I can barely hold in how happy I am for him to be alive but... how?" He asked. "I buried him. I... how is he here now? Should I even care I mean, he's alive now."

"I think it have something to do with the energy surge, maybe that brought him back." Hal said. Knowing that a unknown energy from the speedforce and a dead sidekick returning from the grave near each other in the same day that couldn't be a coincidence.

Barry nodded, thinking it over. "I wouldn't care how... but I don't want whatever it is that gave him back to me to take him away," Barry explained. He couldn't lose his nephew again. he couldn't.

"We will have to see if his body have any defects from it." Hal said, it doesn't matter if they keep him from going back to the energy source if the boy just decay. In a morbid part of Hal's mind he kind of hoped this was just temporary. Not that he wanted to see Barry cry over the death of that annoying kid again.

"I guess right now I need to get him to accept that I'm me,"Barry sighed. The look of fear in his nephews eyes, it should never have to be because of him.

Just then Wally began to stir.

"He's waking up," Barry said, excited to talk with his nephew again.

Wally's eyes slowly opened, trying to adjust to the harsh lights. He covered his face with his hands and tried to figure out what was going on. The last thing he remembered...

In a panic Wally sprang up into a sitting position. Eyes wide and he looked around and caught sight of the fake Flash. "You again," Wally tried to sound intimidating, failing miserable. He also took note of the lantern lookalike and became more confused. Wouldn't a green ring only work for a true green Lantern?

"Are you okay boy?" Hal asked, his current outfit is a cross between his air force uniform with glowing green on it his green lantern logo with the new League logo inside it.

"I'll be fine when I'm rescued," Wally countered, feeling uncomfortable. "Why are you people doing this anyways?"

"I don't know what you are talking about, we just found you alive and the first thing you do is run from us. Wally I don't know what happen but you got to realized I am Barry, I am the flash," Barry started to tear up again. This felt like a nightmare. A cruel joke.

"Prove it!" Wally told him. "Tell me something only Uncle Barry would know!"

Barry thought about what to say for a few moments, which was a very long time for a speedster. He knew his nephew well enough to know that something simple wouldn't work, it had to be big. "When you were little, up until you were seven to be precise, you thought that stuffed animals were sentient. You were to afraid to tell anyone because you also thought they were evil. When you learned I was the Flash you told me and I had to prove to you that they were harmless."

Wally blushed. "You said you wouldn't say that in front of anyone!" He whined, pointing at Green Lantern. Then Wally's eyes went wide. "Uncle Barry... it is you? Why do you look so different? Why does everyone look so different?"

"Wally what year do you think it is?" His uncle asked.

"2015...?" Wally answered. "I think?" Too be honest he wasn't quite sure, things were a little foggy from being inside the speedforce.

"Right. " Barry said, he did not care that Wally didn't age he is alive. "Since you left things in the league change."

"I noticed. But why?" Wally felt very confused. "Everyone looks scary..."

"Well because of you and the other sidekicks, when you went 'missing' the League decided that it couldn't continue as it was," Hal answered for Barry, knowing it was a tough topic for his best friend.

Wally frowned at the word 'sidekick'. He'd thought they were long past that. What did Hal mean by 'continue as it was'? Talk about ominous...

"Don't be scared," Barry tried to comfort his nephew. "The future is a nice place. You're going to be ok."

Wait... "What do you mean when me and the others went missing?" Wally asked, genuinely confused. Hadn't he been the only one to die? And he died, not went missing!

"When you went to Cadmus three years ago you weren't found." Barry said, technically a lie but he knew the truth would only scare his nephew more.

"That's not true," Wally said, "We got out. I was there. We all got out and the league was mad at us for taking off. My parents grounded me for two weeks!"

"Wally, tell me what you think happen?" Barry asked gently. Was what ever brought his nephew back from the grave messing with his head, he would have to asked Martian Man-hunter for help. J'onn was good at helping people with broken brains, Barry himself was an example of the martian's handiwork.

"The last thing I remember was I was trying to catch up to you when we were attacked, then everything went dark," Wally explained. "Then I was in the speedforce. It was insane, Uncle Barry, like a world of energy. I don't know how long I was in there. I just ran and I never got tired or hungry."

Wally's stomach growled.

"I am now though," he said sheepishly.

"That, we can fix," Barry grinned at him. Barry asked Green Lantern to bring Wally some food, since he didn't want to be away from his nephew.

Once he left Wally looked at his uncle and asked him a question... "Why is everyone uniforms so... scary?" The boy inquired.

"We felt like our uniforms should be more practical allow us to take more damage in a fight." he said, though technically it was Batman's decision. He did like that he didn't hurt as much when he fell. "I'm sure Bruce will design you one too."

Wally frowned and shook his head. "I like my costume," he said, wrapping his arms around himself.

"I guess if you want you can keep it." he said, knowing that the boy would have sentimental value for the suit. He'd let someone else fight Wally over this.

Wally sighed. Part of him still didn't want the risks that came with being a hero. Heck, he was even going to give his mantel of Kid Flash to Bart. Now things were different. In the speedforce he had a lot of time to think. Too much time.

Was he ready to be a hero?

"Who on the team is still alive?" Wally asked his uncle. He's decided. He'll rejoin what was left of the team. Even deaged he wasn't harmless. He could still make a difference.

"Team what team?" Barry asked, "The League? We really haven't lost to many members over the years." He knew how much Wally wanted to fight along side with the league.

"No. The team," Wally said, confused. "With me and Robin, and Aqualad, and Artemis, and Zatanna, and sometime Roy, and Conner, and..."

"Wally, who Conner and Artemis?" Barry felt so confused. "And... Robin and Aqualad was with you when you went missing." He said, not wanting to used the term die. He wasn't good with death.

"What do you mean who are they! They're my friends -and they were on the team," Wally tried to stand up, but his uncle pushed him back down. "Don't touch me!"

"I'm sorry, you're not well enough to stand," Barry told his nephew gently. "And you're not making any sense kiddo. You've never been on a team. It's always been you and me."

"No it hasn't!" Wally snapped. "And you keep saying everyone went 'missing'! I died!"

"Your not dead anymore." He said, hoping to see if he could asked Wally how he alive without scaring the boy.

"Clearly!" Wally exclaimed, looking down at himself. "How am I not dead? I felt myself die, then the speedforce took me. It was so cold... I was numb... and..."

So Wally didn't know... "It doesn't matter. You're with me now." Barry said, hugging him, trying to keep his nephew warm.

"I'm so confused," Wally told his uncle, clinging to him. "How long have I been gone? Where did the team go?"

"You been gone a few years, and I have no idea what you are talking about. What team?" Barry hoped Hal would come back soon and help him.

"Years?" Wally squeaked. But how come his uncle didn't remember the team. He'd worry about that later. Right now he needed to figure out when he was.

"I am sorry buddy but I don't remember you ever being part of a team," Barry sighed. Maybe Wally had been, and he himself was the one who didn't remember? His memory hasn't been that great since...

Wally pushed his uncle away from him. Was it really his uncle? He wasn't so sure now even if the man did know his most embarrassing secret he'd only shared with his uncle. The young speedster ran out of the room. He needed to think. Or find one of his friends. Someone had to be alive.

"Don't go!" Barry begged his nephew, running after the child.

Wally stopped as best he could -but not because of his uncle. His eyes widened with fear. An amazo robot was in the hall.

Wally ran into the robot and fell backwards onto the ground. He stared up at the monstrous robot with fear.

"Wally, what's wrong?" Barry wonder, he notice that his nephew seemed afraid of the friendly robot. "Amazo unit go to another deck please, you're scaring my nephew."

"I hear and obey." The robot said, using Martian powers to go to a lower floor.

"That just an Amazo unit, Batman makes them. They are harmless." Barry said, knowing that Amazo was invented after Wally died so the boy wouldn't know about them.

"It's a monster," Wally gulped, shakily looking up at his uncle. For now he'd believe that this was his uncle -just that things were really messed up right now.

"It no monster just a machine, we mainly use it for security." Barry replied. They added a lot of features over the years one of which is if they scan for starro tech on anyone and disable it.

"It went through the floor," Wally exclaimed. Who did it steal that from? Martian Manhunter he guessed.

"So, it just used imitation martian phasing." Barry said, wishing they gave a better title for it.

"Why would Batman build some like... like that?" Wally asked as he knew where they originally came from, pointing to the ground where the amazo robot had gone down. "it looks... evil. You all do actually."

Suddenly Wally felt very uncomfortable. He backed away from his uncle, just to have some distance.

"Wally, I know this is all a lot to take in but I can assure you everything here is for the good of all mankind," Barry assured him, wanting to be a good mentor and make Wally fell safe. Like Bruce and Hal and everyone had to do for him when the change happened.

"I want to see Aunt Iris!" Wally told his uncle, standing up as he did. If this guy really was his uncle, then bringing him to his aunt would prove it.

There it was, Barry's biggest fear. "I'm sorry, she... me and your aunt got a divorce a few years ago," Barry explained.

Wally's eyes widened. "But you were going to have twins -what about them?" Wally asked, shocked. Why would his aunt and Uncle get a divorce?

"Twins?" If Barry had been drinking it would have been all over the floor. "Iris and I never even..." Barry blushed like mad. He would have loved to have a family but...

"Last time we talked you said Iris was pregnant, she'd just found out," Wally said. None of this was making any sense to the young speedster.

The day kept getting weirder and weirder.

As they were staring, each trying to figure out what to say, Green Lantern ran into him.

"I was bringing the food," The lantern laughed, he was holding a tray of delicious food he had snagged from the cafeteria.

Wally's stomach growled again. Well, he couldn't think on an empty stomach.

"Thanks," Wally said, taking the tray and sitting on the ground before he started eating.

Barry smiled, sitting beside his nephew. "Some things never change," He said putting his hand on the boys shoulder trying to be friendly. He might have to get some civilian clothing for Wally, he had some in storage but they might not be good since they been left alone in the dark for three years.

"So, Iris is pregnant you wouldn't happen to know who the father is?" Hal inquired, knowing at the very least it wasn't Barry's kid.

Barry's stomach lurched. "I'm sure Iris has moved on by now. But we haven't stayed in contact," he replied to his best friend.

"Wait, maybe Wally has been able to see some of whats been happening while in the speedforce and that's why he's all confused about things!" Green Lantern guessed.

"That might be..." Barry agreed.

Wally glared at them. "You're the confused ones -you've forgotten about the team!" Wally accused them.

"Team?" Green Lantern asked, he had no idea about a team during Wally's time. "I don't think he ever been on a team other than that time Barry team up with Batman and you," He said, deliberately not mentioning Robin since as far as he was concerned both of the Boy wonders were dead.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about!" Wally exclaimed, flailing his arms around. "It's like I'm 15 all over again!"

"Wally, kiddo, you are 15," Barry reminded his nephew. Even if time has passed, Wally clearly hasn't aged a day so in Barry's mind his nephew was a little kid.

A thump was heard as Wally fainted and hit the ground, hard.

"What the hell?" Hal exclaimed, quickly making a medical stretcher, and putting Wally into it. "We need to get him back to the medbay!" He said, flying there wanting to help his best friend's nephew. As he flew he kept a close eye on Barry to make sure he didn't have a panic attack from all the stress.

When they arrived there Batman was in the room, and the dark knight did not look happy.

"You were supposed to keep him on bed rest until we figured out any potential risks!" He snapped at the two of them, looking at the unconscious child.

"Sorry boss," Hal said, placing Wally back on the med bed. "Kid had a freak out and ran off. Barry caught him and then the three of us talked for a bit. I figured calming him was more important."

"He was really freaked out by everything. He only stopped when he ran into one of your robots -but it was like he recognized it!" Barry added.

"How, Amazo wasn't created until some time after the Cadmus incident?" Batman asked, was it possible that Wally saw what was happening during his time in the speed force? "Did something cause him to faint, like something he really didn't like?"

"How about I make a list. He doesn't like our new costumes. He doesn't like your robots. He doesn't seem to like the Hall of Justice. He doesn't like that Iris and I broke up," Barry sighed heavily at the last one. "And he's scared. He seems to know things he shouldn't. Like the beta team. And he thinks he was on it."

"That impossible, Beta wasn't formed until two years after he died," Batman objected. "Could he have seen pieces of our world while in the speedforce?"

"That's what we were thinking too, since he says Iris is pregnant and mistakenly thinks Barry's the father," Hal said, saying Iris's name with disgust. How he hates that bitch...

Barry looked at Bruce with fearful eyes. "He doesn't seem to know why are costumes are different and hadn't shown signs of knowing what we've been up to. It's strange. What did you find? Is he... stable?"

Barry biggest fear was that this was a temporary thing and that he'd lose his nephew soon.

"Whatever it was that had him has let go," Batman informed them. "He shows no signs of decaying, falling apart, or being weakened. There's nothing to suggest we'll lose him the same way again."

"So any reason for him to have fainted?" Barry asked, knowing that Wally never had any condition to cause him to faint for no reason.

"What was happening just before?" Batman inquired. "It's possible he was simply overwhelmed. Not to mention he is likely very tired still."

"Well he was eating, and talking about the team again," Barry explained, thinking back. "And then he was all like 'its like I'm 15 again!'. So I gently reminded him that he still is 15. Then he fainted." Barry didn't see a problem with his reasoning. Wally was clearly a child.

"Maybe he thought he was growing up as he was in the speed force," Bruce theorized, knowing that if he was awake he might think time was still moving for him.

"That would make sense," Barry agreed, looking at his nephew and hoping the boy would love him again.

"So what now?" Hal asked. "It's clear he doesn't remember what happened to the others. Maybe he died first. The thing is though now we have a dead kid who's mysteriously been brought back to life and is super confused about reality. What are we gonna do with him?"

Bruce thought about this. "First we need to decide if we're going to keep him with us, or if he'll be given to Iris," he said calmly. "Since his parents are currently dead I could pull a few strings and forcefully take custody of him for you, if you want Barry."

The idea made Barry a little uncomfortable. "Maybe we should talk to Iris?" He said. "I don't want to never see Wally again, but she's still his aunt and he loves her. It would be cruel of me to keep them apart."

Bruce smiled at that, Barry was so sweet and innocent. "We'll discuss it later," he said, not really caring what Barry wanted to do. He was just being kind before.

"Wally is going to hate me soon..." Barry said bitterly.

"Everything is going to be fine," Batman assured the speedster. "We just need to make sure to adjust him to this time slowly. He's been gone a long time and many things have changed. We should keep him away from TV and any news outlets for a while."

"Agreed," Hal said. Even though most news channel were control by the league and if they didn't like what was on the news reporter would disappear or have a body in their apartment. Iris was the exception to that of course.

Barry nodded and sat down with a sigh, overwhelmed.

"He's going to be scared at first, but if you remind him that its still you no matter what else has changed I think he'll adjust," Hal told the blond speedster, wrapping his arms around Barry's shoulders. "Just relax. We'll take care of everything."

"How am I going to tell him his parents are dead?" Barry looked down.

"Like I said, we'll take care of everything," Hal assured him.

The scarlet speedster leaned against the emerald knight. "I don't want Wally to be hurt ever again," He said shakily.

"I doubt any villain would be dumb enough to hurt someone dressed as Kid Flash," Green Lantern laughed, then realized what he just said. "Umm... people are going to be super confused. I hope no one thinks you kidnapped some kid because they looked like your dead nephew."

Meanwhile as the two were talking Batman was checking the news on his batcomputer-gauntlet. "They already do," He informed them.

"What how did they see me? Other than when Wally laid down on a bench for like half a minute we were using super speed so how could anyone see him and me?" Barry gaped at him, they spent most of the time beyond the speed of sound.

"That's when this photo was taken," Batman said, showing them a photo of Wally crying on a park bench as Barry stood behind him.

Barry went pale. "What do I do?" He asked fearfully, not liking being in this situation.

Bruce wiped a tear from Barry's face. "Don't fret, it's ok," he said calmly. "I'll hold a press conference and explain the situation."

Hal looked at the article. "They're calling Barry a kidnapper!" He growled, intending to kill the author of the article. "Great, that bitch Iris commented on it. Let's see... says she's going to do a full investigation on you. And called you a -and this is a direct quote- 'sick twisted monster'."

More tears fell down Barry's face. "She used to love me," Was all he was able to say. Some days he wished she would disappear and stop tormenting him but he still cared about her and wouldn't let anyone hurt her.

Batman seemed to tell what he was thinking. "If Iris tries something. There are non-lethal ways of dealing with her," He told the Flash. "Since we both know you don't have it in you to kill her, and won't let us do it for you."

"I don't want her to get hurt or spend the rest of her life in prison," Barry objected, refusing to cave. It was the only thing he argued with the League about.

"Understood," Batman replied. However if Iris continued to be a problem the dark knight had no qualms about dealing with her and making it look like an accident -even to Barry. Since what had happened Batman had become more determined to keep himself and the other heroes from losing anyone else, and if Iris was going to be a problem...

A small groan broke the silence that had fallen in the room. Wally was waking up.


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