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Does contain Boy X Boy (nothing explicit, just kissing) so if that doesn't float your boat, I'll write alternate chapters without it and put them as a story for those readers that don't want the Boy X Boy.

Rated T

Summary: Jace had told her all of the legends were true, but she didn't know he meant all of them. When Clary wakes up in the woods of Camp Half Blood and stumbles into Percy's cabin, she discovers a world she never knew existed.

Hope you enjoy!

Clary was certain she had glamored herself. 'it's using glamor on one self- not glamored-' she heard Jace's voice in her head. She shook the thought away angrily and kept running. The boy with the raven black hair and startling green eyes was trailing her, and she couldn't seem to get far enough away. He knew the streets, that was obvious, she had taken a right turn and he somehow ended up in front of her. Another time he took a left when she kept going straight and he nearly caught her.

Clary wasn't familiar with this part of New York City, she spent most of her time in the institute, at Luke's place, or her mom's place. The woods had given this kid an advantage too, it was dark and Clary didn't have the time to activate any runes, she just kept running, nearly hitting into trees several times along the way. The boy that was following her, who seemed to be about her age by the way, zipped around the trees, even used a few of them to his advantage. He seemed to know the woods by heart.

Clary would've attacked him, he could've been from the rebellion against the clave... Except for the fact that he held a golden sword in his hand, unlike anything Clary had ever seen. It had an aura of energy and light around it that intimidated Clary to no end. Clary dodged through people, although no one seen her go by, a few people even ran into her in confusion.

All she had to do was make it to the institute, she took a sharp right turn and slammed into Izzy and Simon (The two were practically inseparable now.) Izzy fell backwards, Clary on top of her, while Simon zipped and caught them both. His speed was remarkable to Clary, he wasn't a vampire anymore, but he still found a way to put on burst of speed like that, almost like some of the vampire stayed in him. She kept picturing him as that geeky older brother that she had, who liked to play in his band and play D and D.

"Clary where have you been!?" Izzy shrieked quietly, "Jace nearly had a heart attack."

At that last part she smirked and elbowed Clary in the ribs. Clary didn't respond. She went on her tiptoes and scanned in a three sixty. When her eyes fell on the boy she whispered to Izzy, "Did you glamor yourself?"

She nodded, utterly confused, "Yeah wh-"

"The boy, he can see me. He doesn't have runes or anything, I thought he was part of the rebellion. Now I'm not so sure."

"Izzy! Did you and Simon find Clary yet?!"

Clary jumped when she heard Alec's voice. Izzy pulled out a walkie talkie, with apparently over 100 miles in range, and said, "Yeah, we found her. Tell Jace he can go home and chill out till we get there."

"That's great buttercup." Magnus' voice came out of the walkie talkie, "We'll see you back at the institute."

Izzy put the device back in her backpack and tugged Clary's wrist to follow her.

Clary made the mistake of turning around to see if the boy was still there. Instead she found herself face to face with a black pegasus. It nickered in her face and nipped at her red hair.

Izzy turned and shrieked, "Oh my gosh! It's adorable! I can ride it into battle and look so-"

"Not unless you're going to give him doughnuts." Someone said. "He's not going to come with you unless you promise him doughnuts, and pancakes on occasion."

Clary locked eyes with the boy she was running from earlier. His eyes were sea green, mischievous as well. His hair was swept in many directions, but it still managed to look good. His face was chiseled, if Clary were to draw him, it would take her hours to get through just the sketch, and adding color, his eyes would take forever, she would want to make every detail perfect.

"Who are you?" Izzy said, a tad bit of jealousy in her voice, probably because he owned the black pegasus.

"Percy Jackson. You?" He said calmly. The horse next to him nickered and neighed.

"No blackjack, they're not monsters. I would be able to tell."

"Monsters?" Simon said, "You mean like the werewolves and vampires." Clary could feel the smirk upon his lips.

"Nah silly, those don't exist. I meant like empousa, but those are vampire ladies... or hellhounds, of course Mrs. O'leary is a hellhound, but she's a good monster... Sorry I'm rambling. What are your names?"

"I'm Clary." Clary stepped forward saying, "Why were you chasing me?"

"Thought you were my friend Rachel, but when you kept running, and almost fell into a tree, I knew you weren't her, she knows those woods like the back of her hand. Almost as well as me. I guess I followed out of curiosity. Though, my girlfriend is probably going to kill me when I get back..."

"I'm Izzy."

"And Im Simon."

They shook hands and Clary turned in a three sixty again. She thought she heard a voice call her name. When she seen no one there, she paid attention to the conversation they had started.

"Wait, so you've met Vampires?" Simon asked. Percy nodded like this was an old boring story he got tired of telling, "Met a bunch of them in Tartarus."

"Tartar sauce?"

Percy laughed, "Tartarus, don't tell me you've never heard of it."

"Never. Is that like hell?" Simon asked eagerly.

"Worse, I've been to hell to, it's called the underworld. My Uncle runs the place."

Clary looked at him weirdly, "Your uncle-run's the underworld?"

"Yeah, Hades, that's how you made it into camp, your a half blood right, Clary?"

Clary shook her head at him, "I'm a shadowhunter. What's a half blood?"

Izzy turned and rolled her eyes at Percy, before turning to Clary and saying, "Your boyfriend is on his way, I tried to tell him to go back to the institute, but he wouldn't hear of it, he's coming over here. We better start on our way back to the institute, we'll see him on the way."

"He's my husband now Izzy, and give me a minute, you and Simon can get going."

Izzy grabbed Simon's hand and walked off with him, leaving Percy and Clary alone. Clary studied his figure. He was relaxed, but Clary sensed that he could take her down without breaking a sweat.

"You ever tried sword fighting?" Percy said casually.

"Yeah, we do it a lot at the institute, of course we have other weapons too, like bow's and staffs. Do you sword fight?"

He pulled out a pen, which made Clary laugh, until he uncapped it. It grew to a full length sword, golden light rippled from around it. "Yeah. We have archers too, mostly Apollo's children."

"Apollo, like the Greek God Apollo?"

"Yeah. We have cabins for all of the children of the gods."

"You're the child of a god?"

"Yeah Poseidon. You?"

"My parents are very normal." Clary bit her tongue, "Or at least my mother is. But I can assure you my father isn't a god."

"Oh, then how'd you get into camp?"

"I-I don't know, I just woke up in the woods there." Clary felt a headache pounding, "I-"

"I guess I should get going." He looked at Clary before saying, "I'll see you around Clary. I have a feeling it wasn't an accident we met."

He hopped on Blackjack's back and whispered something in his ear before the pegasus took off into the sky. This Percy intrigued Clary, in a way she didn't like. He radiated power, a lot of power, but he wasn't headstrong like Jace. Percy was undoubtedly cute, handsome even, but he didn't flaunt himself and act like every girl wanted him. The thing that bothered her most was how casually he tossed out phrases like, "Emposa" and "hellhound."

Clary felt arms wrap around her from behind, she turned her head to the left. Jace was looking at her sternly, which made her laugh aloud.

"I'm fine Jace." She said to him, shaking her head slightly.

"Can you blame me for worrying?" Jace said, turning Clary so she was facing him. He put his hands so they were cupping her face, "I woke up to your sketchbook falling to the floor. When I went in your room, your stele was on the floor, your sword was on the floor, and your witchlight was on your bed. The window was open and the bedside table was knocked over. Now tell me why I'm not allowed to be worried."

Clary was silent. She didn't have a reason for him not to be worried, in fact, she was downright scared out of her mind. How the hell did she end up in the middle of those woods. It didn't make any sense, one minute she was in her room sketching and the next she was on the ground in the middle of the woods.


She locked eyes with Jace, smiled and said, "Worried I ran off to find another man?"

He smirked at her, grabbing her hand. "Like that would ever happen, I'm the best thing for you in this world."

"Yeah, maybe this world, but after I leave the galaxy, I'll call you."

Jace let out a laugh, beginning to walk forward, "Ya know Clary, You are the strangest girl I have ever met."

Clary went to respond, but she heard it again, her name, being called faintly. It was a whisper. It came again, and again, getting slightly louder each time.

She stopped cold in her tracks when the whisper said, "You can't hide from me Clarissa Morgenstern, I will find you."

Valentine was the only one who called her that. But he was dead. He is dead. He is dead. She repeated it over again to herself.

Clary opened her eyes to Jace staring at her. She gave him her best smile before saying, "Race you to the subway." and she took off, her mind already furiously working. She felt like the voice was following her. She took the steps two at a time, hopping off the last one and slowing to a walk. She sighed and ran her hand through her hair.


She jumped and turned to see Jace, hands in his pockets, eyes searching hers for an answer.

"Are you alright. What happened while you were gone?"

Clary looked into his golden eyes, searching for anything new, she had memorized every fleck of gold in them. She could nearly paint them from memory.

"Clary." Jace's voice was soft, something that only came when he was talking to her. With everyone else, he would sound intense or stern, he would push till he got an answer. He leaned forward, kissing her. She kissed back, the feel of his lips calming her. As always, she knotted her fingers in his hair, he left one hand on her face and the other trailed down to her waist.

The chill came when she heard it again.

"Clarissa Frey."

She jumped back, Jace's lips disconnecting from hers.

"Jace.. Did you-Did you hear that?"

Jace's eyes searched her face, his eyebrows furrowing.

"Hear what?"

For once, okay, for like the umpteenth time, Clary lied to him. She wanted to figure it out for herself before getting Jace's head filled with ideas.

"I thought I heard Alec and Magnus, but they're back at the institute... I'm sorry."

Jace shook his head, before beconing with his hand, "Come on Clary, I think you might've hit you head a little to hard."

Clary just nodded, following Jace back to the institute, the voice never leaving her head.


Back At The Institute


Clary sat on the examination table, groaning as Magnus put his fingers to her head.

"You don't appear to have a head injury. Though, you are experiencing extreme hormonal fluctuations-"

Clary hopped off the table, "I'm nearing my period Magnus, and I missed it last month, so of course."

Magnus put his finger in the air and was about to say something to her when Alec came into the room.

"Hey Clary, Jace wanted me to come get you, if the doctor is done with his examination." Alec gave Magnus a sly smile and Magnus waved his hand, a signal that Clary was okay to leave.

She rolled her eyes as she exited the room, smirking to herself as she heard the soft whispers of the two.

Clary walked down the hallway, pausing at Jace's room. She knocked softly on the door, waiting for him to answer. When he didn't answer, she pushed the door open. He was sitting on his bed, staring at the drawing in her sketchbook.

"Who?" Jace said, holding up the page for her to see, "Who is that?"

Clary stared at the page, her eyes narrowing, it was a boy. He had blonde hair, a small scar on his lip. His eyes were shaded lightly in blue, the only other color on the page.

Her headache pounded louder.

"And this?"

He flipped the page, revealing another boy, with a charismatic smile. He had mechanic's goggles, which were vibrantly popping off the page, in full color.

"And how about him?"

It was Percy. How she hadn't recognized him, Clary wasn't sure. He was the only one who was fully colored, except for his eyes. Clary suspected that she was working on him when she disappeared.

"Is this what you wanted to see me for?"

"Yeah, who are they?"

Clary felt angry, angry that he would ever assume something like her cheating on him.

"The last one, his name is Percy, he's the only one I know."

"Then how'd you draw the other two."

"I don't know, they just appear, like my hand has a mind of its own and I just draw them, what's the big deal?"

Jace didn't answer her, instead he looked away. His eyes trailed up the wall, staring at the drawing on his cork-board. He stood, his fingers brushing up against it. Clary looked at the drawing, it was of Jace. Jace at their wedding, after he got her a full set of artist's pencils, paints, brushes, oil pastels, chalk pastels and colored pencils.

She drew him standing next to their cake. The background of the picture was grayscale, shading and whatnot. But Jace, he was in full color, his black suit with the slight shine to it, his golden locks, his smirk as he stole a rose made of frosting from the cake. Clary's anger seems to dissipate.

Jace sighed, "Remember what I told you, it felt like forever ago when we were brother and sister, and i said to you that I would watch you grow up, liking different people, and one day get married."

Jace turned and met her eyes, "And ever though I know you're mine, like all mine, it still hurts when I see you with other people." He turned back to look at the picture sighing.

Clary came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso, her head falling upon his shoulder, "Jace Herondale, You know I will always love you. Every single part of me loves you. And even though I can't tell you in some romantic poetic way, I need you to know it."

Jace put his hands on her's, "I'm Sorry."

Clary lifted her eyebrows, "The Great Jace Herondale, apologizing?"

Jace let out a laugh, "Yeah, I shouldn't accuse you of loving anyone other than me."

He turned to face her, "That would be incredulous."

Clary smiled so wide, she could feel her eyes twinkling, "Who says words like incredulous, what does that even mean?"

Jace intertwined their fingers, "I love you Clary."

"Me too, even though I can be downright hormonal sometimes."

Jace's eyes twinkled brighter than her's and he didn't say anything. Clary enjoyed seeing him happy. After everything they two of them had been through, they deserved some happiness.

"We better get to breakfast, It's nearly six, I don't want to miss my morning routine."

Clary nodded as Jace said, "Oh, and I get that you're hormonal sometimes, but you really should see a doctor about missing your period two months in a row."

Clary smirked at him, "Paying attention to these things are we?"

Jace said nothing, just whistled as he walked down the hallway, Clary trailing behind him.

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