Percy kicked as the tattooed freaks pulled him from the dungeon room. Aline yelled after him, louder than he thought she would've, "No! You've got to let him go, he's not a shadowhunter! The runes could kill him!"

Percy looked at the girl on the right side of him. She had blonde hair and her eyes were red, almost as if she had been crying. She glanced back at Aline before taking a breath and pulling Percy forward. The guy to the left of him had brown hair and an anger in his eyes. It sparked an idea in Percy, if this guy was anything like the Ares campers he could figure out a way to pull a fast one on him. Percy eyed the weapons at their belt, but they looked nothing like Imperial Gold or Celestial Bronze.

"What in Poseidon's name did I do to you guys?"

The two shared a glance, but didn't say a word. Percy searched for words, trying to think of what Annabeth would do. What would Annabeth do? A stupid idea formed in Percy's head, one that he sincerely hoped wouldn't get him killed. But, unfortunately, half of the ideas in Percy's head were ones that had a good chance of getting him killed.

"Let me go or the gods will take their wrath out on you." Percy silently pleaded to his father that they wouldn't smite him for saying it.

The girl wrinkled her nose, "You honestly believe the Greek gods exist?"

"Um. I'm proof they exist..." Percy said, staring at her.

The guy to his left shook his head, "Yeah, how is that?"

"I'm the child of one."

"Yeah, and I'm Raziel."

The girl slapped him, "That's wrong Darius. You have no right to compare yourself to the angels."

Percy sighed, "I knew you wouldn't listen. You're just too stupid I guess. I've met quite a few Shadowhunters who knew that the gods existed."

Darius' hand tensed around Percy's arm, "You trying to say something?"

"Yeah." Percy said smugly, "You're too scared, or too stupid, to let me prove I'm a demigod."

Darius let Percy's arm go and put his hand to his throat, pinning him to the wall. Percy was able to weave his hand into his pocket now, since the girl was forced to let go of his arm. Percy's grip tightened on the pen in his hand. This guy was just like Clarisse, and every other Ares camper he had met. Stubborn and stupid. A double S. For short, Percy would just call him an Ass.

"You are a stupid ass punk who has affiliated himself with the wrong side." Darius growled.

"Wrong side?" Percy choked out. "You mean Clary's side?"

Darius tightened his hand around Percy's throat. "Yes! It's her fault that anyone who wasn't pure shadowhunter was forced into work. Her fault that Sebastian Morgenstern was killed!"

Percy pulled the pen from his pocket, flicking the cap to the side. As Riptide grew, he slashed her upward (The fact that the pen was a she still freaked Percy out) and left a sizable cut on Darius' wrist.

He gasped, liked the wind had gotten knocked out of him, "It-huh-burns."

Percy smirked, he didn't realize that it would actually work.

He caught the girl's eye. She seemed to urge him 'go while you still can!' as the ran to Darius' side. Percy took off down the corridor. An alarm started blaring and he momentarily felt panic. Then he heard footsteps behind him and he ran. Percy could imagine all of the newfound monsters that would attack him from this world. He had to deal with the fact that there were Norse gods, Roman gods, Egyptian gods, and now this whole race of demons and angels that had been here for it all. Next the gods were going to make it clear that there was a secret race of wizards going to schools to practice magic.

"Hault!" Someone yelled, tearing Percy from his thoughts.

He turned around and seen the glowing swords they were wielding. He only had time to think Gods, why me? before he nearly ran into a wall. He took a sharp left, smiling as a bright light shone at the end of the corridor. But before he could reach it, an arrow punctured his left shoulder, causing Percy to groan and slow himself. A woman grabbed his wrists, pulling him back as four men each grabbed a side.

"Let me go you bastards!" Percy said before they shoved a gag in his mouth, effectively shutting him up. He still babbled into the gag as they shoved him towards a door. When he was pushed inside a voice that chilled his bones spoke, but it sounded like it was in his mind... It made no sense what-so-ever. Percy tore the gag out of his mouth, rubbing his wrists as the voice spoke.

A demigod? They have involved your kind in the war?

"Are you... Are you like able to read my thoughts?" Percy asked cautiously, he was trying to put images of Annabeth out of his mind, (which is sooo hard) because he didn't want anyone to target his girlfriend. Percy located the speaker, a man in dark brown robes, covering his whole body and his face-oh dear gods- his mouth was sewn shut, his eyes aswell. It wasn't the weirdest thing Percy had seen, but it was still disconcerting.

I will not read them unless it is necessary, Percy Jackson. Son of Poseidon.

"Okay... Then How did you know all that?" Percy asked, trying not to look at the figure speaking to him telepathically. He wondered if this is what fish and horses felt like when he communicated with them.

I am a silent brother, I know of the demigod children. The romans, greeks, norse, egyptian, even the-

"Please don't give me another religion to think about. My head is about as full as it can get." Percy pleaded. He wasn't ready to hear about another religion that was composed of demigod children with even cooler stories that Percy would eventually have to memorise.

Alright. But as I was saying, I know of all the demigods. The war you fought against Gaea was most impressive. Kronos as well. Many shadowhunters don't know of your kind. But an immortal man like me, well, there are some things I may never forget. Like a boy with raven black hair, creating a hurricane in the harbor and making a titan turn into a tree.

"I didn't do that alone-" Percy started.

I know, Grover Underwood and Annabeth Chase were most helpful, am I correct?

Percy stared at the an warily, he knew about Annabeth and Grover, his best friend and his girlfriend. That was two people today that had known his girlfriend. Percy didn't like his odds.

"What's your name?" Percy inquired, hoping to maybe gain some information.

I had a real name once. Now, well, I go as Brother Enoch.

Percy nodded, though he didn't know what that would tell him exactly. That this guy was part of some sort of brotherhood, that either looked for weird traumatized men, or required them to preform weird traumatizing ritulas on themselves. Percy shuddered at the thought.

"So, Uh, You been here a long time?" Percy asked, his hands stuffing into the pocket of his hoodie.

Why, Yes, Since Clary and Jonathon Herondale became one in marriage. That sparked this rebellion, that in the end, they got happiness, and many others did not. Like Helen Blackthorn for example.


The blonde girl, dating-

The words came in Percy's mind very forced, almost like it was excruciating to even think.

-Aline Penhallow.

"Aline? The girl who was talking to me in the stone cell?"

So it would seem.

"So, what happened to Helen Blackthorn?" Percy's mind swarmed, and he thought of the blond girl that carried him out of the cell, with the red eyes and cheeks. She had urged him to leave, it seemed she was on his side.

Helen is part Seelie part shadowhunter, so after the dark war, when the Faerie Queen sided with Sebastian Morgenstern, all seelie and unseelie were treated quite unfairly. As a result, many of them are part of this rebellion. But, back to Helen. She was sent away to an island to study the wards until her allegiance was proved, but she was kept away from her siblings in order to do it. Helen was tortured while on that island, so it only makes sense that she wants revenge.

Percy tried to let that sink in. Who was Sebastian Morgenstern? He thought to himself. And What the hell are seelies?

Percy found the wall, sliding down it, putting his head in his hands. This whole new world was giving him a rather large headache. Or maybe it was just adding to the extreme one he had before.

Percy felt his eyes get heavy, as he looked to the door. The least he could do was get some sleep, he needed it after all.


When Percy awoke, his arms and legs were bound, again. And the creepy brother Enoch dude wasn't there anymore either. Percy was alone in the cell, but at least her had a window to the outside world, a window that allowed him a way to escape.

Percy put his tied hands outside the bars, closing his eyes and thinking of water. A tidal wave came rushing towards him in a matter of seconds and the stone walls around him cracked from the pressure. He heard guards at his door, fumbling with keys, as the stone gave way. Percy let the wave carry him back to the source and when he opened his eyes he felt calm and relaxed. His hands had been cut free with the water and he stretched them out.

Percy looked around, seeing a wooden door inside a tree, and being the ADHD demigod that he was, he decided to open it. When he walked through, the door disappeared behind him and he found the noisiness of the city around him. He looked left and then right, the smells attacking his nose. The smile on his face brightened. I'm in Hell's kitchen!

He heard the barrelling footsteps behind him and took off to the left. He slammed into a guy walking, who shouted a few unkindly things at Percy, but he didn't care. Percy made a quick right, nearly slamming into a very familiar face.

"Percy, whoa, Chill." His friend, Camp Half Bood's Oracle of Delphi; Rachel Dare.

Percy grabbed her wrist and pulled her after him, in the opposite direction of the apartment building he was just in. Rachel tried to pull herself free, but Percy's grip was very strong. I guess that happens when your dangling over a pit of eternal darkness holding your girlfriend and preying to the gods neither of you will fall.

"Percy! What the hell?!" Rachel yelled at him. Percy got a few strange looks from the New Yorkers but they did what most New Yorkers do, shrug it off and keep walking.

Percy finally stopped, at the entrance to a subway station, walking down the steps. He let go of Rachel's wrist, instantly regretting for gripping her so tightly. Red marks that began to turn purple framed her wrist.

"Rach, I'm sorry-" he said, staring at her wrist. Rachel shook her head walking down the steps with him.

"I'm sure you had good reason. You okay?" Rachel asked, not looking in his direction.

No. "Yeah, fine" Percy answered, he was out of breath. "Just need to get to my mom's. Have you seen Annabeth."

"Yeah, that's why I was in Hell's kitchen. Looking for you. So why don't you try to tell me that bull again about you being fine? You've been gone for nearly a week Percy, so don't give me that bull about you being fine."

Percy cursed silently, of course Rachel would've talked to Annabeth. Whenever Percy went missing (Which wasn't very often, only once or twice every few months) Annabeth consulted Rachel and asked her to help in on the search.

"Um-I met these new people, Shadowhunters. And um, a few of them captured me."

Rachel eyeballed him, "Okay. But, Annabeth isn't at your mom's, she didn't tell Sally anything yet."

They walked down the subway stairs, and they both pulled out their metrocards. They hopped on the subway together, and they took a seat in the corner on the farthest side of the train.

"I can try to IM her, see where she's at." Rachel said at last, her emerald green eyes similar to Clary's.

"No, I know we aren't supposed to use cell phones, but this is important. I'll call her."

Percy got up, walking to the middle of the subway train, where no one was currently sitting and he called Annabeth's cell.

In about three rings Annabeth picked up, "Percy?" Her voice was hopeful, but edged with anger. That didn't surprise Percy one bit. Annabeth got that way when Percy disappeared, angry but hopeful. She most likely would judo flip him the next time she seen him.

"Hey Wise Girl. I-uh- just escaped this prison thing and figured I should call you."

He heard a sigh, he wasn't sure if it was from relief or anger, "Percy Jackson. You have a habit of disappearing, and you really need to stop it. Now, meet me at your mom's in no less than a half hour. I've got to go."

Percy heard the tiredness in her voice. He'd been gone for nearly a week, more than seven fricking days and-Oh no. A group of shadowhunters were on the other end of the subway train, asking people if they had seen Percy.

"Alright... I-uh-might be a bit late."


"Why?" Her tone changed from annoyed to worried in an instant.

"Um, it's a lot to explain over the phone-" Percy got cut off by Annabeth's annoyed sigh. (Jeez, her emotions could change faster than Frank could change into a goldfish)

"I've met your new friends Percy. Clary's a nice girl."

Percy didn't know how to respond to that, partly because he was rushing to Rachel in order to get away from the shadowhunter kidnappers and partly because she didn't sound angry that Percy had met yet another redheaded female.

"Annabeth, I've got to go. I'm giving the phone to Rachel."

"Percy-" He cut her off, glancing at the station number that subway train was at.

"Annabeth, tell Clary I need backup in the subway closest to where she met me."

"Percy-" The shadowhunters were getting closer and the train hadn't stopped yet.

"I have to go! Love you!"

Percy barely heard the "Love you too" as he threw the phone at Rachel and jumped out of the subway doors that were only half open. Rachel looked at him like he was a crazy, which Percy couldn't deny. He was definitely crazy.

The Shadowhunter Darius was on Percy's tail, a bandage around his wrist.

"What's the matter Demigod, afraid of a little shadowhunter?" He growled

"No, I'm afraid of big ones, but seeing as there aren't any big Shadowhunters following me, I'm fine."

Percy got an angry growl in response before he was tackled by a wolf. Darius smiled evily as he came to a hault beside Percy writhing underneath the wolf.

"That's enough, Gerald." Darius said, putting his sword underneath Percy's chin. It seemed to glow, which didn't settle Percy's unease. The wolf backed away growling in order to show Percy his full set of very sharp teeth.

"So, Damigod, Why don't you lead me to this camp of yours."

Percy's face twisted into anger. A surge of protectiveness rolled over him. Camp was his second home, that was like telling a murderer where your mother lived and expecting him not to kill her.

"Never. That camp is my home! I wont let you-"

He pulled out a stick with a glowing tip, "I could always try to give you a rune. Helen was adamant about not doing it to you because you aren't a shadowhunter. But..."

Darius palmed the stick carefully, and Percy let out an annoyed sigh, "Fine, I'll take you to my camp."

Darius smiled, sliding the stick into his back pocket. "I think this will be a fun trip, don't you?"

Percy stared daggers at him, trying to think of good ways to stall without risking the rune treatment. Percy would have to thank the god or goddess of good ideas, because whenever he needed one, they sat annoyingly out of reach and didn't come to him until he no longer needed them.

"Well, come on." Darius tied rope bindings around Percy's hands, pulling him upward.

"Any funny business and I'll set the rope on fire." Darius sneered in his ear. Percy wanted to kick this guy in the crotch and high tail it out of here, but there was that wolf with the pointy teeth and Percy didn't want bite marks in his skin. That's it! Percy thought, Mrs. O'Leary!

Percy took a deep breath, whistling loudly, calling his dog to the rescue.

"Who are you signaling, the redhead on the train? My colleagues already have her." Darius smirked, "Maybe I can torture her if you don't cooperate."

Percy's stomach plummeted. You could torture him, every day for a million years, but touching his friends was strictly off limits. Percy nodded, walking along silently. He just had to bide some time, Clary could show up with that guy Jace she was talking about, or Mrs. O'Leary could show up and help him.

He heard the footsteps from behind him and he smirked, they were way to loud to be a human or a regular animal. They were just the right size to be his dog's. Percy heard a very loud "WOOF" and then the shadowhunter's, along with the wolf man, got knocked to the side.

Percy turned around, a grin plastered on his face. "Good Girl, Mrs. O'Leary!" The hellhound bounded up to him, licking him from head toe.

"Alright, alright. Can you help me get these off girl. I'm actually surprised they tied them so tight." Percy said, holding out his hands.

"She can't, but I can." Nico's voice rung out from behind Mrs. O'Leary.

He walked out from behind her, pulling his stygian iron sword from his belt and cutting Percy's bindings.

"Thanks man, I owe you one. How'd you know I was here?"

"I was actually playing fetch with her when you whistled and she had me come with her here." Nico looked to the side, where the unconscious soldiers lay, "Who the hell are these guys?"

"Shadowhunters." Percy said, "Just another thing to add to my list of things going on in this world without my knowledge."

"That must be a pretty large list." Nico whistled, "Cause' a lot of things happen without your knowledge."

Percy rolled his eyes, Nico wasn't necessarily wrong, but it wasn't Percy's fault that he was naturally ignorant to everything. Annabeth commented on it alot.

"Gods, If only Annabeth were here."

"Oh, Annabeth is here." A voice rung out from behind him.

He turned and seen his girlfriend, fighting back the hands were at her hips, but her could see her fingers trembling. He could see the anger in her eyes, but the relief that shone through was brighter. Percy took in every aspect of her, but what stood out the most was the hand on her shoulder. A hand that belonged to a girl with flaming red hair. The girl who had inadvertently thrown him into this whole world. Clary.



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