Artchel baby and things chapter 2

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The school opened in September Mike had gone back to his dance troop dancing around the country. Rachel was now seven months a long and a certain gate began to appear Artie found himself biting his tongue a lot. Rachel said," We really need to think about names for are baby boy."

Artie said," I know what we both want the middle name to be Finn it's just a given. Let's look through the name book mom dropped off."

They spent three hours paiging through the baby book vetoing different ideas from one another. Rachel suggest Banard Artie shook his head and stuck his tounge out. Rachel said,"So mature." They giggled for couple minutes. Artie suggested Bart Rachel shook her head. Then Artie suggested Aiden which resulted in gentle shove from Rachel. Then Rachel suggested Birch. Artie said," No that's name of a pokémon professor."

Rachel replied, " I don't know what's that exactly is but if you say bad idea I understand." They laughed at names like cannon that's name of a product like a camrea in this case. Artie pointed to name Jackson. Rachel said," Jackson Finn Berry-Abrams I think I like it."

Artie said,"That sounds great to me."

Rachel said," I want some ice cream."

Artie knew what that mentor grabbed his jacket and wheeled to the local ice cream shop and got Rachel her favorite flavor and brought it back to her. Rachel gave the thankfully look.

Artie said," We should record a lullaby together."

Rachel said," Cool idea."

They where done with mega fame but this didn't mean they where done recording songs. In the one room of four bedroom house they had turned into recording studio for songs to be recorded that will then sold on itunes they texted friends to not disturb them then rehearsed and recorded lullaby duet.

Rachel sang: Now the day is over

Night is drawing nigh

Artie sang: Shadows of the evening

Steal across the sky

Now the darkness gathers

Stars begin to peep

Rachel sings:Birds and beasts and flowers

Soon will be asleep

Now the day is over

The sun has said goodnight

Artie and Rachel sing:The crescent moon has risen

To share it's gentle light

Now the wind is whispering

In stillness soft and sweet

All of nature's creatures

Now are sound asleep

The birds and beasts and flowers

All have gone to sleep.

They nailed the recording on the fourth time. Any little flaw they had to redo it. It's just who they are a song had to be perfect. Artie would later use all his computer instruments to add backing track to it then they'd get it up on itunes.

It was now end of October Rachel was due in January. A full term pregany is forty weeks which is actually ten months. Artie was going with Rachel to all he appointments. They began to shop for a crib and other baby items. When Rachel's feet hurt from baby shopping he'd gladly let her sit on him it really wasn't big deal. Artie was strong enough to move the two of them. There song in less then month had sold three million on iTunes. At $2 a song as there name was known that's a pretty good profit.

In November they had there friends and families over for Thanksgiving. Artie cooked the meal yes Artie could cook for the most part. It was just sometimes he needed a little help to remove something from the oven. Kurt had agreed to remove the turkey when done. Artie had done everything else. All the adults chatted while Tracey and Hepburn who where a little over a year old where shoving there food into each other's mouths and throwing some on floor. Rachel's dads really got along well with . Burt and Carole did show up Blaine's parents didn't though where invited. Sam showed up a little late with his siblings in tow.

Sam said," Artie hope you don't mind they are visiting me."

Artie said," No worries plenty of food."

Rachel smiled. Sam was relieved. Blaine waved to Sam. Sam then grabbed chair and stuck it between Blaine and Rachel. He had completely forgotten to help his siblings who only kind of sort of knew these people. Artie wheeled away to grab a couple of chairs and he placed them between where Artie's place was and where his dad sat. Stevie and Stacie smiled in response and sat down. Everyone had good time at the Thanksgiving party. They thanked Rachel and Artie for the food as they left.

The Abrams insisted everyone come to there house for Christmas. The next day Artie and Rachel thought it was great of Artie's parents to invite everyone over but they wanted to have smaller party with just there closest friends which really in there minds mostly just ment Kurt and Blaine for Christmas. They had called Mike and Mercedes at different times who both said can't make it. It was understandable. Blaine asked what about Sam when they called him. Artie reluctantly agreed to invite Sam. On phone gently explained to Sam it was small party just him for December 22. Sam understood.

December 22nd comes Kurt and Blaine drop Tracey and Hepburn off with Burt and Carole. Then they go to intamate party. Sam actually showed up on time and without anyone else. Greetings are exchanged. Rachel is a little quieter then normal while guys talk about different things. Rachel wasn't feeling great because of inconsistent contractions off and all day. Fifteen minutes after her last contraction while at table she squeezed Artie's hand. It was singal they'd worked out just in case. It was three weeks early. Artie kept up with conversation while keeping track. The next squeeze came 13 mintues later. When next squeeze came just 9 minutes later and lasted 2 mintues they knew Rachel was in full blown labor. Artie said," Rachel's in labor we need to go now."

Sam fainted he never had to deal with any of this. Kurt said," We will take you two to hospital easier then getting your attachments hooked up so you can drive Artie."

Blaine had gotten Sam back to where he belonged told Sam to phone Berry's and Abrams. Sam did just that while other 4 got into Kurt's car. Kurt folded Artie's wheelchair and stuck it in back once Artie got in. Rachel liked fact in back seat as she had contractions that she got to squeeze Artie's hand all the way to the hospital. Rachel's contractions where now consinstly five minutes apart as they arrived at the hospital. Within two hours at 8pm Jackson Finn Berry- Abrams 6lb 3oz baby boy was born. He was healthy. Of course baby and mom where kept the night. Artie had asked of was ok to stay. The staff gave him permission to stay.

A couple days later everyone went to Abrams house for the party and met the newest little bundle of joy. When Tracey and Hepburn saw Jackson they kept repeating baby. It was very clear. Yeah they said dada. And babbled but baby was a complete word that was clearly understood. Rachel's dads had at end of night insisted next year that the Abrams join them along with Rachel and Artie join them for one night of hannuak next year.

The End