You asked for it, and here it is! The first chapter of a (hopefully) sweet Bill Redemption story! Enjoy!

Stan and Ford had returned to Gravity Falls just a day before Mabel and Dipper would. When they arrived all was as they left it, for the most part.

Soos, Wendy, and Melody were working at the shack. Susan still worked at Greasy's. Manly Dan continued to have his random wrestling matches with forest animals. Robbie and Tambry were still dating.

Yes, it seemed everything was as they left it.

As Stan and Ford pulled into the Mystery Shack employee parking lot they noticed that Soos's car wasn't parked in it's usual spot. It was in the customers parking area, closer to the entrance.

"Huh, wonder what's up with Soos. He has his own parking space, why would he park there?" Stan said as he exited his car.

"I don't know Stanley, maybe we should see if he's inside." Ford reassuringly placed a hand on Stan's shoulder.

"Alright Sixer lets go see how the new Mr. Mystery is doing." Stan chuckled as they headed to the entrance of the shack.

As they opened the front door a sense of panic washed over them, as if something was wrong inside the shack.

"Hey Ford, didja feel that too?" Ford nodded in response and they both ventured further into their Oregon home.

They went up to the attic first, checking every room as they went.

"Stan did you find anything out of the ordinary?" Ford questioned Stan once they reunited.

"Nothing except for the fact Soos got his grandma to move out." Stan replied.

Fords brows furrowed as they made their way downstairs. They continued to check each room carefully, making sure not to overlook any details. Stan had taken the kitchen and living room while Ford had the others.

"Hey Ford! There's some voices comin' from the kitchen! Head over here now. Over." Stan's voice came through over Ford's walkie-talkie.

"Coming Stan. Over." Ford responded before he headed off in the direction of the shack's kitchen.

As Ford neared the kitchen he did start hearing the muffled sounds of panicked voices. They sounded like Soos and Melody's.

"Alright Stan, let's go see what the problem is." Ford said as he reached Stan next to the kitchen door. They entered the kitchen only to find Soos holding a small injured child, who looked no older than five, and at the youngest three.

"Mr. Pines! Your back!" Soos said running over to them and hugging the Stans with his free arm.

"Yeah, glad to see you too Soos. Who's the kid, you and Melody adopt or something?" Stan questioned once he was released from the death trap of a hug.

Soos's smile fell and his eyes wandered to the small form in his arm. The child looked up at him through his brown and gold tipped hair.

"No actually. I found this little dude when I was driving back from the diner. He was just like, laying on the side of the road. And I was like 'dude that little dude over there ain't doin' so good' so I totally pulled over and picked little guy up and started to freak out cause he had a bunch a' weird little quills all over his arm. So I was like ' yo dude this kid needs medical attention!' So I put him in my car and just kinda sped all the way back here ASAP and tried to help this little dude out." Soos finished talking and looked up at the Stans, who were looking at him with their mouths agape. Stan was the first to snap out of his shock.

"That's amazing Soos, but on a more important note you are making him pay for your help and shelter, right?" Stan put a hand on Soos's shoulder and looked him in the eyes.

"Sorry Mr. Pines, but no. This little guy can bearly talk, much less pay us money." Melody said as she stepped forward putting a hand on the child's head. Stan went to argue but was cut off by Ford as he finally snapped out of his shock.

"You said he had strange looking quills in his arm. Did they look like a porcupine's, only longer and greenish?" Ford questioned as he observed the small child.

"Yeah dude, they were like, the craziest quills I've ever seen!" Soos threw up his free arm to express how strange the quills were to him.

"Soos, if what you say is true this child was attacked by a Gremloblin! Their quills are poisonous, he should be treated immediately. I have some of the antidote in my bag along with a venom extractor. Just hand him over and I can start the treatment." Ford held out his hands waiting for Soos to comply.

Soos nodded in response and handed the child to Ford, letting him finally get the chance to see the sweater the boy was wearing. It was yellow, with a pyramid pattern on the bottom and a very familiar eye in the middle.

When Ford noticed this he immediately dropped the small child and grabbed a knife from his bag. This earned a small cry from the child.

"Cipher. You have five seconds to leave this body before I resort to a more painful solution." Ford held the knife in front of Bill's face, causing his slit eyes to go wide.

"C-can't leave. M-my body." Bill managed to stutter out.

"Well then, Stan can you get the collection of poisons and venoms we collected over our travels. It seems as if we have found our test subject." Ford then slid his sharpened knife across Bill's cheek, just deep enough to gain a pitiful whimper from the once powerful demon.

"Sure thing Ford, and make sure to give that cretin what he deserves while I'm gone." With that said Stan left the room, leaving Bill to Ford.

"So that little dude is the crazy tortilla chip guy from last year." Soos asked. Ford nodded and continued to stare daggers into Bill's skull. "Woah, that's like, crazy dude. But ya know, I don't really want to be hear while you guys are getting your revenge, so me and Melody are gonna head off to our apartment. See you dudes tomorrow!" Soos grabbed Melody's hand and they left.

Ford took the advantage of being alone with Bill in his weak helpless form to make sure he knew EXACTLY how he made the Pines family feel last summer. So by the time Stan returned Bill was covered in his own blood and some of his limbs were twisted in sickening ways.

"Great job Sixer. Now let's go down to the lab and run some 'tests' on him." Stan laughed a little before picking Bill up by the back of his sweater, choking him.

"Yes and if my calculations are correct it should take almost four complete days for him to die of the injuries and poisoning." Ford grinned and grabbed the bag of venoms and poisons.

Not even five minutes later Bill was strapped down on a table and was given medicine to keep him awake throughout the process of being poisoned and having venom injected into his bloodstream.

"I say we start with the giant sea widow venom. It's like the regular spider's venom, but twenty times worse." Stan rubbed his hands together eagerly.

"Yes, that is the mildest of the venoms we have so let's start there." Ford agreed. He then put some sort of muzzle like contraption over Bill's mouth, preventing him from screaming. Then before Bill knew what was happening a sharp needle pierced his flesh, injecting a deadly venom into his bloodstream.

This process was repeated several more times before they ran out of venom, wich meant they started with the poisons.

Ford removed the muzzle blocking Bill's mouth. He then started to force feed Bill poisoned food. By the end of it all Bill could bearly keep his eyes open, but that was fine because that was the time that Stan chose to hit him over the head with a baseball bat anyway.

"Alright Ford he's dying now, so whadda ya wanna do with im'?" Stan questioned after he returned from cleaning himself off.

"My plan was to take off his sweater so nobody will recognize him and just dump him in the dump since nobody goes there anymore." Ford said staring off into space like he was in deep thought.

"I like that plan, that's a good plan let's do that right now." Ford smiled at the fact that his brother agreed to dump Bill into, well the dump.

So they went into the lab and removed Bill's sweater, leaving him with just a white shirt and black shorts. After setting the sweater on fire they grabbed Bill and drove him to the dump where they promptly threw him into a pile of trash and made sure he was not visible to passers by. They then left the dump knowing that Bill Cipher could never wreak havoc on this world again.

Or so they thought.

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