An eight-foot-tall woman stood in their doorway. She had neon pink hair with four fleshy pink gill-like things sticking out of the sides of her head. The woman was wearing a white button-up tank top with purplish black pants. She had pinkish-purple hiking boots and a pink tail with a teal fringe, and to top it all off, there was a tiny floating crown above her head with a red gemstone in the middle.

"W-who are you?" Dipper stuttered, protectively hugging Bill close to his chest.

The woman stared at him for a moment with her pink eyes with giant oversized pupils.

"I am the Axolotl." The pink haired woman smiled as Bill's head shot up to look her straight in the eyes. "Hello, William."

"Axowotl." Bill stared into the woman's eyes as she stepped into the shack.

"Yes William that's my name, but please, call me Axie. Axie Ajolote Lotle." Her pink pixie cut hair fell over her eyes as she spoke. "Is it just me or do you look a little more beat up then when I left you?" Axie had a hint of concern in her voice.

Bill looked away and buried his face back into Dipper's shoulder. Dipper pet his hair as he felt Bill grab at his shirt again.

"Bill's had more than his fair share of… incidences." Dipper told the concerned looking woman as she knelt down and put a comforting hand on Bill's head, she seemed startled as he started to cry.

"Yeah, Ford and Stan have been butt faces lately. I've never seen either of them that mad at us before…" Mabel trailed off as she noticed how much Bill was shaking. "Is he okay?"

Axie seemed to have noticed the distress that the child was in and she looked Dipper in the eyes with a look that silently said: 'let me help.' The brunette sighed and carefully removed Bill from his chest and handed him over to the pink haired woman. Axie smiled slightly as she felt Bill adjust himself against her chest.

"It's alright Bill, I'm sure Pinetree and Shooting Star will protect you from Sixer and Fez." Axie ran her fingers through Bill's dirty hair as he continued to cry into her shoulder. "Though there's no denying that what they've done is unacceptable and is in need of some serious repercussions." She continued to play with Bill's hair as she rubbed circles on his back in hopes of calming him down.

"I-I down't w-wike them, S-Sisser's meawn. T-they huwt m-me." Bill managed to say after his crying had slowed down enough to let him talk.

Axie paused when she heard what Bill's voice actually sounded like in the human plane of existence, it was so broken and slurred, it was pitiful.

"I know William, they'll get what's coming to them soon… if she's still around here that is…" Axie muttered the last part so quiet Dipper almost missed it, almost.

"Who's 'she'?" Dipper asked as the woman detached Bill from herself and handed him back to Dipper.

Axie sighed as she opened her mouth to explain, but was cut off by Stan.

"DIPPER! WHO'S AT THE DOOR?!" Came a booming voice from the living room.

"Mabel's right, he does sound more hostile than normal." Axie muttered under her breath while she lost herself in a train of thought.

"Just a friend Grunkle Stan!" Dipper yelled from the entryway, making the still uneasy form in his arms flinch. "Sorry Bill." Dipper whispered into the child's ear.

There was some grumbling heard from the living room but other than that, silence.

"Alright, now that that's cleared up. Axie?" The pink haired woman looked at Dipper at the mention of her name. "Why exactly are you here?" Dipper asked.

Axie's gill's twitched and she blinked before giving a response.

"I am here to help with William. Normally I would just let entities like him be reborn into the next generation as babies, but Bill here is different, he got a pre-aged up body. Something no one else has ever been given." Bill looked up at the woman with his puffy red eyes, curious to why he was being treated any different than any other entity.

"Why is that?" Dipper asked, just as curious as Bill himself.

Axie smiled. "Because I know someone who's naturally gifted at making bodies like his, for a reasonable price that is." The Axolotl scowled at the memory of signing a contract replayed in her head, she shuddered. "Let's just say that she is a strange being that I hope none of you go through the torture of meeting."

Mabel giggled a little but was shushed at the sound of an adorable sneeze.

"Bless you Dipper." Mabel said instinctively.

"That wasn't me Mabel, it was Bill." Dipper said with a small smile on his face as he looked down at the small form in his arms.

Mabel stopped giggling and looked at Bill who sneezed again.

"Oh. My. SPARKLES! Your sneeze is so cute Bill! It's like a little baby kitten's!" Mabel looked like she was about to explode if Bill sneezed again.

"You do have an adorable sneeze, William." Axie chuckled as Bill did his best to glare at both of them.

"Aww, you're cute when you're mad." Mabel gushed over Bill, making him glare harder.

"C'mon you guys, leave him be. Let's head up to the attic." Dipper said as he readjusted Bill in his arms and started heading towards the stairs.

* . * . Meanwhile in another Dimension . * . *

Soos opened up the mansion door to see a cloaked figure standing in the doorway.

"May I help you?" He asked while trying to hide his concern and remain the professional butler he was.

"YeS, I aM hErE tO sEe tHe GlEeFul TWiNs, MaSoN aNd MaBeL." Came an inhuman voice from inside the sand covered tan coat.

Soos was about to object when the cloaked figure pulled out a decaying bandage covered hand from beneath the cloak and held it in front of his face before it ignited into flames so black they could be mistaken for floating ink.

"NoW!" Came another unearthly growl from beneath the coat.

Soos backed away and ran, but was stopped as he felt something pierce through his back and out through his stomach, he looked down to see an arrow protruding from his lower abdomen. He wanted to scream but found it impossible as his body slowly died. The last thing he saw before closing his eyes was an inhuman grin upon a bandage-covered face.

The mysterious figure crept deeper into the Gleeful family's mansion, leaving a trail of sand and dust behind it. As the figure approached the back of the mansion the faint sound of voices could be heard coming from the library.

"Now tell me Cipher, who did you contact?!" A young male's voice echoed off the walls of the mansion, followed by the soft sound of whimpering.

"N-no one M-Master." Came the broken reply of what sounded like a small child.

The figure silently walked to the open door of the library and watched the scene unfold.

"Liar. Tell the truth Cipher, before I force it out of you." Said a boy who looked to be around 14 or 15 wearing a blue and black uniform and looming over a small blue-haired child.

"I-I d-didn't c-contact a-anyone!" The child said as he fought back tears and burying his cut up face into his tattered blue shirt.

"Cipher, I said no more lies!" The teen struck the child across the face with a sound that echoed around the library. "Now tell me. Who. Did. You. CONTACT?!" The teen pulled out a knife and the now crying child tried to crawl away from his attacker but was restricted by glowing blue chains around his neck, wrists, and ankles.

The figure decided to intervene now before Mason did anymore harm to Will.

"MaSoN ChArLeS GlEeFuL," The bandage wrapped figure said as it stepped into the library, sporting an inhuman grin and a murderous look in it's one eye with two pupils.

The teen's head shot up and he turned to face the intruder, only to freeze in horror as he took in the sight of what looked like a living mummy, except for the one glowing eye with two pupils, it felt as if that eye was boring into his very soul. Will looked up and stared in horror at the monster that brought back terrible memories.

"W-what do you want?" Mason said with much less confidence than usual.

"I oNlY cAmE tO fReE tHe YoUnG oNe." Came that spine-chilling voice from that horrific monster standing only a few feet away.

"No, Cipher is mine! These chains are all the proof that you'll need for that, now be gone with you demon!" Mason shouted, but to his horror, the beast started to laugh.

"WhAt ChAiNs, MaSoN?" The monster lifted a boney, bandaged covered hand and snapped it's delicate fingers, making the blue chains around the child's neck disappear.

"W-what?! How did you do that?! That spell was unbreakable!" Mason screamed as the chains disappeared.

"NeVeR uNdErEsTiMaTe Me mAsOn, I'm MoRe PoWeRfUlL tHaN aNy Of YoUr BuLlShIt 'SpElLs'!" The monster said as it started to stride towards Mason.

"N-no, stay back you fiend!" Mason shouted as the figure grabbed a hold of one of his wrists and pierced his delicate flesh.

The figure laughed as Mason started writhing and trying to pry it's fingers out of his arm. He screamed as the skin surrounding the monster's fingers started to decay.

"STOP!" Mason screamed as the decay overtook his hand and started to slowly make it's way up his arm.

The figure stopped laughing and dropped Mason.

"HaVe FuN tRyInG tO fInD a CuRe. HiNt: ThErE iSn'T oNe! SeE yOu In DuAt GlEeFuL!" The figure started to laugh again as Mason screamed when the decay made it's way up to his face.

One minute later the library was silent and Mason lay dead on the floor, looking like a male replica of the creature standing over him. The figure had stopped smiling and it's two pupils had fused together again. It's bandages slowly disappeared and it's skin started to come back to life, revealing lightly tanned skin and pixie cut lavender hair.

"Well now that he's gone," Came a pleasant and warm voice from the figure leaning over Mason's corpse. "how about I get back to the reason I'm in this fucked up Dimension in the first place." The figure turned around to face Will, revealing a freckle-covered face of a girl who looked about 14.

"Wilbur Fern Cipher, nice to finally meet you! Now tell me, why'd you contact good ol' me?"

. * . Back with Bill and Dipper . * .

"Okay so let me get this straight, Fez and Sixer broke your arm and leg, dislocated your jaw, and cut you up." Axie said as she dried Bill's hair with a towel.

Bill looked up at her through his messy brown and gold hair and nodded. Axie frowned and carefully picked up Bill and took him to the twin's room.

"Bill! How'd you like your first bath as a human?" Mabel asked as Axie and Bill stepped foot into the twin's bedroom.

"I think he liked it, especially the bubbles." Axie chuckled as she sat down on Mabel's bed and played with Bill's fluffy hair.

Bill nodded his head vigorously and bounced up and down on the twin's bed to show that he agreed with her.

"That's great! He seems happier as well, did you do something or…" Dipper trailed off as Bill yawned and stretched his short arms.

"No, I think he really just needed some time to relax." Axie said as Dipper walked forward and picked up Bill.

"That's good, at least he's comfortable enough to be able to relax." Dipper said as he absentmindedly stroked Bill's fluffy brown and gold hair.

"That's good. Hey, Dipper?" Axie said.


"Would you mind if later today, or tomorrow, I take you guy's into town? Just cause Bill's never seen it in color, properly."

"No, I wouldn't mind at all. I think it would be good for him." Dipper said as he looked down at the sleeping form in his arms.

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