I don't really want to talk much right now, so without further ado, let's watch Yuu~kun get assaulte- I mean hugged by the vampires.

Yuichiro: Oi! What do you mean assaulted?!

Asuramaru: Yuu, we're going to be attacked first, because you're a human. Stupid.

Yuichiro: Oh yeahh… Wait I'm not stupid!

Asuramaru: *giggling*


Yusamaru was about a mile away from Sanguinem's entrance when 'he' saw commotion. Around the vampire city's entrance, it would be normal to have protection. What he didn't expect was a full compound, complete with fences and little towers, as well as barbed wire, and a few vampires guarding it. On the road, though, a single vampire noble stood. Against his will, anger started to bubble up to the surface, being brought on by Yuichiro's subconsciousness. He couldn't make out the features too well, but it could be Ferid. It was tall, and its hair looked about the same length. Yusamaru kept driving, and jumped out of the Humvee at the last second, the Humvee continuing onwards at a crash course straight into the vampire noble. The world almost shook around him, as the Humvee slammed into a fence, reverberating through the ground. He stood up and looked forwards, only to see that the Humvee had not taken the vampire with it. Yusamaru frantically looked around as he drew his sword, and was only just able to deflect the sword that came swinging down at his head. Now, though, he could see the attacker, and was thus able to keep up freely with no surprises, or inconveniences. The sword came again, and this time Yusamaru saw it as soon as it came, slamming his own sword into it. This caused the sword to be changed off its course and away from him. The ferociousness of Yusamaru seemed to have made the attacker back away, giving Asamaru time to stop focusing and hand over her control to Yuichiro, who was still mentally asleep. Yuu. Yuu! Wake up!

What do you want, Asamaru? Wake up you idiot! Fight! What!?...

One of Yuichiro's eyes, which both had been red, now turned green, signifying that he was in control again. He kept the horn, though. Once again, the figure known as Yuichiro frantically looked around taking in his surroundings. "Ehhh!?" He loudly exclaimed in confusion, and a little bit of protest was in his meaning of it. He hadn't known he would awake to find himself in front of the vampire's base. Yuichiro gripped his sword and looked towards who he was fighting. The vampire noble was tall, and assumedly strong, though you wouldn't normally think so since their physical appearance didn't change no matter how strong they were. A scrawny vampire could pick up upwards of 230 kg, perhaps significantly more. It wore white clothes with black lines through it made of more cloth. It had blond hair, and surprisingly blue eyes. The vampires face was that of confusion, and Yuichiro couldn't understand why… "M-Mika!?" Yuichiro almost dropped the sword he held in his hands, utterly confused and unsure, if this was all a lie… "Yuu-chan. It's you, isn't it?" Yuichiro stood where he was, frozen in place. He choked back a sob that threatened to send him to tears. His family was alive, and Mika was alive. "Mika." Yuichiro almost stepped backwards as Michaela dropped his sword and walked towards him. He didn't seem to know what to do except hold his hands up in front of him in a vain effort to hold the distance between them. Michaela continued forwards and brushed the arms aside, wrapping his own around Yuichiro's midsection, enveloping him in a hug, nuzzling against him affectionately. This finally made Yuichiro drop his sword, and it clattered to the ground. His hand hung limply as he was in shock while all of this was happening. They stayed like that for a few moments, before a new presence came along. "Mikaela, what are you doing? Are you finally drinking?" Yuichiro couldn't see around Mikaela, but it seemed Mikaela knew this person. He let go of Yuichiro and stood protectively in front of him, shielding him with his own body and arms, which made him gather his bearings and reach down to grab his sword. "What, don't trust me enough to get a look at your first drink?" Yuu. Who is that? Look around the vampire and see what she looks like. Shut it, Asamaru. But Yuichiro's curiosity and need to see what he was up against made him peak from behind Mikaela. Who he saw was what looked like a young girl, with pink hair and red eyes, and a curious look as she saw him. She smiled at him, and as she did so she revealed her fangs to him. So she was a vampire, and for all he knew she could be a millennia old, not what her looks told him. But why was she smiling at him? "Ahhh! Yuichiro! Mika, is that Yuichiro I spy behind you?" She looked practically giddy at noticing his presence, and Yuichiro did a double take, frowning in confusion. Yuu. Do you know who that is? No. Well, sort of. Not personally but from briefings from Guren, and when I was little she would come by and do checks on us. Krul Tepes.. Asuramaru was quiet for a bit, then she started laughing. He could feel her presence next to him, holding onto him. What? Why are you laughing? Yuu. Krul is my younger sister. Tell her hi for me. Oh, and my past name was Ashera Tepes. So make sure you tell her that Ashera says hi . And with that she left, leaving him confused. Krul was Asuramaru's sister? Mikaela was still standing in front of him, blocking Krul from getting to him. Krul walked forwards, seemingly ignoring him. Mikaela then stepped forwards, seemingly to intercept her. At that moment, Krul flashed and was almost instantaneously on top of Yuichiro. She held his face gently with one of her hands, and the other was holding both hands above his head with surprising strength. She had him completely pinned. Mikaela whipped his body around and lunged at Krul, and in an instant she had thrown him to the ground as well, momentarily incapacitating him. She was once again on top of Yuichiro, holding him in the same position as before. "Mika. Mika Mika Mika. You know I wouldn't hurt a hair on Yuu-chan's head. I just want to.. Interact with him for a moment." She turned her attention back to Yuichiro, who was currently so shocked that he hadn't reacted to the situation. "Yuu, welcome back home. So sorry for the not so warm welcome. But that's okay, because now that you're here you can spend aaalll the time in the world with Mika. But first, I need you to tell me. Why is it that you were in the truck all by yourself? Where's your squad, Yuu? Who else is coming?" She questioned him slowly, so as to not frighten him any more than he was. He looked almost guilty, innocent even. Well, as innocent as a borderline possessed human could look. He answered after a moment when he got his focus back together. "I.. There is no squad. I came alone…" Krul looked at him, taking his answer in and wondering if it was the truth. A few moments later the grib she had on his hands tightened, putting more pressure on his wrists, making him intake a sharp breath. "Yuu. Tell me the truth. I don't want to hurt you, but I need the truth Yuu. Where are the others?" Yuichiro quickly responded. "I told you the truth. I swear, no one else is coming. I stole the Humvee and ran away. No one knows I came here. Honest!" Krul once more took in his words, and the pressure on his hands slightly lessened. "Why would you run? What happened? And why would you come back here?.." Krul questioned him a bit more. "S-someone told me that I should come back here. That I was safer here than with the humans. That I was something more than 'just human'. That the humans were experimenting on me…" Krul looked slightly more interested than before, but what Yuichiro didn't know was that she was surprised. "Ohhh? And who told you this?" Yuichiro looked like he was contemplating something for a moment. ".. Ashera says hi…." Krul now openly expressed a moment of genuine surprise, before she further closed the gap between she and Yuichiro. He visibly flinched, attempting to pull his face away from hers. "So, Ashera says hi. And by that I think you mean that Ashera told you." She now whispered into his ear, continuing to speak. "You should really learn to speak a bit more respectfully. Although I thank you for delivering Ashera's message. So, Yuu. I will trust you this time. I'll also take into consideration that you came willingly back to us from the humans, seeking refuge. You're pretty smart for a human, Yuu. Perhaps it's the influence of my older sibling, or that you are not completely human. Maybe a mixture of both." Krul rubbed the back of her hand across the side of his cheek. Yuichiro could do nothing except look up into her face. "Well, as much fun as today could have been, I now have arrangements to make, so I'll be off.. Mika, take Yuu-chan under your wing and to your room. Protect him from the other vampires. Unless you want to have a blood sucking session. Bye then." Krul got up off of Yuichiro, and turned away with a swish of her hair and clothing, heading back to Sanguinem. After a moment, Yuichiro got up and walked over to Mika. "Are you okay?..." Mikaela looked up at him, his eyes still as blue as the day Yuichiro left him. "Yeah, just… Winded?" Yuichiro reached his arm down and held it there for Mikaela to get up. Mikaela grabbed onto his hand and Yuichiro helped him up. Just then, the vampires Mikaela had been working with ran within sight of Mikaela and Yuichiro, and Mikaela quickly put himself between Yuichiro and the vampires once more. "Oi, oi. Mika. What're you doing? We were just coming to help. Besides, I don't think you could finish that human all by yourself. He's probably too much for you to consume, so we'll help out." The vampire next to the one that spoke nodded in agreement. Mikaela bristled with anger. "NO! He's.. Mine. And mine alone at that! So leave!" Mikaela still had himself in front of Yuichiro. "Jeez, fine. You don't have to be so selfish. We understand, though, since this will be your first time." The vampires snickered as they left, heading back to where they came…

Mikaela visibly relaxed and turned to face Yuichiro. He eyed the death grip he held on his sword. He stepped forwards and rested his hand onto Yuichiro's, pulling him into an embrace once more, this time whispering into his ear. "We're okay, now. You're fine." Mikaela sounded close to tears as he held Yuichiro tightly. "You're fine." He repeated, almost as if to assure himself. "Yeah. Mika. You're fine too." Yuichiro held his sword to his side, pointed away from Mikaela. "We can finish this later, Yuu-chan. I have to get you inside before those humans steal you away from me again." He pulled away from the hug and held onto his left hand, pulling him along with him as they walked towards the entrance of Sanguinem. Mikaela picked up his sword along the way and sheathed it, and Yuichiro did the same. Mikaela drew Yuichiro closer as they neared the vampire city's entrance, protecting him as his own, so that no vampire would dare come near to steal him away. And so Mikaela brought him into the safe haven for vampires. A city that held thousands of humans as livestock. A city that Mika and Yuichiro had once been apart of the livestock population. Would Yuichiro once again be a part of that population? No, Michaela wouldn't let that happen. Not to Yuichiro. Not to his Yuu-chan...