"And this is the security room" a burley man said as he gestured to the slightly broken room filled with things that looked as if they had seen better days. Grabbing her bag strap tightly a woman looked round with curious eyes as she took in the surrounding area, interest filled her honey eyes while her black hair had been tied up into a high ponytail.

"Though I am surprised that you've taken an interest, after all given the history of Freddy's Fazbear's Pizza" the man said as he looked at her, the young woman wore a thin grey top that hugged her curves but rested on the top part of her brown trouser like jeans, what shocked the man was that she wore brown flip flops since it was cold in the room, even he was shivering slightly from the occasional chills despite the fact that some of it was from the history of the place being haunted. But hey, the owners were spending large amounts of money on this place and the workers so who was he to complain?

"Well I am into mysteries" the woman said brightly, her honey eyes shone with interest as she pulled her black coat close since she hadn't zipped it up. "Besides it's only a replica, what are the chances of it being the real deal?" she said brightly while the man frowned slightly.

"Right… well your role as mentioned is a security guard allowing viewers to experience some authenticity as they explore the place. However I will need you to make sure that this place is ship shape, meaning no people must be here except you. Is that understand?" he asked sternly as he gave her a hard look.

"Certainly Mr. Blaw" she said kindly as she nodded with a bright smile on her face, the man stared at her for a bit. She was a strange one indeed.

"I'm sorry I didn't catch your name" Mr. Blaw said bluntly causing her to blink.

"Oh… I'm Cynthia, but some call me Cinder" she said with a soft smile that caught him off guard.

"Oh okay, I see well I'll see what you're made of next week if you want to start" Mr. Blaw said after trying to regain his composure from how the peppy girl continue to smile. Part of him was suspicious of her since no one would just willingly want to come here, then again it was either her or the young man who was about twenty. Only the difference was that she showed more promise than the other, so what choice did he have? "Before I forget I wanted to confirm that you are over the age of eighteen" the man said as he looked at her. Cinder nodded with a kind smile.

"That's right, I just turned nineteen last month" she replied causing his eyebrows to go up.

"I see, well I hope you had a wonderful birthday" she nodded at his words while gripping her bag strap.

"Wonderful, well the trial job is there for you if you want it?" he asked.

"Oh thank you, I'll be more than happy to take the job" she chuckled "I know I'm not a guy but this does sound like an interesting place" she added with an earnest smile while looking around the area. Nodding the man coughed into his fist and looked at the state of the place.

"You'll receive your security uniform on your way out, welcome aboard" he lifted his hand for her to shake.

"It's a pleasure to work with you as well sir" Cinder said kindly while a guy with shaggy brown hair entered the room. He wore a blue parker with fur on the end of the hood, his white shirt could be seen under the open parker while he wore a pair of black shorts, he also wore black boots that were up to his ankles.

"Whoa, is that the person who will be acting as a security guy?" the male asked with a laid back tone, Cinder blinked in surprise while Mr. Blaw cleared his throat.

"Cynthia this is Terrance" Mr. Blaw said stiffly as he saw Terrance looking at Cinder.

"You look interesting babe, never seen a female security guard but there's a first for everything" Terrance said with an interesting look, Cinder however… was not so keen to see him looking at her.

"I see, well it's nice to meet you…Terrance?" she asked hesitantly.

"You got it babe" he said with a wide smile as he lifted his left hand so she could shake, which she did hesitantly in order to be polite.

"Can you please not call me that please?" she asked meekly as she shied away slightly after pulling her hand back.

"Call you what babe?" he asked looking curious.

"That, babe I don't feel comfortable being called that" Cinder said wearily.

"Oh sorry, didn't mean to make you uncomfortable dudette" he said with a weak smile as he scratched the back of his head, Cinder sighed at the other nickname but just dropped it due to having no energy to complain.

"Well it's getting late, I'll see you on the fourteenth" Cinder nodded her farewell to Mr. Blaw and walked out the room.

"Looks interesting for a dudette, real babe though" he said with a grin as he watched her go.

"You do realise that I am your boss and that she has told you that she feels uncomfortable about being called that?" Mr. Blaw said sternly as he gave Terrance a look.

"S-Sorry boss, didn't mean to harsh your mellow" Terrance said before leaving the room, Mr. Blaw did frown at the turn of events but he did have other things to do and could only hope the attraction would work out… that is if Terrance doesn't mess around.

"Won't be much longer until the attraction is up and running" he said wearily as he dabbed his head slightly with a tissue before leaving the room.

Cinder placing her costume on the chair in the security room sighed before looking at her phone with a soft smile. Just one more week until the place was up and running but it didn't hurt to take a look around.

"Heeeey Dudette!" Terrance's voice could be heard from the left side of the room causing her to sigh weakly, spotting the right side of the room which was suppose to be connected to the air vents she went in without a second thought and hid while using the darkness for cover.

Terrance after entering the room looked round in surprise since he had spotted her not too long ago.

"Heeey Dudette! Where are you?" he asked looking curious as he saw her costume resting on the chair "I see your security costume so where are you?" he called, biting her lip Cinder backed away slowly by sliding her stomach on the smooth metal vent. She could only hope that the security camera hadn't been turned on since she only knew the password, as she slid backwards she almost yelped from feeling her feet no longer touching the cool metal vent and winced as her fear of heights kicked in. However instead of yelling for help she pressed her legs against the wall and slid down, she offed as she landed on the floor. Cinder got up and rubbed her behind weakly since the ground wasn't so soft, she then turned around in order to observe the area. It was dark but there was faint light from a distance, curious she tilted her head in order to see where she was. It was a bit hard to tell exactly since she was sure that this area was not on the map, allowing her eyes to adjust she took a few steps forward only to flinch from hearing a few tap tapping noises that sounded like water. Which to Cinder was odd since she was sure that the rooms had no holes in the ceilings so what was going on? Soon an off putting smell hit her nose causing her to cry out weakly and gag as it smelt like something had died in the room, where was it coming from? Had someone or something died in this room? If so how could no one have noticed the smell? What could it have been and where was it coming from?

Looking around anxiously for anything that could be seen or recognizable she chewed her bottom lip as she looked around before hearing a splash, looking down she saw nothing until she remembered her phone was in her pocket causing the shaken female to slap her forehead for the blunder and reached for it by looking at both pockets due to being unable to see. Finally finding the thin metal rectangle in her right pocket she immediately pressed a button allowing some light to enter the room. Ignoring the faint calling of Terrance she looked down and paused as she saw water, immediately her shoulders relaxed as she exhaled. Really? Just water?! Shaking her head she then used the light from her phone to look round and blinked at how barren but damaged some parts of the room was. Did the construction team just leave it like this or something? Shaking her head she resumed her observation of the room until something caught her eye, walking towards the thing of interest she knelt down slightly to see a dirty yellow object with metal stitchings on it. To her it looked like a broken robot rabbit that appeared to have been left to decay for years.

"You poor thing… what could have happened to you?" she asked herself softly since there was no way a robot could talk, Cinder placed her hand on the right cheek of the robot while her eyes showed sadness. Ignoring her phone which had gone dark she continued to look at the rabbit robot, it was odd since it looked alive-zombie like but alive which was impossible. "How no one noticed you is hard to believe" she shook her head causing her hair to move side to side as her eyes kept staring at it.

"Don't worry, I'll talk to my boss and see if they can fix you" she smiled kindly as her thumb stroked it's cheek. "I wonder what your name is though…" she sighed softly before looking at her phone and blinked in surprise.

"Oh… my shift starts now" she then looked at the robot meekly. "Sorry I have to go but I'll talk to my boss I promise" she said before getting up.

"-ey Dudette!" came a voice from the vent causing her to groan as she looked at where she appeared from.

"Really? Ugh… I'm coming" she muttered before turning to look at the rabbit. "Nice meeting you" she said before using her phone to find the door which to her relief was unlocked meaning that she didn't have to use the vent again.

"Hey dudette where did you go? Your shift started a long time ago and I was suppose to give you some information" Terrance said wearily as he saw her dishevelled appearance as she pushed her pony tail back, to her dismay she was covered in dust thanks to the air vent but made no comment about it.

"I was exploring the place in order to gather my bearings after all cameras don't exactly show you everything you know" she said stiffly, Terrance blinked in surprise before releasing a pleased noise.

"An eager one huh? I like that. So hey guess what we found" Terrance said with a wide grin.

"I don't know" she said with a blank look since she knew that he was excited and wanted to tell her that badly so she decided to humor him, after all the sooner he finished the sooner he would leave.

"Well we found one!" he said with a chuckle, Cinder blinked and tilted her head slightly before looking at him with confused eyes.

"Found one what?" she asked bluntly while masking some curiosity in her voice.

"An animatronic, it's definitely an ancient one that was most likely locked away for sometime. But the good news is that it's going to be used for the attraction" he said with a wide grin "isn't that exciting? People are going to be flocking from all over the place dudette and it's going to be awesome" he said looking like he was going to bounce off the walls from excitement.

"What does it look like?" Cinder asked as curiosity filled her eyes, Terrance chuckled as he paused and scratched the back of his head with a sheepish grin.

"Well… it's suppose to be a secret but I'll tell ya, it's a yellow animatronic rabbit that according to the tapes I have with me talk about a spring lock suit. Boss man even said that this could be one of the suits that was used. Isn't that exciting?" he asked with a lopsided smile not noticing Cinder's look as she kept her expression guarded.

"I see, thank you for telling me and I'll keep it a secret for now" she said with a bright smile in order to avoid suspicion.

"Say… you're not so bad dudette" Terrance said with a grin "tell you what, if you're not busy maybe we can-"

"Actually I have things to do I'm afraid, sorry" she chuckled meekly as she looked away shyly, Terrance paused from her words and mentally groaned at the offer being turned down.

"Oh! Well, next time maybe?" he suggested with a hopeful smile that had her wanting to twitch from the fact he was not taking the hint of her being not interested in him.

"I don't know I'm afraid, after all I am studying at the moment so I don't really have time for going out most of the time" Cinder replied softly with an apologetic smile.

"Why don't you allow yourself to chill and unwind dudette? Surely you're going to be running yourself into the ground?" he asked as he folded his arms while keeping his gaze on her.

"I have my final year next year so I want to finish what I can for now in order to pass" Cinder said softly as she bit her lip.

"Fine, but you do owe me for not telling the boss about your-"

"I'm sure exploring and making sure that there are no faults is part of my job description Terrance, now can you please go so I can start on my other jobs please?" Cinder asked as she tried to keep her cool since he was starting to grate on her nerves. Just then a noise that resembled clattering made them jump, Cinder gripped her chest before looking at the door to see a grey metallic tray being moved by someone she couldn't make out, once she heard heavy footsteps walking away did the pair release loud sighs of relief.

"Jeez…" Terrance muttered with a shake of his head. "Alright! Fine fine dudette no need to be act like that. See ya- oh and don't forget some of the equipment isn't fully functional so you'll have to reboot it at times using the maintenance button on your tablet okay? Check the ventilation so you don't suffocate or hallucinate" Terrance explained casually as he pointed at the tablet. Cinder however mentally went cold from the sudden information.

"Um… not fully functional?"

"Yeah it's a real fire hazard, looks like the big wigs went all out but forgot about health and safety. Also there isn't much battery so use the cameras sparingly okay?" Terrance added as he listed all the things important. "And if there is anything else I'll call so there isn't much to worry about, just check and reboot the audio, ventilation and cameras that's it" he said with a wide smile.

"Thank you for the advice" Cindy said with a brief smile.

"No worries dudette just helping a fellow member out, I'll also bring in a tape next time I come in" Terrance added in a peppy tone.

"What's it about?"

"It's one of the guys who use to train the other security guys, he spoke about the spring lock suits" Terrance replied before stretching "well I'm out, laters dudette" he said before leaving.

"Doesn't have the audacity to remember my name… then again I doubt I would want him to" Cinder muttered to herself before shaking her head. Sighing to herself she spotted her suit and looked at the door in order to make sure Terrance wasn't around, once the ghost was clear she immediately started to change into her security uniform. It was a bit tight but then again it was a guy's costume. Not that she was going to complain, no her mind was on the spring lock animatronic. Poor thing… how long had it been there?

As she went to sit down at the table containing the tablet she began to turn it on only to feel a brief chill in the air. Immediately Cinder looked around to see nothing to her relief but at the same time she was still on edge, was it Terrance?

"H-Hello?" she called out meekly to her right and then looked at her left. What was going on?

How long has it been?

I've been in darkness for so long

But now…

I am free