Kai sighed as he shuffled his feet and pulled his coat tighter around himself. The team was currently standing near a pier at the last village they would see on their journey to get the shurikens of ice. Sensei Wu was busy trying to charter a boat that they could use for the last leg of the trip. So far, he didn't seem to be having very good luck.

Jay shivered as another cold wind blew through. "What's taking so long?" he complained," If we stand here any longer I think we're going to turn into a bunch of ninjacicles."

Zane just stared at him with a confused expression while the others groaned. Speaking of Zane, the guy wasn't even wearing his coat. He had it draped over his arm as Jay attempted to explain to him what a ninjacicle was.

"Well... " Cole started, glancing around," Sensei never said we couldn't explore a bit while we're waiting."

"That's fine with me," Kai replied," Better than sitting here and doing nothing." Honestly, the brunette thought this was just a big waste of time. They should be looking for his sister, not standing around in the middle of nowhere trying to get a ride.

The group traveled through the small village, trying to find anything of interest. "Is there seriously nothing to do around here?" Jay complained again," How do these people stay entertained all day long?"

"They work," Kai answered," besides all of the snow and ice this place is a lot like Ignacia. If you aren't working, you're getting the supplies you need to survive, and if you aren't doing that you're enjoying time with friends and family."

"So no TV?"


"Video games?"

"Nu -uh"

"What kind of evil place is this!?"

The rest of the ninja chuckled at Jay's outburst.

"That's how it is in places like this," The amber eyed teen continued," The fanciest thing I own is this dagger." He pulled out the small weapon. The blade was narrow and sharp, while the handle had an intricate dragon design carved into it. The eyes of the dragon where made out of rubies.

"Wow," Zane said leaning in to get a better look at the design.

"Where did you get something like that?" Cole asked.

Kai looked away from the older ninja and put the weapon back in it's sheath. "It was a gift," Was all he said before he started walking down the road. The others glanced at each other before following.

The raven haired teen cursed to himself for getting nosy when the newest member of the team finally seemed to be opening up. The brunette stayed silent for the rest of time they explored the village, lost in thought.

As they walked back to the pier, a couple of kids ran past. The older of the two was a boy with black hair and blue eyes. The younger also had black hair, but her eyes where brown.

The blue eyed one yelled," Hurry up Sis, Mom said she had something special planned for us when we got home."

The other one laughed and replied with," No fair, my legs aren't as long as yours."

Kai watched them with a hint of envy. They had no idea how good they had it, living their lives without a care in the world. He looked back at his teammates, who where talking and joking a few feet ahead of him. Those guys didn't care about his sister, they weren't even trying to look for her.

Heck they didn't even have siblings, so how in the world could they possibly understand what he was going through. Kai couldn't remember ever feeling this lost and alone. Those skeletons could be doing anything to his sister, it was even possible that by the time they did find her it would be to late.

That one thought seemed to make everything stop. The amber eyed teen stood frozen to the spot he was standing. It took the rest of the team a moment to realize that the fire ninja was no longer following them.

"Kai?" Jay asked, the first one to walk back to him," Are you alright?"

The brunette didn't respond, dark thoughts consuming his mind like a wildfire. If he didn't get Nya back he wouldn't be able to go on. She was all he had in life, and here they where in some random village risking their lives to get a bunch a sparkly weapons.

"Come on dude," Cole tried, moving directly in front of the frozen teen," Talk to us, what's going on?"

"I-I can't do it," he responded in barely a whisper.

"What was that?"

"I can't do this," Kai responded, louder this time," I can't just sit here with you people when my sister is in trouble! Every second that we waste looking for those stupid shuriken is another second that those skeleton can do whatever they want to her!"

"Calm down Kai," Zane stepped forward," We are doing our best-"

"Your best!? You call it your best to go sightseeing in this fucking place instead of actually trying to track down those skeletons!?"

The earth ninja felt his own temper starting to rise at Kai's outburst," You think just because your sister got kidnapped that you have a right to yell at us for it? We aren't the ones who took her, and you just so happen to out here with us so you aren't in much of a position to say anything anyways!"

The brunette glared at the older teen," Well it's the truth isn't it? The only reason I joined this shitty team was so I could save Nya, and not a single one of you has so much as lifted a damn finger to help me!"

"Well if your so upset about it then maybe you should of tried harder to stop them!" Jay shot out suddenly," You where the one who was there when it happened, and if you want to blame anyone for what happened you might want to look in a mirror!"

Kai's eyes widened in shock and he took a step backwards. Jay realized what he said and quickly tried to apologize, but it was to late. The damage had been done.

The auburn haired teen could see the pain in the red ninja's amber eyes. He took another step backwards and looked down at the ground. Memories from the fight played through his head. If he hadn't let himself get so carried away with the fight then maybe he could have seen what the skeletons where planning to do. He could have stopped them and none of this would have ever happened.

Cole took a small step forward," Kai?"

The brunette suddenly lashed out, pushing Cole to the ground before turning and running off.

"KAI!" Jay cried out, but the teen didn't stop or look back. Zane helped their leader up.

"What do we do now?"

The raven haired teen glanced in the direction Kai had ran off in," We have bring him back."

"Why should we even bother, it's not like the guy actually wants to be a part of the team anyways," Jay pointed out.

"I believe he distances himself for other reasons," Zane stated," He doesn't think that we would understand his feelings, and in general just doesn't know how to really interact with people other than his sister. I sense that he has dealt with loss before, and he can't stand the thought of having to feel that kind of pain again. He feels alone, and his reluctance to share how he feels is causing his negative emotions to build up."

"The guy hardly ever talks to us, how did you manage to figure all of that out?"

"I simply took the time to observe his actions and try to figure out why he does what he does. When he didn't want to give any details about his dagger, I realized he must have gotten it from someone important, and the sudden mood change afterwords suggests they where either no longer on good terms or that person is no longer with us. Seeing as he seems to take pride in having the item, I believe it is the latter."

"Well whatever the reason," Cole interrupted," We have to find him. There's a storm headed our way, and Kai isn't used to cold weather."

The others nodded and they all began searching for their missing teammate.