RiverIsTheMagicWord: I am glad that you like my story. The next one I am planning actually involves how Jay and Cole met Zane, so you'll get to see some more of him then. Honestly I think I am a lot like Jay (I mean my name literally starts with random), but Kai is definitely my favorite.

Loki God of Evil: Yup, all safe and sound. But this happened long before the Bounty was found. They are currently on the random boat they used in the Frozen Wastelands to reach the temple of ice.

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The ninja all panted as they finally reached the boat after retrieving the shurikens of ice.

"Would it of killed Sensei to get a guard dog like a regular person?" Cole complained.

"And to think we still have two more to find," Kai added. The earth ninja visibly shuddered at the thought of having to face two more of the large beasts guarding the weapons.

Jay suddenly started laughing and the other ninja looked at him.

"What's so funny?" Cole asked, clearly confused as to why his teammate was laughing.

"Remember back at the village when I said we would turn into ninjacicles?" He responded," Zane turned to a ninjacicle, and he's the master of ice."

Cole face palmed and Kai groaned, while Zane continued to stare at the blue clad teen with a confused expression.

"Can I just push him overboard," The brunette asked," I seriously don't think I can handle another boat ride with this guy."

"I am afraid you are going to have to because we are headed for the nunchucks of lightning next," Wu said, surprising all of the ninja who didn't realize he had walked up behind them," Now let's get moving, my tea is getting cold."

IDK why I made this, but it was fun. I'm thinking of adding a random bonus chapter at the end of all my fics just because I can. Hopefully they will be a little longer than this.

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