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Chapter 3: Women Trouble and Opportunity

Morning dawned across Kuoh the Monday after the Saturday Harry had agreed to be the Occult Research Club's advisor. And in three different houses, the individuals within greeted the day in different ways.

In the Hyodou household, the only son of the family, one Issei Hyodou, woke up hoping as he always did to see some oppai, glorious oppai today. As he woke there was a vague memory of something, some kind of unending darkness and terror coming for him in his dreams and Issei shuddered at the memory of Mr. Potter's lecture. Yet for all of the terror it had evoked at the time, it was not able to break through Issei's dedication to his perversions.

Indeed, just remembering how close they had gotten to paradise was enough to make Issei clench his jaw and stand dramatically, pointing at the ceiling as he declared, "Today, today will be the day my eyes graduate from their virgin status! Today I will see real, living, breathing, bouncing oppai! This I swear to the god of perverts, the almighty Horney Toad!"

"Issei stop shouting to yourself and come down for breakfast!" His mother's voice shouted from the kitchen below. Issei could hear his father mumbling in the background, probably something about why or how Issei had become such a pervert.

Issei didn't care; he was open in his perversions and was of the firm opinion that his large amount of lust was a positive. It would just take time and effort to let that truth become obvious to the world and in particular the girls around him. Still, he headed his mother's shout, heading down to breakfast quickly, despite having set his 'Oni-chan Kissu~~~!' special clock a good hour earlier than he normally would. He wanted to head to school early to make certain their hide was still intact. And if this just lets me have it all to myself when some girls could be changing in there this morning, all the better.

Across town from the Hyodou household Rias Gremory was also waking up. She stretched, her naked body moving in an artless yet sensual show of the female form for anyone there. Rias always slept naked, unable to fall asleep if she was wearing even underwear for some reason. Her mother had once hinted she got that from her side of the family and that her father had always enjoyed it, but Rias had firmly put that under the heading of TMI and moved on.

This morning there wasn't anyone sleeping with her despite Rias's penchant for wanting someone to cuddle in her sleep. An oft abused body pillow had done it's honorable duty for the past two nights instead of Koneko or Akeno and was now laid aside with a pat on the top as Rias stood up. Still somewhat groggy, her hair falling in front of her half-closed eyes Rias moved slowly but surely into her personal bathroom. She needed to head in early to see Sona for her part of the paperwork that would make Mr. Potter's assumption of the advisory position for her club official. Given their special status and how Kuoh was set up, that wasn't the normal form letter it would have been otherwise from the student's side of things.

As the water sluiced down her body matting her hair against her head Rias couldn't help the bright smile that appeared on her face. A day removed from getting Mr. Potter to agree to take the advisory position and she was still happy about it. Not only would it, as she had told him, allow them to go on official trips, but it also meant she and Mr. Potter were getting closer. The nature of that closeness was still up in the air, but even so, she was certain this was a strong step getting to the bottom of the mystery Harry Potter was to her and the others.

Stepping out of the shower Rias dressed for the day and headed down to start breakfast. She usually cooked for the three girls of her peerage, all of whom lived together here. Akeno wasn't a morning person and after one incident where she used salt instead of sugar Rias and her queen had agreed Akeno would cook their dinners and Rias would supply breakfast. If Akeno woke up in time she would also prepare their lunchboxes for the day.

Kiba didn't live with the three girls instead living in a townhouse nearby. He had convinced Rias that all of them living together would get out eventually and would cause questions. Plus as a guy he wanted his own space, which was fair even if Rias would have preferred all her peerage to stay with her.

About twenty minutes after Rias began cooking Koneko came in, looking immaculate as ever. Despite being a nekomata and taking great pleasure in sleep of all sorts, Koneko was the fastest to go from sleeping to wakefulness than any of them, including Kiba. She took a seat at the small, homey table in the kitchen, a marked contrast to a long impersonal table that the Gremory household used. Once she sat down and had grabbed a rice ball from the pile Rias had already prepared, Koneko asked, "Do you think we'll see the puppy today?"

That had swiftly become Koneko's name for Lily, and Rias was reminded once more that in the human world cats and dogs could get along very well regardless of the phrase about them if they were introduced at a young enough age. This was certainly the case between Koneko and Lily. Koneko seemed to greatly enjoy being the taller and older of the two and Lily's general attitude had gotten through the Nekomata's natural defenses.

Chuckling, Rias moved over to Koneko hugging the girl tightly as she began to rub her head smiling as Koneko purred, her Nekomata ears coming out for a moment reveling as she always did under her king's head rubbing. Rias was far more demonstrative than even her family was routinely to their servants. The Gremory clan had always prided itself on treating their servants as family, something that saw them ridiculed by other clans but which was rewarded with the intense devotion of those servants. Yet for all of that, there was still a certain amount of distance between the kings and their respective peerages. Not so with Rias and her friends, for that was how she thought of them: friends first and foremost.

"I don't know Koneko-chan, remember she was only at the academy because she ran into problems at her own school. So we shouldn't have to see her on a day to day basis. Still, I bet we could convince Mr. Potter to let you come over to play, would you like that?" Rias smiled as she felt Koneko nod where her head was nestled under Rias's chest. "Good. I bet Lily would also like to have another friend here in Japan. I'll bring it up with him this morning."

"Hmmm." Koneko nodded, and Rias let go of her to continue making breakfast. "Hope we can continue to get along with Potter-sensei too."

"I hope so as well Koneko-chan. And I think we've taken a big step in doing that," Rias replied, while reflecting that, while her parents had always made Koneko feel at home in their mansion, neither had stepped entirely into a parental role for her. Her mother had done so somewhat just as she had for Akeno, but not her father, treating Koneko more like a caring grandfather or uncle would have.

Harry now, he could step into that role easily, and I think he'd do it gladly too. Rias had a sudden image of her and Harry standing together as Lily and Koneko ran around with a few younger, redheaded children with emerald eyes. While she could keep her blush at the image in check by the thought, Maou damnit, I've only known him for a few weeks! Rias couldn't stop the smile that grew on her face at it.

This was the scene Akeno saw as she came into the kitchen, dressed for school as the others were. She stopped in the doorway, startled by the wide smile on her king's face or the small smile on Koneko's face and shared a glance with Kiba who had as usual teleported over to join them for breakfast. Rias-chan might be a slightly better morning person than me but seeing her smile like that in the morning is most unusual even so. Darn it, I sense that there is teasing material to be had, but she's not telling me enough to know how to go about using it!"Ara Buchou, you're looking quite happily domestic. Is there something you would like to share with your loving queen?"

"Oh, I'm certain you would like to know Akeno, but given your antics on Saturday, I'm still in no mood to oblige you," Rias replied, her smile only diminishing slightly at the teasing note in her queen's voice and returning fire. "Hopefully this will teach you to have more self-control in the future."

In her seat Koneko nodded vigorously. Even with Akeno's door closed and the queen having used several cleaning spells Koneko had been able to smell what Akeno had been up to Saturday evening the next day. Anything that kept her from smelling such again from the queen was a good thing in her opinion, and she had gone along with Rias's plan to not tell the Sadist Queen anything happily.

"Mou, so mean Buchou," Akeno replied, faking a pout while Kiba rolled his eyes at the two girls banter. There was a lot more frustration in Akeno's reply than normal when she spoke to her king however. Neither Rias nor Koneko had told the others they had eaten dinner with Potter-sensei Saturday or that Harry had agreed to be the club's advisor. While Kiba was willing to wait to be told whatever it was, Akeno was literally dying from curiosity after only a single day of seeing Rias's smug, happy expression. What the heck did I miss?

"Now, eat up everyone but I need to get going. I've got to go into school early to do some paperwork with Potter-sensei this morning," With that and a final almost condescending smile sent her queen's way Rias walked out, grabbing her backpack on the way.

As their king left, Akeno turned to Koneko. "Really, what did I miss!?"

Koneko however merely smiled and dug into her meal, leaving Akeno stewing in her own curiosity.

Elsewhere in town, Harry woke up and unlike Rias's entirely positive attitude toward what had occurred Saturday Harry had to wonder idly if he was a masochist, something he considered seriously as he too prepared breakfast. On the one hand, a large part of me is happy to be able to spend more time with Rias and by extension Akeno. On the other hand, well its spending more time around two young women whose presence acts like diamond headed drills to the walls of my self-control! I know they are both legal age, but last I checked they were still my students. Bloody hell, I really might be a masochist to even think of going through with this.

At least on Sunday he'd been able to put off thinking about his issues with Rias, the mystery around her and the others like her and the way their nearness seemed to eat at his self-control. Instead Harry had spent the entire day with Lily first going bowling of all things in the morning, then out on a run through the town, which for the two Potters was an odd mix of Parkour and sprinting. Lily might only have just started to show any signs of her father's lycanthropic side, but she had always had several times more endurance and energy than a girl her age should. Her coordination… not so much.

Which, come to think of it, might have been another factor which drove a wedge between Lily and Ginny. Ginny just couldn't handle having a child that was so active, not when she wanted to also be active with her own life, pursuing her own interests. This coupled with another point Harry had long since realized: that for all she had been happy to have a child with Harry, Ginny had not wanted to become her mother and had fought against anything that tried to push her into that kind of mold.

Besides that they had talked about a lot of subjects. In particular Harry had warned Lily about going looking for bullies and starting fights at school. Once was enough in his opinion, especially since she had been protecting herself and her friend. "If they come to you and get physical that's one thing, but you can't pick fights, violence isn't always the answer, just one of many tools you can use if you have to." Harry had said.

That statement would not have won Harry many points with other parents especially in Japan, where not causing waves was almost a societal law. But Harry saw no problem with using violence as a solution if you had to. It was only choosing when it was appropriate and Harry made certain Lily understood that there would be consequences if she went looking for or caused trouble.

Harry had also had to devote both late Saturday and Sunday nights learning more about the laws and other bunk he had to memorize to legally be considered a magical citizen of Japan. His first test in those laws was coming up this Wednesday. After two more would be given a certificate that said he knew his rights and obligations under the law and could perform magic in Japan.

It's a good thing that no one seems to have noticed the burst of accidental magic I had when dealing with those three perverts. I know the locals can track such beyond the trace they placed on my transformed phoenix feather wand, the chapters about their laws mention that…every single one of them. That they didn't proves that there's something interesting in Kuoh. I wonder if Gremory-san and the others like her are consciously causing it or it's merely a benefit of what they are, whatever the bloody hell that is.

"Daddy, do you think that it would be okay if I join some of the Occult Research Club's activities?"

Turning from the stove Harry smiled at Lily as he sat the tray of tiny sausages down next to the pancakes and other things already there. "I don't know lovey, though I suppose if the elementary school doesn't offer clubs you can come along. Would you like that?"

"Mm!" Lily replied, humming as she ate a large bite of pancakes before swallowing and going on. One thing Ginny and Harry had agreed on was table manners and Lily always made certain to chew and swallow before speaking. "I really liked Koneko, and Rias is great!"

"Oh, what do you like about her?" Harry asked idly.

"She doesn't speak down to me like so many older children and teens do," Lily replied with a scowl, but one which brightened into a smile as she went on, spearing a sausage with her fork. "She treats me like a mix between Aunt Hermione, Aunt Luna and you daddy."

"…" Pursing his lips Harry shook his head, unable to see what she meant. "You're going to have to unpack that a bit Lily."

"Well… Aunts Hermione and Luna both sort of spoil me, er, in their own way…" Lily said hesitantly, but Harry nodded since it was true. Luna treated Lily like a cross between a toy and a little sister while Hermione had always enjoyed trying to fill Lily's head with as much information as she possibly could, which was indeed her way of spoiling someone.

"Rias also kind of spoiled me, answering all my questions, but she also somehow got me to agree to do my homework, even my writing homework like you do. She didn't even have to do anything, I just… couldn't argue with her once she said me and Koneko should get to work." Lily scowled. "How do you do that anyway? Every time I think I'm going to argue about it with you, I suddenly just don't want to. That's not fair!"

"It's called parenting Red Moon, it's a magic all its own," Harry replied blithely, filing that information away. "Now eat up, I'm going to be dropping you off early today I'm sorry to say. I've got some paperwork I need to do."

Later after dropping Lily off Harry thought about Koneko and Rias, and found himself smiling as he thought about the way he and Rias had been trying to figure out one another without just coming out and asking. I'm still disturbed by how Rias and Akeno and even Sona and Tsubaki affect me through my mental control, but that's entirely separate to the fact that I'm enjoying this game of ours. And that from what I've seen so far they are good people. Maybe this whole advisor thing will be fun.

Entering the school Harry paused, Seeing Issei there and sneaking around the outer edge of the wall surrounding the academy. He stopped sneaking as he got near the gym whereupon he made a dash toward the gym itself. Don't tell me he's going back to the same hide I caught him and his friends at? There isn't anyone in there changing this early, is there?

Deciding the perverted youth was probably just taking a moment to make certain Harry hadn't destroyed or otherwise ruined their hiding spot -Which Harry was chagrined to realize he hadn't- Harry decided to let the boy dig his own grave for now. If he wasn't willing to learn, then he would just have to take his lumps and maybe get expelled for them. That was what Harry was going to recommend anyway, for both Hyodou the other two and more besides. It would be up to the principal to make the final decision, but Harry hoped he would make the right one. Spying on girls like that was just despicable and could be the start of even worse actions in the future.

A few moments later he knocked on the door leading into the student council's room and blinked in surprise as he heard Sona's voice. Huh, so I'm not the only one getting an early start. I wonder if she makes a habit of that.

Entering the room, Harry saw it was about half the size of the teacher's lounge being just as long but not as wide with a large desk set at the far wall in front of the windows. Against the two side walls were several small desks on which computers sat, a bookcase, and map of the campus. In one corner was a small desk containing a chess set, in another an ornate tea set. No one was using the computers at the moment, but Tsubaki Shinri stood by the tea set watching it while also reading some kind of pamphlet and making corrections in it with a yellow marker.

Looking up from her desk Sona was surprised to see the school's newest and most mysterious teacher standing in the doorway. "Mr. Potter, you're here early. What can I do for you?" she asked, pushing her glasses up her nose as she looked at him curiously.

Looking at them, Harry could tell the two of them gave off the same feeling as Rias and Akeno, and felt it could rightly be said that the two women in front of him were beautiful just like Rias and Akeno were, if not in the same way.

Tsubaki was around five eight or so, and like Sona wore spectacles. She had long black hair almost as long as Akeno's, but she wore it flowing slowly down her back with split bangs and heterochromic eyes. She had a decent bust for someone her age and build, but was generally speaking built more along svelte, trim lines.

Sona was built similarly to her queen, though she was a few inches shorter. She also had short black hair in a bob cut to go with her striking violet eyes. But whereas Tsubaki had an okay bust for a girl her size and age, Sona was on the small side.

Yet for all of their beauty Harry didn't feel the rush of attraction that he did with Rias and Akeno. This, plus the fact that was rather the norm with those who felt so oddly to his senses, convinced Harry that the problem was at least partly due to his werewolf side and the type it seemed to believe was the most attractive.

"Well first Shitori-san I wanted to apologize for sending Kiryuu to serve her detention with you. I should have cleared that with you first, but I felt that it being the first week of school you and the student council would have more than enough work to keep her busy. And frankly the idea of overseeing her detention personally somewhat terrified me," Harry finished dryly as he sat across from Sona at her desk.

"That was perfectly acceptable Sensei. It isn't the first time a teacher has assigned a student to work with me," Sona said, the light coming from the windows glinting off her glasses and giving her a sinister looking appearance, something Harry knew she must have cultivated. "Indeed, I enjoy looking after such and always get my time's worth of work out of them."

"Heh, I'm sure. But I wanted to ask you if you would be willing to watch over Kiryuu's detentions in the future as well as the group that have already begun to be called the 'Perverted Trio': Matsuda, Motohama, and Hyodou. I'd be willing to do the same but given the sheer number of detention they will no doubt earn I thought that perhaps an ongoing project they could continually be ordered to work on would be better."

"That and you are no doubt worried that if the loli-lover says something about his preference you might just lose control and kill him," Sona stated sardonically.

"That too," Harry replied, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm quite protective of my daughter."

The way he said that made it clear that Mr. Potter was simply making a statement rather than implying a threat. Yet even so Sona decided to treat it as a warning for the future. Not that I have contemplated beginning hostilities with Mr. Potter, but it is still something to make note of.

"As for the three male perverts, I am afraid I have to decline," Sona continued. "The student council is solely comprised of girls at the moment, we did use to be an all girl's school before this year after all and there is little chance of those three controlling themselves around us. They would not get any work assigned to them done and would disrupt our own. I would be willing to suggest tasks for them around the school however. For example cleaning the boy's toilets, or cleaning up the science labs?"

"Hmm, I suppose that would work, but that's more of a stopgap measure. I'd honestly like to see them suspended." Harry said, shaking his head. "Their other perversions notwithstanding they attempted to spy on girls changing. Back in the United Kingdom that would see them suspended at best, expelled at worst."

"So long as they keep their grades above a C the principal will be willing to give them some slack since there are so few boys here in the first place. If however you and the other teachers can convince him suspend them, I wouldn't mourn the loss." Sona said with a faint smile, liking the fact that Harry respected women to that extent. "But I'm afraid expulsion wouldn't even be considered save for outright molestation."

"Darn," Harry replied simply. "Still, I'm going to talk with the principal about this. I'd like to see a three strike system put in place for acts like that and for the girls too."

"Excuse me?" Sona blinked, sitting up straighter in her chair if that was possible, her humor disappearing. "What do you mean for the girls too?"

"You can't just create such a system for the boys alone Sitri-san. And before you ask, Kiryuu isn't the only problem on the distaff side of things. I think I overheard some female students saying they were going to try to get hold of 'The Prince's' underwear. But that too is harassment and an invasion of privacy, just as much as the three pervert's actions." Harry had been well out of normal hearing range when he heard that, only doing so thanks to his werewolf senses. But he hadn't seen who had been talking.

To one side of the president's desk, Tsubaki had been preparing two cups of tea for the president and the visiting teacher. Now those two worthies looked in her direction as the teakettle's handle broke in her grip. "Oh, um, oops. I think we might need a new teakettle Sitri-sama, this one seems to have worn out," the slightly taller girl said, looking down at the handle.

"I'll look into it Tsubaki. And yes, I agree that sounds just as disturbing as peeping. If you can get the majority of the teachers to back such a system, I will also endorse it for the student body and help to explain it to everyone," Sona said after turning back to Harry.

At that moment there was a knock on the door, and Rias poked her head in, her red hair falling to the side as she did. "Sona, I, oh Potter-sensei. I'm sorry am I interrupting anything?"

"I was nearly finished anyway Gremory-san." Harry said, standing up and smiling at the newcomer. "I'll see what the other teachers think about my proposal Shitori-san. Until then though, your friend here has a bit of an announcement."

Sona looked at Rias who smiled in turn, moving forward to one side of Harry as Harry paused looking more closely at the intricate chess set he had seen when he had first entered the room. "I've got good news Sona. Potter-sensei has agreed to become my club's advisor."

"Really?" Sona asked, honestly surprised and letting it show for once. Given their unique situation here in Kuoh the ORC didn't actually need an advisor, but it would make a lot of things simpler for them, including going on school funded trips or organizing fund raising events. Which isn't even considering that this way Rias will have more excuses to speak to Potter-sensei and learn more about him. And vice versa admittedly, but even so, that is a notable step in the right direction.

Sona wasn't nearly as invested as her friend was in finding out the mystery about Harry Potter, despite the amount of power she sensed in him. Having seen and even exchanged words with Lily and having seen him in action as a teacher, Sona felt there was no need to pry further. She had no wish to make him an enemy or a friend, and certainly no wish to add an older, experienced man to her peerage, nor any pressing need to do so.

Thinking about that, she looked at her friend, deciding to give voice to those thoughts. "I have to wonder who will find out more about the other side thanks to this new understanding."

"You say that like you you're not part of the mystery." Harry said, smiling gently. "I know you and Shinra-san are the same as Gremory-san, Himejima-san and others around campus, though I haven't identified you all just yet."

"True, but I don't care as much as my friend here does about unraveling your mystery. For myself, as long as it isn't something that will threaten the school or those within, I have no problem with both sides retaining their distance from one another." Sona replied.

"Whereas I on the other hand do care," Rias said impishly, though there was a serious reason behind how her interest in Harry had begun. "And so do you, or you wouldn't be willing to play the game like this."

Even though his lips twitched at the phrase 'the game' for some reason, his eyes flicking over to the chess set, Harry nodded, holding his hand out formally for Rias to shake. "In that case, let the best man win."

"Unless she's a woman," Rias replied with a laugh, shaking his hand while Sona and Tsubaki both chuckled.

Harry's teeth glinted as he smiled simply nodding at the correction, which made Rias's smile widen slightly. It was an acknowledgment that Harry did indeed realize she was a woman. "So how do we this?"

"You and Rias will need to fill in paperwork for the position, more you than her sensei, then the two of you will have a week to submit a jointly agreed upon budget and schedule. A club with an advisor will be given an increase in its budget, but must also have a plan how to use it in place quickly." Sona explained briskly. "The forms for your end of things should be in the teacher's lounge. Rias, you can come back later today and I'll have your half of the paperwork printed out."

"Would meeting in the afternoon to discuss our budget work for you sensei?" Rias asked with forced casualness. "I've been keeping my club's budget up to this point, but I understand it's a little more formal once we have an advisor and can go on trips and such like. The calendar aspect is also going to be new to me."

"I'm afraid given my need to pick up my daughter after school afternoons wouldn't work for me. How about meeting in the mornings?" Harry asked. "We could have breakfast somewhere with Lily? That would help get me out of making breakfast for a few days, which will be nice. I'm still not used to cooking the local food and we've run out of pancake and waffle mix."

Rias had trouble keeping a smile off her face at that suggestion, which built on her own in an entirely new direction. "That would certainly work for me. And I'd love the chance to see Lily again, she's a very nice girl and a delight to be around." So saying she then allowed a smirk to appear on her face, flushing as Harry's eyes flitted down from her own to look at her lips for a brief second, so brief she thought she had imagined it. "I saw some pictures online Sunday of the two of you running through the town, parkour was it?"

"Hmhhm, that was quite fun. My daughter is a very… energetic little girl, so when we have the chance we prefer to be active like that," Harry replied, downplaying it quite a bit. "I didn't realize the people taking pictures of us would have put them online though."

"Feel the power of the internet," Tsubaki said dryly, speaking up for the second time. "You would not believe what people think are appropriate to share."

"Indeed, Kuoh's had to redo their policy about pictures and phones numerous times in the past few years," Sona said, shaking her head then looking curiously at Harry, fishing for information in her own way. "I noticed you looking at my chess set earlier Sensei. Tell me, do you play?"

Harry grimaced. "Um no, not anymore. I had a friend who was into the game big time, but these days I can't stand it." Scowling Harry pointed at the chess set. "First of all, the pieces can only move as directed rather than by themselves, and even then only in a set way, which is just silly. And for another, the game ends when you can check or kill the king? How pathetic is that? If you can end a battle or war like that, with a decapitation strike then there's something very wrong going on. And besides, how the hell does the king feel, always being protected, never doing the attacking or protecting?"

There was more to his disdain for chess than that actually, a lot of it personal. Harry could all to easily remember how the trio had thought that Ron's skill with chess and Quidditch strategies would carry over to the war against Voldemort, and how it had been an utter disaster. He could also remember the way Dumbledore tried to keep him out of the fighting at first to protect him for some kind of final confrontation, as if taking out Riddle was all that mattered. Checking the king as Dumbledore had called it more than once, with many of his followers agreeing. Harry had hated that with a passion, and had gotten Sirius and even Tonks after an argument, to agree to let him to fight against the Death Eaters on his own, where he had proved to be, in Tonks's words, "Horribly good at the business of war."

"Now, if you could say train a pawn to act like a rook, or a rook to act like a knight or even a queen without the need to get to the other side of the board and somehow keep fighting after the king has fallen, that would make chess more interesting. But I still wouldn't like it given how people who play it think it's such a great strategy game when it has literally nothing to do with how war really is." Breathing a sigh Harry looked around, only now realizing he had sort of been ranting there for a moment.

Quickly he decided to lighten the mood with a little joke. "I'm sorry I seem to have said too much. Indeed, I might have just given you some more hints into the mystery about me."

"You did," Rias said, her head awhirl with not just what Harry had said but the way he had said it, making her realize things about chess and more importantly the peerage system and Rating Games that she never had before. I'm going to have to think about that later, it has a lot of implications for future training for myself and the others. After all, checking in terms of Rating Games can't end the game unless the king concedes…"However, I think Sona and I can return the favor, to make certain the game between us stays even."

She looked over at Sona, who first frowned then smiled as Rias turned back addressing Harry once more. "You mentioned how you can tell the students who are similar to myself and Sona. Well, we break down into two groups. My group is comprised of the members of my club: Akeno, Koneko and Kiba."

Nodding, Sona took over. This wasn't very important after all, and it did give Harry some more to work on in terms of figuring out the mystery about them, just as what he had revealed did about the mystery around Harry: that he was a veteran of some kind of war, which made the power they senses in him make more sense. "And the student council are mine: Tsubaki, Tomoe Meguri, Tsubasa Yura, Momo Hanakai, Reya Kusaka." Sona wasn't nearly as picky about who she allowed to join her peerage, but she still had yet to fill in her total peerage.

"I see. And you are obviously not in direct conflict." Harry mused, smiling at the gesture from the redhead and her friend.

"Conflict no. There is some competition between us, but it's all friendly," Rias replied, with Sona once more nodding agreement.

Any further conversation was interrupted by the bell announcing the start of homeroom going off, causing the students and teacher to both blink in surprise, not having realized how long they had been talking. "Well ladies that's my cue to leave. I'll see you both in class," Harry said, bowing from the waist to both girls before leaving quickly.

Rias waited there for a moment as Sona and Tsubaki both grabbed their own schoolbags, the three of them moving to the door to head to their homerooms, where Rias knew Akeno would be waiting for her. She smiled at the idea of still keeping her queen in the dark and teasing her for a change, but her smile widened into a grin as Sona murmured. "Well done Rias."

"I wish I could take credit, but it was rather a random series of events which saw Potter-sensei agree to it. That, and the fact his daughter and Koneko got along so well. I was just able to take advantage of it." Rias sobered somewhat, looking at her fellow king seriously. "Just as I am going to take advantage of what he said about chess, its pieces, and war."

"Oh yes," Sona said grimly. "I will definitely be doing the same thing. Regardless of what Potter-sensei is, his words make far too much sense for me to ignore."


The paperwork's done Kalawarner. Now if Potter bothers to look into your past for whatever reason, or more likely the devils if they discover you hovering around him they're bound to have an interest in him too, you'll seem as normal as we can make it. Your background is that of a computer programmer here in Japan from America as part of an exchange program between companies. Does that work?" Raynare asked, handing over a bundle of documents to the other Fallen Angel.

Kalawarner shrugged. "Other than the fact I don't know anything about computers, yes that works I suppose. I doubt it'll matter much, most devils aren't tech savvy either. If the devils are interested in Harry Potter, and perforce anyone showing interest in him, then they'll use magical means to try and track me. And I can match or avoid anything such young, naïve devils as the Gremory or Sitri group come up with."

"Agreed." Raynare said, biting off the word for some reason. Kalawarner wondered why, but Raynare went on before she could think about it much. "When will you move? I might want to move against the main target as quickly as possible once we are certain the Sacred Gear is worth it."

"Have our orders changed?" Said Mittelt, looking up sharply from where she'd been playing a game of solitaire in midair using her Spears as fingers.

"No, but they've given me more information about why we were sent in the first place. I have no idea why, but the higher-ups believe that pervert's Sacred Gear is going to be one of the more powerful ones. If he can't control it, it'll go off like a bomb, but if we can kill him and extract it…" Raynare smiled cruelly. "Well that could tip the balance of this peace in our favor."

Kalawarner shook her head firmly. "Regardless I'm not going to rush this. Potter feels like he's too strong, even if he was a simple werewolf that might be the case, but given the fact that he also might be a magician as well, I want to be slow and methodical about this."

"Come on Kalawarner!" Mittelt said tauntingly, "I thought you were confident about your seduction skills! Shouldn't you just be able to shake those giant udders of yours in his face and make him fall for you?"

"A great seduction is like a fine wine Mittelt," Kalawarner responded with a condescending smile. "It takes time and effort. Though I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you don't know that. Your targets after all tend to be more…specialized don't they?"

Mittelt glared at the older looking Fallen for that jibe. Though she was actually near the same age as Kalawarner, Mittelt had stopped aging sometime during the Great War. And she hated it, hated her tiny body with a passion, which was tied to why she had fallen. Her loli body allowed her to target men, and even a few women of a specific sexual bent, but that was no comfort at all.

"If Potter was the sort of man to fall for a pretty face and big tits immediately, he would've done so when we met him." Kalawarner went on seriously, ignoring Mittelt's glare with the ease of long practice. "I could have had them eating out of the palm of my hand right then and there, following me along like a little dog and even forgetting his daughter entirely! But he isn't that kind of man, he's too controlled for that."

"Just make sure that you remember our primary mission," Raynare interjected, her lips twisted into a sneer. "Taking him out of the equation or bringing to our side is only half the battle here. And don't forget that we might need you as a distraction for the Devils if it comes time to move against the Hyoudou. However long you want to take on this seduction of yours, you'll do well to remember that."

Nodding seriously Kalawarner fought the urge to roll her eyes at Raynare's tone. All Fallen Angels fell from grace, hence the 'Fallen' portion of the label. But the reasons for their falling were as diverse as the Fallen themselves. Mittelt for example fell through the sin of envy. She had been envious of the way other Angels had aged over time while her aging had stopped with her body seemingly stuck in the shape of a young girl.

Raynare had fallen due to the sin of pride. She had always been prideful of her combat skills and had thought herself far better than her two wings status indicated to others She consistently challenged those above them, but her pride would not allow her to admit that they were simply stronger than her. She had eventually turned on one of those fellows and stabbed him in the back, quite literally, staining her white wings with blood. Kalawarner hadn't been there at the time, but she had heard later that Raynare's wings had shifted almost instantly to black, rather than slowly changing color as was the case for most Fallen.

And of course her attitude hadn't changed since. Many Fallen became dominated by the sin that had caused them to fall in the first place. She was proud of both her beauty and her combat ability and held contempt for anyone who was weaker than her in terms of combat ability or had fallen from what she thought of as a 'softer' sin.

Such was the case with Kalawarner, who had fallen from grace because of the sin of lust. She had fallen in love, or so she thought it at the time, with a mortal man, much like Azazael had with mortal women. She had thought it was love, but it turned out that love was very different from lust. Not that Kalawarner would ever admit that. She simply smiled confidently, crossing her arms under her chest, which was larger than Raynare's something that made the prideful Fallen scowl angrily. "Don't worry Raynare, I'll remember the mission, and I'll do my part. Potter will be brought over to our side, or neutralized, one way or another."


To Harry's dismay as well as many of the female population of Kuoh all the three perverts bounced back from the sense of terror Harry had instilled in them on Saturday. After school when the various clubs began to gather Harry saw them heading to their no longer secret hiding place. Since his discussion with the other teachers and the principal had bogged down as they discussed how to put the three strike rule in place, Harry decided to do something about the three of them this time on his own once more.

"You three never learn do you," he growled as he came around the corner to the little alleyway between the gym and the pool.

However the three perverts had learned something from their experience on Saturday, and even planned for further attempts at interrupting their fun. "Scatter!" One of them shouted the instant he saw Harry coming, throwing some homemade smoke pellets at him.

The small pellets hit the ground around Harry and smoke billowed out, while the other two perverts broke out from the alleyway, attempting to scatter as they fled from the scene of their crime. In their opinion so long as they weren't caught red-handed, they could simply say it wasn't them and Harry would be forced to let them go.

For all their planning they hadn't countered on Harry's sense of smell that allowed him to pinpoint all three of them through the smoke that caused however. While nearby students looked on, Harry strode through the smoke and expertly snagged Motohama and Hyoudou by the scruff of their necks.

But despite his enhanced senses, Harry might not have been able to catch the third, the more athletic Matsuda. "I salute your sacrifice dear friends!" the jock shouted as he raced away.

Yet just as Matsuda raced out of the smoke, something tripped him, sending him face first into the dirt. Only Harry saw what had tripped the pervert: a rock had caught him right on the ankle, thrown from a nearby Koneko.

Harry nodded in her direction, and heard the girl whisper "Hate perverts," thanks again to his enhanced werewolf senses.

In reply he whispered, "I'll have an extra treat for you tomorrow morning Koneko," and saw the girl perk up noticeably before she turned away.

Then Harry turned his attention back to the trio of perverts, striding over to drop the two he had caught in front of their friend. "We're going to go see the principal now," he said almost pleasantly then he snarled. "And you are going to learn why this kind of crap will no longer be tolerated here!"

"You could just leave them to us sensei, cockroaches like these need to be stomped!" said a young female voice, and Harry looked up to see the head of the kendo club and numerous others standing there, their wooden blades on their shoulders as they glared at three perverts. They were still wearing their school uniforms, though a few had buttons unhooked here and there.

The leader of the kendo club, Murayama, was the one who had spoken. Her wooden blade in hand as she pointed it angrily at the trio.

Even now the perverts couldn't help but stare at them as they had in every PE class Harry had taught with them so far. "B84-W70-H81 cm," whispered Motohama, causing his friend's jaws to drop.

Yet while the girls were pretty enough ,they weren't so gorgeous as to make Harry look at them the way he did Rias and Akeno, his Occlumentic self-control not even quivering. Instead he just laughed at the euphemism the girl had used and decided to run with it as he replied. "If you try to stomp a cockroach it can bounce back and if it does, it will simply learn how to run away. This way we either start the process to expel the three of them if they don't learn. Or they do learn, and cut this stuff out. Either way all of you, and the school as a whole, win."

"You can't expel us! All we have to do is keep our grades up," said Motohama. "Kuoh is an elevator school once you get into it after all!"

"Face it sensei," said Issei smugly, poking Harry in the ribs like he was sharing a joke with the older man. "You can't get rid of us, you'll never have all of these glorious oppai to yourself!"

What part of I am a sensei is hard to understand Harry groused mentally. Yet he only smiled grimly at the trio. "Unfortunately for you three, the principal, while not having realized that he would face serious issues such as peeping and stalking, has decided on a proactive way of dealing with things. But I'll let him explain it to you. Have a good day ladies," he said bowing politely to the kendo club, before turning back to glare at the perverts. "March!"

The three did so sullenly, wondering what was in store for them as they whispered together trying to prepare their defense. Meeting with the principal was more serious than dealing with a single teacher, and they would have to come up with something believable. After all, this time they hadn't been caught in the act and they hadn't been caught right by the window into the girls changing room either.

As they walked Harry noticed Kiba passing the other way, moving towards the gym and the kendo club. The younger man smiled politely at Harry, and Harry thought once more it looked a little too practiced, a little too plastic and fake. Is that just because he feels he has an image to maintain, or something deeper? Of could I be letting how Rias told me that he is one of her group effect my impression of Kiba? Still… there is something far more serious about the way he practices with the sword… Though again that could tie into the whole larger mystery around him and the others.

As they marched through the school up to the principal's office, Harry and the three prisoners passed Rias and Akeno going the other way. Taking in the tableau Rias smiled impishly. "I had the initial paperwork ready for you to look at Potter-sensei, but is it safe to assume that you'll be busy for a while? We could do more of the paperwork tomorrow morning rather than jump right into the budgets stuff."

"I'm afraid so Gremory-san," Harry said with a sigh. "I need to get these three to the principal first but then I'll be back don't worry. I want to finalize the initial round of paperwork before we leave today. If you could keep it warm for me that would be great," He requested drolly.

Rias laughed while Akeno looked confused. "Ara, what paperwork would that be, Sensei?" She asked, not used to having been left out of the loop. This wasn't helped by the fact that Rias had teased her a time two during the school day about that very point. I'm the teaser not the teased darn it! What is going on here?

"Oh I'm sorry Akeno, didn't I tell you?" Rias asked looking both apologetic and amused, while inside she was sad she'd only gotten a day of teasing her best friend before her fun had to come to an end. Opportunities to tease Akeno rather than be teased by her were few and far between after all. "Potter-sensei has agreed to be the ORC's advisor."

While Akeno blinked, her face showing both shock and pleasure at the news, the three perverts glared at Harry as if they were trying to sear him to ash by the power of their stares. "What the fuck sensei!" bellowed Matsuda. "You're acting all high and mighty when in reality you're plotting to snu-snu with the two Great Ladies!?"

"For shame! How dare you try to horde those oppai!" Issei shouted in turn.

"He's right he's right! Those oppai should be free-for-all!" Motohama said. "And now you're going to be meeting with Gremory-sama one-on one in an enclosed room!?"

Harry groaned, feeling a headache starting, as well as the urge to reach out and slap these young idiots. Dammit I've heard of going out of control with hormones, but this is ridiculous. They make people affected by a Veela allure look normal!

"Point one, the door will be open all the time, nor will we be alone because I've no doubt her friend Akeno will also be with us."

Akeno rallied at that point, pulling on her normal Yamato Nadeshiko mask, smiling politely at the perverts, bouncing a few times on the balls of her feet. This of course set her breasts to wobbling, and the perverts began to flush as the one in glasses muttered about her proportions.

"Ara, I'll have some tea waiting for you both sensei," she said cheerfully. "After all, I too would like to see what it is like to have you as an advisor."

Harry rolled his eyes as her words matched with the very direct way Akeno had looked at him for a second, addressing the perverted Trio once more. "Point two, not every man is a pervert like you three!"

"That's where you're wrong sensei! Every man is a pervert, we've told you that before. It's just some fools like you push them down, until they explode in an orgy of destruction!" Motohama retorted.

"And you're almost like that pretty boy Kiba in the looks department. I'd bet with a little bit of effort you could have any girl here you wanted!" Issei said. "Be open with your perversions sensei, join us and we can build an oppai paradise together!"

The reformed Lolita lover was about to speak up in agreement with his comrades but Harry's glare suddenly sharpened, while something dark and disturbing began to emanate from him. "One more word and I'll not only take you to the principal, but then tie you up and leave you for the kendo girls. I'm certain they would love for their wooden swords to make your acquaintance!"

Akeno sighed staring with any lidded eyes it Harry, her legs shifting against one another as she stood there. It was only Rias's glare that caused her to regain control of herself.

Needless to say the pervert's reaction was quite a bit different. As one the three perverts shriveled into themselves, huddling together and clutching the front of their pants. "We'll be good!"

A few moments later they were nearly as worried after they had spoken to the principal. The principal had told them about three strike system. In essence it meant every student would have three infractions against the rules of the academy or common decency. After the first, they would be warned, as the trio was this time. A second and third strike would see them suspended. If they persisted after that, then a further three strikes would see them expelled.

This and the fact other students could report their actions instead of it needing to be a teacher who caught them in the act would sharply curtail their activities. The fact it would also impact the actions of Kiryuu and the overzealous admirers of the Pretty Boy Prince didn't matter a damn to them. What did was the fact the teachers had joined the great conspiracy against their oppai paradise.

They left the principal's office grumbling and muttering to one another, but Motohama put it in perspective. Let us face facts gentleman, when we got into Kuoh we were blinded by our good fortune. We allowed our base need to get the better of us as Potter said. But we need to rise above this, we need to be strong for our dreams. We need," he said leaning forward "to play smarter, and not be caught anymore..."


The meeting with Rias after he dropped off the perverts off marked the first time Harry was around either her or Akeno when their presence didn't affect his mental control. There was, after all, absolutely nothing sexy about filling out forms. The only good thing about the meeting was that Akeno had indeed used the tea pot that was in the teacher's lounge to prepare some tea for the two of them, and that it was really quite good. As they broke up however, Rias asked casually, "So, should we meet here at school tomorrow morning sensei, or somewhere else?"

While Akeno stiffened in surprise once more from where she had been cleaning the teapot, Harry shrugged. "Where would you recommend? And kindly remember that wherever we go there needs to be something that a young not even eight year old girl will eat."

Rias looked at Harry blankly then said in a deadpan tone, "I have been looking after Koneko for a number of years. Trust me Potter-sensei, I know what kind of things Lily will like. How about we meet at a small delicatessen called Union Hall? It specializes in breakfasts and selling lunch boxes too, just so you know for the future."

"Hmm, two birds with one stone then, excellent," Harry said, walking with Rias out of the main school building where they split off. Harry left the academy to pick up Lily from school, though he knew he was already late doing so, while Rias led Akeno to the old school building where the ORC made its headquarters.

"So mean Buchou." Akeno said after Harry was out of hearing range. "You could have told me."

"It's not my fault your lack of self-control caused you to miss things Akeno," Rias replied, turning her head to send a smirk her friend's way. "Besides, you can't argue with the results can you?"

Akeno sighed theatrically still pouting for a time before brightening. "I know, I can take over these meetings for you Buchou. That will let you concentrate on important kingly duties, whatever those are, while I meet with Potter-sensei. It's my job as treasurer anyway." She smiled wickedly then, tapping her chin with a finger. "Hmmm… and since it's before school, I can dress in something different than my school uniform."

"Not at all Akeno, it's no bother at all though thank you for the suggestion~," Rias trilled in response. She was enjoying the sight of her queen, and her best friend, looking equal parts chagrined at being teased and jealous at missing out on the opportunity to be around Harry.

"No, no Buchou, it would never do to have the club president do such unimportant things." Akeno tried again.

"I insist." Rias replied dryly. "But as for those important kingly duties you mentioned, I've an idea to add to my workload and everyone else's too. Potter-sensei said something to Sona and I this morning that rang far too true for me to ignore."

That caused Akeno to cock her head quizzically but then she visibly set it aside looking away nibbling at her bottom lip for some reason.

Is, is she really jealous of me spending time with Harry? That would be a first, but why would she feel jealous, unless she has more feelings for him than I thought? The idea was an odd one, but perhaps there was some truth to it. It isn't like Akeno to be so denied in using her wiles upon a man, and it might have acted on her like a lure almost. Or, or could she really have developed feelings for him? In so short a time?

That idea bothered Rias on many levels, and she changed the subject quickly. "Now, while we're heading to the club room tell me again about what happened when you tried to teach Koneko some magic last year."

Akeno blinked at that, but complied. That explanation took them to the clubhouse, where they found Koneko and Kiba waiting for them as Rias had asked them to at lunch. "Good you're all here," Rias said, moving to sit on the sofa with Akeno sitting beside her. "I want to talk to you all about training. Specifically the need for us all to train and to cross train as best we can."

As her peerage, her friends looked at her, Rias went on slowly. "I have a confession to make. Despite my desire to treat you all as friends I had never really thought about how best to train you as individuals rather than as representatives of the type of piece I used to bring you all into my peerage. I want to rectify that now." Rias's eyes then began to gleam, and the red light of the Power of Destruction began to pulse from her hands, which she had folded in her lap. "I'm also going to be training myself too. In as many ways as I can think of."

"Is this training specifically for anything Buchou?" Kiba asked. He was the only one of them who had a real daily regimen.

"No, it will just be about us becoming stronger, more rounded fighters. That means Koneko gets trained in swords along with Rias and I, and you two learn magic as well." Kiba and Koneko both protested that, but Rias rode over their comments easily, saying it only made sense to cross train to that extent. "This isn't just for you, as I said but for me as well. I refuse to let my position as king define me. I will fight in the future in any way I can, and I expect you all to do the same."


The next day Harry and Lily followed the instructions Rias had given Harry to the eatery. They found Rias there along with Koneko, a sight that caused Lily to smile happily as she raced forward to hug first Rias then Koneko, while Harry paused, taking in Rias's look. Koneko had worn her school uniform, Harry hot the impression she wasn't a girl who enjoyed changing her clothing.

Rias on the other hand was wearing something other than her uniform. Instead of the blouse and short skirt combination that was the academy's uniform for girls, she instead wore a pair of tight jeans, so tight they looked as if they had been painted on rather than simply worn. Her blouse, a black blouse with white marks here and there, also hugged her form, though oddly enough didn't so as much as her uniform did. Her hair was down too, and for some reason she had small reading glasses perched on her nose.

The sight of her like this, out of uniform, drove home to Harry once more that Rias was a woman and an attractive one. He once more felt the impact of being around her on his self-control, but he again repaired the cage around his libido and walked forward after his daughter, a smile tugging on his lips as he saw her start to jabber at the two older girls.

As Lily ran up to Koneko and her, Rias bit her lip as she caught the look in Harry's eyes for a moment there. It was a softer look than she had expected, more appreciative than lustful, though there had been a flash of that there too.

When he sat down across from her his smile nearly made her want to melt. "You didn't have to dress up like this just to meet my daughter and me Gremory-san, or are you going to say that you dress like this every morning?"

"I spend so much time in the school uniform I tend to grab at any opportunity to wear something different outside the house Sensei. Why, don't you like it?" Rias asked, mock-coquettishly.

"I didn't say that and you know it" Harry said, unable to stop his eyes roving down her body once more. "But can I ask a question?"

Rias preened slightly at that look but otherwise didn't respond to Harry's gaze shifting away from her face for a moment. "Certainly."

"Why the glasses?" Harry asked curiously.

Laughing Rias reached up tapping her glasses with a finger. "Oh, I always wear them when I'm doing paperwork. I think they make me work more efficiently."

"Well that isn't the silliest thing I've ever heard, and who knows, if it works I might wish to try it. Never liked wearing them when I was younger though," Harry laughed, while seeing yet another, rather cute, side of the mystery that was Rias Gremory.

Rias smiled at that but then turned to Koneko and Lily to answer a question from the younger redhead. Once those two had ordered, Rias looked back at Harry. "I had planned for it to just by you, Lily and this morning, but when she heard about it Koneko insisted she come along too. This girl and her appetite," Rias said fondly, rubbing her hand over the back of Koneko's head.

Though her expression didn't change, Koneko tiled her head to the side, pushing into Rias's hand. The sight won a giggle from Lily, though Harry simply looked on in amusement at the girl he assumed was a simple werecat. She pulled away, staring at Lily then very deliberately stuck her tongue out at the younger girl.

"Hah! It's fine Gremory-san, as you can see this gives Lily someone to talk to while we work. Now, what do you want to eat?" Harry asked, setting down his briefcase.

"You don't have to do that sensei." Rias protested.

"I was already going to pay for my own and Lily's. Paying for the two of you isn't that much of a hardship."

Blushing as this was becoming more and more like a date (albeit with two hangers on) Rias answered quickly. Sitting back down the two of them began to eat and work on the paperwork they needed to do today while Lily and Koneko sat and talked next to them.

Throughout this process Harry was struck once more by how mature Rias was. At 18, she had a far greater understanding of the importance of money than most her age, certainly more than Harry had at the time. Before leaving Hogwarts he had never cared about money one way or another: he didn't spend much, but he also didn't really keep track of it. That only changed when he had to look after Lily, which had forced him to realize the importance of money management. The Potters had been well-off, but not rich like the Malfoy's.

Eventually Rias leaned back, pounding on her shoulders with one of her fists. Harry absently noticed that there was a downside to having large breasts he supposed, his eyes trailing down for second as he once more felt the impact of the girl on his self-control. There has to be something going on here, I know I've got a redhead fetish but this is ridiculous.

"I think we're done today Sensei, unless you want to be late dropping off Lily," Rias said, bringing Harry's attention back to the material world. "So far we've been able to rework the club's budget to allow for three trips." This had been half of Rias's work and half Harry's since it had used both funds the club had raised itself and some which the school had allocated to it.

"I think we should cut that down to two trips." Rias continued. "Because of our scholastic standing, all of the members of the Occult Research Club can afford to miss a few days during the year, so if we cut down on the number of trips we can make the two remaining ones longer." Trips after all was one of the main reasons why school clubs had advisors: to go with them and make certain nothing happened away from school.

"That's a good idea, but I'll warn you that I have my own work above and beyond working here. I have a lot of paperwork and reading I have to do for my own continuing education."

Rias nodded, understanding the point or rather misunderstanding. She assumed that Harry was talking about how he was going for a Doctorate in education but Harry's actual education had nothing to do with his job. "For now you're right, it's time to go."

The two of them met again the next day, this time without Koneko since they went to a more traditional Japanese breakfast place, and Koneko had no interest in anything that wasn't sweet. Lily was there once more, but Rias would have it no other way, having a growing soft spot for her fellow redhead. The three of them sat down and the two adults spent a few minutes going over Lily's homework, since Harry hadn't helped her with it the day before. Instead the two of them had spent the late afternoon barricading the small window into the girls room the perverts had found, with Lily gleefully running around fetching tools for Harry.

Doing this with Harry, watching over Lily, it gave Rias a small thrill, though she wouldn't have been able to voice why. Perhaps it was the sheer normality of the scene, or maybe it was because together the three of them looked like a family. Rias overheard that comment more than once as they sat there, though thankfully she didn't see any of the students from Kuoh.

"So where would you like to go?" Harry asked while Lily dug into her breakfast. "And will you join in the school festival in January? Also, would you like permission to run a recruitment drive?"

Harry idly wondered if she was also recruiting for this group she was a leader of it, and if so how. But he didn't bring it up.

"No to a recruitment drive at this point, but yes we would want to create a booth for the school festival. As for the trips, I want to visit several places which are famous for occult phenomenon. Of course the biggest one is Kyoto. There are several sites within the city known to have paranormal or a cult activity."

Harry laughed teasingly. "And that has nothing to do with the movie studio being there? You've already got in my daughter into anime though I'll admit she didn't really need much help there. Are you aiming to get me into it too?"

"I would say that your daughter knows quality when she sees it. And I believe you will as well Potter-sensei," Rias replied then giggled. "Soon you too will know the power of the anime side!"

"Ha! Maybe, I did like that one movie we went to, though the lead main male lead was so stupid! Do all those animes have a stupid male lead? I'm not certain I like the message that sends." Harry asked.

"The plural is still anime, and it depends on how you define stupid," Rias said quickly, a smile appearing unbidden on her face at talking about one of her favorite subjects. Next to Harry, Lily looked up from the small book she had been reading from, her gaze intent and Rias sent the girl a wink.

That smile and the wink caused Harry to smile in turn, realizing that while Rias was very mature, she also had a childish side to her. For some reason, that made her a little more down to earth-seeming and attractive to him. Down boy, he thought to himself, noting that even now his barriers were not taking any damage from being around Rias this morning.

"A lot of shounen comedies have stupid or one dimensional male leads like that. It's believed that such appeals to young boys, rather than someone who like yourself would understand or know about relationships, which hardly ever filter into that genre. There are others aimed at a more mature art audience."

"Yes I've see the advertisements for those too," Harry said then looked at Rias in mock shock. "I would never have thought a lady like yourself would be into such filth though, how scandalous!"

"I am not! And that was not the kind of thing I was talking about," Rias said primly, then giggled at the look Harry was giving her..

"Prim and proper you're not," Harry said with a chuckle of his own at her attempt to seem offended, before he stood up hugging Lily to him. "However, I have a little daughter I need to drop off at school."

"Well then far be it from us to keep her waiting," Rias said, hopping to her feet and grabbing a paperclip putting it around the paperwork. "However I'd like for you to come by tomorrow to introduce yourself formally to the rest of the club if that's all right?"

"That's fine, and thank you for being so understanding about how long this is taking," Harry said while picking up his own folder and briefcase. After all, the work they had been doing should have taken them a bare day, if not for the time constraints and the need to give Lily some attention. "I'll see you tomorrow to iron out the trip's details Rias."

With that, he walked out the door, not realizing that was the first time he had called Rias by just her first name. Nor did he see that she was now a stuttering mess as she stared across the desk at the far wall.

The next day after school Harry picked Lily up then went back to the Academy, and introduced himself formally to the Occult Research Club at once. He had of course met them all before this, both in class and out, but since this would put him in another position of power over them, in a way at least, both he and Rias had thought it appropriate.

Harry and Lily entered the ORC's clubroom, where the others had gathered. Rias stood by her desk next to two trays of drinks and several bags of local snacks one of which Koneko had already taken for herself. She was sitting at the sofa facing the door with the bag in her hands, and even though her expression didn't change Harry could tell she was smiling and happy to see Lily and him. Next to Koneko sat Akeno, her hands folded in her lap while she crossed her long, amazing looking legs at the same time. The smile on her face was certainly visible and just as sinful and she made a point of licking her lips as Harry looked at her. Facing the two of them alone on the other sofa was Kiba, who turned to smile politely over it towards the two newcomers.

"My friends, may I formally introduce Mr. Potter and his daughter Lily. Mr. Potter has agreed to be our advisor, and we have already begun to plan our first field trips and fund raisers!" Rias said cheerfully moving forward to welcome the two Potters with two drinks for them.

Harry took his sipping at it first before, turning to the others as Lily slurped loudly at hers, though she didn't move from Harry's side as the others all stood to take their own drinks. "Ladies and gentleman, I realize we've all met before, so I'll keep this short. Gremory-san told the truth about how she and I are already planning a few trips, and one of her suggestions is that you all take two long trips away to various occult-urally important places."

He waited until Akeno, Rias and surprisingly Kiba had finished hissing at his pun while Lily just groaned next to him before going on. "Everyone's a critic. Anyway, this is a privilege and not a right. I know all of you have a B average: I expect you to keep it regardless of club activities. If you don't I won't tell you to leave the club or anything, I will simply not allow the club to plan trips in the future."

Harry paused to let that sink in then smiled. "On the other hand, as club advisor I am also supposed to act as college advisor. I know that it's early in the year for you to start thinking about that, Gremory-san, Himejima-san, but it is never too early to start thinking about what you want to do with your life. Whatever you want to do, I'll help you figure out what you need to do to make it happen."

As he said this, a pensive look crossed Himejima's face, one that looked as if she had never even considered the idea of planning for college. Kiba and Koneko's faces were blank, which was alright since they both time to think about such things. But Rias, her face was the most startling. It was an odd mix between elated, thoughtful and horribly sad for just an instant before she regained control of herself and a look of calculation took over her face.

So brief was the moment Harry wondered if he had seen it at all. Filing that away he finished his brief speech. "And with that I thank you for the welcome, and hope we all get along in the future!"

"Thank you Potter-sensei!" Chorused the ORC, and all of them drank from the cups of soda that Akeno had prepared for the event.

While Harry stood back for a moment, moving over to Kiba Lily made a beeline for Rias and Akeno. "Hey Rias, and um…" Lily frowned in thought. "Um.. Himeji-san?"

"Himejima-san," Akeno corrected, while Rias chuckled. "But you can just call me Akeno sweetheart." With that Akeno swooped down, pulling Lily up into a hug. "Oh you're soooo cuutte!" She then sent a sultry look Harry's way. "I want one."

There was no denying what her words or the look meant. But while Rias groaned at her queen's actions, Harry merely rolled his eyes and waited for the inevitable, which occurred an instant later.

"Gerroff!" Lily growled kicking and flailing, her hands smacking into Akeno's chest and stomach. Akeno let her go with a 'oof' as Lily growled, dropping to her feet. "I don't like being picked up by strangers. Head pats are fine but not cheek pulling or picking up!"

"Mou, that's not cute," Akeno muttered, then sighed and crouched down to eye level with Lily while Harry struck up a conversation with Kiba. "I apologize Lily-chan. Would you like some mochi?"

"Apology accepted and yes please!" Lily replied, her attitude doing a 180 quickly as was the wont of small children. "I've really enjoyed some of the sweets I've tried since arriving in Japan."

"Ara, well, I think you'll like these. I'm quite proud of my confectionary skills." Akeno said, picking up a tray as Rias maneuvered around her, patting Lily on the head before she joined the conversation between Kiba and Harry. The two of them were talking about Harry joining Kiba at the kendo club for some sword practices and how Kiba had come to be an informal member of the kendo club. And Rias trusted Akeno not to fish for information from Lily.

She really should have known better, but to her credit Akeno didn't fish for anything important, nor did she quiz Lily about where she had lived in the past. Instead, Akeno asked Lily a few questions about her and her father's favorite foods, which would have led into some subtle questions about the kind of girl Lily thought her father liked.

However Koneko came over grabbing Lily by the arm and pulling her away from Akeno. "Don't catch the S…" she warned, leading Lily back over to one of the sofas where Koneko had already gathered almost all of the sweets on hand.

Akeno pouted at that then turned sultry, moving over toward Harry, as he had stopped talking Kiba and Rias for a second to watch Koneko and his daughter. Before Rias could stop her of Harry move backwards Akeno had pressed her chest against Harry's, looping her arms around his neck. "Mm, I suppose that is a good place to start. So what about it s~en~sei~? Are you in S, or an M?"

Harry placed his hands on her hips and pushed Akeno away firmly, her arms falling to her side. "I don't even know what those terms mean, but I think I can safely say I'm neither," he said flatly. "And I think either you've spiked your own drink Himejima-san or you've forgotten that I'm a teacher."

"That's what makes it even dirtier, sensei~," Akeno said, but she backed off at the glare Rias was giving her, and the fact Harry had already moved around to sit by the short stack pair. He asked Koneko to describe the various sweets, which she began to do with alacrity. Soon after that the small party ended, and Harry headed home with Lily in his alarms, falling asleep after an earlier sugar rush.

Back in the Occult Research club's room, Rias smiled at the others. Well, I think it's clear we're now making progress, aren't we."


Astonishingly the rest of the week passed relatively peacefully. After Harry had dragged the perverts to the principal's office on Monday, they had seemingly stopped being so overt in their perversions. He still saw them giggling in the back of the classroom occasionally, and once or twice he saw them retreating quickly from the gym and he wondered if they had found another way to look into the girl's changing room.

But he couldn't catch them in the act anymore without trying to stake them out. And that would take too much time away from his actual teaching, which just wasn't going to happen.

Meeting again Thursday morning, Harry and Rias had hammered out the full budget for her club, as well as a calendar of events that they would be working with for going forward. Harry would then submit a copy to the principal, while Rias gave Sona another.

Rias stretched, smiling happily as Harry refilled their tea from a pot she had brought along. Today instead of having met in a restaurant they had met at a small park, where they had spread out a series of calendars for the rest of the school year. Each of them had also brought along some food, miso soup and tea from Rias, and breakfast rolls from Harry. Lily was making full use of this opportunity, racing around with a few other kids out and about with other early risers.

Looking up from where he had just put the thermos of tea down Harry took in Rias's body, feeling the familiar rush of desire, the impact on his self-control. Yet alongside that intense spike of lust came some far gentler emotions, which included both appreciation and affection. "You know these morning meetings have been very nice. While the work on the budget was irritating, I can't help but think I'm going to miss these little get togethers."

Rias jumped on that quickly. "We could make it a weekly thing if you want. I greatly enjoyed talking to you as well," Rias said, giving Harry a very direct look.

While once more repairing his mental controls at what those words and Rias's gaze meant, Harry gave her a look back, an appreciative one, as he reached over to tap a finger lightly on the back of her hand which had taken the teacup from him. "We'll see. Appearances have to be considered after all, for my reputation and yours. Where we've had excuses in the past and even other people around, that isn't the case any longer." Harry said, gesturing with his free hand toward his daughter, who saw his gesture and ran over to them.

"I suppose I could change countries, or perhaps change professions and leave any bad rumors behind. Not so much you, O great lady!" Harry finished with laugh.

Rias scowled looking away, for once hating the fact that she had such a reputation at school. "Still, I don't think we should stop that from letting us meet like this in the morning? I'd certainly miss having time with this little cutie after all," Rias said, reaching over to tug lightly at Lily's hair, causing her to grin and bat Rias's hand away playfully.

"We'll see," Harry said with a smile. He had watched Rias and even Akeno and Koneko with Lily at this point, and that more than anything else had solidified in his mind that whatever they might be, the people of the Occult Research Club were good people. And Rias will make a great mother someday.

"It has been nice…very nice." At that point Harry couldn't stop himself from looking Rias up and down and this time she caught it and blushed ever so slightly. "But for now once again I have to get this little one to school. I'll see you later Rias."

Once more Harry left leaving a faintly smiling Rias sitting there.

Thanks to the ongoing meetings with Rias, and Akeno's continued attempts at flirtation, Harry was looking forward to Sunday, only to crash headfirst into the frustrating nature of teaching Phys Ed to Akeno one more time before he could reach his much needed day off. By the end of the class Harry was almost cracking as badly as his mental defenses though he wasn't showing it.

No, being close to her and Rias has not deadened the effect one bit. Bloody fucking hell! I should have more control than this! Harry was getting very tired of having to rebuild his mental control every time he saw a Rias or Akeno in their Phys Ed. uniforms. Maybe I have a fetish to go with whatever else is happening. Fucking hell, those books on auras cannot arrive soon enough!

However, for Harry salvation of a sort was at hand. When he picked Lily up from school, she asked hesitantly "Daddy, do you think I can go over to a friend house for a sleepover?"

"I don't see why not so long as your friend made certain it was okay with her parents first. I'll want to drop you off and talk to them and you'd have to have an emergency portkey on you, but that's all," Harry said, carefully hiding in his glee at the idea of being able to have a night to himself.

It turned out that the parents had indeed okayed the sleep over. Lily and several other students were going to be sleeping over that night, watching anime and generally having fun.

Despite a rough start Lily had begun to make friends. Her stance against the bullies and her generally helpful attitude had won over a lot of people who had looked at Lily askance as a hotheaded foreigner before this.

So Harry cheerfully dropped Lily off after making certain she knew the word to activate her emergency portkey for the day and then threw up a series of subtle wards around the house where the sleepover was taking place just in case. He didn't notice that a bat appeared almost seconds after he began to work, watching events closely from a nearby tree before flapping away.

Nor would he have honestly cared. Harry my lad, it's time you had a night out on the town, time for some adult type fun.


Watching Harry throw up a series of wards Rias frowned. "That energy is that of a defensive kind of spell? Though the movements are utterly unknown to me," she mused, glancing over at Akeno on the other side of the striding sphere. "What do you think?"

"Definitely defensive" Akeno replied promptly. While Rias had more flare for innovation when it came to magic, Akeno was actually better at analysis, and it had been her who had felt the magic being used in the territory along with Tsubaki. No doubt the other queen and Sona were discussing what was happening too, though Akeno couldn't spot either of their familiars. "Probably for his daughter and her friends I would wager. The pattern I am seeing it somewhat cruder and far less permanent but they should still work as advertised."

Then she smirked, running hands down her body. "You know this means he'll be home alone? I think I might just stop by to ask for some help with my… English."

Rias rolled her eyes, though the idea was tempting, more tempting than it really should have been given the fact that she had only known Harry for three weeks. No, this is just an infatuation, one just as much based off my continued attempts to discover his secrets than on the man himself. Acting on it would be childish in the extreme.

"No, if you come on too strongly, you'll just scare them off," she said aloud. "Potter-sensei in the whole no teacher-student relationship thing despite the fact we're both of legal age. You might be able to wear him down in the long run but he won't just jump into bed with his students."

"Too bad. Hmmm. I wonder if I transferred to another school would that make a difference?" Akeno mused, then giggled at her friend's mock look of mock betrayal.


After changing into a nice black button-down shirt and jeans, Harry decided to head out see the sights, get a drink and have some adult thought type fun. Heh, I can still hear Seamus calling it 'getting your pipe cleaned right proper!' Seamus had been a damn dirty Irishman sometimes, but he had been a true friend more than once, and what else could anyone say about a Gryffindor?

Eventually wanderings through town, brought Harry outside a dance club which had a 21 and over sign on over the door. He drew some looks because of his foreign appearance. In particular his eyes became the source of myriad comments. But he ignored all of them in order to move through the crowd, first to the bar, then onto the dance floor, where he promptly began to dance with several of the local ladies.

"Now there is a familiar face," said a familiar sort of voice from behind Harry, a voice ripe with both promise and invitation as a new song picked up in the background. "Small world Harry Potter. Do you come here often?"

Harry turned, and suddenly it was as if the other girls all around him sort of faded into the background. Harry didn't notice however, too busy staring at Kalawarner.

Kalawarner was a tall woman, standing above six feet tall and quite buxom to boot, with legs longer than any woman Harry had seen. The skirt she wore, a black cocktail dress that barely came down to mid-thigh, also showed off a lot of her cleavage. Her long blue hair was tied up in an intricate braid down her back.

What is it with sexy women around here having such insanely long hair? Harry thought, though the sentence couldn't really stay in his brain as his Occlumentic enhanced self-control shattered. The beast he had created to house his libido smashed its way out and began to run roughshod throughout Harry's brain, shutting down a lot of his higher functions as he simply stared at the vision of sexy, sensual and above all adult beauty in front of him.

Inwardly Kalawarner cackled, gleeful at the response she was getting from Harry. This dress was one of her favorites, and it never failed her. "Well, are you going to stand there gawking Harry, or are you going to ask me to dance?"

Harry smiled and bowed grandly over her hand kissing the palm of it rather than the back, an intimate gesture that caused Kalawarner to shudder at the feel of his mouth on her palm. "Most assuredly my lady."

As they began in the background the song Dark Nights by Dorothy began to play, causing Kalawarner is a smile to widen for some hidden reason, even as Harry's did the same. "What are you thinking of?" Kalawarner asked questioningly.

"Oh, just how appropriate this song is."

"Is it?" Kalawarner asked suddenly worried that maybe they had all been wrong, that Harry was a unknown Fallen who wasn't part of the Grigori.

"Just something a friend said to me once." With that Harry set such thoughts aside in order to simply enjoy the sensation of having Kalawarner pressed chest to chest against him.

While he could feel the effect Kalawarner was having on his mental shields, and likened it to the effect Rias and Akeno, he really didn't take care about the effect much in this case. Kalawarner was an adult who wasn't one of his students. She was further obviously looking for some fun, which was just fine by him. Soon enough, their dancing became almost dry humping against one another, grinding their lower bodies together while Harry's arms snaked around Kalawarner's middle, holding her upright against him. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to begin to kiss her neck and so he did until she turned slightly, bringing her mouth to his.

This wouldn't be Harry's kind of thing normally. He wasn't an exhibitionist, though he was somewhat uncertain about what his kind of thing was really save for a few scattered fetishes or favorite things. But despite the idea of doing this in public bothering him somewhat Harry just was not able to see a downside to having some fun. Bloody hell, I needed this! Curse Akeno and Rias's sexy bodies and my own masochistic need to be around them!

For her part, Kalawarner was astonished at the skill Harry was showing with his tongue. It almost seemed to vibrate in her mouth, touching all the right places and taking command of the kiss despite her best efforts to fight it. His hand too seemed to be hot as it touched her, and she shuddered to think of what the combination of those two could do to certain parts of her body.

The two of them continued to make out and dance for several more songs then wound up at the bar, where Kalawarner sat on Harry's lap. They ate a few appetizer-type dainties together exchanging kisses and generally making out for a while ignoring the rest of the club even as they began to garner some jealous looks from both sexes.


The second floor of the club Harry and Kalawarner ran into one another was a VIP portion of the club, complete with separate booths, a much smaller dance floor, and several girls dressed up in various outfits serving drinks. Some of the booths overlooked the rest of the club.

In one such booth was what at first appeared to be a college aged couple, but if someone looked closer, said individual might have noticed some things were off about that idea. For one thing, the man wasn't even looking at the woman who had just returned from somewhere. Instead he was staring down at the club, a sneer twisting his somewhat rugged features as he downed a Rum Runner that had been served in a glass as large as his head. With his tanned skin and blonde hair the man looked like a delinquent, but his clothing was of very high quality and he seemed to radiate arrogance.

The woman wore a dress in purple that looked somewhat like Kalawarner's, except it had slightly thicker straps going over the shoulder and an even deeper neckline. Indeed it was pushing the bounds of decency even for a club like this, barely keeping her nipples from popping out. Her purple hair matched the dress in color perfectly, and the black garter belt and stockings she wore completed the image.

The instant the woman entered the booth her body language changed, going from haughty and aloof to subservient and embarrassed in the space of a second. She sat next to the man bowing her head deeply and spoke, her voice a sultry purr. "Master, I discerned who was giving off that odd feeling of a wild creature. It is a man who is currently involved with a young woman of similar age. I cannot discern anything from her but there is something a little… off I suppose from her. I…"

"Bah, if it was a man Riser isn't interested. Riser will have to go for his second choice to complete his peerage and add Riser's little sister on a temporary basis." The man interrupted the woman, speaking in the third person for some reason.

He fell silent as he drained his mug, slamming it down angrily. "More importantly, the Gremory's have again refused to let us move up the date of Riser's wedding to Rias, despite the fact she is of age! Riser wants her now damn it!"

"Master, you know the Phenex family and the Gremory family are allies. We can't pressure them more than we already are," the woman replied. "Any more than this and it will be seen as rudeness, and could cause a backlash. Besides, you know how devoted to family they are, young Rias wants to have some time to act human before…"

Riser once more interrupted the woman, pounding his now free hand down on the table. "Act like a human! That is just it, Rias acting, indeed wanting to live among humans, among the filth! Riser cannot understand it at all, why the Gremorys would allow such contamination, when they know all Devils should be up here, staring down at them from on high."

Sighing he leaned back. "Still Riser must admit his queen is correct. Pressuring them further at this time would be detrimental. Riser has already gotten them to agree to move up the date to when she turns 19 this year rather than after Rias has finished going to a human college. Riser supposes that will be enough."

The two of them were silent for a second then Riser clicked his fingers. "Riser feels pent up. Do something about that Yubelluna."

Knowing what this meant, Yubelluna blushed hotly, looking around into the rest of the club. While the booth was semi-private, that didn't mean people couldn't see inside it if they knew to look in the first place. "But surely master, it would be better to go home, where I and your other servants could relieve you properly?" she asked, a quiver in her voice made of equal parts embarrassment and shame.

"Are you arguing with Riser, your master?" Riser asked, his voice lowering dangerously.

"N, no master, I was merely thinking which would be the most pleasurable for you," Yubelluna hastened to reply.

"Riser did not ask for your opinion. Now… get down on your knees as you should and get to work." Riser ordered.

Sighing in resignation, Yubelluna nodded and slipped under the table, her hands moving to work the zipper of Riser's pants.


Sooner than Harry thought possible he and Kalawarner were told the club was going to be closing shortly.

Kalawarner slowly removed herself from Harry's waist, looking down at him as she helped him to his feet. "Do you want to find a hotel somewhere?" she asked, making her voice that perfect ally of sensuality, interest and hesitation to make it seem as if she wasn't usually that easy, yet was quite eager at the same time and experienced.

Harry however slowly shook his head. In an effort of willpower that was akin to Atlas holding up the world he gradually redid his mental control over his libido, chains and walls appearing around the beast which had grown in the past few months, halting it's rampage. "That would be going a little too far after only a single night wouldn't it? I'm not that type of man, and I don't think you're that type of girl. Though that could be the alcohol talking," Harry said winking at Kalawarner.

Kalawarner surprised herself by laughing shaking her head even though she was very disappointed.

"Instead, can I have your number?" Harry asked, holding her hand in his as they walked out of the club.

In response Kalawarner smiled before digging a small calling card out from between her breasts, placing it in Harry's hand as Harry handed her his own. "I work all week, and I've got Lily to look after so I don't know when I'll next have some time for something like this, but if I do I'll call you and we can meet up."

Harry suddenly realized that this is the first time he ever actually approached a woman like this. He'd dated a few times when he was younger of course, but those times he'd still see the girl every day thanks to all of them living at Hogwarts, and unless they were in Slytherin Harry would have known more about them than he did Kalawarner.

"I'd be really disappointed if you didn't," Kalawarner said, then abruptly pushed Harry against the wall and kissed him hard. She managed to dominate the kiss this time, trying to give him a memory to go away with. But a few seconds into the kiss Harry turned the tables on her, grabbing her around the waist and twisting so that she was pressed up against the wall instead of him. He then deepened the kiss, his tongue plunging into her mouth and pulling out a moan from her once more as he pressed against her hard, her core rubbing against his rising arousal and her breasts pressed near flat by his chest.

Then he abruptly backed away flashing her a smirk. "Till next time?"

With that he walked off, whistling a jaunty tune as Kalawarner stared after him, her hair mussed as well as her lipstick again her eyes flashing with both desire and shock at the fact he was able to leave her alone like that. You know, I thought this would be at least interesting once I got him in the sack, werewolves are known for their stamina after all. Now though, I think that it just might be fun too.


Elsewhere in town Rias sat up abruptly in bed with a deep scowl on her face. The sudden movement caused Koneko, who was sleeping with her that night, to growl in her sleep, clutching Rias's leg as she did. Why do I get the feeling that someone's just jumped my claim? I don't even have a claim! And why the heck do I have an urge to fry some crows with my power of destruction?


Kalawarner was literally floating as she opened the doors to the church, smiling and almost giddy at how well the night had gone.

"Wow, looking at you I'm wondering who the seducer and who the seduced is in this little scheme of yours Kalawarner," Mittelt snarked from nearby.

"Did you make any progress?" Raynare asked, trying to keep the scorn out of her voice and failing as she looked up from a report she had been reading.

"I made quite of lot of progress actually." Kalawarner replied, ignoring Raynare's scorn and her friend's snarky tone with equal ease. "Harry a very good kisser, and he's quite pent-up with all those little devils around and untouchable by his hand. We exchanged numbers already and…"

"'Exchange numbers already'? That's it!?" Raynare said interrupting Kalawarner quick quite rudely in Kalawarner's opinion. "If he even caught a glimpse of me he'd be begging to do anything he could to just lay a hand on me! And you're supposed to be a mistress of seduction?

"I told you Raynare," Kalawarner said, her tone making it clear that she thought she was speaking to an idiot. "Seduction takes time, especially when it's of an individual already knows of the occult world, and might be wary of any one like me coming on to them to strongly. You're going to have to be patient."

"…All right, but I've discovered something that's going to complicate matters somewhat. There's another boy at the Academy who has a Sacred Gear." Raynare stated.

"Two of them at a single Academy?" Mittelt muttered. "That's incredible. And a school within the territory of two of the pillars of the underworld? It's almost enough for to make you wonder whose side God is really on."

At that ancient and rather dark joke the two other Fallen laughed. But then they sobered as Raynare took up the discussion. She had found the feel of a Sacred Gear coming from another young boy, slightly stronger than Hyoudou's, indicating that the second Sacred Gear was closer to awakening than the one they had initially come here for.

"And you no doubt spotted it before any of the other devils could!" Said Mittelt excitedly. "That gives us a window to act on both of them doesn't it?"

It was common knowledge that the Fallen were better at identifying un-awakened Sacred Gear than either Angels or devils. On the other hand the devils were far better at convincing said individuals to join their side. So it evened out most of the time.

At least for those two sides anyway. Much like in every other way since the Great War had ended, the Angels lost when it came to finding Sacred Gears. Which is just another reason to be happy that I Fell rather than stayed with them, after all I wouldn't want to be on the losing side, Kalawarner thought not for the first time.

Raynare was pacing around the floor of the church thinking hard. I think we can turn Potter's presence to our advantage. The higher ranked devils are all noticeably interested in him. They are concentrating on him to the near exclusion of everything else. They aren't even doing those stupid contracts Low-level or young devils use to gather more power."

"And we still need to wait to see if these Sacred Gears are worth enough to put ourselves in danger," Mittelt said seriously. "All of the devils here might be young but they're powerful! I sure as hell don't want to get on their families bad side even if we could beat them alone."

Raynare sneered at that while Kalawarner nodded in agreement, but it was Raynare who replied. "That's what Dohnaseek and our little pawns are for…"


For the next month, Harry and Lily continue to get used to their new lives, the Devils and Fallen continued did the same.

The Fallen's daily routine was the easiest. It consisted of Dohnaseek reporting in the progress he was making gathering exiled exorcists to their cause. Kalawarner either slept, read or went for walks around the town. Raynare went to school to keep up her cover or trained. Mittelt either watched TV or went around with Kalawarner. The others all had more on their plate…

Thanks to Rias's decision to cross train them as much as possible she and her peerage added training sessions to their daily routines that first weekend after Harry's formal introduction to the club. For Rias, Koneko and Akeno this was something entirely different. The only one among the devils who ever had a set training schedule like this was Kiba. Even Koneko didn't have a daily training regimen, only training on the weekends before this simply because they were too busy with other things.

Indeed, their new training schedule took away from the time they had used previously on attracting new or following up on devils contracts they had already made with the local normal human population. Contracts like that were how low ranking and even mid-rank devils could increase their power levels, siphoning off a small, tiny bit of the life energies of the people they contracted with. It was thought to be more efficient than simply training on its own.

But Rias was adamant: She was determined to cross train all the members of her peerage as much as possible so that any and all of them had some tricks up their sleeve that someone, thinking of them only as their pieces from the peerage, would be surprised. She was equally determined to think up new ways to use her own Powers of Destruction, and to train her peerage in group tactics, though that last one was going to take a while to figure out.

For Harry, while the added closeness with the Occult Research Club was nice in many ways, and he particularly liked the fact that Koneko and Lily became such good friends, Harry did indeed have cause to regret it at least two or three times a week due to the impact on his self-control. Still he didn't regret it whenever he thought about it. On the other side of the spectrum, for Rias and her peerage Harry Potter moved from a mystery to a friend and a growing part of their lives as he got to know them in his position as adviser.

Koneko was the easiest. Both in class and during their meetings around school Harry consistently tried to get her to break from her normal unresponsive nature. He also continued his method of using treats to reward particularly good performances in the freshman classes, which seemed to motivate Koneko even more than the rest of her grade.

One day however Harry forgot to renew his bag of sweets and only realized that fact as he went to start Koneko's class. With no time to try to conjure some up or to go and retrieve any he winged it. First he apologized to the class, then gave the girls pats on the head along with flowery notes he wrote on the spot with their names on them stating 'I owe you one candy', thus conserving his few real candies for the boys.

The over the top nature of his handwriting on the notes caused a laugh and the girls understood and went along with things except from Koneko, who slumped in her chair, looking for all the world like a depressed cat. I know most can't tell what Koneko is, but good grief when she looks like that her cattish nature becomes rather obvious. Even if her face is its normal blank self.

"Don't be like that Koneko you'll still get a treat if you do well. It's just postponed." Harry patted her on the head, kneading her head as he would Lily's if she was in snit about something, his tone wheedling, as the rest of the class looked on. Though they wouldn't say it aloud, watching Harry coax the normally monosyllabic and somewhat standoffish Koneko into joining into the fun of the lessons was a highlight for the rest of her class.

To his surprise however, Koneko leaned into his head and almost immediately, a deep sort of rumble coming from her. When he would try to move away, she almost reached up to grab his hand, only remembering where they were at the last second and letting him go unmolested. Then Koneko did indeed throw off her sadness at not getting a treat immediately and read out her lines with the amount of flair Harry expected.

After school ended however, Harry was surprised to find Koneko standing next to his desk in the teacher's lounge, where he had been organizing the day's papers to take home. The few other teachers still in attendance (most of them went home directly from their last classes or to observe their various clubs) looked on in surprise too. "Yes Koneko, can I help you?"

The young white-haired freshman didn't notice the other teachers. Instead she moved close to him, so close that for a moment Harry feared the girl was going to emulate Akeno and how she tried to flirt with him. To his relief, Koneko simply tilted her head, grabbed his hand and stuck it on her head. "More head pats."

Harry laughed and began to need her head, now noticing the deep rumbling she was giving off, wondering what this looked like to the other teachers. To his surprise however, they all simply shrugged and went back to their work, leaving him to pat Koneko's head in peace.

"Does little kitten want to be pampered?" he whispered. It could have come out sensual, but he said it in a singsong voice, like people often do when talking to animals.

Koneko mewled, pushing harder against his head, and Harry could almost feel the little knobs of her ears popping up out of whatever full body transfiguration or spell was keeping them from showing. "Well I'm sorry," he went on, though he didn't stop petting her "but remember I need to go and pick up Lily. Tell you what," he said with a smile. "Lily needs some new sneakers, she wore her own out, and they're looking rather ratty."

Of course Harry could have easily used a Reparo charm on them, but while in many ways Lily was a tomboy, when it came to clothes she was her mother's daughter. "You can't just repair clothes when they wear off all the time daddy, you have to buy new ones sometimes!" She had said that morning and since there was no reason they had to conserve money to that extent, Harry had agreed, even if he dreaded shopping with any female, including his own daughter.

"You come with us, recommend a store and help her find a pair and I'll give you more head pats, even treat you to dinner how about that?" Harry asked.

Koneko's head bobbed so rapidly that it looked as if she was a bobble head.

In contrast to Koneko, Kiba was by far the most complex, and the one who swiftly became closest to Harry despite that besides Rias herself.

A few days after their formal meeting in the club room, Harry and Kiba found themselves facing one another across the kendo mat. Harry thought the amount of protective gear was rather foolish, but then again it was a sport, so he supposed they had to be careful.

After Kiba had explained the rules, the two of them waited for Murayama to signal the start of the match, and then rushed forward. Kiba was far and away faster than Harry, but Harry's reflexes were just as fast even if his body couldn't quite keep up. His footwork and stance was also slightly off for wielding a sword two-handed on the attack. But on the defense was another matter as had been shown during the time Harry had stopped by the kendo club before this. But eventually Kiba won, landing a strike through Harry's defenses.

Stepping back and holding their blades to the side signaling the end of a match, Kiba pulled off his helmet and smiled. "Well, that was fun. You really do have incredible reflexes, but I can tell you lack experience actually using a sword against a real opponent."

"I agree," Harry replied ruefully, pulling his own helmet off while the kendo club girls congratulated the two of them for a well fought match. Harry might not have scored even a single hit, but he had held out against Kiba longer than any of them could bar the team's captain and vice-captain. "I never said I finished training with my old sword instructor after all, so I know a good deal more about footwork and defense than anything else."

"Erm, if you don't mind me saying Sensei, you don't seem the type to stop something partway through," the vice-captain, Katase said. "So, um…"

"We began to clash on several…social topics, shall we say?" Harry said. He kept his tone dry even as he searched for the right words which could explain the growing wedge that had grown between himself and Albus after Voldemort's return without giving any actual information. "He disliked change of any kind and wanted to deal with the social issues plaguing that part of the United Kingdom with as soft a hand as possible. I strongly disagreed. We never completely broke away from one another, but it colored our interactions…"

From nearby Kiba chuckled, recognizing the way Harry was trying to both answer and deflect attention at the same time. Wishing to do his part he looked over at Murayama. "Well we can't just stand around all day captain-san, I think it's time someone else had a turn on the mats."

With that Harry and Kiba moved to one side. Harry moved to sit by his daughter, who he had picked up from school before returning to the club for his match with Kiba.

Kiba followed him over for a moment, speaking to Harry quietly. "I also noticed you were holding back slightly Sensei, like you were trying to fight the rules at the same time you were fighting me. Is that true?"

"Let's just say the style I was being taught by my past instructors is a lot more freewheeling than kendo," Harry replied as he sat down beside his daughter. With the rest of the ORC having already left school, Harry was free to observe the kendo club for a time before heading home.

"That sounds interesting. Would you like to have a match like that one of these days? Say, after everyone has gone home?" As someone who prided himself on his swordsmanship, Kiba was always looking to fight different opponents and learn from different styles. As a European who had been trained in that style of combat and as a werewolf, Harry represented both.

Harry looked up at him shaking his head ruefully. "You just want an opportunity to get back at me for telling you your use of English slang was all wrong, don't you? What would your admirers say if they knew you were bullying your weak old sensei?"

At that Kiba and Lily both laughed, drawing some attention from the rest of the kendo club. But despite that weak protest Harry agreed, and the very next day the two of them faced off once more, well after the rest of the kendo club had departed for the day. Lily was once more being looked after by the ORC, with Rias going over her homework along with Koneko's.

This match went very differently than their first one. Harry wielded his kendo practice sword one handed, the reason for which became apparent the instant Kiba clashed blades with him: as a werewolf, was many times stronger than a normal human could be, stronger than even a Devil like Kiba. He wouldn't be able to overpower a rook, who specialized in brute strength, but he was much stronger than Kiba had anticipated.

He also believed in using his entire body to fight with, that is, if he had to rely on his body in the first place rather than his magic. Kiba had become so used to fighting sword to sword he didn't even see the punch coming until it hammered into his chin, causing him to stumble back. "If I hadn't pulled that punch Kiba you might be without a head." Harry said warningly.

"URgh, I, I wasn't aware this was full contact match sensei." Kiba said, one hand moving to work his jaw, wincing.

"Kiba, don't take me for a fool, you know what I am. In fact, if we were keeping score, Gremory-san would be well ahead of me in our little 'figure one another out' game thanks to Koneko." Harry said. "Now, take the match seriously." That this in turn would let Harry get a better idea of Kiba's abilities, and by extension the two groups under Sona and Rias, was left unsaid.

For his part Kiba understood that. But suddenly, seeing the disappointment in Harry's face at how easily he had gotten a punch through Kiba's defenses, he didn't care about the game his king was playing with this man. Instead Kiba just wanted to hit him in turn. With that in mind, he launching himself forward with a speed that was literally beyond human forcing Harry to stumble back and further back. "Be careful what you ask for sensei!"

By the end of the fight Kiba was limping, had several large bruises that were only slowly healing. Harry in contrast was just a massive mass of bruises, though they slowly began to heal even as he stripped off armor, the only piece of equipment they had been wearing.

Both men were also wearing shit-eating grins. "That was fun!" Harry said, and then looked at Kiba seriously. "Will you be able to heal up from those bruises?"

"While nowhere near as fast as your own healing factor, my own…heritage… will see me right as rain by tomorrow morning." Kiba replied, only remembering at the last instant that Harry wasn't supposed to be told about them being devils. He thought it was silly, but Rias seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of pleasure in the game going on between her and Harry, even Akeno was to a certain extent. So he was willing to go along with it.

"I hope I didn't hurt you too hard?" He asked, mock-solicitously. "I'd hate to think my beating put you off learning the way of the sword further."

"Hah." Harry drawled, shaking his head and ruffling the younger man's hair. "You wish. No, we're going to have to do this again."

And so they did. Most of the time given their disparate schedules, the two of them only had time for a short match, but sometimes, twice a week or so; they would get together for a real spar. Their 'normal' matches became something of a circus show after class, with Kiba showing up to help the kendo club for a little bit, then Harry showing up after finishing his work and picking up Lily. Koneko would then come over to collect her and the two of them would do their homework with Rias, while Harry with practiced with Kiba.

Kiba got a lot out of the full on spars thanks to Harry's werewolf heritage. Kiba could be as hard on him as he could on Koneko and Harry actually used a sword which made for better training than against the short nekomata. Kiba also started to respect Harry as a capable fighter, having only respected him as a teacher before this despite his king's fascination with Harry. Kiba didn't have any of the special senses that Akeno or Rias had as magic users, nor did he have Koneko's ability to smell that Harry was a werewolf. So for him it was a real eye opener.

Despite that it was not their actual training that brought Kiba and Harry close but a talk they had afterwards in the men's locker room. Finishing up his shower, Kiba exited the showering area and went to change, but was surprised to find Harry waiting for him, looking at the younger man quizzically. "You're really quite good you know," he said conversationally.

"Thank you, though isn't it a bit late to compliment me on my swordsmanship skills?" Kiba asked dryly.

"That wasn't what I was talking about this time," Harry said with a chuckle but his face was serious, something Kiba only recognized belatedly. "I meant the way you don't show any of the hardship you've dealt with in your life and mannerisms."

"I don't know what you mean." Kiba replied, his eyes narrowing for just a second, only realizing a second too late that was enough to give his words the lie.

"You have very old eyes Kiba, eyes which have seen things they shouldn't have. It's only visible when we're crossing swords for real, but it becomes quite visible then. You're seeing other people when we fight, other faces, both friend and foe alike. I've seen the look before." Sirius, Moody, Shacklebolt, even Dumbledore had that kind of look, though it had been Flitwick of all people who told Harry how to see such things and what it meant.

Kiba fell silent, looking away for a moment as he continued to dress. "There's an old saying that you can figure out another person more easily by crossing blades with him than in any other manner. I hadn't thought it was true but I suppose you learn something new every day."

He kept his voice upbeat hoping Harry would drop the subject. But like any good teacher, Harry knew when to push. "It takes a lot of need and desire to become as good as you are to, and you're not just in it for the love of swordsmanship. Harry said, reaching out to grasp the younger man's shoulder and turning him around so that Harry looked into his eyes. "I'm not going to ask you what you're seeing, or why you want to be so good at your chosen craft. I will instead tell you a story."

"A story?" Kiba asked.

Nodding, Harry moved away sitting on the bench between the lockers rows of lockers. He seemed to steel himself for a moment then began. "Once upon a time, in a faraway place there was a young boy. He was a normal young boy physically and at the time mentally. There wasn't anything really special about him; unless you count the fact that he lived with relatives who utterly despised him. They loathed him for something he didn't understand at first, calling him freak, putting him down and even sometimes beating him, blaming him for things outside his control. Indeed it was only on the first day of his first grade, which occurred after his relatives were forced to send him to school lest they become a source of ridicule to their neighbors, that he realized freak wasn't actually his name."

Kiba frowned at this, staring at Harry's taut face and clenching hands. He understood then that whatever he said, this story was from Harry's past, a real tale rather than one made up. He also realized that Harry was telling him this in confidence. Indeed it was almost painful for Harry to talk about all this with Kiba, and it was a sign of Harry's trusted him that he did so at all. So Kiba simply listened, promising himself he wouldn't tell Rias about it after all.

"Later, it turned out that the reason why they hated him was for something he had no control over. But he didn't care at the time, because by the time he learned that, he'd begun to interact with other people like him. He learned eventually that his parents had died, leaving him with his relatives, more to hide him than any other reason. I'm not going to go into whether or not that was the correct choice but the reason his parents died was because they had enemies."

As Kiba's eyes rose, Harry continued as if he was going off on a tangent. "They specifically had one enemy, who came back after the younger boy eventually. That person was like a dark mirror image of the boy in many ways, and he seemed determined to take everything the boy love away from him. He too came from an abusive household, an orphanage. He too had the same ability which set him aside from his fellows. And either because of nature or nurture he became as evil a man as has ever walked the earth. He cared for nothing but power, nothing but setting himself over his fellows. Anyone who got in his way was an enemy, and enemies were for killing."

"The young boy could have become the same. He could have been become a vengeance fueled thing, avenging his childhood against those who had placed him there, the relatives who had made his life a living hell. And a time or two he even thought about it. In particular he thought about it when he discovered his parents had been betrayed by someone they thought a friend."

By this point Kiba was leaning forward, listening intently and Harry smiled grimly, turning his eyes back to stare into Kiba's own from the wall he had been looking at up to now. "But he knew that he did, if he fell to the level of his enemy, not just using his weapons against them, but fueling that use through the hatred he felt for him and his followers, that enemy would win. And the boy refused to let his enemy have any victory over him."

"I, I understand your point. But some things, some things cannot be forgiven!" Kiba said, allowing his own façade to break for a moment, allowing Harry to see the drive within him, the anger that even now Kiba still sometimes felt when he remembered his childhood under the Holy Sword Project.

Kiba had perhaps the most traumatic childhood of any of Rias's peerage. He had never known his father or mother, being an orphan taken in by the Catholic Church and put with others under the Holy Sword Project, a heretical project run then later disallowed by the Holy Church. During the training Kiba, then named Isaiah, had been subjected to cruel experiments and training, only for his friends to all be killed when the man running the project decided it was time to cut his losses. Kiba had escaped, while his friends had all died, and even Kiba had only lived thanks to Rias finding him.

"I never said they could." At that Kiba looked up sharply, and Harry laughed. It wasn't a very friendly sound. "Did I say I forgave my relatives?" he asked, setting aside the fiction his story had been about some nameless third party. "No. I said I never took any revenge against them. Sometimes the best vengeance is living happily." Harry smirked. "That and I pranked them a few times of course."

"It's, it's not the same. I, my friends… they, we all," Kiba struggled for a moment, wanting to explain his childhood to someone who might understand, yet also unwilling to share it with anyone. Not even the rest of Rias's peerage knew about the full details. Only Rias did, and she had never told anyone else anything about it. "I have to get vengeance for other people. Other people who, who never made it out," he said, which really said enough to Harry.

The older man looked at the blond boy thoughtfully for a moment then smiled sadly. "The problem is that hate and rage in the pursuit of even the best of motives can turn you into a berserker, can turn you into a threat not only to yourself, but everyone around you. That happened to me once, and I nearly got my two best friends killed in pursuit of what I thought of as justice at the time."

"It is said he's who seeks vengeance mistake to graves, one for his target and one himself. Actually," Harry said allowing himself to really chuckle for a moment. "I think that's a Chinese saying, so you might've actually heard it before."

Kiba chuckled in turn somewhat wanly having heard that from his king a time or two, but then Harry went on even more seriously. "However, it might not just be you that you're digging a grave for. It might be one of your friends, like Akeno, Rias, or Koneko. I don't know what you people are yet, but I know you all respect and even love Rias. Do you think any of them would really let you go off alone on some vengeance-fueled mission and not come after you? And what would happen to her or the others if because of that you all bit off more than you can chew?"

Kiba frowned at that, looking away but Harry could tell that his words had hit home and he decided to leave it for now. There was a certain amount of serious thoughts any individual could handle at any given time after all.

"I won't tell you you're wrong to hate, or to seek vengeance, but don't let it control you, and don't ever go about seeking it without thinking through all the consequences of doing so." With that Harry stood up, slapping Kiba on the arm. "Now, did you know that there are a number of girls who adore you so much they want to try to steal your underwear? Hearing about that was one of the things that convinced the principal and teachers to instill the three strike system."

At Kiba's gob-smacked look, Harry cackled like a Disney villain for a second. "Ah, well now. I think here is a perfect example of using two fires to offset one another. Just remember you didn't get this suggestion from me yeah?" When Kiba nodded cautiously, Harry went on. "Let the girls figure out what locker you like and then find which lockers the three perverts use. Then start to switch lockers with one of them every day. That way the girls get the one piece of underwear they least want in the world."

The young swordsman stared at the older man for a moment. Then he began to laugh, doubling over in mirth. "That, that sounds like a great idea, though we might have to move to another country if they ever discover I did it on purpose!"

Akeno too grew closer to Harry, though not in the manner she wished to or how.

A week and a bit after Harry had that conversation with Kiba, Rias woke up, her mind as usual taking a few minutes to come back online from standby mode. Despite the fact she had to get up in the morning and had indeed come to enjoy some of the perks of doing so of late, Rias was not one of nature's morning people.

During the startup process, Rias groggily realized that she wasn't alone in her bed, despite having been so last night. Gone was her body pillow which she had used the night before to cuddle up to. In its place was Akeno, her arms tightly around Rias in turn for much the same treatment.

She too was naked, her larger breasts pressing into Rias's own. Her nipples, which were hard little nubs of light purple almost rubbed against Rias's own. Akeno's legs were also intertwined with Rias's and the two of them would have looked more like lovers than friends to anyone there.

Yet even though Rias actually did enjoy the feeling of her closest friend pressed against her in such an intimate manner, she knew that Akeno's presence here was not for any such positive reason. Indeed, Rias could feel Akeno's grip around her was rather more like that of a drowning woman holding onto a lifeline than a friend seeking comfort from another friend.

It would have surprised even the majority of the Gremory household, but it wasn't always Rias who initiated their sleeping together growing up. Akeno had lived a very hard life just like Koneko and Kiba before they came into her service with her family wishing to execute her for something Akeno had no power over. She had run away and had been living on the streets for a time before Rias found her. And though she had blossomed after Rias had taken her into her household under Lady Venelana and Lord Zeoticus's care, Akeno sometimes suffered from nightmares, which persisted even now.

Knowing Akeno would be in a vulnerable frame of mind throughout the day, Rias cooked both their breakfast and the peerages lunches, allowing Akeno to soak in the bath tub for a long while before then teleporting with her to school so as to avoid the crowd of their well-wishers and fans. Although, Rias thought to herself as the two of them entered the school it's not as if this is a waking up this early isn't exactly new to me. This is about the time I'd wake up to meet Harry and Lily for breakfast. Funny how you can get used to things given the right motivation.

Walking through the near silent school Akeno and Rias were both rather surprised to see Harry already in the classroom where he would have his first class of the day, rearranging desks of all things. They stopped in the doorway and stared until Harry turned, spotting them whereupon he smiled in greeting. "We're going to have a bit of a debate in the junior English classes today, so I have to rearrange the chairs," he explained.

Both of them nodded, but Harry's eyes had sharpened as he looked at Akeno, who did not look nearly as put together or impeccable as normal. Gone was her normal small secretive smile, gone was the bounce in her long ponytail and her shoulders drooped as he looked at her. Her violet eyes which normally gleamed with a certain sardonic humor were almost listless now.

Hmm, it looks as if someone else needs some counseling. Shaking his head, Harry pointed the two girls into chairs near the doorway, where they and he would be visible from outside just to make certain no one thought anything improper was going on. "Wait a moment, I'll be right back."

Looking at one another, Rias shrugged for the pair of them, and helped her friend towards one of the chairs, sitting next to her and taking Akeno's hand squeezing it lightly. She knew Akeno would bounce back from her nightmare eventually, she always did, but seeing her friend like this always made Rias feel helpless. Koneko and Kiba both had nightmares occasionally, but Akeno's stayed in her mind much longer once she was awake than either of them. It was as if her waking mind kept the nightmare going, but Rias had never been able to get her to open up about whatever it was that bothered her.

Harry came back quickly, setting down two large mugs of something steaming. "Hot chocolate?" Rias asked quizzically, sniffing at her mug appreciatively. "It smells wonderful, but it's not cold out."

Akeno too sniff the concoction appreciatively, and said in a low tone "And I need to watch my waistline anyway."

Harry stood back from setting the two cups down, and for once allowed his eyes to rake over their forms, showing a surprising amount of desire for a moment. Both girls flushed, Rias with pleasure and Akeno with pleased surprise. This was the first time she'd seen that look in Harry's eyes since the day he'd first arrived at school. "Really?" he said, his eyes shifting back to professional, with a hint of a deadpan stare added in. "You need to watch your waistline? Pull the other one it's got bells on."

Rias smiled widely at that, and tilted the mug towards Harry in salute, before taking a sip. Akeno did as well, and it helped somewhat, a bit of life returning to her eyes.

But that was the best Harry could do given the time constraints before homeroom began and having no idea where to begin. Instead he tried to engage Akeno in small talk with Rias's aid, but even that didn't go anywhere.

So Akeno stayed much the same throughout the day. And when she seemed to come back to normal, she immediately began to flirt with Harry during the class. She dropped her eraser as he passed in front of her desk, and when he bent to pick it up, flashed her panties at him, opening her legs wide to do it. As he walked around, she stretched her arms above her head thrusting her amazing chest out when he was making the rounds through their class as he taught. And when he was close by she turned just enough to allow her breasts to press into his side as he passed. She also continually locked eyes with him whenever he looked at her direction, licking her lips or flicking her tongue out at him.

This was so obvious, that Rias determined she was going to have to erase the entire class's memory after they left and did so too as they all went to lunch. But to her, that wasn't nearly as bad as her friend simply collapsing into herself as she had in the past.

Harry didn't notice what Rias was doing at the time because he had called Akeno back into the classroom in an effort to deal with the problem directly. "Himejima-san," he said seriously, glaring down at her with his best professorial glare. "You are going way too far with this whole flirting thing. Yes you're attractive, and yes I know it. But I am a teacher. You can't flirt like this in the middle of class!"

"Oh my~~!"" Akeno said giggling evilly yet even that sounded forced to Harry's ears. "Does that mean I have permission to flirt with you outside of class? Whatever would the other teachers or students say to that?"

"You know what I meant Himejima-san. Do you have any idea how bad rumors could get if you keep coming onto me like this. You'll go from being called one of the great ladies to being known as a wanton girl at best. At worst they'll call you a slut." Harry scowled angrily. "You're not that kind of girl Himejima-san, so please don't let whatever is bothering you cause you to act like this!"

"Ara, does this mean I have finally deserved some kind of punishment?" She asked, ignoring Harry's last few sentences and giving him a look that told him exactly what kind of punishment she wanted.

"Not the kind you'd like for certain!"!" Harry replied tartly while wracking his brain to come up with something that would dissuade Akeno from doing this again. I suppose I could let her get over whatever is bothering her since Rias didn't seem concerned enough to indicate this attitude would last very long. But even so...

"Does that mean no spanking?" Akeno asked, cocking her head to one side and pouting cutely. "I could even call you daddy if you want?"

"Okay, that is so disturbing on multiple levels. And it also gave me a clue as to what's wrong with you today." Harry said triumphantly moving to sit on his desk and staring at Akeno thoughtfully, a frown on his face. Akeno blinked, but Harry went on. "Your face told me everything when you used the word daddy. So, problems with a father figure is it? Or no father figure at all?" Harry asked, his tone abrupt and stern as he stared at Akeno.

"I'm, I'm sorry you had to see that," Akeno said, looking away.

"I'm not," Harry said mildly. "After all, I am your advisor, and I'd like to say I'm becoming a friend too. Though admittedly as a man who didn't even meet someone willing to try to be a male role model until I was 14 I don't really understand the need for one. Though I'm trying to be the best father I can for Lily. Or does that sound as if I'm trying to rub it in?"

"No," Akeno said quickly.

"You want to tell me about it? I could give you some insight. I know I tried to help Kiba last week with some issues of his, and I'd like to think it helped, though that could just be pride talking." Harry said.

Akeno paused thinking about that. Kiba had seemed a little more genuine lately, not so much like the perfect knight but a normal young man. He had actually begun to rebuff girls who flirted with him a little too much rather than simply treat them all kindly if aloofly. His normal princely attitude had also started to seemingly disappear occasionally as he let loose some snarky comments about the perverted trio or about a comment Kiryuu had made about him. He had also been noted to trade barbs with Harry after their sparring sessions.

This change of attitude had caused a bit of a fuss among the female population: their perfect knight no longer acting as perfect. However it had died down quickly, indeed many of his admirers seemed to think it was cool, the perfect knight exterior hiding a bit of the bad boy within. If that was because of Harry giving him some advice, perhaps… perhaps he could give me some. "Just want to do away with the nightmares" she muttered.

"I don't need a father figure in my life, I just… I have problems with what occurred with mine, and what happened to my mother and I because of it." She said slowly.

"And your father is at the center of that? I have to ask… did he, that is, did he harm either you or your mother, physically that is?" Are we dealing with an abusive relationship here, Harry thought.

He didn't notice that his hand had gripped the side of his desk so hard it had left marks until Akeno coughed delicately. "Sensei, your hand."

Harry looked down and blinked, releasing the wood of his desk

Yet seeing how angry Harry had gotten that the mere idea of her father abusing her actually gave Akeno some courage to share at least a bit of her story with him. "No, not that, the problems he caused are more because of his absence than his presence. My family was very traditional you see," she said, understating it quite a bit. "Indeed, if they knew I was still going by my last name, they would be quite furious with me."

She didn't notice Harry's eyes narrow at that, as he made a note of her last name. It rang a small bell somewhere in his head as but a second later he concentrated entirely on her story.

"My father came from a group which was…shall we say that is not friendly with my family normally. But apparently he and my mother fell in love. But he... he abandoned us, for reasons I still do not know. And my mother, my mother died when she attempted to protect me from some of his enemies who attacked our house when he was away. And once she was dead, her extended family took me in, until they discovered my… mixed heritage. After that, they kicked me to the streets."

They hadn't just kicked her to the streets of course. The Himejima clan was a family that prided itself in its Jugondo techniques. As such they had loathed the idea that one of their own had fallen in love with any supernatural creature, let alone a fallen angel. After her death they had hoped Akeno had been borne from someone Shuri, her mother had been with before being 'brainwashed' by the fallen angel Baraqiel.

But when she showed her fallen heritage, they had kicked her to the streets, expected the then barely ten year old to die without their needing to get their hands dirty. Akeno had already learned enough magic however to make her way in the world via purifying spirits. The Himejima Clan had chased after her the moment the Onmyodo government had reported a girl matching her description and their clan name using their family techniques to try to make a living for herself on the streets, though the fact it had been the Japanese Magical government which had reported Akeno to them was something no one but the other Himejima's knew. And only the timely intervention of Rias and her father had saved her from a gruesome death.

"It just seems that everything bad in my life can be traced back to him and his… group. I hate them, I hate them all," and I hate myself too, Akeno thought, but did not say aloud. She had never let anyone see that aspect of her personality, not even Rias.

"I see." For a moment Harry was silent then he sighed. There were some parallels he could draw between Lupin and Akeno's father, but the fact was, while Lupin had abandoned a certain amount of responsibility for Harry, there was no comparison between that and what Akeno was describing. "…I'm not about to say there was any reason that would allow me to excuse such an act from a man, leaving behind his wife and child."

A bitter smile twisted Akeno's lips, hearing at least some of her beliefs validated by Harry's words. But Harry wasn't done. "Yet there is a difference between hating the acts a man commits, and letting yourself hate the man or the group he represents to the exclusion of all reason. You can't let your hate paint all foreigners say, in the same mold as him."

A small frown crossed Akeno's face, realizing that Harry had interpreted her mentioning a group as being indicative of a mere racial divide. In her mind there was no comparison, but she couldn't figure out a way to explain the real differences between her family and a Fallen like her father, so let it slide for now.

"After all, I'm a foreigner to remember?" Harry finished, smiling wryly. "We are all individuals, and you need to take us as individuals."

Akeno might have protested that oversimplification, if again she could have figured out a way to explain things properly, but Harry went one before she could even try to think of one. And when he did, his words struck like a scalpel, bypassing all her defenses with almost surgical precision.

"But that isn't why you have nightmares," Harry asked softly. "Your nightmares are about yourself. 'Did you cause your father to leave like that? Did I cause my mother's death?' Am I right?" Harry asked softly.

Akeno was struck dumb, unable to comprehend how Harry had seen through her so easily, but Harry knew he had was right about that before he even spoke. It was a difference between hating someone else and hating yourself: that had been what Harry had seen in Akeno this morning, not hate for someone else, but self-loathing. The story about her father? While relevant, it had only been the start of what Harry saw in Akeno.

"You… are… not… at fault… for anyone… else's actions." He said again emphasizing the word and tapped the desk Akeno sat at for emphasis. "Your father's actions had nothing to do with you. Your family's action had nothing to do with you. Only their own warped perception of what was right does. That reflects on them, not you."

"How do you know that!?" Akeno shouted, standing up abruptly, her self-control badly fraying by how easily Harry had seen through her.

"Because!" Harry shouted in turn, pushing off his desk where he had been leaning against it. "No baby can be held responsible for the actions of his or her parents! Existing is not a crime! And self-destruction serves no one!"

For a moment they stood, Akeno hugging herself, and looking anywhere but Harry, as Harry stood, staring at her, willing her to understand. Perhaps it is time for another story, Harry thought to himself, with an internal chuckle. "Let me tell you a little story Himejima-san."

Akeno turned looking at Harry incredulously, but Harry merely chuckled humorlessly and continued with his tale. "There was once a little boy who grew up with a horribly huge image to live up to. You see, he was called The Boy Who Lived, capitals and all."

"You see there was before a Dark Lord terrorizing his homeland for over ten years before he was born. I could've called him something else I suppose but I didn't," Harry said in response to Akeno raised eyebrows, her expression somewhere between amusement and contempt for Harry's try to make light of things. But despite that look Harry went on calmly. "Because in many ways that was what he was. He was a Dark Lord. He used, abused, killed, and was warped in turn by his own actions. His followers raped and murdered in his name, and he was the worst of them all, taking a delight in torture and murder, causing terror anyway he could in order to take control of the country."

"I, I've never heard of such a terrorist acting in the United Kingdom," Akeno interrupted, though she was somewhat concerned because she could detect no lie or even hyperbole in Harry's voice as he spoke.

"What makes you think that the vast majority of British people even knew the war was going on?" Harry asked, his lips twisted into a scowl, the origins Akeno could but guess at.

He looked at her steadily, and she slowly nodded. "A war among magicians then." Such an event, a clash between guilds of magicians, was hardly unheard of, though this one sounded particularly bad.

"Wizards actually," Harry said not realizing the significance in that different form of address. Luckily neither did Akeno, and even if she had, she wouldn't have cared at present, too wrapped up in listening to Harry story.

"Anyway, he was a Dark Lord, whose name became synonymous with terror and fear. So bad was it that no one would actually use his name any longer as if using it would summon him, because in a way it would. Rather than that, they called him You Know Who."

Akeno rolled her eyes at that, and Harry smiled thinly. "Yes, it was rather stupid of them. But what can you do? People are stupid sometimes, and very much prefer to have someone else solve their problems for them.

Hence the Boy Who Lived thing. Though people didn't realize it at the time, there was a prophecy that a boy would be born that would be marked by this Dark Lord as his equal, the only one there for who could kill him, a so-called Destined One. Now I don't agree with the interpretation of that prophecy, I think it was rather self-fulfilling. However, the boy was marked. But not until after both of his parents died trying to defend him from the Dark Lord."

Akeno finished, sitting down abruptly as she realized where Harry was going with this story.

But Harry went on inexorably wanting to get this out in the open, so he knew Akeno understood why he was sharing this with her.

"The boy often thought about that when he was alone: 'My parents didn't just die for me, they were targeted because of me,' the boy often thought. 'They died because of me', 'I am the one who killed them'."

Harry shrugged eloquently. "Now that's a bunch of bunk of course. The boy didn't pull the trigger, and he certainly had no say in the actions of the Dark Lord who had been active long before he was even conceived. But the boy wasn't always the most rational of fellows and sometimes did go through what his friends called a funk about it, wondering whether or not the world might've been a better place, wondering if his parents would've lived, if he had never come along.

"But in reality, the Dark Lord he could have targeted other families. It was the Dark Lord's fault, not the boy's that his family died. And self-hate, a self-hate based on what ifs and self-loathing, never serves anyone.

Harry reached out tentatively and grasped Akeno by the shoulder. "So do not let hate for yourself consume you Himejima-san. Don't blame yourself for the action of others. Don't blame yourself for what happened to your mother or your father leaving you or the actions of your extended family. None of that is your fault, and it never was," Harry said so simply.

For a moment Akeno simply stared, then slowly nodded as tears came to her eyes, moved by the sympathy and weary understanding she saw in Harry's face. She brushed her tears away quickly and then as she looked around wildly, she noted the time, shaking her head. "I, I have to go, class I mean we both you have a class and I have another class and… thank you," she said, slowly calming down, as she wiped more tears away. "Thank you. The, the talk, it makes sense and I'll take your words to heart. I don't know if I can, can stop loathing myself as easily as that, but you're right, their actions were their own, so… thank you."

With that she moved forward, hugging Harry. There was nothing sensual or anything about it. It was just a young woman seeking comfort from someone who had just given her some very good advice, who had shown her that she wasn't alone in facing the problems she had been wrestling with for so long.

Harry returned it, his arms around her shoulders and not straying anywhere else. Then one of her hands which had been around his waist suddenly lowered. Grasping his rear that hand squeezed and Harry realized with something approaching relief as he looked down into Akeno's wickedly twinkling eyes that she was back to normal.

Perhaps that was why he reacted the way he did, seeing the wounded girl Akeno hid so well acting as her old self. Instead of quickly trying to disengage as he should have Harry let one of his own hands drop-down swiftly to Akeno's rear in turn, squeezing it hard enough to make her gasp. Only then did he quickly stand back. "Like I said, you're going to go a little too far one of these days."

"You make it sound as if either one of us would regret it," Akeno said in a near whisper, licking her hips provocatively for a moment before reaching to pick up her empty lunchbox and books. That this thrust out her rear at Harry was just a bonus. And she laughed as Harry issued a little groan before moving swiftly to put his desk between them as she made for the door.

Of course on top of his interactions with the rest of the ORC there was Harry's ongoing contact with Rias. They didn't meet every morning, that would've been a little too much for them both and much too obvious to everyone else. Instead, Rias and Harry both sought one another out sometimes, either for lunch, or after school, seemingly without really thinking about it at times, while others they danced around one another, asking seemingly innocuous questions in order to learn about one another. And while Harry admitted he enjoyed looking at Rias, it was her personality and her mind, that vibrant, dangerous, powerful mind, that he found himself truly enjoying.

Twice Rias actually came with Harry as he picked up Lily, talking about planning trips for the Occult Research Club, which caused a bit of a stir at her school, the Two Great Ladies of Kuoh being famous even at an elementary school. And sometimes they simply talked, about school, about the occult and other topics.

It got so bad that rumors began to abound because of the sheer amount of time they spent it in one another's company around school. But Rias had a plan for that. She let it be known subtly that she was interested in getting a teaching degree in the future, and had approached Harry to see if he could mentor her down that path.

To help that rumor long she actually allowed the two of them be seen while she helped him grade some of the papers the papers handed in by the sophomore and freshmen classes about their assigned reading, while other times she took over helping Lily perfect her kanji. This and the rumor that Rias had almost fallen in love with Lily and wanted to treat her like a little sister seemed to do away with a lot of the rumors about their possible relationship though Harry was still being glared at occasionally by the male student body for monopolizing Rias's time.

And even with Rias there were moments that stood out from the rest. Some of them were humorous, as occurred one time when Lily had brought along some clothing to change into after school, wanting to use the academy's gym for some exercise. Being far more energetic than most children her age, recess and the time spent playing around in the jungle gym after school just wasn't enough for the young werewolf/human hybrid.

The shirt was one Lily had gotten from Hermione and Padma which the two of them had actually made for Lily. On it were the words 'give me your books and no one gets hurt' and a picture of a glaring librarian who looked remarkably like Hermione at her glaring best with the addition of a pair of glasses.

Rias, who had offered the bathroom in the ORC's clubroom for Lily to change in, looked up as Lily exited the bathroom. She saw the t-shirt and giggled, shaking her head. "Oh, where did you get that t-shirt? I think Sona would love one like that."

"Hehe, it's one of my favorites too. But I don't think you could get a t-shirt like this, sorry. Some of my aunties made this for me." Lily said, proudly pulling at her shirt.

"Hmm, pity. Well come on, I promised your Father that I'd watch you exercise. And since Koneko is out getting food for her cats that just leaves me." Rias said happily leading her out of the room, though what she had said was a little white lie. Both Akeno and Koneko were out on some of their contracts which they couldn't avoid doing without their peerage losing some status with their contractors. "But aunties? I…well I was under the impression your father was an only child."

"Mmm," Lily said, hopping down the stairs next to Rias. "We just call them that really. Aunt Luna lives in this cool old house that looks like a rook. She and Uncle Rolf are fun even if they aren't around often. I've also got a few uncles on my mother's side, but daddy said most of them aren't going to be talking to us for a while for fear of granny Weasley's reaction to him and mother splitting up and me staying with daddy instead of mother. That's kind of sad; I loved Uncle Fred and George's joke shop."

Rias nodded, opening the door leading outside while hiding a wince at what Lily had just revealed. It sounded like the divorce between Harry and his wife, whose name Rias still hadn't learned, was pretty bad.

Not realizing what Rias was thinking of, Lily had gone on. "Aunt Hermione and Aunt Padma live together in Spain, but they and my daddy used to visit one another a lot." She paused thoughtfully. "But I never had a sleepover at their place like I did sometimes at Aunt Luna's, which is sad because they had this awesome pool in the backyard! But daddy said Padma and Hermione sometimes got too loud at night…" Lily cut herself off there, not finishing the thought with 'and sometimes forgot to cast muffling charms' as she would have if she was talking to a magical. "I still don't know what he meant by that darn it."

Flushing slightly as she realized what that probably meant, Rias chuckled awkwardly thankful beyond words that they had reached the football field at that point forestalling any question on that topic from the younger redhead. There a few of the football club members were practicing, while to one side several freshmen had started a small pickup game.

Rias walked Lily over and introduced her then asked if they could join. In awe of Rias and practically squealing at being able to play with the little cutie they knew was Potter-sensei's daughter, they agreed readily.

Later they returned to the clubroom, where they found Harry sitting there, bonking his head on the tea table. Before either could ask why he was doing that, Harry turned to look at them. "Ergh… I think I'm going to have to talk to Kiryuu and the perverts again. I know I said they could choose any English magazine to read and translate into Japanese but come on, do I really have to explain that it can't be an adult magazine!?"

"Ouch," Rias commiserated, though her lips were twitching as she did.

Harry of course caught that and mock-glared at her over her daughter's head. Lily had moved to hug him immediately, not understanding what he was talking about but understanding her daddy was having a rough day. "Hmmf, just pray you never have students like those four if you ever become a teacher."

While Rias frowned slightly at that for some reason unknown to Harry he turned his attention to Lily. "And you smell young lady. Hurry up and take a shower then we'll head home to dinner alright Red Moon?"

At that Rias's expression changed to one of confusion and concern. "Red Moon?"

"Yes? We named her Lily Luna after a friend of the family. But Luna's nickname from her father was little moon, so we needed something different for Lily, and given her red hair we figured it was a good nickname." Harry said, frowning. "You're not the first person to react like that to the nickname here in Japan. Is there something wrong with it?"

"Um… well yes," Rias said, a little embarrassed as both Potters turned to look at her. But she still answered readily enough. "Um you see, the red moon is a phrase used by parents for the month when a daughter of the house has her first period…"

"Gaahhh…." Harry said, staring straight ahead as Lily wrinkled her nose. While she had no idea what a period was, she had been told by both her mother and all her aunts that it was both a nasty thing that came around once a month and a sign of growing up. "Okay, so no more red moon for Lily, I'll have to come up with a different name."

"I like sweetheart, short and simple," Rias chimed in, eager to change the subject. Talking about periods and such like was bad enough with other teens, let alone a man and a young girl.

"I like puppy," Lily affirmed, moving over toward the bathroom. "Koneko calls me that all the time, and I think it's fun."

Of all the ORC, Koneko had become the closest to Lily stepping into the big sister role with an eagerness that was astonishing. She and Lily got along famously, and whenever Lily needed a minder Koneko was quick to volunteer regardless of whatever else she was doing at the time. The two would play a lot like a puppy and kitten would, while also watching TV or sharing snacks. It was actually one of the cutest things Rias had ever seen, certainly the cutest coming from her normally calm, pokerfaced rook.

"And it has a certain familial connection," Harry mused then nodded. "Alright puppy it is. Hurry up then puppy, and we can head home to get some food."

As the door to the bathroom closed Harry turned to Rias. "Thank you for actually explaining that. I've almost asked other people a time or two about it, but that was embarrassing enough here in private. I'd have hated to have it explained in public. Especially where other kids form her school could hear it given how cruel kids can be with nicknames."

"You're welcome." Rias replied then looked at the papers in front of Harry. She moved over to sit across from him, leaning forward just slightly enough to cause Harry to look up at her and make him realize that she too was wearing some exercise clothing. In her case it was a long t-shirt over short exercise pants. The pants clung to her thighs and waist like a second skin, while the shirt opened just enough to show she was wearing a black sports bra underneath. Feeling Harry's eyes on her she smiled, but did not address that, instead gesturing down to the papers scattered on the tea table. "Would you like some help?"

Soon Lily was back out and the two Potters mad their farewells. Lily surprised Rias by actually hugging her for a second, saying "Thanks for playing with me Rias!"

Chuckling Rias simply hugged her back. "You're quite welcome puppy."

Lily laughed at the use of her new 'official' nickname then stepped back, beaming up at Rias and then turning to her daddy. "She gives great hugs daddy."

While Rias giggled again at that, Harry decided it was time to flirt back a bit after Rias's little display earlier. "Really, let me see."

Before Rias could do more than blink and before Harry could remember why this was a very bad idea for a teacher, Harry's arms were around her, one arm around her shoulders, the other around her waist. Rias of course hugged back, both her arms around Harry's waist and the two of them stood there, squeezing one another lightly, yet even so it was as if electrical current was passing through both of them. "Well what do you know, she's right." Harry murmured. "You do give good hugs."

Then the moment passed and Harry quickly backed away as his self-control exerted itself before he could make any further observations of what he had just been feeling. Harry simply smiled, stepping back and said goodbye to Rias before quickly turning to the door, leaving behind a pleased and flushed Rias.

There were other moments like that, some more serious. Rias made Harry lunch to thank him for helping Akeno out of her funk, and the two of them talked for a time about how Harry had been able to tell what was bothering her, and about how he had helped Kiba before that. Harry asked about Koneko, and Rias hinted that she too had a hard childhood before they met.

But easily the most important moment between the two of them had to do with what else was going on, because of course there were other things occurring in Harry's life during that month than getting to know the girls and one pretty boy of the Occult Research Club. For one thing, and completely unrelated to anything else, was that Lily had finished settling into her school. That sleepover she had the weekend after she had put the bullies in their place seemed to have been the icebreaker, and she had made several friends not only in her own classes but in a few upper years too. Moreover, her writing and reading caught up quickly to where it should be, even if she still hated the amount of repetition she needed to do to be able to write in Japanese. The workload of even kids Lily's age here in Japan was astonishing, but Lily thrived in it.

She did so well, that Harry once called her his mini-Hermione. Then stooped and pulled her into a hug, bopping her on the nose with a finger. "Just no study planners please, and don't try to bully, erm, that is strongly convince, your friends to go along with your study schedule. Oh, and your hair better not go all frizzy. On Hermione it looks good. On you it'd look as if your head exploded."

Harry's job as a teacher also proceeded very well. Most of his classes made more progress than the principal and the other teachers had expected, meeting the school's standard requirements and then some. Even the class with the Three Perverts had started to pick up speed, the three being forced to focus to keep their grades up. All the students enjoyed learning English under Harry's freewheeling and fun style and responded to it by putting forth more effort, which in turn meant they got more out of it and also more privileges in his classes. Although Issei's request to be able to read English style adult literature was of course ignored.

Physical education was easier in many ways if not for Harry's self-control issues. There weren't very many out of shape or even overweight students among the population at the school, but Harry worked with those there were to bring them up to the level of physical fitness the school wanted its students to achieve. He was kind but firm and always in control of the classes. The various professional sports clubs, which Harry also had to check in on occasionally as part of his job, seemed to be doing very well under their various advisors and club captains.

Harry's self-defense courses on Saturday were also taking hold. Two months in everyone knew how to throw a punch, and had memorized portions of the body to target if they ever needed to defend themselves. The mental aspect, the need to switch gears as it were, was taking longer for many, but certainly not all of the students. So while Harry prayed they never needed to defend themselves with what he was teaching them, at least he knew they would have the tools necessary if they did.

While this was all going on Harry's own education was proceeding apace, which was the thing that truly affected his and Rias's relationship eventually. But of course there were other aspects to that which were just as important as that, if not more so.

Harry had quickly passed examinations for the laws sections of this point, and had begun to practice some of the local spells at home. They were very different in many ways from the spells of his old home, even if you set aside how they were organized. This difference started in how they were cast. With no need to use a focus like in the European school of magic, the locals instead used either talismans to evoke certain effects, or gestures. Large, intricate spells used long incantations to match the movements of the hands, normally movements from both hands rather than one. But most of their spells didn't have verbal components, and the ones who did had single words.

Strangely to Harry's mind, the local direct attack spells were really nothing much to write home about, something Harry put down to the more warlike subgroups having been wiped out during the war by the American magicals. They had stunners and a few other small-scale things like that nature and some of them were interesting. This included a light generating spell that was the equivalent of a heat-seeking beam of light that was intended to severely blind your opponents. You could overpower it to the point where you could actually blind someone permanently, which was nasty. But still, direct magical spells like Reducto, Bombarda, and so on were not part of the local repertoire.

Beyond that there were other puzzling holes in their knowledge as far as Harry was concerned. For example, there were no spells which could target and force a change in another person's body like the spell he'd seen his fourth year which had changed Malfoy into an actual ferret.

Indeed, there were no spells to change a living subject into a nonliving one or vice versa. That was very odd since in nearly every other way they were equal in terms of transfiguration spells to Harry's people. Or even better, since the locals could transfigure things on a permanent basis, which Europeans could only do on a small scale. The local rituals and rites were positively fascinating.

Eventually, Harry's confusion on this point forced him back to the downtown building where he had been tested on the local laws. There he found a lecturer who would answers questions about it. The locals were no longer nearly as standoffish, though they weren't friendly either.

When asked about this odd discrepancy, the other man looked appalled. "You realize the soul does not change?" he asked, his Japanese coming so quickly that even though yet used spell to learn the language Harry had trouble making up words. "If you changed the body so, you would condemn the soul to torment!"

"But does a desk or any inanimate object really have a soul?" Harry asked, incredulous.

The man smiled mysteriously at that calming down as it seemed the polite gaijin was simply asking for clarification rather than speaking out of ignorance. "Of course, everything has a soul. It just depends on how you define the term."

With that Harry put this down to a sort of societal blind spot. The locals revered the soul above everything, and anything that affected it in a negative manner was anathema to them.

Harry figured that was also why the locals didn't seem to have anything like the three Unforgivables. They didn't even seem to know about them at all, having Harry having dropped the name of Imperio out in a subsequent conversation with one of his examiners, and getting a blank face for his troubles.

However, there was one area where the locals made up their lack of direct magical attack spells in: element based attacks: Fire, earth, water, wood, metal and other spells of that nature. The water spells in particular were fascinating to Harry, and he learned as many of them as the books he had could tell him. The fire spells not so much, since they were the ones that seemed the most like the ones here are the learned. None of the local fire spells even looked close to Fiendfyre, though a few of them had some interesting hints to greater things that the books Harry had access to didn't cover.

But the real surprise was in the other elements and the main points Harry came away with there was control and simplicity, and it was so utterly fascinating Harry just had to try them out. One day Lily and Harry went right home after school rather than Lily joining Harry at the academy. Once there, Lily watched as her daddy stood in the center of their backyard. With several spells having been added to the wards Harry could use this space to practice magic without anyone noticing.

Once that was done, Harry breathed in deeply, his hand rising slightly in front of his face as a small bead of water appeared there. For a moment all was silent as Lily watched avidly and Harry concentrated on the spell.

Normally under the European method all you needed to do to cast a spell was know the words and gestures, though eventually a wizard learned that all they really needed was intent and an image of the spell in their brain. This was not the case with Japanese Onmyodo element attacks. With the locals obsession with all things having souls, their element attacks emphasized the need to understand the element in question, the only exceptions being lightning and fire, which were seen as too changing for humans to 'understand the soul' of.

But Harry was trying to use a water attack spell now, and that did have a kind of unified soul according to the locals, a soul shared by all water in the world. One had to understand the nature of water to conjure it up, to bend it to your command. It was all rather more mystic than Harry was used to but that made it somewhat fascinating as well as frustrating for Harry.

Eventually Harry felt he had a handle on what the 'soul' of water was like: immutable, changing yet not, able to change its form but not its substance, water could bring down through speed, time or pressure anything made by man or anything else made by nature. Yet for all the seeming contradictions of its existence, there was only one word for water. "Mizu (water)…" Harry said slowly, gesturing with his dominant hand in a series of finger movements.

Harry felt a tiny tug at his magical core and from his outstretched hand there formed a long battering ram of water, quickly twisting up and around under Harry's direction. He gestured and the water moved, changed shape into a shield, a series of swords, none of them connected, and then finally into a small version of Lily, which caused Lily, who had been watching silently, to cheer and race forward to play with her water double. His face splitting into a wide smile Harry directed the water elemental around, watching as Lily and it had fun chasing one another around. Yes, definitely interesting.

In terms of talismans and runic arrays Harry's education was going a lot more slowly than he would've liked. Still he was able to add a few new tricks to the wards of their house, linking the wards to his own magical core in a way that he had never quite seen before. Yes, he had seen wards tied into alarms, or to physical changes in the house or Castle, but not to the individual who cast them. Now wherever he was, Harry would know if someone tripped these wards, or if they were in any way damaged.

However the most important aspect of his education in local magics came about three weeks after he had agreed to be the advisor to the ORC: the books he had special ordered about auras and souls arrived. Harry immediately set aside the rest of his education in order to concentrate on these to the exclusion of everything else. From these books he learned a way to learn which element an individual's nature was more closely attuned to. Each variety from that point came with a corresponding type of meditation designed to aid the individual in figuring out how to find or connect to his own soul.

Harry was rather dubious about that part, but decided to see if he could figure out which element he was closest to first. After casting the spell on himself, Harry looked up the corresponding color that had appeared in the pam of his hand. "Huh…"

Nearby Lily looked up from her homework, eager for any reprieve. Since Harry had gotten his new books they had been heading home right after school, Harry forgoing his training with Kiba or meeting with Rias, though Koneko had come with them a time or two. "What're you working on daddy?" Lily stared at the ball of odd silvery colored light in Harry's hands, leaning in to examine it.

"Well, I wanted to see which branch of the local magic I'm most connected to Lily. The color corresponds to the subject, understand?" When Lily nodded Harry went on. "It's just I would have thought I would be wood or fire, maybe even water. But instead I'm metal… I just thought that was strange. Maybe I did the spell wrong?"

"I don't think so daddy." Lily disagreed, looking thoughtful. "Erm… metal can be worked with but only when um… tempered? Doesn't that sound sort of like your life?" Harry had told her some of his adventures of course, though not all of them given Lily's age. Still he had to accede the point: it could certainly be said that Harry had been hammered on the anvil, tempered by adversity.

"And didn't you say in Onmyodo metal is connected to the mind? Well, you have Occlumency don't you?" Lily went on, announcing the word slowly. "And um… well while you're really flexible in some ways daddy, in others you're not…"

Harry laughed quietly at that pulling Lily into his arms and hugging her. "Yes, I suppose you've got a point there. Alright, then… in that case, let's see what else I can learn from these books. But first, I think it's dinner time for you puppy."

After Lily had been properly fed and watered Harry went back to work on going through his new books. From the knowledge of the element he was closest to, Harry kept reading, learning that it was possible to protect the mind and soul rather than simply the mind like in the European school, which left the soul vulnerable. The locals started from protecting the soul from corruption, or as they put it 'from being lead down improper paths'. According to the book going the opposite way, from protecting the mind to the soul, was painful to the point of excruciating. There didn't seem to be a consensus as to why that was.

Regardless, the book did go into detail on how corruption, foreign influences, could interact with the soul, twisting the individual to act in a way that he normally wouldn't. It went on to describe an effect that sounded a little too much like what Harry dealt with when he was around Kalawarner, Rias and Akeno for Harry's state of mind. In the example it was a cursed sword, a katana of some kind the name of which would no doubt have been of great significance to any native Onmyouji. The book went on to explain other ways the soul could be corrupted, and some of them included use of dark magics, which Harry knew did occur.

Okay, color me convinced. Harry thought grimly. The question then becomes, how can I then defend my soul from this corruption of the spirit, and… and do Rias and the others know it is happening? I've never seen any hint in their actions that they do, not like Veela do, so are they acting or do they really not know that whatever they are they give off this corrupting field?

Regardless of the answers to the second question, the answers to the first were within Harry's grasp in the books he had ordered. To start off, Harry had to meditate on his soul using the imagery of an anvil and hammer. Then he would try to connect to his soul by trying to remember the moments that he felt defined him as an individual. Each of them would then be placed on the anvil in turn, creating the image of a metal bar, which would then morph as he worked on it into his soul.

Flipping through all the other meditations on offer for the other elements, Harry realized that part of why it might hurt to start from his mind and moving out could be based on the imagery used during the trance. So he decided to try on his own to reach out to his soul. If we say that my mind is one… call it a created realm perhaps. Then it stands to reason I can use it to access my soul, since that too is inside me, right? So all I have to do is try to, to push inwards I suppose from the deepest portions of my Occlumentic realm…

Sitting cross-legged in the living room as Lily watched TV nearby, Harry sent his thoughts inward, creating a mental avatar in the realm of his mind. From there Harry walked through his mind, which was created to be a castle similar to Hogwarts, with a moat around it and various other defenses against intrusion. Entering the castle he made his way into the basement, going deeper, far deeper than he ever had before.

This part of his mental realm was devoted to his subconscious thoughts, the ones no one not even a Master Occlumens, could control. Some of this area showed the wear and tear of the times Harry had to repair his mind after being around Kalawarner or Akeno or Rias, though the majority of the damage from those times he was affected by them happened around the large cell he kept his libido in.

Pushing past them, came to the floor or earth of his mental realm. Once there, he tried to push through the substance, imagining its solid surface becoming like treacle. Nothing happened. His mental realm ignored his attempts to push beyond it, as if nothing beyond existed. It was only when he tried his hardest, gathering all his will and energy, focusing down as much as possible to get through the ground to what might be beyond that something finally gave.

The ground of his mental plane crumbled, shattering like glass almost, with hundreds, thousands of shards flashing everywhere, and Harry groaned, grabbing at his head. The pain of that was almost enough to cause him to black out, almost dropping out of the trance. But Harry was no stranger to pain, having been placed under Crucio more often than he wanted to count. He bore through it, concentrating on the thought, have to grab those shards, have to organize them, or else my mind will never be the same!

With that thought uppermost, Harry lashed out with both hands, his mental avatar suddenly holding two wands, his original holly wand and the Elder Wand in his dominant hand. For a second Harry balked, having conjured the Elder Wand into his offhand and his phoenix wand in its new form on his dominant one. But the change was so small he decided to ignore it in favor of using both wands to lasso the pieces of his psyche back.

Although is that even the right term for them, I mean, they aren't memories, thoughts, or feelings, at least… I don't think so? Where did the floor for an Occluemntic realm come from anyway? I can clearly remember building my mental realm, creating the wall, and everything. The rest of the realm is an imagined construction of my mind, but the floor? What is the floor then if I can't remember creating it?

Putting that thought aside, Harry slowly pulled the shards back together, not putting them together as a floor, but rather the walls of what amounted to a well without a bottom leading downwards. Each shard's placement was accompanied by another spike of pain, but Harry persevered.

Yet even if you set aside the pain constantly wracking Harry's body and mind, the work was incredibly difficult. Imagine trying to catch a hummingbird with your bare hands while being buffeted by hurricane force winds and while trying to force said hummingbird to merge with hundreds of its fellows into a brick. This mental exercise was tougher than even that. And the pain of it was nearly beyond anything Harry had ever experienced. Right up there with being put under Riddle's Crucio while being impaled by silver spikes through his arms and legs.

Yes that had happened near the end of the war. Luckily for Harry, Voldemort had never learned not to gloat. And he had also not learned just yet that the Death Stick had a new master.

Despite the pain and the difficulty of the task Harry eventually was able to build his new well to what seemed at first to be a sea of silver. It wasn't silvery like a ring or the Patronus spell sometimes gave off. No, this was the silver of metal gleaming with a burnished sharpness that told of its strength. Eventually the sea seemed to coalesce into a plinth coming up out of the a floor that hadn't been there a moment ago, a floor which merged seamlessly with the new walls of the well, creating an entirely new area for Harry to house his soul.

So, this is my soul? Or at least how I perceive it? That's… pretty damn amazing. But does this mean I can now defend my soul from further corruption, or not?

Deciding to put off rearranging his mental plane to take advantage of its, and thereby his, connection to his soul, Harry pulled his senses back out of his mind, Harry found himself back in the physical realm. Thankfully no time had passed out here during that ordeal. Lily was still watching TV, and the clock on the wall had only changed by five minutes. Time flies when you're having revelations about the nature of life, magic, and everything in between, I suppose. Now, if I use that aura reading spell on myself, I should be able to see my soul radiating just beneath the surface.

The spell, or rather a series of wordless gestures from the Kotodama school, doubled both to allow auras to be visible and for the user to see his or her own soul. But of course, the soul wasn't the aura itself; the aura of a person was a byproduct of the soul rather than the physical reality. Seeing another person's actual soul was much tougher than seeing the aura, which was like the heat given off a fire, or the surface of water in the analogies the books contained, linking the soul back to two of the elements in Onmyodo.

The spell worked as advertised thankfully, and Harry saw the faint metallic sheen coming out just slightly from his skin. Lily barely even looked up from watching Mahou Shoujo Serafall-chan, oohing at the color before turning back to the TV, letting Harry concentrate on what he was feeling. He could sense his soul within himself now, thrumming almost, a very odd but not quite disconcerting feeling. Rather it was like he had just added a kind of strength to his body somehow.

But what he was really interested in at the moment was the fact he could also sense that his soul was somehow connected to other things beyond his own body. One offshoot led upwards, disappearing slightly away from his body. Another led out to one side of the house, disappearing as the first one ad about a foot away from his body. Harry understood that to mean the spell failed at that point rather than the connection ended there. At the same time, another line of burnished metal led to something on Harry's body, in his sleeve. Specifically in the sleeve which hid the wand holster containing the Elder Wand. Huh, now why do I suddenly wonder if…

Standing up Harry moved upstairs into his room into the trunk where he kept the Invisibility cloak his father had left with Dumbledore for him. Harry had often wondered about why he had done so, but decided not to look into it too closely in the past, there being more important things to concentrate on at the time. He had also stopped carrying it around him after the war ended.

However, the connection it had to his own soul told Harry that maybe that had been a mistake and that something else was happening here. A moment's triangulation later and a 'point me Great Britain', he smiled grimly, his theory now solidified. I do believe that whole Master of Death title meant more than anyone imagined. I so wish I could blame Dumbledore for this, but even he knew only so much about the Deathly Hallows. Still, to get to the bottom of this I'll have to have Hermione send me the ring. Damn it, she'll no doubt have questions. On the other hand, I suppose I can invite her to visit, that might be nice. Maybe bring Teddy and Tonks along with Padma. For now though, I have other things to do.

Heading back home from the edge of town, Harry put Lily to bed, then went back to learning how to defend his soul from external corruption. A lot of this dovetailed with his previous training in Occlumency, so while it took a few hours he found that he was able to learn it far faster than the book suggested it would take. It also allowed him to redesign his mental landscape at the same time.

In the end the castle of Hogwarts was now gone, replaced instead by a series of towers surrounded by a heavy, immensely thick wall. That wall was made of stone, steel and rubber. Rubber would allow him to absorb attacks sent at his soul while the steel would react and actually attack any Legelimens assault, while the stone simply defended against that. The different materials had been a suggestion from the book, implying that using the same mental creation to defend both the mind and soul from attacks was something like splitting your forces in the face of an enemy assault.

The classrooms, cells and cages he had kept his thoughts memories and instincts in had each their own towers now, even his libido and his werewolf instincts were now somewhat separated, though their towers were also connected by a thoroughfare a few stories up. Each of them had far more room to roam as it were, but Harry could still lock them up to prevent them from cluttering his thoughts if he needed to. But Harry had long since realized keeping them chained up for so long wasn't healthy, hence his relationship, such as it was, with Kalawarner despite his misgivings about her and his weekly runs with Lily.

But the biggest change was what was lighting Harry's mental plane. Before Harry had used a sun made of pure imagination to light his mental realm. It had doubled as a defense, blinding or even shooting ultra-powerful light beams at intruders. But it was gone now. In its place was Harry's soul, gleaming silver from a lighthouse set in the direct center of his new realm. Its light shown everywhere casting odd shadows but the effect was everything Harry had hoped for. The odd egg shape of it was strange and hadn't responded to Harry's attempt to mold it into a new shape, but that was simply a curiosity rather than a concern.

The day after Harry had started to learn these new skills was the day that truly marked a change in not only Harry and Rias's interactions, but his relationship with Kalawarner.


Despite his concerns about how her presence affected him, the same concerns he felt about Rias and Akeno, Harry had continued to go out with Kalawarner occasionally. He was unwilling to leave Lily alone of course even behind their home's wards, and the idea of hiring the Occult Research Club to babysit her so he could go out and play seemed both wrong in some indefinable manner and something that could all too easily blow up in his face.

So the times they could go out was very limited. Since that first meeting they had only see each other about seven times all told. This was more than enough for Harry to start to realize that theirs was not going to be a very deep relationship, though he still hoped for more.

Each date would start the same way. They would meet, eat something while making small talk about their jobs and other things, not really sharing anything important with one another and then they would go dancing or seeing the sights. After that they would end up in an alleyway somewhere making out furiously or even more, though Harry hadn't allowed their flirting to reach its climax just yet. Even while in her presence and being affected by both his lust and Kalawarner's aura Harry retained enough presence of mind to stop things going that far precisely because of his knowledge of said taint.

Despite that misgiving at times Harry thought there was something there between them, something that could go beyond the physical and into the realm of an actual relationship. Harry liked Kalawarner's wicked senses of humor, her irreverent attitude, and even her adventurous lustful side, which fed on Harry's own growing sense of adventurousness in terms of what could be euphemistically called courtship.

But whenever Harry tried to have a deeper conversation with her, Kalawarner would draw attention to her body somehow, and the thought would go out of his mind. But this manipulation in turn fed Harry's desire to not follow through their flirting to the level Kalawarner wanted, making her more frustrated. On top of that, Harry had realized that while the idea was a pleasant one, he was just not emotionally built for a purely physical relationship.

For her part, Kalawarner hadn't yet realized how much she had in turn begun to fall for Harry. Her own personality, and the sin she fell for, got in the way of her realizing the depth of her feelings. All she mostly felt was frustration at how slow it was going, and his refusal to leap into the sack with her. Yet despite that frustration, Kalawarner knew she had never been happier than when she was with Harry, just talking, let alone flirting.

Of course the other problem was her partners for this job. Raynare was not happy about being stuck here for so long in enemy territory where she had to walk on eggshells all the time, never using magic and always worried they would be discovered with nothing to show for their pains. Part of that was having to go to school every day to learn subjects she didn't care about or had already learned several times over. Raynare wanted to be finished and done with this project and go on to more important things, constantly reporting her own lack of progress in more and more frustrated tones as the month went by.

Dohnaseek fully shared in Raynare's desire to move on only he was stuck in a nearby town trying to rein in the urges of more than two dozen bloodthirsty excommunicated exorcists. These were men who had very few qualms about doing whatever they thought was a good idea and saying it was god's will, revealed to them rather than the church. Already he'd been forced to make a few examples to keep the others in line. The time for action couldn't come fast enough in his opinion.

On the other hand, Mittelt had come around to Kalawarner's idea of the need to go slowly. She had staked out Harry's house from a few streets away and felt the power of the wards he had thrown up around it. They weren't by any means the most powerful she'd ever felt, but they were powerful enough to make her leery of getting on Harry's bad side.

"It pricks her pride that she has to be afraid of so many young Devils." Mittelt said one evening, speaking of Raynare. "There's not a one of them who is yet older than 18, and all of them are more powerful than she is."

"And Raynare's pride will never allow her to realize that's the reason," Kalawarner said with a laugh.

"Oh shit here she comes," Mittelt said quickly staring over Kalawarner's shoulder before she nodded seriously. "So you are making progress…" she said in a loud voice.

Kalawarner went with it, smiling at the younger fallen Angel. While they sometimes didn't get along that well, both of them were leery of how much trouble they could get into when in a highborn Devil's territory so had begun to work together to help calm Raynare down.

"Making progress" Raynare shouted, stomping up to them and hurling her schoolbag so hard to the side that it actually went through one of the wooden pews shattering it utterly. "I thought you said you'd only need a few weeks to have Potter eating out of the palm of your hand! We can't do anything about our main target with that wild card still in play. We need to at least figure out how he'll jump if nothing else."

"While I haven't had him eat out of my hand let alone anything else, I'm getting there" Kalawarner said, one hand moving down from her neck and tracing between her breasts to her navel where it stopped, pointing even further down to make certain both other fallen knew precisely what she was talking about.

Mittelt rolled her eyes at that while Raynare growled. But before she could speak Kalawarner went on. "The problem is I didn't factor into my initial timeframe the fact that he wouldn't want to leave his daughter alone. I'm getting the distinct impression that there have been people who have tried to kidnap her in the past, or simply to kill her to get to him."

"And let me guess: that didn't go well for the individuals who tried?" Mittelt said sarcastically. Sarcasm was Mittelt's ground state of being.

"I have no idea. I have an impression that Harry isn't one to play around, especially in the defense of someone he loves, but it's just that, an impression." Kalawarner said with a shrug. She sat down next to Mittelt now, facing Raynare and crossing her long legs. "What about you? My target has been identified at least. But we still don't know what kind of Sacred Gear Hyoudou has right?"

"Yes damnit! Which means I still have to go to that fucking school!" Raynare snarled, starting to pace. "But," she said suddenly stopping in giving the mall a gimlet eye. "Once I got it is identified, were going to have to move very quickly. Orders have come in from on high, if the Sacred Dear that the pervert holds is dangerous, we are to claim it anyway we can. Kokabiel-sama's even shipping us the extraction tool."

The other two Fallen nodded seriously, knowing that would probably mean some kind of confrontation with the Devils who made Kuoh their home. Raynare turned to glare at Kalawarner. "And that means making certain that Potter stays neutral at best, or is neutralized at worst. If it comes to it, do you think you could stick a dagger in his back?"

"I don't know," Kalawarner said honestly, ignoring the frisson of unease that went through her at the idea. "I probably could so long as there weren't any witnesses around and I could use a spear of light to do it." Spears of light could be conjured up quickly and with little fanfare so it was a very rare individual who would be able to spot them coming. "If say, I conjure up a short spear and stabbed it into his back while we were making out, that might work."

"Keep at it then. If nothing else our secondary target's Sacred Gear is almost strong enough for me to tell whether or not it is worth going after on its own." Raynare said, smiling evilly. "I also contacted Carlamine about another little project going on, so whatever happens, we'll be getting at least two Sacred Gears out of this. All we have to do is be ready to strike…"


Once more Saturday dawned. But for once Harry found himself looking forward to teaching the various PE classes rather than dreading seeing Rias and Akeno in their exercise uniforms.

As he knew would happen, Akeno once more took a chance to flirt with him. Since today was a day spent in the gym with various weights, that meant she called for him to spot her occasionally rather than rely on Rias or one of her other friends. The sight of her chest heaving under a shirt that barely restrained her massive bust would normally have forced Harry to more forcibly control his libido and werewolf instincts. This reaction would have been helped along by the fact she had decided to forgo not wearing a sports bra at the moment.

When Harry looked, he felt his libido start to respond, and then felt a wave of something try to get by his defensive walls. It was everywhere at once, trying to seep through the cracks of his defensive wall via the 'ground' of his mental plane and right above it. But it was stopped by the rubber veneer of his wall, and was unable to get through.

Harry watched Akeno's face as that happened, and saw no reaction, no flicker of unease, or surprise or anything else. She simply smiled up at him slyly commenting, "Ara Sensei, aren't you supposed to be watching the weights rather than my face~. Or does this mean you've become enamored with me?"

"Heh, no Himejima-san, I haven't. I was just struck by those pretty violet eyes of yours." Akeno blushed at that, unused to comments about her physical appearance that didn't mention her chest. But Harry simply moved on. "Now, I think you were about to start your second set of reps."

After Akeno was finished with the free wights Harry called the next girl over and began to spot her in turn. Rias walked over and took her turn, and even though the wave of her aura was somewhat stronger than Akeno it didn't penetrate just like the wave Akeno gave out. His own reaction to her was stronger, simply because Harry had a redhead fetish, but it was much, much easier to control his libido without the wave of corruption affecting his soul. Just as importantly, Rias also showed no reaction to his defenses stopping her corruption from getting through his mind. The smile he had on his face when he realized that set Rias to blushing and looking away, but thankfully she didn't say anything.

Halfway through the class, Harry turned his attention away slightly from the girl he was currently observing with the free weights. Hmm, so I know now that neither girl reacts if I stop their auras I suppose from affecting my soul. But let's see what I can tell about those auras in the first place. So saying Harry shifted his fingers through the two silent patterns needed to cast the aura reading spell, then looked around him.

As Harry had expected, the normal students around him had what the book had called a formative human soul, gray with splashes of color signifying emotions. Not thoughts so much, because in humans thoughts changed and redirected themselves so quickly it couldn't be spotted. The power of their souls varied wildly, with more than half showing seemingly stronger than average souls.

Rias, Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki on the other hand stood out from the crowd, their auras being far larger, so large they encompassed the entire area in pulses of black corruption, enough to almost drown out the other auras. Yet at the same time, those pulses seemed uncontrolled, as Harry had already tested. Furthermore, Rias's aura might have a core of black to it, but it was also laced with solid blue, green, and yellow colors, the colors of love, kindness and friendly feeling and another color, a deep umber color whose meaning Harry couldn't remember seeing. The others had some of the same colors. Sona and Tsubaki's auras seemed far more controlled, their emotions more regimented but also less powerful than Rias and Akeno. And Akeno had both a darker all around aura than Rias, and the colors of hate and lust mixed in, red and purple respectively.

Reading their auras like this is fascinating, but also somewhat invasive at the same time. I don't like that, but it's told me two things for certain: whatever species they are, it surely isn't human and they are naturally a tainted species of some sort. But at the same time, Rias and the others are also good people. That's good enough for me.

The smile on Harry's face at that point caused many a blush among the students. Even Rias and the other devils were not immune to the impact of it, and they all wondered in their own way what had happened to make Harry so happy. But for the most part they just ran with it.

Soon enough PE ended and the class began to break up. The majority of the students headed for the changing room while a few stayed to help clean up the gym, helping Harry put away the various machines and free weights. Akeno was one of these, always on the lookout to be around Harry, while Rias had decided to call it a day, wanting to get some of her homework done before heading home for the rest of the weekend. This had become more important to Akeno after she and Harry had their heart to heart. Like her king, Akeno found she was now genuinely interested in Harry above and beyond either the aid he could give Rias or the amusement value Akeno got out of trying to get a literal rise out of Harry.

Unfortunately for Akeno's desires, at the moment she was not the lady on Harry's mind. As the group of students finished cleaning up, Harry subtly approached Akeno, grabbing up a number of the free weights she had been transporting, easily lugging three times the amount she had been moving on her own. "Is Gremory-san going to remain at school for a time? I'd like to talk to her after I drop Lily off at home."

"Are, how mean of you sensei, speaking of one woman to another," Akeno said lightly, though there was a bit of real hurt in her eyes for just a second before it disappeared. "I believe she will be, and I will inform her that you wish to speak to her." Akeno then smiled slightly, a smirking uptick of her full, pouty lips. "Is this a private talk, or can anyone join?"

"I think I'd like to talk to her alone if that's possible," Harry said apologetically.

"Very well, I will inform her." Once more Akeno was miffed, but didn't show it. She knew Harry had not realized that she was honestly interested in him instead of simply playing a game, and was unwilling just yet to enlighten him on her actual feelings. Besides, even a blind man can see the chemistry developing between Rias-chan and Potter-sensei. And I'm not so selfish - or should that be Devilish?-to get between them just yet. Besides, think of the teasing opportunities if this goes the way I think it will.

Harry nodded, though he had noticed Akeno was bothered that time, and decided to get to the bottom of that later. Right now, he had a daughter to pick up.

As usual Lily was waiting for him with the other students, wearing the little uniform the elementary school demanded and bouncing on the balls of her feet, eager to leave. Normally she would be running around with her new friends, but on Saturday all of them were picked up far faster than normal, leaving her alone quickly. When she saw her father, her face brightened up as it always did. "Hey daddy!"

Harry smiled, grabbing the charging little girl as she raced towards him, taking her small backpack and holding it in one hand while perching Lily on his shoulder, careful to not get her skirt messed up. "Hey puppy, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine daddy," Lily said, hugging her father's head for a moment before asking hesitantly. "Um, is it okay if I go to another sleepover? There's a marathon of a show called Sailor Moon on tonight, it's like one of the oldest and best known magical anime shows, so a lot of my friends and I are going to get together and watch it."

"If you promise that you'll do at least one subject's worth of homework while I'm gone, I'll drop you off after I return home. I have some paperwork I need to do at school. And none of the ORC are around to watch you like usual," Harry said, lying slightly but feeling it necessary. The conversation he was going to have with Rias had a serious side to it, and one that Lily didn't need to hear just yet. Nor did he let on how this plan dovetailed with something else he wanted to do soonest: see how Kalawarner reacted when Harry's mind was no longer influenced by her aura.

After dropping Lily off and supplying her with a nutritious snack, Harry called Kalawarner and made a time to meet up with her later that night. Then he set the wards on alert, and made his way back to school.

Harry found Rias sitting at her desk in the Orc clubroom. She was alone, with even Akeno nowhere in sight. Her hair glinted wetly under the rooms dim light, sticking to her head and neck despite having been combed out since her shower. She smiled as Harry entered, looking up with her blue eyes catching his behind her glasses as her cheeks dimpled slightly.

Once more Harry was struck by the beauty Rias possessed. Akeno was a gorgeous young vamp, Kalawarner a mature, seductive beauty, but Rias had them both beat with the perfect mix of girl-next-door innocence and a more adult, homebody sort of attractiveness. The dimples she showed and the light in her eyes was a case in point.

Shaking that thought off and happy that once more his mental defenses had stopped her aura from affecting him, Harry smiled back, moving forward towards the desk. "Schoolwork or paperwork?"

"Regular paperwork, my family requires Akeno and I to submit our monthly budgets at around this time." Rias said, prevaricating in a white lie sort of way. It was time for their monthly budgets but this was more to do with her peerage's various operations as devils than money matters. Every month she had to do an audit of her peerage's various clients and their responses to her family's work. "Nothing that I can't set aside for a few minutes. Akeno said you wanted to speak to me?"

Nodding Harry moved to stand in front of her desk, frowning as he leaned back against the sofa facing away from it as he thought about how to broach the subject. "I know we are both still trying to gather information about each other and I have no wish to bring that game to an end just yet. It's been fun, our little word games. But I think I've discovered something about you that you might not even know yourself, at least I don't think so. So I think it's time for another sort of exchange of information. I tell you what I've discovered, and you answer a few questions for me, agreed?"

Rias frowned at that, putting a bit of her hair in her mouth and nibbling at it in a manner that despite her aura no longer affecting him Harry found quite distracting. "I… hmm… so long as the information you have discovered is indeed something I don't already know I will agree to that. But if it isn't you'll need to face a penalty and answer a few of my questions in turn. Agreed?"

"Agreed. Should we shake on it?" Harry asked, his emerald eyes twinkling slightly.

Shaking her head, Rias pulled off the glasses she always wore whenever she was doing paperwork and leaned back, crossing her fingers in her lap as she looked at Harry, wondering what he had found out about her and possibly the others that he thought they wouldn't already know. "I don't think that's necessary Sensei. Now, what is this mysterious information?"

"There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just spit it out. You and the others like you, both your own and Sona's group have auras around you, far more powerful and formed than a normal human's. But beyond that, you all put out this, call it a field of corruption which attempts to taint the people around it in various ways. Most of the time it's subtle, other times not. IN terms of the effect, I think it makes people more susceptible to suggestion and more disposed to feeling and acting upon various instincts." Harry said slowly, not having come up with any better way to describe what he was saying to another person but he felt that he had done a good job of it.

Rearing back in surprise so much she nearly tipped her chair over Rias stared at Harry in shock. "What!? I've never heard of something like that! How do you know, and what does this tainted aura thing do?"

"I don't know what it does to other people, though as I said it probably makes them more susceptible to suggestions. But to me… to me it made nearly lose control of my libido a few times when I would not have otherwise. Mind you in my case my werewolf side helped to make it more vulnerable to it, so I can't tell you what it would have done to a normal person though it might have had a greater impact given my self-control."

Standing up abruptly Rias began to pace, looking irritated and angry and actually hurt. This makes too much sense for me to ignore. Devils have always been able to talk or convince people to sign contracts with us despite their knowing we're devils and all the stories about us. An aura that makes people more liable to fall to their baser desires and also to trust us at our word or something similar makes too much sense.

"How bad is it?" she asked, stopping to one side of the desk and looking somewhat vulnerable. "I mean, you can't tell me how it is affecting the rest of the school's population certainly. But… but how bad is it for you?"

How much of our friendship is based on this aura affecting you? How much of it isn't real? Rias thought as she looked at Harry anxiously. Nor was she feeling that emotion for only herself. If Harry didn't really feel friendship towards her or the others the rest of her peerage would also be deeply hurt, especially Akeno.

"I think you misunderstand the strength of it. As I said, in my case it caused a few issues occasionally, but I was able to fight the effect thanks to a mental discipline I know." Harry said, moving forward and taking her hands before Rias could move back. He squeezed them gently then returned to his previous position leaning against the back of the sofa. "I've reacted a more physically to your flirting than I would have for certain as you're a student. But my friendship with you and the others is real Rias, don't doubt that. The aura only influenced me in a very unsubtle manner occasionally when it got through my mental defenses."

Rias breathed a sigh of relief at that, and moved forward, leaning against the front of her desk. The sudden revelation had shaken her, and it shocked Rias anew how much Harry's opinions and friendship had come to mean to her. I've only known him for two months but in many ways despite both of us not really knowing what the other is, he's become almost as close to me as Akeno is.

"Thank you for that, Harry. It, it means a lot to me that this aura you say I have isn't responsible for our, um, our friendship. But how did you discover this aura and how do you know I don't have any control over it?"

Smiling as Rias used his first name for the first time, Harry shrugged. "I recently learned a method to allow me to use magic in order to see auras as well as defend my soul from what the book called corruption. It wasn't easy," he said in typical British understatement. "But I managed to put a defense in place that can stave off the effect of your auras. As for how I know you weren't in control of it, I used that method today for the first time in your PE class, and none of the four of you, Shitori-san, Himejima-san, Shinri-san, or you showed any reaction to the fact your auras were no longer getting through to me."

"That makes me want to know even more about you, you know," Rias said with a giggle, shaking her head and setting her now dry hair to shaking. She had heard that some very high level devils could see auras, but this sounded very different to the effect she had heard about before.

"I know," Harry said, smiling beatifically. "But now it is time to pay the penalty for my sharing this information."

"Ooh if I was Akeno I would so jump on that line," Rias said still feeling relieved and now in a playful mood. "Still, since I'm not, ask away."

"And I am most glad you are not like Akeno, though that does bring me to my question." Harry paused for a second gathering his thoughts. "I have gotten close enough to Akeno and the others to know that their childhoods were not the most pleasant. Indeed, I think that in many ways they were horrible. But you, somehow you gave each of them a new lease on life. Now they serve you in some fashion, though I haven't quite figured out how you turned them into whatever you are. But my question is, why did you do it? Did you do it because you knew they would be useful to you, or just on a whim?"

"I saved Akeno and the others because they needed to be saved." Rias replied simply and instantly, not even having to think of the answer. Nor was there any great prevarication as she went on, though she didn't go into any detail either. "Each of them was in danger, and they needed help. Akeno needed to both run from her old family and gain a new one. Koneko needed to leave her past as a nekomata behind. And Kiba, Kiba would have died if not for me stumbling on him at that moment. I saved them because it was the right thing to do and I could never have done otherwise. Could you?"

Harry's face softened noticeably, and his eyes warmed so noticeably that Rias flushed as those emerald eyes regarded her. "No I couldn't. So is it safe to say you have a people saving thing?"

Rias blinked then laughed at the wording. "I suppose it is, yes. Though the way you say it makes me wonder where you came up with the phrase. It sounds a little practiced perhaps?"

"Hah. Well, you're not the only one who has a saving people thing. I suppose my role in the war, I know you know I was a kind of solider at one point, was based upon my inability to simply look after myself, and my desire to help others. That's at the basis of my desire to teach to," Harry replied, his voice still an alloy of warmth and admiration.

Admiration, Rias realized, for her actions. Actions which far too many people thought had been calculated and self-serving, but which Harry knew, and further believed were anything but. She smiled at that once again then sat down on her desk crossing her legs as she looked up at Harry. "And is that all you wanted to know?"

"For now. Though perhaps in the near future I might want to know more." Harry said, his eyes and expression now becoming more intense without losing any of its warmth.

For some reason that made Rias's heart thump in her chest, so loud she thought Harry must be able to hear it and she licked her lips. "Oh, and what would that be?"

"Everything," Harry said simply, leaning forward. Despite no longer being influenced by her aura, despite the fact that she was still his student, Harry found himself drawn to Rias Gremory. It isn't just her body, and it isn't just her red hair, but that mind of hers that is just so amazing. "That's up to you though, and I certainly wouldn't ask for that without replying in like kind."

With that Harry stopped moving. Rias hadn't backed away or moved an inch after Harry had started to move forward. Now she sat on her desk, with her legs spread slightly to either side of Harry's own, not touching but certainly close. His arms now braced his body on either side of her, and his forehead was touching Rias's.

In turn Rias reached up with both her own hands, resting them lightly on Harry's chest. She could feel the muscles under his suit, which he still wore from teaching, the hardened pecs and ribbed six pack of his stomach was not noticeable when he was teaching but was very noticeable to the touch. He was no musclebound oaf but neither was he as built for speed as Kiba was. His slightly heavier, stronger frame was a thrill to Rias.

They remained there, not speaking for a time, simply staring into one another's eyes; As Rias moved her hands up and down his chest, while his thumbs gently rubbed her sides where her uniform's skirt met her blouse. There was a tension in the air, partly lust, partly growing affection, partly something else that neither could name.

Rias realized with something like shock that Harry was waiting for her to make the first move. That whatever happened next was entirely in her hands. And this revelation made Rias feel more attracted to Harry even then she had been previously. This was no mean feat, since Harry was the first man that she had ever been attracted to before this.

It wasn't as if she thought romance was unimportant, it was simply that she had no need to search it out. Rias knew that she was attractive, indeed ever since puberty and even before she'd had to beat off boys with a stick. Their crude affections or their crude lusts rather had at first fed her ego until she learned that they didn't really see Rias the person, just Rias the object. Just like Riser saw her and just like Rias feared her father saw her: as something to be used or in her father's case bartered off to benefit pureblood devil-kind.

Harry had never seen her like that. He had always since that first day seen her as Rias, whatever he called her. He had also shown that he respected her mind, her personality, not just her body or strength or status, like he had just done a few minutes ago.

And now Harry had made it clear through word and gesture that she was entirely in control of whatever happened between them from this point on. Rias could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times she was fully in control of something, and three of those times had to do with using her peerage pieces.

Part of her wanted to bring their game; both games really to an end right now, just blurt out what she was and get Harry to do the same before leaning up and claiming his lips with her own. Part of her wanted to lean back, pull him onto her and just surrender in a way that astonished Rias, who had always fought so she could hold her fate in her hands.

But the larger part of Rias knew it was too soon to take that step. Two months is enough to develop a real affection for someone, but not enough to fall in love. Though it is long enough to maybe start doing it. But no relationship can be built on half-truths and guesswork."I… I think that we need to talk about the, the 'everything' you mention before anything else happens. You might change your mind after we do."

Despite saying that Rias made no move to lean away though the tension between them did fade into the background. But something in Harry's eyes told Rias he agreed with her decision, and there was a rueful twinkle in his eyes as Harry moved away to his former position, leaving Ria suddenly colder than she had been.

"Agreed. I don't have time this weekend, but I am free next weekend. Would that be acceptable? We could have a dinner somewhere in Tokyo proper, and have a proper… talk."

Rias had to shake her head at that, knowing that this wouldn't just be a talk, but a date. But going to a restaurant so far removed from Kuoh should keep rumors of it getting back to the school. Whatever happens my darn image and his should be safe. "Unfortunately I have a prior engagement next weekend which I can't get out of. How about we make an arrangement for the Saturday after that?"

"Ah, that's the weekend I've scheduled Lily and I to head to Kyoto I'm afraid. How about the weekend after that?"

Though disappointed somewhat, Rias nodded at that and held out her hand. "In that case I'll see you then."

Laughing quietly Harry took her hand, turning it palm upwards to kiss her palm lightly, sending a shudder through Rias. "Agreed." Then he stood up, chuckling. "But for now, I have a little girl I need to get to the ball on time as it were. "I'll see you Monday Rias."

"See you… Harry." Rias replied, smiling at him until the door closed behind him then she fell backwards onto her desk, laughing in sheer exuberant delight.


That very night Kalawarner met up with Harry. She was determined to bring their relationship to the next level, Harry was determined to see what he could see of her aura, and what would happen when she learned he could block her corrupting effect from impacting his mind.

Their date went as it normally did, Smalltalk, over dinner with a side order of heavy flirting. However, as Kalawarner was working one of her feet up and down Harry's leg, Harry was using his new technique to see auras on her.

What he saw there was like, yet different than what he saw in Rias or the other's auras. For one thing, while their auras had, with the exception of Akeno's, a solid core of black, indicating they had been born corrupted, Kalawarner had a small, tiny core of what might once have been white. But layered on top of that was a pitch black, shooting through her core from the outer layer in. It was far more diffuse too, the black web through her aura affecting the rest of the colors he saw and painting what he thought of as her core color gray. There were also other colors there, some affection, anger, hate, and a lot of lust. Indeed, the purple of lust was the second most prevalent color in Kalawarner's aura.

Holy hell, what is she? Some of it almost looks like what I sort of sensed in Akeno, but not quite, and look at all of the anger, corruption and lust. What the hell is up with that? Keeping his thoughts off his face with difficulty Harry began to respond in kind to Kalawarner's ministrations, his own leg slowly lifting her skirt as the waiter left them to prepare the check. But even as he did so, Harry watched Kalawarner's aura, seeing it pulse slightly as he did. Let's hear it for multi-tasking. Any second now I think…

As Harry thought that, Kalawarner leaned over the table to take Harry's hands with one of her own, staring into his eyes as she used her tongue to almost fellate the straw to her fruity cocktail. "I think I've waited long enough Harry," she said her eyes glinting as her aura reached out to envelop Harry. "There's a motel nearby, and you don't have to be home until tomorrow morning. I'm not taking no for an answer this time…"

Harry frowned, slowly shaking his head as he readied his new not-quite mental defenses. Going to have to come up with a name for them, I think. Soul defenses just sounds strange.

Twisting his fingers with Kalawarner's Harry replied seriously. "I've learned not to rush into relationships. My ex-wife and I rushed to the altar far too quickly and we later realized that as people we just weren't very compatible. If you're thinking of this just being a start of a long term physical relationship, I am going to keep putting the brakes on us going that far. Sorry Kalawarner, but I'm just not able to divest sex from emotions. You want to go that far we need to start being more than just acquaintances who hook up whenever we can."

"Are you sure?" Kalawarner asked. Her foot had made its way into Harry's crotch now, and her toes had begun to work at his rising manhood.

Gritting his teeth Harry shuddered, but was able to fight her touch off and concentrate on the conversation and preparing himself. "I'm, I'm sure. I like you Kala, but I don't want just a physical relationship, not anymore."

Kalawarner should have backed off. She should have realized what Harry was really proposing: that they become a couple rather than just would-be fuck buddies. But she couldn't. Her sin was in the driver's seat, and Kalawarner couldn't have stopped herself even if she had tried, not with Harry right in front of her, so fuckable, so enticing and powerful and denying her like that again. Instead Kalawarner did the very last thing she should have done short of physically attacking him.

A second later Harry felt the impact like a hammer blow against his defenses as Kalawarner's aura of corruption seemed to congeal then lash out, attacking his soul's defenses from all sides. It battered at him, but thanks to his new defenses and the fact he had extended his Occlumency to protecting his soul, the attack failed. Then Harry pushed out, using the 'rubber' of his mental wall to bounce Kalawarner's aura away from him.

Kalawarner felt that and blinked, quickly releasing his hand, her other hand dropping to the table with a thump as she stared at him. The shock of what had just occurred had blown out her lust and her anger at being denied like a candle, leaving her both lucid, and very, very afraid. "W, what, Harry, what did you…"

"I think we should probably call it in night before one of us does something we would both regret." Harry said coldly. Damn it, I knew it. I knew she'd try that. Pity, I did like her. But at least this way I won't feel like a two-timer if Rias and I agreed to try going out despite the teacher student thing. Still not certain if I'm willing to ignore that, but it's looking better and better, and besides, while we'd have to be discreet, she's of age and it's not entirely unknown in this country…

"Harry… I…" Kalawarner began, only to stop as Harry's emerald eyes caught hers and she fell silent, knowing she had just screwed up big time, and not really understanding how it had happened.

The two of them remained silent until the waiter returned with the check. They both stood up, the atmosphere between them almost frigid now; whereas when they entered it had been practically boiling. Some of the other couples in the restaurant noticed this, and murmurs began as they walked out, but both participants in this little drama ignored the background noise.

Outside, Harry turned to Kalawarner. "I don't know what you are, and I don't particularly care. I knew you weren't human the first time we met, you and that little blonde girl and I don't care.. But I will not be manipulated. If you had been doing that without even noticing that would've been one thing but you did know. And that changes things."

"So, so we're done then?" Kalawarner said, chagrin, guilt and something like regret rising in her as well as anger. No man could talk to her like this! "Just like that?"

Seeing more through her aura than Kalawarner would probably have been happy about, Harry sighed. "I don't know. I like you Kala, but like I said, I won't be manipulated. Not by you or anyone else. And you just tried to do that very thing. Maybe in a few weeks I'll have calmed down enough to listen to an apology. But until then, yes, we're done."

Harry leaned in, kissing Kalawarner on the check and pulling her into a brief hug before letting her go and stepping back just as quickly. "If not, then I hope you find the courage to let someone in Kala. I think you'd be happier for it."

With that Harry turned and walked away, leaving Kalawarner leaning against the wall and staring down at the street below her, cursing herself for a fool. At the same time she was dealing with feeling regret for her actions for the first time since she had been an angel, Kalawarner was also wondering what she was going to have to tell the others. Raynare isn't going to like this…

End Chapter

The bit about Red Moon - that is somewhat made up, though I think I remember a Japanese friend mentioning that it is indeed a phrase that was at one point used - could have been a local thing or just a false memory, but I wanted to use it in order to get rid of the silly nickname I'd come up with for Lily ever since I stopped calling her Lily Luna - which yes, was annoying in hindsight.

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