Aphrodite reloads her gun while ducking behind a tree. This battle was going in the rebels favor but it was dragging on way too long. Many of her allies were dead. She had body armor on her chest and a helmet on but not everybody did. She started shooting and knocks down a few peacekeepers, before she can reload she gets hit in the leg causing her to fall down and scream in pain.

She laid down motionless, bleeding out and trying not to close her sea blue eyes. She barely noticed that the peacekeepers are retreating. Everything gets blurry but she feels like she's being lifted up into the air. She eventually blacks out.

Aphrodite wakes up in a hospital bed. She had a confused look on her face. The girl had no idea where she was. At first she noticed that her leg was in a sling suspended above her. Her leg was bandaged up and had red dots in a specific area. She turned around and noticed her little brother and sister standing outside of the glass.

They rushed in and hugged her. She smiled with tears in her eyes, "I missed you guys so much." A young blonde Cato said in a whiny tone, like he was about to cry "We thought you were going to die." The little girl nods. Aphrodite dosent really know what to say. She thinks about it for a second then says, "I'm tough enough to fight through it."

Cato lies his head down next to her, "We saw Katnip." "It's Katniss." The young girl rolls her eyes. Cato shakes his head, "Tamato, tomoto." Aphrodite chuckled, "Katniss? That's freaking awesome." Katniss was the symbol of the rebellion and sparked it when she threatened a double suicide in the 74th hunger games.
Cato's voice gets lower, "They couldn't get Peeta out." Aphrodite raises an eyebrow and thinks, "How do you know that?" "There was a holographic message from the Capitol. Everyone saw it."

"Dammit.. Where's father and mother?" Aphrodite sits up in her bed and ruffles Cato's hair, "Papa's in a top secret meeting. Mom is taking care of her patients." Their father was a general and never really told the young children much about what was happening during the war. Aphrodite was really the only one he spoke anything too and it wasn't much.

A lady with porcelain skin walked in and said in a funny accent, "Let her rest. You two can see her later." Aphrodite wished her two siblings could stay with her longer. She hadn't seen them in weeks. The two hug Aphrodite and tells her that they love her and leave. The nurse checked what she was hooked up too, "Your tendons are damaged. It will probably take months to heal."

Aphrodite couldn't believe it, she didn't have months. She didn't want to lay in a hospital bed for months on end, "Are you fucking serious! I can't believe this." Aphrodite had veins showing in her neck and her face was turning crimson red. The nurse just sighs as if she is annoyed, "Don't hurt yourself hun." She gives Aphrodite a shot which just makes her angrier. "Why did you do that!? Stop!" She starts getting drowsy and eventually falls asleep.

She wakes up to a darling brown eyed boy staring at her, "Oh thank heavens you're awake." She was still processing everything, "A-agape?" Aphrodite smiled a little, happy that her boyfriend was safe. He holds up a needle, "This is capitol medicine." Aphrodite's eyes get wide, "How did you get that?!" Capitol medicine was scarce. Medicine itself wasn't in a huge supply. Agape whispered, "I'm not supposed to give you this. Your mom gave it to me." He looks around then quickly shoots it into her. Aphrodite bites her lips due to the pain.

"You should be able to walk in a day or two. A week at most." He kisses her lips and she dosent want him to stop but he does. Agape gets up and Aphrodite grabs his hand, "Are you leaving?" "Just for a minute. I gotta take a piss." He left and Aphrodite was left alone in the darkness. She sighed and wished that she could walk around. She was glad to be alive but being bed ridden wasn't exactly pleasurable.

Her boyfriend eventually came back and they had small chat for awhile. Soon he told a terrible truth to her. Agape looked away while saying, "I think the Capitol has released those dreaded mutts onto rebel bases." Aphrodite wasn't really suprised. If the Capitol could kill children then why would they care about releasing mutts on their enemy? "That dosent suprise me. The Capitol is just full of bastard's. Snow deserves to be hanged." She meant what she said with all her heart. She wouldn't bat an eye at seeing him die.

"Well.. There's also rumors about the rebels losing." He says while biting his nails. He had always done that when he was nervous about something. Aphrodite hated it. She started laughing out loud. She couldn't take him seriously, "No. Our troops are advancing. I daw the peacekeepers run away." Agape shakes his head, "Babe, that was only a few battles. They are winning the overall war. It's only a matter of time before they infiltrate our base." "No. We are going to win this.. we can't lose. We have too much on the line.." "I know. Hopefully it won't be too bad when they catch us."

They both knew it would be unforgettable what they would do to the Districts after the rebels surrender. God help them. Agape kissed her warm cheek, "I love you babe. I have to go. My little brother is probably having one of his episodes by now." His brother had mental issues, they weren't exactly sure what it was but it was very obvious.

Aphrodite stared at the ceiling for a long time, thinking over everything she just heard. She knew in her heart the Capitol was probably winning but didn't want to accept it. She eventually went to sleep from boredom.