The Peacekeepers came into the room as Aphrodite rubbed her temple in a circular motion, trying to get her mind off of her impending doom. "Come on. We don't have all day." Aphrodite got up and looked down as The peacekeepers directed her and the other Tributes to the car. Aphrodite looked around, the crowds of people watching. She noticed Cato in the front of the crowd and blew him a kiss as she was forced into the car.

Aphrodite notices that a Peacekeeper is driving and Juventas is sitting in the passengers seat. "You three are going to have so much fun!" Aphrodite could feel Amor tense up, Juventas seemed to be really dense or was awkwardly trying to lighten the mood. "Fun isn't the correct word. It'll be simply interesting." He said in a deep voice.

"Well that too! Oh my god you'll love love love the Capitol's food!" She goes on and on about oh so great the Capitol is to the point that Aphrodite just looked out the window and tuned her out. Amor turned to face the little girl, who is praying in a language he's never heard before. "What are you doing?" "I'm praying to God." She whispered. Amor raised his eyebrow, this girl is somewhat off. "You shouldn't do that, someone could be watching." Aphrodite looked at the two talking, Slatey had an angry look on her face. "Why don't you shut up!" She said as her voice cracked.

Aphrodite shook her head at the two. "Now now this isn't the time to fight!" Juventas hollered and this caused Slatey to just cross her arms in anger. Amor looked at Aphrodite and shrugged. "This is going to be one wild ride."


Aphrodite walked onto the train and looked around, it truly was beautiful. Everything looked over the top and even more luxurious than the train from over a year ago. "Luckily for you three we will be at the Capitol in an hour! Max!" A woman with dark skin and unnatural icy blue eyes said. Aphrodite sighed and just stood amongst the lavish environment. "I'm seriously dreading that."

Juventas turned on the TV, the reapings were playing live in District 3. "I believe District 2 is going to have some good competition this year!" Aphrodite watched the TV, the boy had already been reaped. The boy had a shaved and grey eyes, he was struggling to keep a straight face, he was struggling to keep from crying as his face turned red. He looked very young, he had to be no older than 10. She never killed young children, maybe teens, but they were the enemy. These children were not. These children are being used as propaganda.

"Not from that boy. No offense but he is even skinner than Slatey." Amor said coldly. One of the mentors, Saturn, just nodded in agreement. "Don't talk about me like that." Slatey said as she gave Amor the death stare of the century.

"He's just a kid." Aphrodite said, her heart full of remorse. "Just a kid that will slit your throat during the night." Apollo, the other mentor said when he walked past Aphrodite, the tobacco on his breath made her want to heave.

"Aster!" Juventas yelled, an avox came forward with shaky hands. He had to be only 13 or 14 years old, his green eyes told a story of hardships. Aphrodite looked over and realized that she knew the boy. He had been one of the younger soldiers in their unit, tasked with the deadly trench raids. He was one of the faster kids and was chosen, his group suffered some of the worst casualties in the war. Aphrodite never saw him again after that, she thought he was dead. Boy, today was full of surprises.

Aster looked at Aphrodite, his eyes widened, and he waved towards her. She waved back. "Hey are you listening to me? Fix us some tea." Aster nodded and went to do his task. "I saw you looking at that boy." Amor said while crossing his arms at Aphrodite, obviously suspicious. "So-" Aphrodite realized what she was saying and stopped, but it was already too late. "You're a rebel? Huh. Figures, but since we are allies I won't use it against you."

"Everyone! Come sit! The tea is ready!" Everyone walked over to the table and sat down, Aphrodite being sure to not sit next to Amor. The little girl with pigtails squeaked. "So, are you going to tell us how to win?" Aphrodite sipped on her tea waiting for an answer from Apollo or Saturn. "Well, it's much more complex than just telling you how to win. We could tell you everything we know and you could still die in the Bloodbath." "That would be depressing." "Exactly." Saturn said while sipping her tea. "Can you tell us what you know then?"

"Aphrodite, honestly you should use your looks." Juventas laughed. "You surely live up to your name." Aphrodite groaned, she knew she was attractive but didn't want people to like her because of that. "I'm really not a goddess. I'm more than my looks." "Oh honey we know that. The Capitol can be vain though and you want to go home don't you?" "Exactly." Amor added. "Well if you put it that way yes." Aphrodite realized if she wanted to make it home alive and not become another one of the forgotten she'd have to do stuff she wouldn't normally do. Saturn smiled. "Oh marvelous!"

The train started to slow down and many excited Capitol citizens with long smiles on their faces greeted the Tributes. Aphrodite just stared as Amor and Slatey went up to wave at the enemy.