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Chaos Time

"Is everyone here? I'm not repeating or restarting this." After making sure both my peerage and supporters were there I began the debrief. "Here's the deal. My folks have ordered me to watch over the fiance of my ass of an older brother. Although in exchange we get free range of this territory. Unfortunately though since our base of operations in Shikoku is not yet ready we'll be stuck here for the time being. I hate having to do anything for my brother but an order from the head means I can't overturn. Point is though this will be a great chance for us to get some new members. Specifically a certain target I've had my familiar keep tabs on for the last three weeks. He's reported that four days from now she'll arrive in Kuoh. Your orders are to make sure she has absolutely no contact with Gremory, am I understood?"

"Yes sir."

"Ravel do you have the location?"

"Yes big brother I have it down. Mother and Father have given us a modern temporary home close to the school where Gremory and Sitri are located."

"Excellent. Let's get this done." With a flash of light we disappeared to our temporary home. Not realizing it until we were already gone but I had a strong feeling I wouldn't like what was ahead of us.

For some odd reason is that when we arrived we were half frozen. The circle was complete so we landed but we couldn't move from the waist down.

"Einz, zwei, drei. Hello kiddies it's everyone's favorite demon Mephisto. On orders from the Grigori I've come to officially come to join your team. You see with you fabulous highly advanced research and with your soon to be takeover of Shikoku I've grown interested."

"So the Grigori finally kicked you out huh."

"After all these centuries they banish me. Almost destroy one major city and they suddenly don't trust you."

"Alright Mephisto you can join. You'll be an invaluable asset. I can tell you've already worked things out with my folks so your cover is set up but even if they hadn't I can work things out with them. Rise Mephisto Pheles and serve me as my Knight from now through eternity. There you massive drama queen."

Just then a note appeared out of a magic circle telling me Mephisto has been set as our homeroom teacher at the school.

"Well Mephisto it looks like you've been demoted down to teaching normal things. It also says Its Japan so Mephisto is allowed to dress in his usual crazy attire and be as usual of a nut job as he likes."

"How dare you judge me." He angrily lunges at me but is held back by Kidd.

"Hey don't shoot the messenger. Everyone head upstairs and find your rooms and get yourselves situated. I'll order some takeout. Afterwards it's off to bed as we have to get up early especially you Mephisto, your a teacher now, sorta, you can't afford to be late."


That's one part of my headache gone but I know things are just gonna get worse especially with him here.

"Why do we have to be up so early. I'm dead tired. Couldn't we've just slept in. It's our first day and there's hundreds of students, it wouldn't matter if we were an hour or too late.

"See this is exactly why I ordered we be early. Quit whining Mephisto you're a teacher now. I had to make everyone get up early including myself knowing exactly what type of person you are. Showing up last minute is your caliber."

Grumbling along everyone just continued our trek towards the school. I saw the gates and as I was about to step through I find my path blocked with a sword pointed at my neck. "Guess subtlety is out of the question. You should know it's not nice to point weapons at me." I click my fingers and each of the Gremory team find themselves surrounded by sharp points. Knowing something like this might happen I ordered not to go full weapon form and go into intimidation mode.

I transform my arm into a blade as I feel an overhead strike coming. "Mephisto you're officially the worst peerage member ever. You didn't even move an inch as usual. I'm surprised that the Grigori kept you around this long with that laziness streak of yours." As I turn my head to look at him three demonic golemns appear and subdue the other members of the Sitri group who were about to attack. "I stand corrected."

"Right then. Gremory, Sitri I propose a little chat between kings. Don't worry I won't try anything. You've already seen that both of your peerages are no match for mine. Of course with Gremory that was expected but I expected so much more from you So-tan."

I hear a shocked gasp from her while I hear Mephisto not even trying to stifle a laugh at that nickname.

It took a while for recognition to cross her face. "Rias this boy, he's Issei Phoenix. Youngest son of the Phoenix clan and apprentice to the Maou Beelzebub."

"Yo." I slackingly say and click my fingers again giving the signal to release the peerages. "You know I was going easy on the both of you by just striking the swordsman in front of my who from my research I'm going to guess is named Kiba Yuuto and causing him to crash into about half of them and used precision attacks to take care of the others without too much effort but as a favor to a friend specifically Serafall I held back. You lot report to the principal and get whatever you need. Asuna take care of my part for me."

"Issei, are you sure you won't need me to sit in on this meeting?"

"Nope I'll be fine. Sona I suggest we head to your office as in about twenty minutes the students will start trickling in and precisely five minutes after that the perverted trio of this school will be stalking outside of your club room window and as you can imagine I don't want to be overheard."

"O-o-o of course." Said a stuttering Sona clearly flustered by how easily I beat the both of them and their peerages. I literally beat them by just standing there twiddling my thumbs.

With that we headed off to the Student Council Club Room with a worried Sona and a fuming Rias.

Student Council Room

"Keep your queens outside. No offence but I just don't trust having them in the room. Trust issues but you can't blame me growing up with an idiot like my older brother. Wait a second, what was the name of your stalker again? Saji Genshirou I think, I'm gonna have to ask politely to leave. I'm about to have an important discussion with your king."

"No way. Who the hell are you to just come barging in here and give me orders. I might not know who you are or what business you have with my king but aargh."

"You're misbehaving again Saji. For your information this young man is my guest. He's also a king from the house of Phoenix younger brother of the fiance of Rias. Leave now and stop embarrassing me or I'll punish you later."

With a sharp glare at me he left. As he was reaching for the door I grabbed his arm. "Down Dragon or I'll put you down."

With a confused look he left the room.

"Why is it that every member of your household is an expert at pissing people off." Growled an angry Rias. "Like Saji said all you've done since you got here is piss everyone off. I don't care who you are all I want to know is why you're here.

"That's precisely why I called this meeting. I've been sent here by my parents the Lord and Lady Phoenix and they have ordered me to watch over the soon to be bride of my older brother while my base in Shikoku is being built. I also peerage member hunting. This town is a hot spot for the supernatural."

"Anyways the reason I'm here is to tell the both of you to stay out of my way. Interfere with what I'm doing at all and I will use my authority in the underworld to end you. If you don't believe me ask yourself this, how did I stop that sword slash from touching me and not even get a scratch. Other than that I don't want any trouble. I'm just tryna have a normal time while I'm at this school. But if you're really concerned I'd have at least four people monitoring Mephisto at all times. He's not a threat to anyone, for now at least, but he wanders off a lot. Like a lot. In fact I'll be surprised if he actually shows up at the principal's office this week. Point is don't interfere and if I catch a scent of your familiars near me in a stalking fashion then you'll pay. Same goes for peerage members."

After seeing the scared stiff looks on their faces and seeing that first bell would be in 15 minutes and knowing it'd take me 20 to find Mephisto as I sense he's left the premises I bow in a mocking fashion and leave.

If there's one thing I'm good at even more than science and magic it's causing chaos wherever I go.

I love my life.

Current Peerage:

King: Issei

Queen: Asuna

Knight: Mephisto

Knight: N/A

Rook: Maka

Rook: Tsugumi

Bishop: Ravel

Bishop: Death the Kid

Pawns: N/A

Supporters: Soul, Liz, Patty