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Dance with the Shikoku Yokai

"It's been a week since we entered the school and already I miss my old job. My HQ is still being built and until then I'm stuck here undercover and I can't even use my title to intimidate the Gremory group since outside of the Maous no one is aware of it. When it becomes known it'll bring me a lot of prestige. But I can't help but feel I'm forgetting something.

"Big brother you're spacing out again. Did you forget that we have a meeting with the Shikoku Yokai leader."

"I groan as I realize that it was indeed what I'd forgotten. I'm not ashamed to admit it but it was an intentional forgetfulness.

"Right I have a meeting with Danuki today. Do I really have to go though? It won't be months before we'll even be able to glance at our base so why are we having a meeting about it now?"

"That is precisely why I scheduled it not big brother. Your reputation for being lazier than Falbium precedes you in most of the factions so in order to get things straight and set up with a potential ally this is very important. Besides if I didn't do this it'll have been at the minimum a century before you scheduled it.

She's right but she doesn't have to point it out.

"I wouldn't look so smug if I were you, find Asuna and tell her that both of you are coming with me to that meeting. As my second and my manager both of you have a duty to be there in such an important meeting. Hopefully today will be very fortuitous. You know why I need this meeting to go well. Us being stationed in Shikoku is no mere coincidence. This is to fix the rift between devils and yokai caused by the Neko purge. I don't expect to gather many followers but if and that's a big if, we'll make history with a move as big as this one."

"Yes brother."

"I wasn't joking. She's right when I said that I was dreading this meeting but that's because this meeting isn't about discussions and she knows that, this meeting will take about five minutes, ten at max. This isn't much in the way of peace talks but more prisoner transfer. Just as I've been tasked with watching over Mephisto I've also been tasked to handle some of the former members of Hagoromo Gitsune's group. Their current leader specifically Kyokotsu. She said that she was only observing before joining but there is no decision.

"Just once I'd like to be involved with something that won't cause me a mass headache. At least I'm getting a pawn out of this."

"What's taking that brat so long. I'd heard tales of his slacker lifestyle but this is ridiculous doesn't he realize how important this transfer is?"

"Calm down my son he'll be here soon. Don't forget you have a big part in this as well. Remember this is your punishment as well as hers for all the damage you've both caused."

"I know that. Stupid monkey."

"Now, now Tamazusa that's no way to address your father. Show him some respect." I say as I appear from my hiding place. I'd shown up ten minutes ago but decided to test his patience and see how long it'd last. "Alright Danuki I'm here let's get this transfer over with before the idiotic heiresses realize my absence from Kuoh. Hand over the prisoner. So I can leave."

"Master don't be so rude. I'm sorry Lord Danuki please forgive his rudeness."

"It's no problem Asuna, I'm well aware of the way young Issei works. But there's something I need to bring to the attention of each of you that I did not mention before. Today more than one prisoner will be transferred today. Not only will Kyokotsu but also my son Tamazusa as punishment for his transgressions against the Nura clan."

"There were two loud gasps of surprise from both Asuna and Ravel. I'm not that shocked as I half expected something like this to happen. "If you were planning to catch me off guard Danuki then you're sorely mistaken. I saw this coming from a mile away. Prisoners Kyokotsu and Tamazusa from this point on you both work for me. Since I want this done quickly I'll do this now. Kyokotsu and Tamazusa I summon these pieces and command you, from this point on you work and live for me. Now rise and join me as my knight and pawn."

"The pieces flew at them with such speed and force that it knocked them both on their butts. "Well that's over with. Anything else Danuki?"

"Wow you sure are blunt. No not really, just a warning to keep your eye out for a while. Things are starting to get heated up and with your impending move/takeover I fear you'll be heavily targeted my friend."

"There's nothing to worry about. If anyone comes after me I'll take them down just like I always do. As the future Reaper it's my duty to police the supernatural world. Get up you two and get ready for transportation."

"Groaning they head towards the circle Ravel prepared and we head back to our temporary base.

"Here's a sentence I never thought I'd say, 'I can't wait to go back to school on monday.'

"We land in the middle of the living room with the rest of the peerage there waiting for us. I'm guessing Ravel left a message telling them about the goal of the meeting and had them waiting in the living room for our return so they can meet their new peerage members. "Nice to see I won't have to do this more than once. Everyone these are our new members Tamazusa but he prefers to be called Tamazuki so call him whatever, and Kyokotsu. Show them the ropes and let them know their responsibilities as our newest Pawn and Knight."

With that I walked upstairs to let them get acquainted with everyone although knowing how the two of them acts I bet that by the end of the day I'm going to need a new living room.

"I open a magic circle on my palm as I call my teacher. "Yo Issei what's up? Need something?"

"You always assume that. But you're right I do. The transfer went as expected so I need suppressors set for yokai. Since we'll be heavily interacting with humans I need them to hold them back as even with magic without those suppressors they'll most likely end up annihilating the entire continent."

"You're so needy, you know that. But as you said I already expected you to call me with something like this so I already starting preparing something like this. They should be ready monday morning. Please be careful with these two, things will catch up soon, chaos will soon follow you wherever you go when word of your title gets out. Be careful after working together with you for so long you mean a lot to me you brat so don't go dying on me."

"Don't plan to master. See you when I do. I better get down there before they destroy the foyer. Laters. It's only gonna get worse from here I can feel it."

"With that I cut the connection as I hear a mini explosion. I sigh heavily. "It's a good thing I soundproofed the entire building."

"Do we really have to go to school with a bunch of puny humans? Lady Gitsune would never force me to go to a damn human school."

"That's why you're wearing that bracelet Kyokotsu, this is part of both of your punishments. Don't forget you work for me now and no one else. Besides I know of a way for you to have fun. Messing around with the shitty ruler of this territory. Gremory heiress. Besides if you stir up trouble at all I'll take that skull and smash it and have your snakes devour you whole."

It's a bit harsh but completely necessary as she's been doing this for three days and it's getting on my nerves. I already showed my strength to the both of them as they challenged me to a two against one duel.

"Hey look its the new kids."
"Yeah its those students who challenged the student council."
"Who're those two with them? Are they new students as well?"
"Damn another guy to steal away the girls from us."
"Damn you pretty boys go to hell."

I smirk at that as technically speaking we're actually from hell.

"Such impetuous humans. Can't they act civilized?"

"Just ignore those morons. I'll admit that I wouldn't get mad if you hurt some of them just don't kill anyone, but only if provoked. Although baldy and glasses over there are free game."

The two grew devilish smirks at that notion. I almost felt pity for the poor fools. I glance as I sense eyes on us. I smirk again as I see Sona and a fuming Saji watching us from the gates but keeping their distance knowing not to get too close.

"Kyokotsu do you see the stupid blonde over in the entrance? I want you to keep an eye on him. He's got Virtra inside him and I want him monitored. I can sense that's he's become more aware of the gear after our recent confrontation but if not properly watched he'll be a huge problem for us. Ravel send a message to both parties and set up a meeting for later today. I thinks it'll be a good chance to show off our newest members. Also of note I sense that the Red Dragon has awakened. It seems like it'd be rude not to say hello. Besides brother is supposed to swing by today so that'll make it even more fun."

Everyone gained a bit of a concerned look as they knew things would get violent. The two yokai may have done extremely bad things but after showing my true nature to them they don't know what to think about me, which is good because if I became predictable then things wouldn't be any fun.

It was after school and all was quiet in the O.R.C. Clubroom as a fuming heiress and team along with Sona, Saji, and her Queen were waiting for the arrival of her latest pawn and knight as well as Issei who had summoned them their for a pre meeting before the actual meeting begins.

"Where is that damn bastard. I can't believe that he keeps doing shit like this. Bossing us around as if he owns this place. Who does he think he is? I swear when he gets here I'll show him who's really in charge."

"I'll help you with that Buchou, that bastard is so arrogant and needs to be knocked down several pegs. So what if he's a king, he's nothing more than another weak devil especially after what I did to him earlier. Using my Sacred Gear I've been slowly absorbing his power. With all the time that's passed he'll be powerless. Ow. Kaichou why'd you hit me?" Saji groaned as after he finished his little tirade Sona having had enough of this ridiculousness punched him hard in the head slamming him into the ground.

"You were being stupid. Your plan clearly didn't work and when he gets here he might nearly kill you. I won't be saving you from your punishment but I can promise that there's a ten percent chance you'll survive. If you do there's your punishment from me afterwards." Sona got a sadistic gleam in her eyes that had Saji backing away in fear and crying in the corner. "As for you Rias stop your whining. It's not proper for someone of your station to be doing such a thing, even if it is already too late for you to save any face."

"Hear, hear my dear. You're absolutely right about this ape although there's no point in lecturing her seeing as she's already too far gone for it to do any good." Appearing from the shadows smirkingly at the too heiresses. "Now then where are your servants the main reason I requested this meeting is because I sensed that you'd sunk your claws into this generation's Red Dragon Emperor." She gasped at that information and as usual jumping to the wrong conclusions.

"Were you spying on me you damn YAKITORI." She screamed as the door opened and in walked to my surprise baldy. I think his name was Matsuda.

"Buchou what's this damn pretty boy doing here? Is he bothering you? I'll kill him." As usual giving me a death threat the second he enters the room.

"Wow spectacular both of you. As an old dog once said ' once again you've put your keen and penetrating mind to the task and as usual come to the wrong conclusion.' Oh yeah that reminds me. Ain't this yours." I tug my arm roughly and flying at me comes the idiot Saji. His gear didn't effect me at all but I kept the connection on for this very reason. When he was an inch away I kicked him in the face and launched him out of the window. "Damn idiot for trying to use his gear on me. Oh yeah Matsuda I'd start running if I were you. Just so you know I'm not a lowly servant like you. I'm a pureblooded son of the Phoenix household. Each of the new transfer students are members of my peerage. Speaking of I'd start running. Two of them are very powerful yokai and while you weren't looking one used her powers on you."

Before he could say anything in retaliation he suddenly found himself unable to breathe and on the ground gasping for air as Kyokotsu was standing at the window next to the Saji shaped hole holding her skull and using it to strangle him. "Be grateful lowly perverted human that my new master has forbidden me from killing you. You won't die but you'll wish you will."

"Charming as always. Everyone this is Kyokotsu of the Kyoto Yokai who played a large part in the takeover attempt. Across from her is Tamazusa heir of the Shikoku yokai who after a transgression with a certain Nurarihyon now work for me. Now then no more violence let's all relax as we wait for my brother and this mysterious mediator to appear."

Growling and glaring they begrudgedly agreed while Matsuda passed out.

10 minutes later we were all drinking tea with Matsuda still unconscious and Saji having returned from a temporary dirt nap. We were getting sick of waiting when a circle appeared and out popped "You're five minutes late Bakaser. What took so long?"

"The final talks just ended and I was finishing up something. Also HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT! Oh and also the mediator will be here soon, her master had a last minute errand for her." With that we waited once more with an annoyed Gremory trying to fend off an advancing Riser who kept putting his hand on her leg.

"I can finally breathe again. HUH! Buchou who is this sleaze ball?" A finally conscious but groggy Matsuda asked enraged by what he saw.

"He is Lord Riser of the Phoenix clan. Older brother of Lord and Lady Issei and Ravel. Sorry for my lateness." Out popped a gray haired woman with a french maid outfit.

"Grayfia I didn't expect you here. Guess that siscon of a Maou didn't think his sister would be safe with both me and Riser here so he sent his wife A.K.A. the Strongest Queen to guard her. I guess this means the final phase has been initiated."

Resisting the urge to scowl at me she dutifully answered. "Yes it has been decided. Since Rias won't stop fighting it has been decided that her fate will be sealed with a Rating Game. Do both parties agree to this term." After getting a nod from both of them she turned to me. "As her watcher do you think she's ready for this?"

Before she could protest that I had no say in this I replied "Nope. Excluding the perverted dragon choking on the floor," during the commotion Kyokotsu had resumed his torture "her peerage is still too weak and have no real battle experience. Give me ten days starting tomorrow to train them and on the eleventh day we'll have a fight. Anticipating this I invited some of my friends from the other factions to tag along and watch as well as a guest from another dimension since he won't leave me alone. They need this as they're so weak even Tsugumi can take them all on and she doesn't even have a blade yet."

"I don't need your help or your handicap I can take you on myself BOOSTED GEAR." Finally growing a pair he got up and tried to sound convincing. Although he was voicing they're teams thoughts we all knew they'd be instantly annihilated without my help.

"You're so pathetic. You are the weakest link and you'll just drag everyone down since a team is only as strong as its weakest link. And besides I have a full peerage and you don't." He snapped his fingers and out popped 15 girls to the surprise of no one who's ever met him. "Uh why is he crying?"

"The perv is obsessed with having a harem just ignore him." Truth to the matter he was in the fetal position behind the couch.

"Hah. You'll never have what I do." I put up a barrier just in time. "That's enough Bakaser no one wants to see that. The terms have been set and we're all in agreement the match shall begin in twelve days time see you down." With a nod both he and his team along with Grayfia left.

"Alright then that settles things. Be prepared for the next ten days of hell. Good luck hope you survive the experience."

With that leaving hopeless looks of despair we flashed out.

This'll be fun.

Current Peerage:
King: Issei
Queen: Asuna
Knight: Mephisto
Knight: Tamazusa
Rook: Maka
Rook: Tsugumi
Bishop: Ravel
Bishop: Death the Kid
3 Pawn: Kyokotsu

Supporters: Soul, Liz, Patty