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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you're enjoying the magic of the season.

Before you begin reading this Christmas post, I thought it's best I explain a few things. This story is dedicated to my two wonderful Betas: Sakura's Unicorn and wingedmercury. It's a writing experiment I've never tried before using given prompts and an insanely narrow time line in the busiest time of year. Sakura's Unicorn invited me to give it a try, and on a whim, I decided to challenge myself and give it a shot. wingedmercury has invited me to try NaWriMo each year, but I've always had to decline. Here's my version of DeWriMo (December writing month). Surprise you two! This story is based off of prompts from WritingUnicorn's Christmas challenge on Word Press. I invite others to challenge themselves too and join in on the fun. This story won't be intricate or long, but it will involve some serious thought since I'll have to tie together prompts that aren't my own. Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to all those who finished taking the SAT this year. Whew! I feel like taking on this writing challenge will be like taking one of those timed tests!

Now onto the first chapter…


He felt it like an omen. The way little Sarada scrunched her face, it was the predecessor to...

Oh no. No. No. NO.

Yep. And then it happened. The leak. All over his shirt. The stench already penetrated the air around him and the goo was seeping onto his skin.

Yuck. Baby poo was the worst. It was barely contained in his improvised diaper, but not for long. He would never admit to it, but Sakura was right. They DID need to stop in that last town. This would have never happened had he just listened. Sasuke had thought it was ridiculous to stop for supplies when they were traveling at such a spectacular pace, but alas, now of all times, he was suffering for it.

A few expletives were at the tip of his tongue but when little Sarada wiggled and scrunched up her face showing her discomfort, he paled. She was ready to wail, and give away the fact that he, Uchiha Sasuke, had made a little mistake. A stupid mistake! And that was absolutely unacceptable. An Uchiha did not make little mistakes. Big ones, sure, but not little idiotic ones of this nature. He was sure if Sakura ever found out, he would never live this down.

"Sarada," he said seriously, and she was distracted by his voice. "Be a good girl for Papa," he told her. "Just hold it together for two more seconds."

Sarada paused as if to consider, and Sasuke disappeared in a heartbeat with her before she could cry out her unhappiness. There wasn't time to leave word of their absence with his wife, but he vowed to be quick. A hurried wash up and a fresh diaper. Yep. He'd be back in the blink of an eye and Sakura would never even know anything was amiss.

Author's note:

On this special day, I hope to encourage each of you to do something nice for someone you love, take the time to review, and/or just share a smile. Let's all join together to make this a wonderful season to remember.