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How was your Christmas? I hope it shaped up to be all you'd hoped. Here's day 2 of the Christmas surprise story...


It was hard to believe, but Uchiha Sasuke was in luck. In this dinky town Sakura suddenly detoured to, he had thought he'd spotted a small store nearby, and Sasuke was right. In a heartbeat, he stood before it's door trying to rock a disgruntled Sarada in her baby sling to quiet her down, just long enough, so he could make a quick purchase and resolve their current problem.

Unfortunately, while there, Sasuke discovered some bad news. Sakura had his wallet in her possession, which of course had all of their money. His wife had run off, determined to get the supplies they needed, and had demanded Sasuke watch Sarada for the short stint she would be gone, before he could answer.

Great. Just great. Now what?

Sasuke eventually wandered into the store and began pacing the aisle, debating what to do, until...

"'scuse me, Sir. 'Scuse me," a little girl tapped on his leg.

Looking around, no other adult could be seen in the vicinity. The adorable little girl couldn't be older than two, perhaps three years old at most. Sasuke knew he had a gushy problem on his hands that was now soaking into his shirt, and a child ready to wail again, but as a new dad, he couldn't just ignore the little toddler standing before him.

"Are you lost?" he asked her in his least scary voice, though he'd admit his patience was being tested.

"Nuh uh," The little girl replied, seemingly unaffected she was facing the infamous Uchiha.

"Where's your Mommy?" he asked but only received a puzzled look in return.

"Did you know your baby made a boo boo?" the little one asked.

Fantastic. Even a toddler could tell what mess he got himself into. He wanted to facepalm but instead he took her little hand and made his way to the front of the store in hopes of quickly finding her mother and hurrying off to figure out what he would do about the leaky diaper and his ruined and now stinky shirt.

"Do you see your Mommy anywhere?" he asked the little girl, but she shook her head.

"Ka-san?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied.

"No. She no here," she told him.

Just when Sasuke was going to question her, a little old lady came shuffling down the aisle toward them.

"Oh my goodness Kaori!" she chastised. "You gave me a scare. I was frantic when I turned around and couldn't find you."

"It okay Ba-chan. I was with this nice man with da baby. See?"

Kaori's grandmother turned toward Sasuke. "Thank you for watching her kind Sir. I got busy sorting the shipment for our store in the back, and before I realized it, Kaori was gone."

Sasuke nodded then paled as he felt something further ooze onto his stomach and Sarada started to cry. Gads this was bad.

"Oh dear. It looks like you have a little problem on your hands," the grandmother supplied, restating the obvious.

"Here. Let me help," she offered.

Normally, Sasuke was dead set on doing things by himself and refused to ever ask for assistance, but as the goo continued to ooze, he admitted this was a predicament he'd rather take care of immediately. In addition, to save face in front of Sakura, he agreed with himself he would relent this once.

"It looks like your little one needs a new diaper and outfit," the elderly lady said, looking at the miserable Sarada. "Wait a minute," she told Sasuke. "I believe I have just what you need. Now don't move. I'll be right back."

Before he could refuse, the little old lady returned with a new little onesie, a fresh diaper, wipes, and a plastic bag.

"There's a bathroom in the back," she instructed Sasuke. "Please, go and make use of it. It's the least I can do to thank you for standing in and watching Kaori."

Sasuke hesitated, but after assessing his options, he nodded his assent and quickly took Sarada with him. Removing Sarada's soiled makeshift diaper and disposing of it in the empty bag, he worked to remove her outfit, wipe her down, and get her back into the fresh new diaper and outfit. Quickly, Sasuke cleaned off the messes on his shirt and the sling to the best of his ability, and wiped himself down. Unfortunately, there was only so much he could do to clean up the poopie mess. With that, a worry came to mind. Would Sakura notice? Since he was able to give things a pretty good rinse, he hoped not.

When he exited the room, the older woman shook her head as she tsked him.

"Oh dear. This accident was bigger than I thought," she told him. "Please," she requested. "Allow me help you with these," she pointed to his shirt, Sarada's soiled outift, and his dirty sling. "We live in the unit above this store and I was just about to do laundry. I promise, a quick scrub by hand, and an express dry cycle, and you'll be good as new."

Sasuke took a moment to contemplate. He could leave now and return without his wife having known he left, but Sakura would surely question the stains on the items and then he's have to admit to his mistake. On the flip side, maybe he could stall, get things back to the way they were, and return before his wife would ever know. There was an off chance of being caught, but Sasuke decided it was worth the risk. With a nod, the raven haired man gestured for the woman to follow him into the outside alley, removed his shirt, gave her the soiled items, and told the old lady he'd wait there on the side of her shop. It was out in the open, but at least it was a little more obscure than waiting inside her shop, and certainly his best option to avoid a gathering of fangirls while he rocked little Sarada to sleep.

Wow, see what happens when Sasuke helps a little girl? Funny how things can change when you do good.