Haruhi one more final (I need you)

"Why? Why are we still here? Just to suffer?" pondered Mikyon, Squirming on her bed .

"Are you sure that I exist?" came a deadpan voice from behind Mikyon.

"Am I not merely the Yuki that exists inside your mind?"

"Then am I not the Kyon that exists inside yours?"

"No, because this part made no sense and you know it."


"Sorry, you're fired. Release the story now and axe the ending" Came a voice from on high.

As Kyon lay face up on the bloody ground. He saw a overly large face appear in the sky, It was bearded, and wore a pair of rectangular glasses.


"Come my son, we must leave, to where we are needed most."

But before Anno could explain what he meant, he suddenly melted away with the rest of the surroundings as Mikyon found herself surrounded by all her friends.

"Congratulations." Said Haruhi.

"Congratulations." Said Mikuyu.

"Congratulations." Said Yuki.

"Congratulations." Said Koizumi.

"Congratulations." Said Kyon's sister, still dead.

"Congratulations." Said Rei.

"Congratulations." Said that one Butler from the murder mystery plot line.

"That's stupid, You're stupid, Anime's stupid fuck you." You angrily screamed. After realising that you just spent a part of your life reading this piece of shit

"Dear reader." A voice called out from above. "I will reset the universe to where it belongs." This voice belonged to Haruhi, as she BUSTED DOWN THE DOOR, "HERE'S YOUR MAIN WAIFU BICH" HARUHI HOLLERED JUMPING A METER INTO THE AIR, STRAIGHT THROUGH THE CEILING AND CAME BACK TO LAND KYON IN A PERFECT PILEDRIVER just as Kyon was using Haruhi's used underwear in a way that's too inappropriate to be described on . Not even with a M rating, that's how fucked up it was.

"I'm so fucked up." Kyon said as he looked at the yogurt on his hand.