Hello! Before we begin our journey, I would like to clarify a few things:

This is an adventure fanfic and makes up its own arc

Ships include: Nalu, Gale, Zerza (later on), Gruvia, and Zervis

I aim to make this a long fanfic, so about 30-40 chappies

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Full summary:

Fairytail is invited to spend a month on an island retreat, however things don't go as planned when a certain black wizard happens to show up. Sent into an unknown dream like world, will they make it out alive? An epic adventure that will test the boundaries of friendships and loyalty, they might not make it out in the condition they entered…

Chapter 1: Is that food in which I see before me?

"Now remember, all the strawberries-omph"

"Incoming! "

"Erza look... out."

"What you say flame brain? "

From where Levy was standing, the holiday had quite literally started off with a bang. "Classic Gray and Natsu, " she said offering her hand to the fallen Erza, only to retrieve it at the look on her face.

"They.. Destroyed.. Most delicious-Natsu! " Erza screeched waving her arms and shaking her fists In vengeance. Levy backed off, wanting to keep all her body parts intact. In the distance, she could just make out Wendy and Lucy squealing and dancing away in horror as the boys (Natsu and Gray) splashed them with the icy sea water. She sighed contentedly and closed her eyes, feeling the suns warm rays on her bikini-clad body.

Somewhere behind her, Jet and Droy where arguing over who would get to rub sun tan lotion on Levy's back."Im the obvious choice "

"No I am"

Their squabbling made Levy giggle, because little did they know, a certain Iron Dragon slayer had already beat them to it.

Squinting around, she looked for Gajeel, wondering why he wasn't with Lily. As she approached the little black exceed, she stopped and stared. Her mouth dropped open in shock. "Why hello there Levy" Carla greeted, somehow managing to maintain her dignity in the get-up she was wearing. After a moments pause, Levy could hold it no more. She burst out laughing, because oh my, Happy, Carla and Lily looked like fashion scooba-diving dolls, as each exceed was wearing bright yellow flippers, neon coloured swimming trunks (in Carla's case swimming tutu) and blue snorkels, which indecently, were bigger than them!

Stumbling away with the three exceeds staring at her in confusion, Levy gave up the look for Gajeel and made a beeline for the coast souvenir shop, (Which happened to sell books) pausing only to put a sudden, unexpected end to Lucy's and Wendy's water-fight, by grabbing their hands and pulling them along in tow.

Glancing up at Levy's still smiling face, Wendy looked around for the source of her amusement, only to find the retreating backs of 3 slightly put out exceeds. She giggled and squeezed Levy's hand.

Upon arrival to the shop (if you could even call it that), Lucy, Levy and Wendy made their way inside.

The tinkling of a clam shell bell, greeted the three friends with a welcoming sound, notifying the shopkeeper of potential customers.

Swimming costumes and trunks of all shapes, sizes and colours filled the racks in the far corners of the little coastal shop, whilst surfboards and blow up water accessories lined the wall nearest to the door. Turn tables displaying collectable shells and magnets dotted the shop floor, however it was what was displayed in the centre of the shop that stole the girls attention.

Natsu and Grey came racing through the shop entrance only to faceplate into Lucy and Levy's back, causing all four to topple over and become an entanglement of legs, arms and heads.

Wendy on the other hand had gone further in the shop to admire the shells, and therefore managed to escape the pile up.

"NATSU! YOUR DEAD MEAT" came an outraged yell from somewhere underneath Natsu's bottom.

"Oops, sorry Luce, didn't see you there".


Lucy had somehow managed to partially disentangle herself, and was now sitting with her but on the floor, hands on the floor behind her and her legs sprawled awkwardly over Natsu's shoulder. Levy on the other hand was slightly more fortunate than Lucy and had somehow landed on top of whole thing, sitting rather comfortably on Gray's face, much to the on-looking Juvia's jealously.

"Wow, is that food?" asked Gray dusting himself off, only slightly red faced.

"We came to see where you, shortie, and pip-squeak ran off two, and now we find out that you've been hogging all the food!"

Still seething from Natsu's comment ten minutes earlier, Lucy sighed as she observed the view before her. Natsu, Gray and Happy were rolling around the floor with hugely swollen bellies and a look on their faces which clearly said 'yes. I ate all that, and I enjoyed every crumb'.

Levy, Wendy, Lily, Carla, Gajeel and Juvia (who all had the sense not to stuff themselves silly), just perched on the bar stools surrounding the table in the middle of the shop, observing the scene before them.

"Err, guys? Did any of you idiots perhaps consider that this food was not intended for our consumption?"

"Lighten up Luce" Natsu managed to say around the huge drumstick he was currently mauling.

After reaching the conclusion that this was a private island and that the food obviously was not meant for the turtles and dolphins, Lucy tucked in and was soon laughing and eating along with the rest of her family.

Which is a shame, because if she hadn't, and had not eaten the food, she just might have noticed the faint whiff of sleeping magic that tainted the otherwise sweet aroma of the food.

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