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Third person POV

"Why won't my magic work"! Lucy growled in frustration. They were standing ankle deep in a small turquoise pool, birds chirped happily, oblivious to the blonde's growing agitation. "Open gate of the Canis Minor, Nikola!" She once again felt the small tell tale pull in her magic that signalled the opening of a gate, and looked around expectantly. "Maybe it's a delayed effect of almost drowning?" Levy suggested timidly.. "although, it hasn't happened before... " Lucy sunk to her knees in despair, barely noticing her now soaked lower half.

"Why is my magic playing up, I know I'm not the strongest of all of you, but I can summon my own spirits!"

"Perhaps, you are summoning them" Levy's face lit up. "Perhaps they're simply appearing in the wrong place, you said you could still feel their magic draining as they passed through the gate right? So what if they are crossing over, they're just appearing elsewhere!" Lucy looked hopeful, "yeah... maybe.. "

"I'm going to go to the little bookstore on the corner of the resort and see if there's any reported interference with communications- " Lucy looked up suddenly, "what resort"? Levy back peddled looking confused.

"I dunno, it felt natural, like we've been there recently, or something, I'm not sure."

Lucy stood up to join Levy, "No, no, no, I remember too! A cosy looking store on the corner, but where was it?" Frustrated, she paused, looking at her friend for support.

"I'm not sure Lucy, I don't know what's happening, I'm worried"

Natsu's POV

I was about to dive head first and rugby tackle Luce, and demand to know what's wrong, but just as I tensed to spring, I felt Gajeel's presence behind me, and his hand wrapped in Igneel's scarf, stopping me from launching forward. "Perhaps if you listened, you might find out more info".

I relaxed and pricked my ears, straining to hear the two girls.

"Why won't my magic work?"

"perhaps it's a delayed effect of almost drowning?"

Erza barreled into the back if us, and we launched forward, making the bushes tremble and rustle. Luckily the girls remained oblivious, and we were able to continue eavesdropping.

"I'm going to go to the little bookstore on the corner of the resort and see if there's any reported interference with communications"

The three of us pulled back and exchanged glances, Erza raised her eyebrows, before a look of confusion dominated her face.

"little bookstore.. Resort?!" she muttered quietly. Lucy looked just as confused from Natsu's perspective in the bushes, "what resort?" From beside him, Gajeel gasped suddenly and Erza clamped her hand over his mouth. No one moved. Much to everyone's surprise, the girls still remained oblivious of the spectators not even 3 foot away.

"mmmggnngg I remmmenberr de sshhop I sgwear" Gajeel managed to crudely mumble despite still having Erza hand stuck over his face. As if remembering the location of her hand, Erza hastily removed it and looked at it in disgust. The onlookers group was brought back to attention by Levy's next sentence; "I'm scared".

"Naaatttsuuuu where did you run off toooo?" A loud wailing made everyone freeze. Including the girls. "Hey Natsu, why you all hiding in a bush? Where you hiding from me? " suddenly the branches behind the group were pulled back, exposing a sobbing blue cat. "Natsuuu, you all left meee"! Natsu hurriedly drew his hands along his throat in a desperate manner, his eyes thrown wide. Happy, being as dramatic as always, took it the wrong way, and that started off another batch of very loud, fake, tearless wails. As if that wasn't enough, Erza picked that precise moment to sneeze. Loudly. Very loudly. They were caught. He knew it, Gajeel knew it, Erza, who was currently trying to prevent another sneeze, knew it. So it came as no surprise when the branches in front of the group where pulled back to reveal two very angry girls.

"Well, what do we have here then? "


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