Perry cut through the alleyways; it was a shortcut back to the Flynn-Fletcher household.

"Well, hello, there."

Perry skidded to a stop as the tall, blue-skinned alien looked him in the eyes.

He loaded a gun:


...But Agent P managed to dodge in time when he shot it.

"Blast. Going to put up a fight, are you? Fine. Even if I can't get paid to catch that 'Mitch', I may as well get something from my little out-of-the-galaxy trip."

Agent P was confused. Did this alien think he was Mitch? He shook his head; it didn't matter: he needed to take this freak down before he hurt anyone!


Luckily, that blast the alien made against the trash can caused the lid to fall right into his paws.


Who knew a garbage can lid would actually make a decent shield against a laser gun?


What he wasn't prepared for, however, was a shot that knocked an empty can onto him, trapping him inside, and leaving his precious hat, out of reach.

"Finally." Satisfied, the alien threw his own hat aside, taking the animal agent's hat into his hands instead. "Cad Bane always gets his man. And his hat! Nrgh!" He struggled to put it on his head. "Ngh!" Trying again, he realized the hat only covered a portion of his head. "...Are you kidding me...? IT'S TOO SMALL!"

BANG! Perry busted free from the garbage can.


"What? But, how did you-" Cad Bane didn't have time to finish his question as he was met with a webbed foot to the face.

Catching his hat, Perry threw it at the bounty hunter, effectively destroying his gun, and all the other guns, bombs, and various weapons he had on him. The explosion was so big, it sent the Duros flying outside of the fanfic! Yep, that's right. Explosions can be so big, it can force a character out of a story. Literally.

With his hat landing back on his head, Perry walked away from the whole thing, like a boss.

"But, but Mom!" Candace protested. "Phineas and Ferb were making a crossover fanfic! It was right here!"

"I'm sure it was, honey. Who wants snacks?"

The usual group of kids followed Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher back into the house.

Perry chittered in greeting at Candace, his secret agent hat safely out of sight.

The redhead sighed unenthusiastically. "There you are, Perry."