I ditched the old idea that Servants had to relate to Ruby, and instead went with whatever I felt like.

I'd like to note that Ruby never kicks the henchman out the window, so the entire fight is indoors instead.

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The wagon clicked and clanked along as Yang pulled it through the woods. Ruby slept soundly in the wagon, bundled up in her blanket and snoozing away quietly.

'Don't worry, Ruby. We're almost there.'

Yang stumbled over a tree root, exhaustion having taken its toll. How she wished she had left Ruby back home!

No, that was a lie. Seeing Ruby's face was enough to propel Yang to go just a little bit farther. Ruby reminded her of who else she was doing this for. She had no idea if she would have been able to come all this way without her.

'Almost there. Almost there.'

Why did her mom have to be in a house so far away? Why had her mom left them in the first place? Why had her mom left her?

And why had her dad wait so long to tell her the truth? Couldn't he have told her from the beginning that Summer wasn't her mom? That Raven, her actual mom, had left?


The wagon was heavy. Raven was at this hut, right? She had to be. Yang had worked until her legs had hurt, and then beyond that, so Raven had to be there. She had to be.

And when Yang found her, she was going to make everything right. Dad would stop moping. Qrow would stop drinking and disappearing. Ruby would have a mom again.

She rounded a bend in the path, emerging from some trees. 'There it was!'

The hut was no more than a few yards away. Its wall leaned outward, as if straining to hold up the roof. The windows were destroyed, and there was no door at all, but it was the hut Yang had been searching for.

'I'm going to find mom, and everything will be alright.'

She was no more than a yard away from the front door when she heard the growling. The next thing she saw were the red eyes glaring out the doorway.

She ducked instinctively as a black shape flew above her. It turned and growled, standing on its hind legs like a human, but its features were wolf-like, and its red eyes glared at Yang.

She heard giggling, and was immediately reminded of Ruby. She looked down, only to see Ruby awake and pointing at the doorway, where a second wolf-human stood.

Yang swallowed. What had she gotten them into?

As Yang tried to back away with the wagon, two more wolves emerged from the trees. Surrounded on all sides and forced between fight and flight, Yang chose the obviously correct choice.

"I can take you!" she screamed, picking up a stick and brandishing it like a sword. "Stay away! The first one to come is shish-kabob!"

The wolves inched closer, paying no heed to her words. The first one that leaped at her, she smashed with the stick, which broke and failed to keep the wolf from bowling her over. It snarled at her, teeth inches away from her neck.

'I'm sorry, Ruby, for bringing you here to die.'

Suddenly, the head fell off, and Yang scrambled to her feet. She gasped. It was Uncle Qrow!

Qrow didn't look happy at all. He looked aghast. When Yang turned, she saw why.

One of the wolves had a crying bundle in between its teeth.

Qrow let out a cry that was half-despair, half-anger, and swung his sword, decapitating two wolves before dashing towards the last one. It growled, dropping its passenger, and took a swipe at Qrow, only to find the Huntsman to be much faster as the sword plowed through its abdomen.

Yang rushed over to the still-crying bundle that had landed face down and turned it over, only to gasp.

Instead of the face of her little sister, she was greeted by the sight of a helm. In fact, Ruby was covered in head to toe in metal armor.


The armored figure stopped crying and began giggling instead. She reached up to the confused Yang and poked her nose.



"Ah, hello, Miss Rose!" the shopkeeper greeted amiably, "Here to check out the magazines again?"

"You know it, old man!" Ruby laughed as she entered the shop. It was always the same - rows of Dust at the front, Dust crystals on display behind the counter, and magazines and other supplies at the back. The shop also featured a wide selection of Dust-powered tools as well. Ruby remembered buying an Electric Dust-powered egg beater a few weeks back.

"Youngsters these day, disrespecting the elders," the shopkeeper teased, "I don't understand why you're so interested in our weapons magazines though. Didn't you plan to become a doctor?"

"Checking weapon magazines is fun!" Ruby answered, "It's great to see what kinds of things people are cooking up now! Just the other day, the magazine was displaying a thermos-rocket launcher." That had ranked 4th on her "List of Weird Weapons," after the coffee-powered machine gun, the gun-shooting-gun, and the scissor-gun.

"Someday, someone's going to come up with a high-caliber sniper scythe," the shopkeeper laughed, "Anyways, I've got the shop to run. I'll be behind the counter if you need me, ok?"

"Gotcha, old man!" Ruby cheerfully strolled over to the magazine rack, pulling out her headphones as she did so.

'Why do you wear headphones when it's clear that my singing is better?' questioned a voice in Ruby's head.

'Actually, I think my singing is better, Lizzie!'

'You wanna challenge me, little squirrel?! Don't make me laugh!'

'Marie's music is good. Elizabeth's su-mmph!' said a third voice, having been muffled. Probably Paracelsus' doing.

'You're both good, Marie, Elizabeth. I just want to hear something different,' Ruby easily lied as she flicked through her music on her scroll.

'Elizabeth is tone-deaf,' mumbled the previous voice.

'Mordred!' screamed Elizabeth, 'Shut your mouth!'

'Go ahead and make me!' retorted Mordred.

'Ladies, can't we all just calm down?'

'Who are you calling a lady, Cu Chulainn?' threatened Mordred.

'Is there something you'd like to say to us?' followed Elizabeth in a sickeningly sweet tone. Cu Chulainn wisely didn't answer.

'Just keep it quiet up there.' Ruby sighed as she donned her headphones, 'I actually like this tune.' She tuned out the following argument as 'This Will be the Day' started playing. Sometimes, she hated her Semblance. It got annoyingly loud in her head at times, with eight inhabitants sharing the same space. Music just helped her ignore the yelling that went down at times.

And maybe Elizabeth could learn a thing or two about singing. Ruby would never say it to her face, but her singing was really bad.

Moments later, the bell dinged again as more people entered. Dressed in suits and most of them holding weapons, they approached the shopkeeper.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Dust shop open this late?" A well-dressed man in white and a bowler hat asked as one of his accomplices pointed their gun at the shopkeeper.

"P-please! Just take my lien and leave!"

"Shhh, shhh, shhh, shhh, calm down, we're not here for your lien." He turned to his minions. "Grab the Dust."

As they fanned out, one henchman noticed Ruby standing by the magazine stand. "Alright kid, put your hands where I can see 'em!" he called, pointing his gun at the oblivious teen.

A pause.

"Hey, I said hands in the air! You got a death wish or something!?" He approached Ruby. Roughly shoving her hood off, he pointed to his ear to indicate for her to take her headphones off.

As she turned, Ruby's mind immediately processed the entire situation. The shopkeeper was loading Dust crystals into a case. There were oddly dressed men, taking Dust everywhere, and the shopkeeper didn't seem intent on stopping them.

So this was a robbery.

She took her headphones off, buying time for her to think. "Yes?"

"I said, put your hands in the air, now!"

They could rob her, she reasoned. On one hand, she wanted to lay low and stay off the authorities' radar. On the other hand, she had just received her monthly allowance, and she really didn't want to part with it.

"Are you… robbing me?"

Looks like her mind was decided. Preserving her money came first. Money was first priority, especially since she wanted to buy the magazine in her hands really badly. And because she had a few books she wanted.

Definitely not because she had a cookie addiction that she had to sate. It was not as bad as Yang claimed it to be!

'Yes it is,' came the simultaneous monotone responses of multiple voices.

'Shut up.' Did Ruby ever mention how she hated her Semblance?

'Constantly,' came the reply once more.

Ruby ignored them.

"Yes-Argh! My face!" he cried as Ruby spat into his eye. Reaching up instinctively to wipe the spittle away, he left himself wide open for Ruby to kick him into a shelf.

'Yes! Mordred, Knight of Treachery approves!' laughed Mordred.

'Eww,' complained Elizabeth. 'That is disgusting!'

'I must agree with Elizabeth. 'Tis was not a fair tactic.,' came a new voice.

'Whatever works, Atalanta.' Ruby replied, surveying the store. There were still three henchmen and the guy in white with a bowler hat. The shopkeeper had hidden behind the counter.

'Good. Now we don't have to worry about him being in harm's way.'

'Noted, Paracelsus.'

'Who are we worried about?'

'Your mind is quite twisted indeed, Elizabeth. To think you don't even consider the shopkeeper's safety. Even low-ranked, your Madness Enhancement truly marks you as a Berserker,' Paracelsus commented.

'What is that supposed to mean?'

"Well?" the leader motioned his minions forward with his head. "Get her!"

Ruby backed up. The first henchman swung his sword at her, which she rolled forward through his legs to avoid. This conveniently put the henchman between her, and the wind Dust tubes he had just hit.

The blast knocked the henchman out right away, and would have also blasted Ruby backward if she hadn't grabbed onto the unconscious man and shielded herself with him. As Ruby watched from behind her meat-shield, a stand of wind Dust was sent flying, blowing up in front of another henchman and knocking him out. Ruby herself had to brace against the explosion of wind Dust. What Dust failed to react, covered the ground.

As she let go of the henchman behind her, he crumbled to the ground. She picked up a packet of Dust bullets and grinned at the leader and the last henchman. "Who's up next?"

The last henchman was understandably wary of approaching her. He moved slowly, keeping his eyes focused of her. When she casually threw the bullet packet in the air as if she was going to catch it again, his eyes never wavered from her.

So, of course, the ignored packet had to take him out somehow.

It struck a hanging light, which had already been flung around wildly from the explosion of wind Dust earlier and was barely hanging by a wire. The light came falling down.

The henchman didn't have the time to think 'oh crap' before the light crashed on his head. He was out like a light (pun intended).

The man with the bowler hat threw his cigar on the ground and crushed it with his cane. The cigar remains began steaming. "You were worth every cent. Truly, you were," commented the man.

"Eh, I'm good at making light of the situation." Ruby responded with a cocky grin.

'That was bad,' whined yet another voice in Ruby's head.

'Fine, Jack,' came Ruby's reply, 'ruining my fun...'

"Well, Red, I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening! As much as I'd love to stick around," And here he dropped an open vial of steam Dust on the ground, "This is where we part ways."

The steam enveloped the area for just a moment, before it was blown away an explosion of wind Dust. The man cursed while Ruby grinned widely.

"You know the ground is covered with wind Dust right?" Ruby relished the kill-me-now look on the man's face. "And you just tried to start a Dust reaction on the ground using steam Dust. Not the smartest move."

"Little red, little red, you should know that a master criminal such as I will always have a backup plan." He pointed the cane at Ruby, before the end popped up. "Goodbye!" he cried, leaping out the window while firing the shot at Ruby. The shot reacted with the wind Dust, and a miniature hurricane tore through the room - which set of a chain reaction, the previously untouched crystals causing a storm of elements that tore through the room.

When the Dust faded away, Ruby was revealed to have hidden behind the counter with the shopkeeper, covered in armor. She stood and scanned the area, the armor retreated to reveal her completely unscathed. She spotted the man crawling up the ladder on the side of a building.

She could chase him. Or…

'What are you waiting for?' Mordred asked, 'Chase him down!'

'Yes, hunt him down to the ends of Remnant!' agreed Atalanta.

'I don't want attention,' responded Ruby. 'I don't need the popularity from catching a criminal at the age of 15.'

'Shouldn't we also be getting out of here?' asked Jack.

'Good point.' Ruby agreed. Ignoring the cry of "Wait!" from the shopkeeper, she ran to the door. Just as she ran out the shop, the first police car pulled up by the curb.

"Halt! You're under arrest!"


Saber: Mordred

Archer: Atalanta

Lancer: Cu Chulainn

Rider: Marie Antoinette

Caster: Paracelsus

Assassin: Jack the Ripper

Berserker: Elizabeth Bathory

All of these Servants were indicated to qualify for their respective classes, even if they were not those classes in the works (I don't think that is a problem here).