Well, here are the stats. Sorry for those of you who expected an actual chapter.

Most stats are a rank down from their Fate versions, even with Ruby using lower standards to rank Servants. However, there are exceptions. Since Ruby ranks Noble Phantasms based on how easy it is to replicate them with Dust, certain Noble Phantasms get different ranks from when they were ranked in Fate. One example is Elizabeth's "Bathory Erszebest," which is ranked B, while it was ranked E in the Fate universe. All the stats are measured differently than from the Fate universe, which is why Mordred suddenly has rank A strength and endurance.

Ruby's notebook will make later appearances, usually to display the stats of other characters, or to show things Ruby has noted.

Also, I rewrote the previous chapters. The only thing different is that Ruby is attending Beacon to become a combat medic instead of a huntress; everything else has been preserved. And I made Ozpin more... Ozpin-y.

Review responses:

I kinda didn't try to get Jalter... My rolling for her was really just three tickets. :)

Yup, I see some people guessed who the eight Servant was. He won't play a major role anytime soon though - he's more of a hint as to what the future holds. And besides, how do you think that library of books came to be? They certainly didn't just pop up out of nowhere! Someone is writing the books - Not that Ruby has realized that yet...

The coffin is Ruby's weapon. It also has a clay doll in it.

If you're not Yang, Uncle Qrow, or myself... shoo! Don't read this! This is my notebook!



I hexed the next page! Seriously, don't read this if I didn't let you.




Ok. If the translation spell is working, and the hex hasn't turned you into a statue, then I must have given you permission to read this.

So... the guys in my head kept talking about what they could do, and I kept forgetting, so I made this notebook! That way, instead of having to pester them all the time to figure out who can do what, I can just whip out this handy little notebook.

Of course, just writing about which Heroic Spirit can do what wouldn't fill up the book, and it would be a waste of paper for me to leave the rest of the book blank. So I guess I'll put my observations on other things in here as well.

We (myself and the spirits) came up with a ranking system and a template. Here's what it looks like.

A: Superhuman; usually only achievable through Semblances or magic. Anyone with A-rank in anything is super scary, unless everything else is super weak. For Noble Phantasms of this rank, these are pretty much impossible to copy with Dust, cause there's only so much Dust a person can carry on them.

B: Around the power level of the top huntsmen and huntresses. For Noble Phantasms of this rank, a crazy amount of Dust would have to be used to copy the effects.

C: Around the average power level of a full-fledged huntsman or huntress. For Noble Phantasms of this rank, plenty of Dust would have to be used to copy the effects.

D: Around the average power level of a student at a huntsman academy. A Noble Phantasms of this rank would by fairly weak, only good in certain situations or to try and surprise an enemy.

E: Around the power level of a student attending combat school, slightly better than the average civilian. For Noble Phantasms and skills of this rank, these are entirely situational, only providing an edge against an opponent.

EX: Can't be compared, usually because it's either too OP or because it just doesn't fit anywhere. My sis' Semblance would be this, since it varies in power.

+ means that a skill can temporarily be ranked up one rank. - means a skill does not fully qualify for the rank, but is too high to qualify for a lower rank. We ranked parameters by looking at the average person of that rank, and we ranked abilities by matching them with Semblances, Aura, and Dust effects.

Name: (insert name)

Strength: (how strong they are. Duh!)

Endurance: (how much damage they can take.)

Agility: (speed and reaction time)

Magical Power/Aura: (how much magic/aura they posses and can handle)

Luck: (how lucky you are. This doesn't follow the ranks above, but uses a separate ranking system)

Noble Phantasm/Semblance: (The strength of the Noble Phantasm/Semblance. I measure this by how much Dust or Aura would usually be needed to get the same effect)



Noble Phantasm/Semblance:




Name: Mordred, Knight of Treachery.

Strength: A-

Endurance: A

Agility: B-

Mana: C

Luck: D

N.P.: A


Magic Resistance: B - Magic resistance lets Mordred ignore Semblances, Dust, and magic. At B, only the most powerful magic and Semblances focused on Mordred will have any effect, and even then they'll be weakened. Only high-calibur Dust rounds or high-quality Dust (or both) has an effect. Mordred says she has this ability from her diluted dragon blood. Maybe her dragon blood is where she gets her attitude?

Riding: E- - Mordred can ride horses. That's about it. You could try to get her to ride something else, but she'd probably make it blow up instead. Dad's car was never the same...

Instinct: B - At B-rank, Instinct lets Mordred 'feel' threats, even if invisible. It's almost like predicting the future.

Battle Continuation: C - At C-rank, Battle Continuation lets Mordred fight even if badly injured.

Charisma: C- - Charisma lets Mordred convince others to follow her. It allows her to lead others, but only temporarily.

Mana Burst: B - Mana Burst lets Mordred turn magical power into physical power by strengthening her muscles, her weapon, etc. She can also release magical power in small waves. It's like a Semblance!

N.B. and Semblances:

Clarent: Radiant and Brilliant Royal Sword: C - Clarent is the sword of Mordred. It boosts all of its wielder's physical stats and Charisma, though it loses this effect and gets ranked down to rank-D when used by Mordred, supposedly because she "borrowed" it (the others say she stole it).

Clarent Blood Arthur: Rebellion Against my Beautiful Father: A+ - Clarent Blood Arthur is an attack unleashed through Clarent. It represents the hatred Mordred felt for her father, Arthur. At B+ rank, it can take out a huntsmen with full Aura in a single hit and tear through metal in seconds, though it needs a massive amount of energy. Fun fact: Mordred says the energy requirement is why she eats a lot (in addition to eating being her hobby). Everyone else just says she has no self-restraint.

Helm of Hidden Infidelity: Secret of Pedigree: E - Mordred's helm, which obscures her face. It's purpose is to hide her identity. It can retract into her armor. As long as its active, recognition software of any kind will fail to identify her (though the amazing things called common sense and eyes will). The helm has to be taken off for Clarent Blood Arthur.

Note: Don't talk about her gender. She gets angry whenever it's brought up. Also, she has a bad habit of throwing things at her enemies - swords, lampposts, cars, friends, cats... the list goes on...

Name: Cu Chulainn

Strength: C

Endurance: C

Agility: A

Mana: C

Luck: E-

Noble Phantasm/Semblance: B


Divinity: D - This skill represents how close Cu Chulainn is to the gods. It doesn't really do anything, other than maybe weakening Semblances and magic used on him. Cu Chulainn is, according to himself, a demigod.

Battle Continuation: A - At A-rank, this skill lets Cu Chulainn fight even with fatal wounds. It decreases his chances of dying from injuries slightly, though they still hurt. A lot. It is recommended not to rely on this ability to reattach arms you may have cut off (thanks, Paracelsus, for actually being able to reattach arms).

Protection from Arrows: C - At C-rank, he can block most ranged attacks. It doesn't work against explosives. It also needs him to see either the attacker or the attack, so it doesn't really work on sneak attacks.

Rune Magic: B - Cu is adept with runic magic, though nowhere close to Paracelsus' level.

Disengage:C - Is this really a skill? Seem to me more like just running away.

Noble Phantasm/Semblance:

Gae Bolg: Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death: B - Gae Bolg is a spear. It has a curse, when activated, that reverses cause and effect so that... blah blah blah, who has time to listen to all the details? It pretty much can't miss someone's heart, and injuries from it can't be healed. At C-rank, it can pierce metal sheets but is unable to pierce tougher defenses, such as an armored tank.

Note: He's really good at making Mordred and Elizabeth angry. He doesn't like having his weapon, looks, or masculinity insulted. Seriously though, he usually wears full-body tights and earrings, so he can't really complain about his looks.

*The next page is covered in a drawing of Cu Chulainn running from an angry Mordred. Cu is running down a hall, while Mordred is crouched on a wall, about to spring off after the Lancer. Cu has a deathly scared face. Below the picture is a small caption that just says "Lancer died!"

Name: Atalanta

Strength: E

Endurance: E

Agility: B+

Mana: C

Luck: C

Noble Phantasm/Semblance: B


Independent Action: B- - Atalanta needs very little energy to stay in either a vessel or Installed. The ability disappears when her Agrius Metamorphosis is activated, though.

Crossing Arcadia: B+ - Atalanta can cross battlefields quickly by jumping over obstacles. When sprinting, she can outrun cars, but only for a limited amount of time.

Aesthetics of the Last Spurt: D - By allowing enemies take the first move, Atalanta can predict their actions. This is sort of similar to Instinct.

Noble Phantasms/Semblances:

Phoebus Catastophe: Complaint Message on the Arrow: B- - An arrow seeking the help of the god Apollo and goddess Artemis, it summons a rain of arrows. The arrows can be concentrated in an area or spread out. Aura can easily block Phoebus Catastrophe, but the concentrated version may cause some damage.

Agrius Metamorphosis: the Divine Boar of Punishment: A+ - A transformation using the pelt of the Calydonian Boar. It boost all of Atalanta's stats except luck, but reduces her mental abilities. We haven't actually tried this ability before, for obvious reasons (yes, we have tried most of these abilities, and yes, the destruction Clarent Blood Arthur caused was hard to cover up).

Note: She and Paracelsus are the serious people. She likes looking like a faunus, and is easily insulted by negative comments about her ears and tail. She also has an obsession with apples and pies.

Name: Marie Antoinette

Strength: E

Endurance: E

Agility: C

Mana: C

Luck: B

N.P.: A+


Riding: A - Marie can ride anything except for dragons. And really, when are dragons ever going to appear in Remnant? Drat, I jinxed it!

Alluring Nightingale: E++ - Marie can charm people with her voice. At rank E, this skill is really weak and only really works on civilians without unlocked Aura, and even then, its a bit iffy. It becomes better against guys, though - I wonder why?

Grace of God: B - A skill that represents Marie's beautiful body. It also means she doesn't get fat from eating too much. I don't think it does anything in combat though...

Noble Phantasms/Semblance:

Guillotine Breaker: Glory to the Crown of Lilies: B+ - A glass horse that symbolizes the glory of the French Nobility. It can heal allies or trample enemies.

Crystal Palace: Precious Brilliance Everlasting: A - A bounded field containing a palace of glass, boosting allies.

Note: Her singing is really good helpful when trying to fall asleep. Trying to serenade the Grimm doesn't work though. She gets in arguments every now and then with Elizabeth over who's the better singer(it's Marie).

Name: Paracelsus von Hohenheim

Strength: E

Endurace: E-

Agility: D

Mana: C

Luck: B

N.P.: A


Item Construction: EX - He's extremely good at creating magical items, being the one who helped me make my Servant vessels. With the right materials, he can make almost anything. This ability alone makes up for his horrible stats.

Territory Creation: C - Paracelsus can gather magical energy from the land.

High-Speed Incantation: A - High-level magic that normally needs long chants can be cast with two words.

Elemental: B - Paracelsus can create spirits using specific elements, though it takes time and resources.

Philosopher's Stone: A - Paracelsus can store energy in crystals, saving them for later or causing different effects, such as extended life. He can even revive someone who died recently.

Noble Phantasms/Semblances:

Sword of Paracelsus: Magic Sword of the Element User: A - It can store giant amounts of magic energy, copy magical attacks, and counter magic. It's activation releases energy stored as an attack.

Note: Avoid mentioning Aura research around him. Last time he tried to figure out how Aura worked, he overloaded Patch's power grid. Thankfully, it wasn't traced back to my house. Still, I had no idea how to get rid of the Aura-reading machines he "borrowed" until Atalanta learned that they served as good archery practice. Of course, Paracelsus threw a fit, one of the two times anyone has ever seen him upset before. The other time was when we visited an orphanage, and he broke down crying. So he can be emotional, even if he doesn't always show it.

Name: Jack the Ripper

Strength: D

Endurace: D

Agility: A-

Mana: C

Luck: E

N.P.: C


Presence Concealment: B++ - Hides Jack. Only the most observant of people can detect Jack, and Jack will appear on radars, maps and other devices as a fuzzy dot. Jack will not trigger sensors - a skill that Atalanta is immensely jealous of. The skill is boosted in mist and at night.

Murderer of the Misty Night: A - Jack always lands the first hit, as long as it's night. And misty.

Information Erasure: C - Information about Jack is lost when Jack leaves a fight. However, people can still be reminded of part of what happened if they come across physical evidence, such as the knife used to stab them.

Mental Pollution: D - Mental attacks are weakened, but Jack's reasoning becomes somewhat twisted. She's like a kid, but with an unhealthy liking for blood!

Noble Phantasms/Semblance:

Maria the Ripper: Holy Mother of Dismemberment: E~B - A set of four weird knives. They get a boost when a)it's nighttime b)the target is a girl c)it's misty. At maximum power, a single hit will cause the knives to teleport straight into the target. Aura can block this effect, so this is only usable when the opponent's guard is down or the opponent's Aura is exhausted, and when I actually want to kill them.

The Mist: Darkened Misty Metropolis: C - A lantern that gives off a poisonous mist. Civilians would be knocked out right away. People with weak Aura will have their Aura drained. People with trained Auras will be slowed. Grimm can't use their emo-detector while in the mist, because supposedly everything smells negative to them.

Note: Jack won't die, even if stabbed, bisected, dismembered, decapitated, or otherwise hurt. Instead, some of the ghosts inside her fall out. She only dies after all the ghosts leave, and she has, like, 1000 of them. Truthfully, it's kinda scary to see Jack bleeding out ghosts from a spear through her chest as she casually talks to you in your mind(I know from experience).

Name: Elizabeth Bathory

Strength: B

Endurance: A-

Agility: C

Mana: C

Luck: C

N.P.: B


Mad Enhancement: E- - Elizabeth's endurance gets boosted slightly, but she's bad at figuring out the mood... which makes her speak up at some of the worst times. Thankfully, Paracelsus usually keeps her quite at times like that.

Magic Resistance: A- - Elizabeth is entirely immune to Semblances, Dust, and magic, though this effect weakens when in enclosed spaces, where her claustrophobia begins to take over and weakens this skill.

Mental Disorder: B - This comes from Elizabeth's messed-up mind. It act like a super-armor against mental attacks.

Mixed Blood: C - Elizabeth has dragon blood. She can unleash Dragon Breath, which comes out as a weak sonic blast. She makes up for the weakness by having spirit world in her lungs (how cool is that?) that lets her store a lot of air. Because of her Dragon Breath, she can use microphones as weapons. She can also grow dragon wings and fly, and her horns and tail make her easily mistakable for a faunus.

Noble Phantasms/Semblance:

Bathory Erzsebest: Fresh Blood Demoness: B - Remember when I said she could use a mic as a weapon? Her Noble Phantasm is a summon-able castle that amps up her sound. Must never be used with a full microphone system, or bystanders might(read as will) go deaf.

Note: She's good with thumbscrews, scissors(particularly the sharper kinds), heretic's forks, knives, spikes, guillotines, darts, fingernail removers, hot irons, mind probes, iron maidens, syringes, other miscellaneous torture devices, and duct tape. Also, don't let her be the DJ at a party. Ever.

Clay Dolls

So, although the fake-doll-Servants are really useful, they have some obvious problems. First of all, they're made of clay. Clay... can't really take a hit. And there's only so much Aura that can be channeled through clay. Then there's the fact that the Servants can only exert themselves a certain amount before they start to fall apart.

Luck, and skills aren't really affected by the clay. Noble phantasms technically aren't affected, but the lower amount of Aura that can be channeled usually means that noble phantasms can't be used by clay Servants.

If I had to rank the clay Servants, their max parameters would be something like this:

Strength: D

Endurance: E-

Agility: C

Mana: C

Luck: C

N.P.: NA

Why don't I use something other than clay? Uhh...

Well, I have a life. So usually, my dolls are made in a rush. I usually just make a small doll out of clay, then use magic to enlarge it. I did try wooden dolls before, but I kept getting splinters...

Secondly, I don't have the tools necessary. How am I supposed to etch marks into steel dolls without the proper tools? And yes, I could go out of my way to get my hands on some tools, but... y'know, procrastination is a wonderful thing. I'll get around to it later.

Maybe next week.

*There is a small scribble beneath*

Next-next week.

*There is another scribble*