Sam Observes Frodo's Suffering

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Warning: Spoilers

My heart was full of sorrow like water while I was watching my master struggle

to carry the hated ring to Mount Doom to destroy it; that awful piece of jewelry

that filled his head with its sugary lies and tormented him to the point that even in his sleep

he received no relief from it for it caused him to have nightmares almost too horrifying to describe.

I know this because he cried out in his restless sleep while I was holding him in my arms.

He was also being tormented by severe hunger and thirst and from

the wounds he received from orcs, Shelob, and the evil Witchking.

My heart was shattering like glass while I was watching him staggering

while we were getting closer and closer to Mount Doom. For the ring was getting heavier and heavier

while he was getting weaker and weaker till he had no more strength to carry it.

So up the mountain I climbed carrying my master until we get to the top where Sauron's evil ring met its just end.

But it is not he who throws it in a place of fiery death; instead it was the treacherous Gollum

who fell together with evil ring until they disappeared underneath the lake of lava.

Happy was I that the ring was finally destroyed and my master was safe at last. He invited me to live in his home with

my wife and I continued to care with him. My heart still sorrowed for him and I'm sure Rosie's

was too we desire for him to be at peace again and rejoiced whenever he was relieved from it.

We were happy when he meets our first child whom he loved dearly. He gave me Bag End as an award for protecting him

though I know I didn't deserve it for I failed to protect him from suffering during the quest.

He told me before he left for the West words that comforted me more than I could have imagined

That I could not have protected him from the sufferings he endured but I helped him to endure it and gave him the comfort that he needed.

Ttears are falling out of my eyes like waterfalls washing the tops of my feet while I was watching his ship sailing away

with hope that we will one day meet again the brother of my heart whom I love dearly in a land filled with peace.

A sequal is coming.